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DWTFT Chapter 8

You are wrong

Chapter 8…  You are wrong

“Song Huai, here!”

On the weekend, Gu Yang and Song Huai made an appointment to go out to play together.

Since Song Huai was hit by a basketball into the hospital last time, Gu Yang visited the hospital once. The two have not seen each other for several days.

At this meeting, Gu Yang gave Song Huai a bear hug.

Gu Yang is Song Huai’s junior high school classmate. The two have similar interests. They can wear a pair of trousers. Except for summer and winter vacations, this is the first time they have been apart for so long.

“Let me take a good look. Has my son lost some weight?”

Song Huai: …

Although Gu Yang owes a little beating and has a carefree personality, he is a man of righteousness and loves to stand out for his friends. Because of Song Huai’s affairs, Gu Yang had often confronted Li Ziqing. In addition, his own character is more lively, he likes to cause trouble and often offends people. So after Song Huai’s death, Gu Yang didn’t end well either.

Thinking of this, Song Huai looked at this good friend in front of him, feeling a little sad.

Gu Yang’s hand waved in front of his eyes: “Just got hit by the ball, you won’t be really silly.”

Song Huai said, “No matter how stupid, I am better than a person who scored 7 in the math test.”

Even choosing only “c” in multiple-choice questions is better than scoring seven points in the test.

Gu Yang rejoiced: “You still know how to hurt people, A’Huai. That’s good.” Song Huai originally wanted to move himself for three seconds but was unsuccessful, so he just rolled his eyes.

“Why did you want to go shopping today? I think you haven’t come to class for half a month. People who don’t know thought you were in confinement.”

Song Huai felt that he had already said enough, but it was obvious that things were gathered together and people were divided into groups. Gu Yang is also a leader in conversations .

Speaking of confinement, Song Huai suddenly thought that he is a mermaid, and the mermaid family can get pregnant and give birth. After he and Lu Mian get married, relying on his and Lu Mian’s excellent genes, he will definitely be able to give birth to a cute baby fish. .

Huh, huh.

Ah, now I’m shy.. (>//-//<)

Gu Yang next to him was horrified: “Are you having a fever A’Huai? Why is your face so red suddenly and why you are still smiling…!?”

He has poor grades and lacks vocabulary, so he racked his brains to come up with a sentence,  “Laughing so much, my face became red .”

Song Huai: ….very good, his intelligence value has dropped to zero percent.

Song Huai was pissed by the silly excuse, “You can shut up.” The two of them walked into the mall one by one, “Why did you suddenly want to buy clothes?”

In fact, Song Huai didn’t come out to buy clothes for himself this time. He wanted to give something to Lu Mian . But now that the news is still kept secret , coupled with Lu Mian’s relatively sensitive identity, and the fact that Gu Yang is a big mouth who is careless… For various reasons, Song Huai decided to hide this from him first.

“Just… just take a look.” The shopping mall’s clothing store just happened to have a lot of new styles. Song Huai looks good, has a tall body, and has competed with models in any suit. When Gu Yang saw the one he liked, he bought several sets.

Gu Yang tried a set of casual clothes and walked out, and saw Song Huai actually trying on a large suit that obviously didn’t fit.

Gu Yang shook his head: “This is not good.”

Song Huai didn’t buy it for himself, he picked it for Lu Mian. He just walked in when he saw this set in the window and asked about the price to the shopping guide. This is the latest model and it is sold in limited quantities. This store only has this set.

The moment Song Huai saw this suit, he thought of Lu Mian, who appeared on the stage in a shiny suit that night.

He should look good if he wears it.

Gu Yang shook his head by the side, but Song Huai became more satisfied as he watched it, “It looks good, please wrap this set for me.” Then, Gu Yang witnessed Song Huai’s series of crazy prodigal behaviors.

A trench coat with too long sleeves.

“Good-looking, I want this one.”

Sports pants that are obviously one size larger.

“It looks good. Wrap this one too.”

When Song Huai bought the fifth large size clothes, Gu Yang reached out and touched his forehead.

Didn’t have a fever either.

When Gu Yang had already fully utilized the responsibility of carrying the bag, he finally remembered: “No. This is not right!”

Song Huai was a little guilty when he said this .

“You didn’t just get your head smashed by a basketball! This time you were hospitalized and took the red envelopes of your 108 relatives, did you?”

Song Huai who was falsely alarmed: …

“You are right.” Song Huai played his acting, “The days in the hospital are too boring. Only spending money can make me feel a little bit of happiness in the world.”

Gu Yang: …

“Then why are you buying so many big clothes? To give it away?”

Song Huai confided: “I can still grow larger, right? This is a preparation for me, who is about to be eighteen.”

Gu Yang couldn’t help but laughed. When Song Huai blanked his eyes, he forbore a smile, and drew a sentence in English: “You happy I’m ok.” When he walked into a high-end store, Gu Yang came to pick up the clothes made last time: “My dad have to bring me to a party, it’s so troublesome.”

Song Huai stood in front of a row of windows in the store when he was having a headache with cumbersome buttons in the locker room.

There are several badges of excellent color and luster in the glass.

Song Huai couldn’t look away when he saw one of the badges with a simple texture engraved with a star pattern.

The shopkeeper walked up to him and introduced it, “This is to commemorate the Essian War.” The Essian War was the battle that made Lu Mian famous at the age of seventeen. Song Huai was only two years old that year, but he had heard people around him talk about this war since he was a child.

At that time, the empire admiral was blown to death by the enemy, and the empire army was trapped in an interstellar storm. The seventeen-year-old Lu Mian became a temporary commander, and finally found the right direction based on the constellations. He led the army to successfully break through the siege, also encircled and suppressed the other party.

“How much is this?” Song Huai thought for a while, feeling impolite. The value of some things can’t be measured by price, so he respectfully asked, “Can you sell it?” The shopkeeper smiled, “It was originally mine. The treasured commemorative medal was carved by myself. It is rare to meet a young man I like, so I will give it to you.”

Song Huai’s happy eyes smiled when he heard it, “Is it really possible? Thank you!” The owner took out the badge for him: “Thanks to the admiral’s blessing, the empire has been peaceful for more than ten years. Today’s young people have only seen wars in television shows, but have not personally experienced them. There are not many people like you who remember the admiral and the war.”

Song Huai who heard this was a little ashamed, he was originally not interested.

Reluctantly, he did this for his future target . In the past few days, he madly supplemented all kinds of war knowledge related to Lu Mian on the star network. Although it is not a know-how, there is still half a bucket of water.

Marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a dog with a dog. Song Huai felt that he was really a virtuous fish.

I don’t know if Lu Mian likes virtuous people.

After Gu Yang came out after trying his clothes, he just saw what the shopkeeper gave Song Huai, and Song Huai immediately put it into his pocket.

When he walked out of the shop, Gu Yang began to ask: “What did you just hide?”

Song Huai, who got the badge, said in a happy mood: “Nothing .”

“I saw it clearly!” Gu Yang’s eyes rolled, and he suddenly thought. He ran into Lu Chengze when he came to order clothes last time. Because of Song Huai’s wishful behavior of bootlicking, Gu Yang had been upset with Lu Chengze for a long time. The other party passed by him, his head tilted to pretend not to see, his attitude was extremely arrogant.

“You be frank , did you bring something for Lu Chengze?”

Regardless of Song Huai’s explanation, Gu Yang didn’t believe it very much.

Song Huai almost swore to the sky: “I really didn’t! Didn’t I tell you the last time? I figured it out this time in the hospital. From now on, Lu Chengze and I will go different ways . Understand?”

Gu Yang: “It’s best to be like this.”

Seeing his sincere attitude, Gu Yang seemed to have finally believed and put his arms around Song Huai’s shoulders: “Speaking of which, why did you suddenly clear your head? You don’t know that Lu Chengze’s dog stuff is too much. I used to think you liked him, so I am embarrassed to say anything too cruel. He said that he didn’t like you, and he tried to get rid of you when talking to his favorite person, while hanging you, isn’t it because he wants to raise fish?” Song Huai: “You’re right.”

Seeing that he was so sensible, Gu Yang said a lot of bad things about Lu Chengze. Gu Yang had actually said these things to Song Huai before. But at that time, Song Huai was full of Lu Chengze and couldn’t listen. Now that he has become clear-headed and has escaped from the original state, when he listened to Gu Yang saying this, the more he listen, the more he felt that he was really blind in the past.

Lu Chengze, who had been scolded by the two enemies for a long time, was watching the news when they were visiting the supermarket, and the news related to Lu family banquet was being broadcast.

Lu Mian’s handsome and tall figure was shown in the screen.

Song Huai couldn’t walk anymore. Gu Yang turned around and followed his line of sight. He happened to see Lu Chengze in the lens.

Gu Yang almost gone mad!

“Song Huai, didn’t you give up on the surname Lu!” The surname Lu? Of course he wouldn’t give up to Lu Mian easily. It is rare to encounter a man with a temperament, body and face jumping on his G-spot, that little frustration is nothing.

Song Huai believes that with his newly learned “Teach You How to Be a Qualified Tea Master”, he will surely be able to win Lu Mian!

Gu Yang saw him shaking his head.

After Song Huai realized that, Gu Yang made a mistake: “Hey, I didn’t mean that.”

He explained: “I am really, really, really, really, really, really giving up on Lu Chengze this time, really, you believe me!”

Gu Yang stopped: “You said the same last time , do you think I will believe it if you say it a few more times?”

Song Huai looked helpless, raised two fingers, and swears to the sky: “I swear, if I still like Lu Chengze, stalk him, and didn’t forget him, I will—”

“Dudu. Coincidentally, you are also there.” Ah.” A familiar male voice interrupted Song Huai’s vow.

Song Huai stiffened, turning around mechanically, and it was indeed Lu Chengze’s gentle face like a spring breeze.

Even worse, he also saw Lu Mian standing behind Lu Chengze.

Song Huai was choked and couldn’t speak . He pretended to scratch his head and cleverly resolved the erect fingers: “Okay…what a coincidence.” Lu Chengze walked towards them as if he hadn’t noticed the embarrassment in the tight atmosphere. .

He walked up to Song Huai: “What did Dudu just say about me?”


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