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DWTFT Chapter 18

Wait for me at home


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Chapter 18… Wait for me at home


“Your vision is really good. This pair of rings is the only one of its kind in our store. This gem symbolizes an eternal and unchanging commitment.”

Lu Mian saw the pink diamond on this ring at the first glance, and thought Song Huai might be surprised and like it.

“That’s it.” The shopping guide reminded, “Admiral, we can engrave inside this ring. Do you need to engrave anything?”


The shopping guide looked at Lu Mian, and then at Zhou Xueying next to him, and said, “Ordinary couples mostly engrave the initials of both parties.”

Lu Mian said, “You misunderstood, the person I want to give the ring to is not here.”

When Zhou Xueying heard the words, unwillingness and an evil light flashed past his eyes.

During this period, Zhou Xueying was originally attending the military ministers’ exchange meeting in another planet. Hearing that Lu Mian had returned to the military headquarters, he did not hesitate to find an excuse to rush back to the Capital Military Region.

As soon as he landed in the capital, he met Lu Mian and went out. Zhou Xueying wanted to stay away from the crowd for a while. So he said that there was something to discuss with Lu Mian. Lu Mian always focused on official business and acquiesced to let Zhou Xueying follow.

Zhou Xueying had made a lot of calculations, but he didn’t expect Lu Mian to come to pick a ring.

He looked at the pair of pink diamond rings, how dazzling they looked.

Over the years, how many times he and Lu Mian were together in near death situations, and he knew everything about Lu Mian. Why should an underage kid fight with him?

The shopping guide reminded, “Admiral, if you are picking something like a ring, maybe it would be better to come with your partner.”

When Lu Mian heard the word partner, Song Huai’s always vivid face flashed before Lu Mian’s eyes. His eyes softened instantly, “I will bring him with me next time.” The shopping guide wrapped the ring and said enthusiastically, “This ring has a beautiful style, and maybe your partner will like it. If you want to engrave or have any questions, you can come again. Of course, we can also provide door to door service.”

Not long after Lu Mian walked out of the door, he saw the child whom he had not seen for three days, walking towards him angrily.

Song Huai was afraid that Lu Mian would run away, so he almost trot.

“Song Huai.” Lu Mian stopped.

Song Huai gasped for a while. Because he was in a hurry, his cheeks were flushed, revealing the tender pink of a baby.

Song Huai looked at Lu Mian on the left and Zhou Xueying on the right. The aggrieved eyes gleamed, and there was a little anger that Lu Mian couldn’t understand.

This was the first time Song Huai did not respond to him, and his expression was very wrong. Lu Mian walked towards him quickly, “Shouldn’t you be at school? Why are you here?”

Song Huai became a little pufferfish in anger!

Lu Mian actually had the face to ask him what he was doing here!

How embarrassed he was!

Song Huai was angry and wronged in his heart, and everyone could tell that he was upset.

When Lu Mian saw his appearance, he thought Song Huai was unhappy because he didn’t bid him goodbye before leaving .

Song Huai kept pouting and didn’t reply to him. His round apricot eyes stared at Lu Mian.

He hoped that Lu Mian could give him a reasonable explanation.

But he waited for a long time, Lu Mian didn’t have the slightest meaning to explain.

“Admiral.” Zhou Xueying walked over and deliberately leaned close to Lu Mian. From Song Huai’s perspective, the two looked extremely cordial.

Song Huai’s eyes flushed suddenly, and he was so wronged that he turned and ran.

He ran in a hurry and didn’t know who tripped him.

The hands were bruised.

Seeing that Lu Mian wanted to help him up, Zhou Xueying grabbed Lu Mian, “The Duke of Perth has been waiting for a long time in the military department.”

Lu Mian looked at Song Huai, his eyebrows twisted into a deep gully.

The Duke of Perth used to be gracious to him. After retiring, he has been living on a remote planet for the elderly. It is rare to come to the Capital Star once. He should go back to the military headquarters to see him, which was the most reasonable thing to do.

Zhou Xueying urged two more sentences, “I will arrange for someone to send Young Master Song back.”

Song Huai lay on the ground, listening to the footsteps leaving behind, tears falling like broken pearls.

He was so stupid, Lu Mian told him at the very beginning.

Don’t interfere with each other’s freedom, and the other party hasn’t said that he likes him, and he ran over so stupidly, just to embarrass himself .

Someone around him wanted to pull him up, but Song Huai stubbornly avoided him.

He wiped a tear with his sleeve and wanted to get up by himself.

“Bah—” The ankle seemed to be twisted, it hurts.

So embarrassed right now, he actually didn’t want to cry at all, Song Huai bit his lip, trying to force the tears back.

But Lu Mian also left, no one would care even if he was embarrassed.

Song Huai used the ground as a support with his scratched palm, trying to stand up.

Suddenly, someone held his shoulders.

He turned his head and saw a face that was even more dazzling than sunlight.

In the next second, Song Huai was picked up.

It was the princess lift that he dreamt of.

The breath of a mature man instantly enveloped him, like the smell of camphor after the rain.

He was nestled in the man’s arms, blinking a pair of apricot eyes and staring at the sharp jaw line of the opponent.

After a while, Song Huai came back to his senses. He hadn’t recovered from his grievances, and his voice was aggrieved, “You, haven’t you left?”

He was still holding it back, but was suddenly held by Lu Mian. The tears he was holding back couldn’t be stopped and they poured down frantically.

“Admiral! Admiral!” Zhou Xueying caught up and felt his eyes tingling when he saw the scene before him. He calmed himself and said to Lu Mian, “The Duke of Perth–”

Lu Mian held Song Huai a little tighter with one hand. With the other hand, he took out the handkerchief and wiped the tears for Song Huai, who was transformed into a small crying bag. He twisted his eyebrows and interrupted Zhou Xueying impatiently, “About the Duke, I will explain it to him myself, you should go back first.”

Zhou Xueying still refused to give up.

Lu Mian stopped and looked at him with murderous eyes, “Don’t you understand my order?”

Zhou Xueying has never been seen by Lu Mian with such a shocking gaze. He clenched his fists and could only watch Lu Mian taking Song Huai and walking away.


Lu Mian waited for a while in the street, holding Song Huai in his arms waiting for a while. Soon, the secretary came with the car.

Song Huai blushed under the secretary’s thoughtful gaze.

Lu Mian put him in the car carefully, and then said something to the secretary in front of him. But Lu Mian did not come in when the car door was closed.

Song Huai moved to the window and poked his head to look at Lu Mian, “Aren’t you going back?”

Lu Mian looked at him for a few seconds. The child had just cried, his eyes were wet, his nose was red, and his voice was softer. He looks pitiful.

Lu Mian stretched out his hand and touched the other party’s soft and fluffy hair, which felt as good as ever.

At that moment, he looked at Song Huai as if he had suddenly realized something.

Lu Mian said, “It is an accident that Adjutant Zhou came with me. I will explain to you when I return.”

Seeing Song Huai’s gloomy face, his voice was softer, “I will go back after dealing with things today. Wait for me at home.”

The car started. Song Huai kept lying on the window and turned his head to look at Lu Mian’s figure, until finally he was completely out of sight.

Lu Mian was just explaining to him.

The feelings of being wronged suddenly disappeared.

Song Huai bent his fingers, thinking, Lu Mian also said that he would go back after handling the matters today, and asked him to wait at home.

The phrase “wait for me at home” made Song Huai feel sweet, and he suddenly jumped from a wealthy abandoned wife to a little wife waiting for her husband to return home at home.

“Puchi” Song Huai couldn’t help but laugh.

The secretary sitting in the driver’s seat looked through the car’s inner mirror and saw Song Huai’s silly smile, and he couldn’t help but curled his lips.



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