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ALIC Chapter 8.1

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Despite knowing that Wen Yu was angry without having to look back, Lin Ziran didn’t dare to retract his hand and could only smile as if nothing had happened. While smiling, he looked at Zhao Mingze sincerely. Brother, I’m giving you a lot of face! You have to work harder, it’s up to you to reverse the plot!

Compared to his unreliable brother, Lin Ziran can only put his hope on this villain for now.

Zhao Mingze glanced over at Wen Yu who was holding Lin Ziran’s hand. His eyes were dim, and he said with sincerity: “Originally, when Lu Zhen told me about you, I was still a little worried, and not optimistic, but now I am relieved.”

Lin Ziran:?

Hypocritical, so hypocritical!

Realising that it was unreasonable to expect Zhao Mingze to save him, Lin Ziran regretted the loss he had just suffered.

Wen Yu didn’t let go, and said slowly: “Mr. Zhao, don’t worry, our relationship is very good.”

Lin Ziran felt his hands tighten, and quickly agreed: “Yes, we have a very good relationship, you don’t have to worry!” His fright made him sound almost like a radio on loop.

Zhao Mingze continued to smile: “That’s good, I won’t bother you. I have something else to attend.”

Wen Yu: “Take care, we won’t see you off.”

Because his hand was firmly held, Lin Ziran wanted to send him off but couldn’t so he could only bid farewell to his comrade with tears.What’s up with Wen Yu today? Understanding men’s heart was really as difficult as searching for a needle in the ocean.

Lin Ziran looked at Wen Yu lovingly, and asked cautiously, “Are you still eating?”

Wen Yu’s face turned cold. Can you think of anything besides eating?

Lin Ziran didn’t know what exactly he said that was taboo, and felt a little depressed. He was unwilling to think of the things he had just given out, and looked at Wen Yu hopefully: “Those photocards…”

Wen Yu smiled coolly: “No more, I’m not bored enough to collect them.”

Lin Ziran: “…”

Today he really lost both his wife and his troops.

[t/n: a saying that he lost doubly much]


Zhao Mingze walked out of Lin Ziran’s house with the bag. When he passed a trash can, he threw the bag in. Then, took out his handkerchief and wiped his hands slowly.

Remembering that Lin Ziran and Wen Yu were together before, and how Wen Yu held Lin Ziran’s hand without hesitation to stake his claim in front of him, his eyes darkened.

This person should have known something.

But don’t be happy too soon, sooner or later I will use your weakness.

With a chime, Zhao Mingze took out his phone and looked at it, his eyes narrowed.

Boss, Wen Yu and Lu Sui have not seen each other recently. Do you still need to follow up?

Zhao Mingze: Keep following, I want to know what their relationship is.


Zhao Mingze’s fingers paused on the screen, his eyes complicated. Slowly, he typed a line of words: Why did Lu Sui return to China this time? You should also investigate for me.


Wen Yu didn’t go to see Lin Ziran recently because of his busy schedule. After taking part in an interview program that day, he thought about it and called his assistant over. “The photocards last time, give me another copy.”

His assistant was full of question. Didn’t he just get a bunch of them for Brother Yu the day before yesterday? His assistant couldn’t help but asked curiously: “Who did you prepare for this time, is there a girl in your family?”

Wen Yu was expressionless: “You don’t need to know.”

The assistant knew that he was wrong as soon as he saw Wen Yu’s face. He wiped the cold sweat, and said, “Oh, oh, okay, I will get it.”

When Wen Yu saw the assistant leave, he went back to the car alone. After thinking about it, he decided to meet with Lu Sui. It would be better to make some things clear in person, so he took out his mobile phone and dialed Lu Sui’s number.

Lu Sui’s frivolous voice came: “Why did you think of calling me now? Is the sun coming out from the west? Did you finally realise that you still can’t let me go?”

Wen Yu said lightly: “Let’s meet.”

Lu Sui said, “Okay, you can decide the time and place. I can find you any time.”

Wen Yu said an address: “I am leaving now. It is estimated to take about an hour. I will wait there for you.”

Lu Sui was outside when he answered the phone. He quickly turned his steering wheel in front and headed towards the address given by Wen Yu.

The meeting point was in a teahouse. Lu Sui walked up to the second floor and saw Wen Yu waiting for him.

Lu Sui casually sat down opposite Wen Yu, with a faint smile on his stern face, and joked: “What is so important that you have to tell me? You can say it now.”

Wen Yu frowned slightly, pondered for a moment, and said, “I know you blamed Lu Zhen for the death of your mother, but that matter is not Lu Zhen’s fault. He is also a victim, and you should let it go.”

Lu Sui’s gaze suddenly turned sharp, the smile on his face slowly faded, and his eyes narrowed: “You investigate me…or is this what Lu Zhen told you.”

Wen Yu said solemnly: “It has nothing to do with Lu Zhen. I’m just curious about why you did this and why Lu Zhen never mentioned you to me before, so I inquired about it. Your family affairs are really a secret.”

Lu Sui sneered: “I don’t know why you are telling me this today, but don’t try to act smart. If I still hold a grudge, I wouldn’t have come back.”

“Really?” Wen Yu stared into his eyes deeply, “If you have really let go, why did you come to provoke me? Don’t you know in your heart that doing this will hurt Lu Zhen?”

Lu Sui’s jaw tightened. He looked at Wen Yu coldly.

Yes, he didn’t like Wen Yu at all. The accident at the time was not a big deal for him. He had forgotten it a long time ago. If it wasn’t because Wen Yu happened to be someone Lu Zhen liked, he wouldn’t have gone to provoke him.

He is not reconciled, why is Lu Zhen always happy? There are always people who love him, Wen Yu likes him, his father likes him, and even his mother likes him more when she was alive. At that time, even he himself liked him that way…

He had everything, but he had very few things… After his mother passed away, he was the only one left, but when he felt helpless, where was the brother who said he would protect him and take care of him?

[T/n: the two he(s) at the start also confused me, not sure who the author is referring to. Either that LZ has everything but LS has nothing or that despite having everything, LS feels like he had nothing.]

Everything you said is all lies. You can only deceive others with a hypocritical smile. I will never believe you again.

If I take away the one you love and take away everything you care about, will you regret it…

Lu Sui suddenly stood up, approached Wen Yu, and whispered in his ear: “It’s actually very simple if you don’t want me to provoke you.”

Wen Yu raised his eyes and looked at him lightly.

Lu Sui smiled: “If you break up with him, I won’t provoke you.”

Wen Yu looked at him and sighed after a long while. It seems that Lu Sui still didn’t listen to what he said today. He said, “Although I don’t know what kind of grievances you and Lu Zhen have, Lu Zhen is sincere to you. I can see this clearly. He is the person who cares about you the most in this world, so don’t do anything that you will regret.”

“All I can say is…” Wen Yu paused, his eyes sharp, “If you want to use me to hurt him, it won’t be what you want.”

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