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DWTFT Chapter 6

Little drunk touching porcelain

Chapter 6 Little drunk touching porcelain 


The eyes of many people at the scene were soon attracted.


The drunk Song Huai hadn’t realized that he had shown his ugliness in public. He only felt wronged in his heart.


Lu Chengze on the side also heard the movement. When he was walking hurriedly with his legs, Lu Mian in a suit and leather shoes was a step faster than him.


Lu Mian bent down and reached out to the drunk child on the ground.


As soon as Song Huai saw that face, he forgot everything and he handed over his hand in a daze.


When Lu Chengze walked to the scene, Lu Mian had already led Song Huai away.


Song Huai was led by Lu Mian, his eyes fixed on him while holding his hand.


In fact, he was already very drunk. His feet still couldn’t help but staggered along the way with Lu Mian but he could keep up.


After getting drunk, Song Huai wanted to do something bad.


He looked at the hand that was holding him, it was too slender and beautiful. He then gently scratched the palm of the opponent with his fingers.


Lu Mian noticed Song Huai’s movements and stopped and turned back.


The little drunkard’s original foolishly happy expression froze when he saw Lu Mian’s cold face.


So fierce.


Well, I want to cry again.


Lu Mian watched as the smiling child suddenly turned to rain, wrinkled his nose, and cried out in seconds.


Song Huai suddenly remembered that he originally wanted Lu Mian to hug him like that woman but the other party actually just led him away.


Moreover, he was particularly spineless when he reached out his hand and ran away.


Song Huai’s head was dizzy and he didn’t know that he wasn’t afraid of Lu Mian anymore, so he immediately wrinkled his nose.


He loosened his hands, sat on the ground with his butt and then fell flat on his stomach again. The whole set of touching porcelain 1 touching porcelain: a situation where someone is ready to fall at the slightest touch so that he or she can claim compensation from whoever comes close or helps. -like movements flowed smoothly.


Just like the action of falling down in the hall, he lay down on the corridor.


Fortunately, it is far away from the hall and now there is no one else in the corridor except for the two of them.


This time, Song Huai was smarter.


He hid his hands under him, not giving Lu Mian a chance to pull him up.


He doesn’t care, he just wants to hug others and he wants Lu Mian to hold him up!


Song Huai was restrained like a little duck, only trying to look up at Lu Mian with his little face up.


Seeing that Lu Mian did not move further, he was upset again.


Song Huai kicked his legs a few times like a dog shovel and thought to give Lu Mian a sneak peek in the middle. Seeing that the other party was indifferent, Song Huai felt even more angry. He started to roll on the ground. He rolled for a while and found that the carpet in the hallway was soft and fun.


For a moment, the playfulness became so great that he forgot to pretend to be cute and he was so happy. He was giggling while rolling, as if he had been tickled by someone and couldn’t stop at all.


Lu Mian had never seen a person changes their face so quickly in an instant, smirking to crying and then smirking.


He looked at the powerful person rolling on the ground and rubbed his forehead unconsciously.


This kid is too troublesome.


Suddenly, with a “boom”, Song Huai rolled into the wall.


After a full five seconds of silence, Song Huai started crying again.


Because it was easy to choke while crying, he cleverly got up and sat on the ground crying.


While crying, his fingertips secretly opened a slit, and looked up at Lu Mian.


The gap between the fingers was too big, and Lu Mian caught him immediately.


Song Huai pouted: “Why don’t you hold me up?”


He said, uttering a cry.


Lu Mian looked at Song Huai condescendingly, the little guy’s cheeks flushed, and his mouth and eyes were too bright red.


Lu Mian was silent for a moment and asked, “How much wine did you drink?” Song Huai couldn’t understand what he was talking about. He only knew that he just wanted this person to pick him up, but he didn’t hold himself.


He crossed his arms, the whole person screamed, his anger lasted for less than three seconds then he turned his face again and said in a bad mood: “You… come here…”


After Lu Mian pondered for a moment, he walked over and just bend down and Song Huai grabbed his arm.


He grunted and bit Lu Mian’s ear, and before he could say anything, he was pushed away by Lu Mian.


Song Huai fell back with a butt stump and his whole body fell into a daze.


Song Huai was so wronged. He was spoiled and held up by his family since he was a child. He has never suffered such a big grievance: “You bullied me.”


Lu Mian stood under the light for a moment, the light shot from the top of his head and his look can’t be seen clearly.


After a few seconds, Lu Mian walked to Song Huai again.


He stretched out his hand, bent his hands from the back of Song Huai’s neck and knees, and hugged up the person.


Song Huai had been arguing for so long and the other party hadn’t responded. He suddenly succeeded and he was still in some daze. He looked at Lu Mian’s face dumbly, “hiccup” and “hiccup”.


The embarrassing thing was that it was not a simple hiccup.


Immediately afterwards, Song Huai hiccupped several times.


Song Huai’s face was blushing. Even if he was drunk, he still knows the embarrassment. He dropped his head and explained, “I-I stole a little egg tart and fruit tonight.” He was afraid that Lu Mian would not believe it. He added: “It’s really only a little bit. I have a very small appetite, so I can support it very well.”


Song Huai wanted to see something from Lu Mian’s face, but this person was so stretched. He was dizzy again, and he couldn’t even recognize what the other party was thinking.


Although unpredictable, Song Huai thought to himself. It’s pretty cool.


“Song Huai.”


This was the first time Lu Mian called his name. The voice was low and magnetic and Song Huai’s attention was instantly attracted to him.


In the deserted corridor, Lu Mian walked steadily on the thick carpet wearing shiny leather shoes.


The warm orange light from above complements the wall lamp and some dim lights make the outline deeper. His whole face is angular and perfectly like a sculpture.


“You see clearly, who I am.”


The appearance of the Lu family is somewhat similar. As the best in the family, Lu Mian has been used as a model for Lu Chengze since he was a child. People who have met Lu Chengze often mention that his elder brother’s son looks a bit similar to Lu Mian.


So just now, Song Huai stubbornly wanted Lu Mian to hug him. Lu Mian thought that he recognized himself as Lu Chengze.


Song Huai’s fish head was shocked by the other’s prosperous beauty and he was completely speechless.


Lu Mian lowered his eyelids slightly, and the silence of the other party seemed to be an expected response.


After a moment of silence, Lu Mian said, “If you really like Chengze, you can tell me the truth. If you really don’t want to do the marriage contract, I will not force you.”


This marriage was decided long ago, but in terms of age, Lu Mian has grown up and different from Song Huai’s generation. Lu Mian had been at war for the first half of his life and he was slow in emotional matters. He didn’t think about what kind of person he would spend his life with in the future, but he just repaid him with such a marriage contract.


From his original intention, to find a marriage partner to marry and start a family then live a stable life. Even if there is no affection and the husband and wife are respectful as guests, he will not interfere with each other’s life too much.


He didn’t care who Song Huai liked before or whether he liked him or not. But he didn’t allow to be betrayed too much.


So before in the garden, he said very clearly.


Song Huai looked at him blankly, blushing.


Lu Mian was defeated by his clear and ignorant eyes.


Forget it, what to discuss with an underage drunk.


Walking to the sofa, Lu Mian put the person down.


As soon as he let go, Song Huai grabbed his arm.


The other person sat on the sofa and looked up at him, looking innocent.


The latter seemed to perceive his emotions and rubbed his arm with his face carefully, as if he wanted to please Lu Mian: “Is brother leaving Dudu?”


Lu Mian has never had such close contact with anyone. Tonight, with Song Huai, he seems to have exhausted all his life’s amount of strength.


“Dudu, is it your nickname?”


Song Huai nodded and explained happily: “Grandpa said that when I was a child, I especially liked watching small trains.”


Song Huai was already drunk and confused, and explained to him solemnly.


By coincidence, Lu Qiwen came over and saw the two of them.


He narrowed his eyes with a smile: “A’Mian, what do you think?”


Lu Mian lowered his head and glanced at the young man whose neck was already unable to hold his head. He raised his eyes and his tone was calm, as if he was dealing with something programmatically. “Just follow father’s wishes.” Lu Qiwen sighed when he saw him like this. His son was like a robot without feelings.




As soon as Lu Qiwen left, Song Huai who hadn’t moved, suddenly moved again.


The latter was like a snail climbing a tree, crawling along Lu Mian’s arm like a telephone pole.


He used a lot of energy and on tiptoe, he grabbed Lu Mian by the collar.


Lu Mian lowered his eyes and looked at this clingy little drunk.


When the eyes were facing each other.


With a sudden “Wow”, Song Huai threw up while leaning against Lu Mian’s arms.


Lu Mian: …


Proofreader : Rai



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    touching porcelain: a situation where someone is ready to fall at the slightest touch so that he or she can claim compensation from whoever comes close or helps.
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