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DWTFT Chapter 7

He likes someone who is innocent and unpretentious

Chapter 7…He likes someone who is innocent and unpretentious


When Song Huai woke up, he was thirsty, and there was a burning sensation in his lower body.


Water. He wants water.


Song Huai stumbled out of bed and crawled all the way into the bathtub in the bathroom. He didn’t slow down until he was soaking in the water.


The bathtub in the bathroom was so big that the big Song Huai can swim in it.


“Huh—” Song Huai drilled out of the water and his lower body had completely turned into a golden fish tail. The scales of the fish tail were closely arranged, reflecting the colourful lights in the water, which was very beautiful.


Approaching adulthood, his body has begun to be affected by the estrus period. What can he do when he will be eighteen in three months?


Song Huai touched his tail once and it took a long time for the burning sensation to go down.


After solving the physiological problem, Song Huai suddenly recalled what happened when he drank the wine last night.


He vaguely remembered that not only did he coquettishly roll around in front of Lu Mian yesterday, he also vomited on Lu Mian in the end.


When he vomited, Lu Mian had a darker expression on his face than the king of hell.


Oh, Song Huai hugged his little fish head, would Lu Mian hate him?


Song Huai lay down in the bathtub and he felt that he was already a dead fish.


Song Huai was a little bit lost in his heart, and felt melancholy in everything.


Even when he went downstairs to have breakfast, his whole body was still radiating melancholy.


In the original plot, he retired from Lu Mian’s marriage, so the Lu family’s revenge will follow.


Now that something like this has happened, what if Lu Mian gets angry and thinks he is a dirty fish and don’t want him? Will the two of them still get together? Lu Mian would not always hate him for this matter, would he?


The more Song Huai thought about it, the more he felt that it was disadvantageous to go to school. But who would have thought that the old man should be so good-looking, it was too foul. Making him, a standard face dog to move his lust, and it turns out into such a thing.


The fish was hopeless.


Since he went downstairs, the Song family had been paying attention to Song Huai’s expression.


Grandpa Song is a complete devil who loves his grandson: “Who made our family Dudu upset?”


Song Huai sighed, but looked at Grandpa sadly. A face of unlovable life.


Because of Song Huai’s marriage, the aunts of the Song family gathered in the Song family early in the morning. Liu Xiaomeng put down her knife and fork when she saw it. “Why are you upset?”


Song Huai thought to himself: I think he bullied me.


He really can’t figure it out, is his skin not white enough, his face is not thick enough, his butt is not curled enough, or his tea art is not in place? Why is Lu Mian disliking like him?


Although he is not a saucy tender model, he is a saucy tender fish anyway.


Song Huai did not speak, biting his fork and sighing.


The Song family looked at each other.


Mother Song tentatively asked: “Dudu, if you really don’t like Admiral Lu, we will withdraw all the bride price we received this morning.”


“I don’t hate him, it’s him—” Song Huai realized afterwards. “Mom what did you say? What bride price?”


“Last night, Admiral Lu sent you back and talked about your marriage with your dad in the room. This morning, the Lu family delivered the things. But you can rest assured, you are young and your parents have already negotiated. You can get engaged first. After the engagement, you will live together for a period of time and run in to see if it suits you. I didn’t expect the Admiral Lu to talk very well and he agreed. You have the initiative.”


What does his parents mean? He lost his face and made a joke out of himself, but he got Lu Mian as soon as he woke up? Not only he got Lu Mian, but also had the initiative.


Song Huai suddenly pondered: Is it possible that Lu Mian actually likes the innocent and unpretentious?




Lu family.


“Uncle, do you want to go out?”


At 7 o’clock in the morning, when the Lu family were having breakfast at the table, Lu Mian put on a military uniform and looked like he was going out.


The buttons connected the collars tightly and the straight military uniform made Lu Mian more handsome and cold.


Hearing Lu Chengze’s question, Lu Mian stopped.


He suddenly remembered. He was no longer an empire admiral and he didn’t need to go to the military department anymore.


Lu Qiwen saw him and called him over: “Come on, A’Mian, come and have breakfast.”


Lu Mian turned around and the Lu family were watching him.


Because of the admiral’s majesty, most people dare not look straight, so they hurriedly moved their eyes or bowed their heads to eat their own breakfast.


Lu Mian found a place to sit down, and the dining table, which had a good atmosphere just now, suddenly became cold.


Lu Qiwen said to Lu Mian with a smile, “A’Mian has been out there for many years. You haven’t eaten with everyone at home for many years.”


“Yes, father.”


There are several brothers in the Lu family. Lu Mian is the youngest one. He has excellent grades since childhood and his personality is independent. When he was studying at the college, he chose to stay overnight. After graduating from university, he went directly to the military department and rarely went home. The feelings with the rest of the Lu family also seem to be relatively unfamiliar.


In the huge Lu family, apart from their parents, a few older brothers, and Lu Chengze, almost no one dared to talk to Lu Mian.


At this time, a chubby little boy arrived late.


This is a kid sent by a distant relative of Lu’s family to play here on vacation.


Lu Qiwen smiled and said, “A’Xing was lying on bed again?”


Zhou Xingxing was about to climb up the stool when he suddenly saw Lu Mian sitting next to him.


The scene was suddenly very ugly.


Lu Mian put down the bowls and chopsticks, stood up, and bowed to Lu Qiwen with the standard of a marching posture: “I’ve finished eating. Eat slowly.” After Lu Mian left, the expressions of the people present were quite embarrassed.


Lu Chengze coaxed the child.


Zhou Xingxing said angrily, “I’m not afraid of him. He refused to give me cake last night.”


Lu Chengze asked, “Cake? What cake?”


Lu Chengze brought him a piece, and Zhou Xingxing shook his head: “It’s not this cake, it has a nice package and a cake wrapped in lace with a cartoon drawn on it. Uncle refused to give it to me.”


Lu Qiwen also felt strange that Lu Mian has not eaten sweets since he was a child. How could it be possible to occupy a cake and not give it to the juniors.


Zhou Xingxing coaxed: “What I said is true! I saw someone give a cake to my uncle, but my uncle refused to give it to me!”


Hearing Zhou Xingxing’s words, Lu Chengze was thoughtful. How could he describe it like the one Song Huai gave him last night?


After a meal.


Lu Chengze took the initiative to find Lu Mian.


Lu Mian was reading today’s military newspaper in his room.


“Uncle.” Lu Chengze stood in front of Lu Mian. He hadn’t seen him for a few years. Lu Chengze had already changed a lot from the young boy back then. Even when he stood in front of Lu Mian, he didn’t seem very embarrassed.


Lu Mian lifted his eyelids from the newspaper.


Lu Chengze did some psychological construction and said, “Uncle, last night, I said–I mean Song Huai, the kid from the Song family next door, you should know. He made a cake for me last night, and I didn’t want it. I heard that the cake is in your hands?” The curtains were not opened in the room, and the room was dim, all illuminated by the light on the ceiling.


The straight beam fell on Lu Mian’s head, casting a circle of shadows on his straight eyelashes. He was indifferent, no one could guess what he was thinking.


Lu Chengze keenly noticed that the atmosphere in the room suddenly became a little tight.


Lu Mian turned a page of the newspaper in his hand and broke the silence with a “crash”.


Lu Mian spoke with a normal and nonchalant tone: “Nothing like that.”


The strange feeling of tightness suddenly disappeared, like Lu Chengze’s illusion.


From the corner of his light, he caught a glimpse of Lu Mian’s desk being blocked by piles of papers, revealing only a corner of the packing box.


Lu Mian seemed to notice his gaze, raised his eyes again, and stared at Lu Chengze, “Is there anything else?”


Lu Mian’s eyes were as sharp as a blade, and though he was not on the battlefield, he was also very aggressive.


Lu Chengze was a little confused. He retracted his gaze and said respectfully, “Nothing more.”


Then, he hurriedly left the room.


Lu Mian shifted his gaze from the military highlights to his hand, holding the delicate and lovely cake.


I didn’t eat two bites for breakfast this morning. He happened to see the cake, so he took it out, put it on his hand, Lu Mian looked at the cake for a few seconds, and then threw it under the table with no expression on his face.




Song family.


Although everyone has become accustomed to Song Huai’s erratic mood.


But this time, even Liu Xiaomeng couldn’t bear it.


“Song Huai! Aren’t you just getting engaged? You stop!”


Song Huai’s expression was sullen.




This time, Liu Xiaomeng rolled her eyes madly, but to be honest, she could actually understand it.


Lu Mian had been the man most wanted to marry by unmarried people in the empire for ten years. This was still a situation where he had not shown his face publicly. Who would have thought that the rumoured battlefield killing god, not only fought the battle well, but also looks so handsome?


Although his father, mother, other uncles and aunts were still worried that Song Huai was too young, worried that he was afraid of Lu Mian’s identity and the rumour about his violent and uncertain temper, Liu Xiaomeng knew her cousin better than anyone else.


Song Huai is a hopeless face dog. At the banquet last night, his cousin saw Lu Mian with eyes brighter than the light bulbs at the scene. She was ashamed.


Song Huai was reluctant and pulled Liu Xiaomeng’s sleeves: “My good second cousin, can you tell me how Admiral Lu sent me back last night!”


Liu Xiaomeng has answered this question five times, she could understand, this guy is actually showing off.


She was so annoyed to be asked, as if she was a machine who answered without emotion: “He came back holding you in his arms.”


Song Huai was suddenly shy, covered his face and asked in a shy response: “Then how did he hug me?”


“How? He carried you on his shoulders like carrying a pig.”


Song Huai: …


“You are jealous.”


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