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DWTFT Chapter 21.2

Admiral Lu in Public Class

Chapter 21: Admiral Lu in Public Class


[Part (2/2)]


On the podium, Lu Mian’s distinct fingers knocked on the table, and everyone in the classroom suddenly put away their small movements.

Lu Mian glanced across the classroom, and paused slightly when he saw Song Huai.

The girls sitting in front of Song Huai almost screamed.

Song Huai thought sweetly and arrogantly in his heart, He saw me!

Afterwards, Lu Mian made an expressionless introduction, “Lu Mian, former commander of the 78th Army and Capital Military Region. In the future, I will be your professor of mechanical theory courses.”

“The voice is so nice.”

Lu Mian glanced at the few whispering classmates, and immediately scared the person to stop speaking. Not only did he dare not speak, but the person’s face was red at a speed visible to the naked eyes.

Song Huai was going to die of soreness on the sidelines.

“Since you have taken my course, please keep aside all the communicators. Time is precious. Try not to let me see you doing unnecessary things in class.” As soon as these words came out, even Gu Yang, who was accustomed to sneaking around, put away the communicator.

“Okay, now let’s turn to the introduction.” The mechanical theory course was originally very complicated and boring, and Song Huai couldn’t understand it. After listening to it, he wanted to sleep.

Had it not been for Lu Mian’s face to support him, he would be able to perform a three-second fall asleep immediately.

In the middle of the course, Song Huai suddenly noticed that the eyes of the people around him were falling on him.

His attention gradually returned, and he saw Lu Mian, who seemed to be shining all over, walking towards him from the podium step by step.

“Song Huai, get up and answer this question.”

Song Huai: ? ? ? !

He hurriedly stood up and cast a life-saving look at Gu Yang, but Gu Yang was more silly than him. It’s a pity that Li Ziqing is not here today.

Lu Mian seemed to see his dilemma and repeated the question again, “The old basic mech is equipped with a brake booster device. According to the power source of the brake booster device, which two types can it be divided into?”

Even if he knew the problem, Song Huai’s brain was still blank.

What’s more, he doesn’t even have a book in his hand.

Song Huai felt that everyone in the classroom was watching him, and those substantive gazes made him extremely anxious.

He looked up at Lu Mian, feeling wronged in his heart, and almost crying.

Did Lu Mian do this deliberately!

Does he dislike him so much and want to embarrass him!

Lu Mian looked at Song Huai’s unconscious look at him for help, feeling a little helpless in his heart. He had seen Song Huai being distracted since just now.

At this time, Song Huai’s communicator suddenly dinged.

Lu Mian just asked everyone to turn off the communicator. At this moment, Song Huai’s communicator still rang. If it was placed in the army, he would be given corporal punishment.

Everyone was excited for a good show, waiting for Song Huai to make a fool of himself.

But when Song Huai heard the “ding-ding”, his face became a little strange.

This is the special ringtone he set for Lu Mian, but isn’t Lu Mian right in front of him now?

While everyone was waiting for Admiral Lu to punish Song Huai, the ruthless Admiral actually said very “humanly”, “Look at the text first.”

Everyone who wants to eat melons: ? ? ? !

Song Huai took out the communicator in embarrassment and clicked on WeChat. As expected, Lu Mian’s dialog box was marked in red.

It says in the dialog box.

[My partner : vacuum booster and air pressure booster. ]

Song Huai’s face instantly became red!

He put down the communicator and squatted and said, “Vacuum type and air pressure booster type.”

“Very good.” Lu Mian nodded.

Song Huai glanced at Lu Mian’s expression cautiously, his face was still expressionless.

Song Huai blushed and sat on the spot, his eyes never leaving Lu Mian.

He thought happily, what is Lu Mian trying to do? He grabbed himself to answer the question, and then sent him the answer to cheat. So many students are watching.

Song Huai covered his face under the desk.

How did he feel like cheating in the public just now?

The communicator dinged again.

Song Huai glanced at Gu Yang, who was working hard next to him, and secretly opened the dialog box.

Sure enough, it was the text from Lu Mian.

【My partner: Listen to the class seriously.

Song Huai’s mouth almost smoked.


After the public class in the afternoon, Song Huai wanted to talk to Lu Mian especially, but after the class, a group of school leaders rushed in and surrounded the people.

Song Huai watched Lu Mian leave behind a group of people. But before leaving, he saw Lu Mian’s footsteps pause for a while, and he seemed to turn his face to his side.

Song Huai fiddled his toes and wanted to see it more closely, but it was a pity that too many people stood up and looked at Lu Mian. Gu Yang’s head was big and round, and he blocked Song Huai’s sight as soon as he stood up.

When Song Huai finally found a place, Lu Mian had already left.

Back to the fixed classroom, as expected, the school forum has exploded.

Not only the school forum, but the news that Lu Mian came to Hanriks directly rushed to the top of the interstellar hot search.

Obviously, he should be proud of the other party. But when Song Huai looked at the popular wife fans and even the mistress fans on the Internet, he was almost dizzy.

【Have you studied today? : Ah ah ah ah ah Admiral is so handsome, do you think he has a target?】

【Meng Zhan: Didn’t the upstairs visit the forum yesterday? Admiral and Adjutant Zhou had already been seen together.】

【Chasing Ling: Is there any evidence, isn’t it just a few photos?】

【Yihe is Mengmei: Just a few photos? They went to pick the ring together. Could it be a few photos?】


Song Huai was finally forced to show his presence again.

He used to have no interest in going to school forums. Most of the forums were contemptuous about his chasing of Lu Chengze. Song Huai used to be blind to this kind of thing.

But this time he didn’t know why, he is so angry, he has to register an id to comment now.

【LM’s little baby: Lu Mian and Zhou Xueying are not together, not together, not together!】

【Fei Yi Riyao: Is the one upstairs crazy, dare to directly call  admiral Lu and Adjutant Zhou’s name? 】

【LM’s little baby: What would happen if I called? Not only do I dare to call their names, I also know who Lu Mian ‘s ring was for.】

【Huang Beiye: My ears are open.】

【A small one: Seeds are sold in the front row.】

【Weiliang: You can talk about it.】

Song Huai struck up.

【LM’s little baby: That’s right! It is me! I am Lu Mian’s little wife!】

【Huang Beiye:…】

【East Sea Great White Shark:…】

【Slightly cool :…】

【Feiyi Riyao: xs, you really listen to him, look at his id.】

【A little one: It turned out to be a wife fan.】

Song Huai saw that those people did not believe him. They not only did not believe, but were also cynical, Song Huai was angry.

What is a wife fan! Please remove that pink word!

He put down the communicator angrily, not to watch the carnival of the demons and monsters in the forum.

Song Huai propped his chin with one hand, with a look of sadness on his face, mom and dad said that Lu Mian’s identity is special, and it is best not to disclose the news before officially getting married.

Song Huai thought awkwardly, if this goes on, he would die of anger before getting married.

·When school was over, Song Huai and Gu Yang said goodbye at the school gate.

Because he wanted to go back soon to see Lu Mian, Song Huai did not go to the bus stop, but walked to the side of the street to stop a taxi.

When he passed a black car, the window suddenly came down beside him, revealing Lu Mian’s handsome and innocent face.

Song Huai hadn’t been surprised for two seconds, and was afraid of being seen by classmates coming and going around.

According to the level of enthusiasm this afternoon, not only might they not be able to leave, even this car won’t be able to move.

Lu Mian pulled the car door, Song Huai quickly got in, and immediately closed the window. When closing the window, he was very vigilant to observe the outside situation.

The probing look is like that of a habitual criminal.

The secretary drove in front, and only Lu Mian and Song Huai were sitting in the back.

Song Huai sat next to Lu Mian and asked shamefully, “Did you wait for me to go back with you?”

If he remembered correctly, Lu Mian’s course was over at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Lu Mian thought about Song Huai’s performance when he got in the car just now. Song Huai’s sneaky appearance was clearly because he was afraid of being known by his classmates.

That’s right, Song Huai is only seventeen years old this year. During his golden age as a student, it was indeed not very glorious to be with him, an old man in his thirties.

His heart darkened a bit, and even his eyes moved aside, “Is it troublesome for you to be picked up by me?”

Song Huai waved his hand quickly, looking a little hastily.

“I’m not bothered.”

He was too late to be happy.

Song Huai was still immersed in today’s atmosphere, clasping his little hands nervously, “Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming to our school?”

He was a little unhappy when he talked about this.

When he saw the school forum, Song Huai found out that he was actually the last person to know that Lu Mian was coming to teach at the school.

Song Huai also waited for Lu Mian to come and coax him.

The secretary answered this question for Lu Mian, “Madam went too fast this morning and we didn’t have time to tell you. Otherwise, you could’ve gone to school with the Admiral.” Go to school together, so later he and Lu Mian can go to school together?

No, no, the picture is so beautiful. Song Huai didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

Along the way, Song Huai twittered like a happy little sparrow. Lu Mian sat aside and listened quietly, nodding occasionally, but the whole person seemed a little absent-minded.

No matter how rough Song Huai’s nerves were, he could feel it.

Lu Mian was upset.

But why is Lu Mian suddenly upset?

After returning home, Song Huai further confirmed this idea in his heart.

Because Lu Mian did not go downstairs for eating, but instead ate in the study.


While preparing to sleep at night, Lu Mian’s door was knocked.

He opened the door.

Song Huai was standing outside the door holding the little rabbit just like yesterday.

“What’s the matter?” The former carefully observed Lu Mian’s expression, and asked seriously, “Are you upset?” Lu Mian looked down at him, looking at the delicate white neck that was exposed out of his cute rabbit pajamas, “Nothing.”

“It’s okay, just rest early.”

Song Huai quickly blocked the door with a little rabbit. During the confrontation, Lu Mian was defeated.

He let go of his hand, closed the door and looked at Song Huai quietly.

Song Huai pursed his lips and thought for a while.

Not knowing what he was thinking about, his ears became pink with naked eyes.

Song Huai lowered his head slightly and clasped his hands in shame, “Since you are not upset, can you give me a kiss?”

Lu Mian silently watched his act of begging for a kiss with himself, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly.

The waiting time this time didn’t feel as long as last time. Song Huai was full of expectations. The longer Lu Mian spent brewing, the more pleasant surprise he would give him like yesterday.

Unexpectedly, the next second.

Song Huai raised his head, Lu Mian tapped his forehead with a slender and beautiful finger.

The high-cold admiral said unkindly: “You should rest.”



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