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DWTFT Chapter 23.2

You Haven't Kissed Me Tonight

Chapter 23 … You Haven’t Kissed Me Tonight


[Part 2/2]


Lu Mian looked at Song Huai, whose cuteness index exceeded the standard, and his Adam’s apple was almost inaudible.

He suppressed the strange emotions in his heart and asked, “What’s the matter?”

He really didn’t appeal to Lu Mian!

Song Huai was frustrated and wronged again. He could only try to save a little face, “I, did I fall to the ground last night, my butt hurts a bit.”

Lu Mian’s eyes slid over Song Huai’s small buttocks. He lowered his eyelids, concealed the dark color under his eyes, and his gaze stayed on the ground.

Song Huai followed his gaze, and Lu Mian was looking at his feet.

At that moment, Song Huai realized!

Dare to love, but he used the wrong method! The original poster said that although the buttocks can be tried and tested, it is best to be able to do what they like.

Lu Mian is a foot control!

Song Huai suddenly regretted it. If he knew this, he would buy the little stockings or something. He doesn’t know if Lu Mian likes them.

Lu Mian asked, “I’ll let Doctor Zhou to come and see.” When Song Huai heard that Lu Mian was looking for a doctor, wouldn’t his excuse be exposed? He hurriedly refused: “No, no, no, I suddenly don’t have the pain anymore.”

“Is there anything else?”

Song Huai touched the ground with his toes and refused to leave.

But he really didn’t know what to say.

Song Huai was always weird, his emotions fluctuated, and Lu Mian reached out his hand and touched his head, “Get some rest early.”

Song Huai blushed immediately and stammered excitedly, “You… you too.”


In the middle of the night, Lu Mian woke up from a nightmare.

A sea of ​​corpses and blood in the dream.

Lu Mian sat up, it seemed like it was raining outside.

He stood by the window for a while, his eyes getting farther away in the endless night and hazy fog.

In the memory, Admiral Soth’s face gradually became clear. Lu Mian had walked out of the sea of ​​blood in the corpse mountain, and death was a common occurrence for him. But every time he sees people around him die, his heart still feels uncontrollably uncomfortable.

His head started to hurt again, and his chest hurt even with his breathing.

Lu Mian’s mouth was dry for a while, and the cup on the table was empty.

He reluctantly took the cup and planned to go to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water. When he opened the door and went out, he seemed to have kicked something with his foot.

Lu Mian stabilized his mind for a while, only to realize that Song Huai was hugging the rabbit and curled up on the floor in front of his door.

Song Huai rubbed his eyes and sat up, his whole person was still a little confused.

Lu Mian twisted his eyebrows, “What are you doing here?”

Song Huai yawned, raised his head, pouted, and said aggrieved, “You haven’t kissed me tonight.”

So he just lay down like this, at his door, just to ask for a goodnight kiss.

Lu Mian squatted down, put down his water cup, and picked Song Huai up from the ground, “You just recovered from the illness, and the ground is cold.”

Lu Mian’s voice sounded very upset.

When Lu Mian put the person back on the bed, he found that Song Huai was wiping tears.

He really didn’t understand why Song Huai wanted to cry so much, “What are you crying?”

Song Huai wiped away the tears on his face, “Sorry, I’m too stupid. I always do stupid things to make you angry.”

He pulled Lu Mian’s sleeve with one hand, and opened a slit with the hand covering his face, carefully prying into Lu Mun’s expression.

Strangely, at that moment, the tingling sensation in the brain suddenly disappeared without a trace. For a moment, Lu Mian’s heart couldn’t help softening.

He said, “Don’t think too much about it, I’m really not angry.”

“Really?” Song Huai took his hand away from his face, with surprises on his face, and then said embarrassedly, “But I did something wrong today, and you just happened to be fierce.”

Lu Mian said, “Sorry, I will pay attention to it in the future.”

Song Huai carefully observed Lu Mian’s expression and realized that the other party did not tell lies.

He felt sweet like eating a candy, brightly smiled like a little sunshine, and tried to test Lu Mian.

“Since you’re not angry, then, can you kiss me tonight?”

Lu Mian looked at him seriously for a while, his long eyelashes drooping, his eyes were stained with a smile that he hadn’t even noticed.

Then, a kiss with the smell of camphor after the rain fell on Song Huai’s forehead.

Song Huai shyly covered his face with the quilt.


The scene of the mourning hall.

Suppressed whispers in low voice.

An atmosphere of sadness and solemnity permeated everywhere.

The Empire lowered half-mast for Admiral Soth, and today’s news channels are all black and white.

Looking at the family members of Admiral Soth in mourning clothes, most of the scenes were soldiers in uniform.

Lu Mian stood tall and straight in the forefront position, second only to the admiral’s family. He was born a leader, and coupled with his overly eye-catching appearance, he could easily be seen at a glance.

The host of the funeral finished the eulogy heavily.

“Salute!” A uniform salute.

Even after experiencing countless deaths, Lu Mian is actually not good at dealing with such scenes.

When Admiral Soth’s wife saw Lu Mian, tears fell from her eyes. She kindly took Lu Mian’s hand and said a lot about Admiral Soth.

“You are his proudest student.” Mrs. South said.

Lu Mian lowered his eyelids, feeling abnormally heavy.

At this time, Lu Mian accidentally caught a glimpse of a figure. He glanced over in an instant and found Song Huai in the crowd.

Song Huai was wearing black clothes, standing in an inconspicuous position in the corner. If it weren’t for Lu Mian’s sharp vision, it would be easy to miss it.

Lu Mian said a few words to the people around him, and then walked towards Song Huai.

“Why are you here?”

Today is a weekday, and Song Huai should be in school.

Song Huai said, “It was Allen who brought me in. Don’t blame him. I said I wanted to come. I was afraid that if I told you, you wouldn’t let me come.”

“Why do you want to come?”

Song Huai looked around with his eyes. It seems that no one has noticed them.

He seized the opportunity to secretly hold Lu Mian’s hand, and he said, “Admiral Soth died in a peaceful age, don’t be too sad.”

The softest corner of the heart was touched inadvertently.

Indeed, countless soldiers rushed to die on the battlefield one after another, too many people could not find their bones. Admiral Soth was already in his seventies and died naturally by his family.

Lu Mian’s originally gloomy mood became better because of Song Huai’s words.

A light flashed across his eyes, reflecting Song Huai’s figure.

Lu Mian suddenly realized that Song Huai’s behavior was actually comforting him.

Later, Song Huai noticed that his hand holding Lu Mian was held by Lu Mian backhand.

Lu Mian was holding his hand.

The palm of a mature man was wide and warm, and the residual temperature was transmitted to Song Huai’s heart through the palm of his hand, making his little heart numb.

The sudden surprise made Song Huai feel numb, and when he reacted, he lowered his head shyly to prevent Lu Mian from seeing him smiling like a nympho.

Admiral Soth dedicated everything to the empire and the empire’s army during his lifetime. He spent almost the first half of his life rolling on the battlefield. After getting married, he and his wife seldom got together. There is only one adopted daughter under him. The imperial emperor complimented his relatives, because there were many things to be dealt with before and after the funeral, so he sent military representatives to attend the whole process and assisted the funeral to proceed smoothly.

Lu Mian is not only a representative of the military, but also the most powerful subordinate and closest student to Admiral Soth.

Lu Mian went to explain a few words to Mrs. Soth, then walked back and took Song Huai’s hand.

“It may take some time today. I’ll take you back to school.”

Song Huai said, “No, you can be busy here. I can go back by myself, or let Allen take me back.”

Lu Mian didn’t say anything to Song Huai with his lips , and the hand holding Song Huai never loosened.

In the car, Song Huai carefully observed Lu Mian’s expression, quietly shifting his butt, and wanted to get closer to Lu Mian.

The secretary saw his self-conceited little gesture from the front, and  gave a meaningful smile.

Then at an intersection, the secretary slammed the steering wheel, and Song Huai fell into Lu Mian’s lap.

His forehead seemed to hit a hidden place, Song Huai raised his head abruptly, facing Lu Mian’s gaze looking down at him.

His face instantly became red!

He didn’t mean it!

“I-I’m sorry.” Song Huai hurriedly got up, and Lu Mian turned his face a little embarrassingly.

Song Huai’s face was looking out of the window with excitement for a while, then wrinkled unhappily again.

What if Lu Mian thinks he is frivolous ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!

However, Song Huai recalled the scene just now.

Lu Mian seems to be… quite big.

And the non-stop blushing continues.

When he got out of the car, Song Huai reluctantly didn’t want to leave even though he was embarrassed.

He looked at his fingers, and  asked like a little wife, “Are you coming back late today?”

Lu Mian said, “I try to be as early as possible.”

Song Huai was a little happy when he heard him say this.

When he was about to open the car door, he suddenly heard Lu Mian say, “The results of the last month’s exam have come out.” Song Huai felt even more embarrassed when he heard Lu Mian mention this matter. He failed two courses.

Song Huai knew that Lu Mian had excellent grades when he was in school.

Not to mention all A for each class, the trophies and awards that Lu Mian won for Hanriks are still displayed in the school’s hall of honor. Song Huai once went to see that half of the honor of the entire room was taken by Lu Mian alone. The golden trophy medal almost blinded Song Huai’s fish eyes. So far, no one has ever broken Lu Mian’s record at Hanriks, and even Lu Chengze, who is now the hottest one, can’t match him.

In the face of such a good man, Song Huai couldn’t help feeling a little inferior in his heart.

How can a person be so good-looking and so good?

Lu Mian pondered for a moment and said, “If you want, maybe I can help you make up the course.”



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