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ALIC Chapter 7.2


Lin Ziran was in a good mood. Although there was an accident at the time, thanks to his unremitting efforts, there was already a sweet interaction between the gong and the shou. Before that, Wen Yu was a scum shou, but he didn’t expect him to be a strong shou…whatever he was, it would be good as long as the plot progressed.

But as time passed, day by day, Lin Ziran felt something was wrong.

Why did Lu Sui stop investigating Wen Yu’s affairs and start to throw himself into work again? Why did Wen Yu stop caring about Lu Sui’s affairs and start to circle around him all day? At first Lin Ziran suspected that they met secretly behind his back…but he carefully observed their meetings for a while and had to admit that the two people really had no interaction. Instead, they looked like they wished to be as far from each other as possible.

Lin Ziran began to worry again.

Seeing that the frequency of his dates with Wen Yu has risen sharply, Wen Yu’s coming and going to his home like it was a normal meal, and how the relationship between them was as tight as glue… Lin Ziran finally started to panic!

[Lin Ziran: I underestimated the difficulty of this game…]

[System: What, did you think it was easy before?]

[Lin Ziran:…]

[System: Do you really want credits?]

Lin Ziran nodded frantically.

[System faintly said: There are many people who want credits, but few can get them. Not only did you underestimate the game, but you also overestimated yourself. 】

[Lin Ziran:…]

The plot hasn’t made any progress. Instead, the protagonist shou, Wen Yu, and his second male lead’s feelings are advancing by leaps and bounds. Lin Ziran couldn’t enjoy his meals and sleep much anymore. Although Wen Yu is indeed beautiful, he is a decent man and a proper fan. He doesn’t think about flirting with his idol all day long…not to mention, he still finds his credits more attractive.

Recently, he handed over a lot of work to Lu Sui so Lin Ziran is not too busy. Everyday, he just watches drama at home. This time, it is a TV series that Wen Yu acted in in the early days of his debut. Just as he was cursing it… he suddenly received a message from Wen Yu saying that he would come over tonight and asked if he was home.

Lin Ziran sighed quietly. Although he didn’t want Wen Yu to come over, he still answered the question honestly.

Wen Yu was busy recently, but he still tries his best to spend time with Lin Ziran. He used to feel that this love was a bit boring but now he has discovered it was fun. Lin Ziran also trusts him very much. A few days ago, in order to facilitate his arrival, he even gave him the keys to his house.

In the evening, Wen Yu went directly to the study on the second floor and saw Lin Ziran looking at the plan on the ipad.

He smiled lightly and touched his lips, “Still working overtime?”

Lin Ziran raised his head and saw Wen Yu coming over. He immediately smiled and said, “There is still some work to do. I will be done in a while.”

Wen Yu smiled: “Then you are busy, I won’t disturb you.”

Lin Ziran also smiled, and continued to lower his head and pretend to concentrate on the plan. Fortunately, he acted accordingly, so this would reduce the time he had to spend with Wen Yu.

He procrastinated for more than half an hour before he went out to find Wen Yu.

He didn’t expect to see Wen Yu standing by his bed. Lin Ziran’s throat suddenly tightened. Damn! He almost forgot he had put Wen Yu’s autographed photo in the drawer of the bedside table!

“Why are you here?” Lin Ziran tried to calm his voice.

Wen Yu turned his head. He shook the phone in his hand and smiled: “I’m looking for a charging cable.”

Lin Ziran glanced across the room quickly, and saw that the bedside table was not opened, and Wen Yu’s expression was normal. His heart quickly stabilised and he smiled warmly, “I’ll get it for you.”

Wen Yu took the charging cable. He looked at Lin Ziran with a smile, and said, “By the way, I brought you something.”

Lin Ziran walked forward suspiciously.

Wen Yu handed him a delicate package.

Lin Ziran was stunned when he saw it. Wow, it’s all photocards of Wen Yu’s works, and there are even many limited editions that can’t be found, and the latest ones that haven’t been on sale! How enviable it would be if others knew!

Wait, why did Wen Yu give these to him? Lin Ziran suddenly grew alert.

Wen Yu smiled and said, “Didn’t you say that your friends are my fans? These are all cleaned up by the studio. It’s useless to keep them anyway, so you can take them and give them to others.”

I will not give it to anyone! Lin Ziran stared at him lovingly: “Okay, my friend will be very happy.”

Lin Ziran felt a little more ecstatic after he received the gift. Forget it, the plot can’t be forced, but the most important thing is to have a good time.

The corners of Wen Yu’s lips raised slightly, looking at the bright and joyous color in Lin Ziran’s eyes, and felt he had also become infected.

Some people get happy really easily, so if you are with them, they will be happy too.

You will involuntarily want to approach him and be with him.

Thank you for loving me, and I will love you well in the future.

The atmosphere of this dinner was rare and pleasant, Lin Ziran thought while eating. He hasn’t updated his weibo for several days, and today there is something to show off!

At this time, the doorbell of the house rang, and Lin Ziran was about to open the door. As a result, Wen Yu stood up first and smiled: “I’ll go.”

Wen Yu walked over to open the door and saw a handsome man with silver frame glasses standing there.

Zhao Mingze looked astonished, as if he didn’t expect Wen Yu to open the door.

Originally, Lin Ziran had a great time eating, and he didn’t think about who would come now. At this moment, he saw this scene from the corner of his eye and almost choked! How could he sit still? He quickly got up and said, “Why are you here?”

Zhao Mingze smiled helplessly, and said: “It’s nothing, I was just passing by and wanted to come see you. By the way, the cruise ship I bought will arrive soon. If you want to go out to relax, tell me at any time. I’ll leave the best room for you.”

So lavish, Lin Ziran gave a thumbs up in his heart. He welcomed Zhao Mingze in, thought for a while, and introduced: “This is Wen Yu who I told you about before.”

Zhao Mingze looked at Wen Yu, stretched out his right hand, and smiled: “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. Hello, friend of Lu Zhen.”

Wen Yu also stretched out his hand and smiled decently: “Hello, I am Lu Zhen’s boyfriend.”

The two looked at each other and shook hands in a friendly atmosphere, but they didn’t know why… Lin Ziran felt a bit cold.

In the script, there are very few plots between Wen Yu and Zhao Mingze. This meeting was purely an accident, but it is still in the early stage of the story. There is no conflict between the two, so there should be nothing wrong. There is no need to be nervous!

Lin Ziran glanced at the two quietly, wondering how to start the topic, who knew that Zhao Mingze and Wen Yu had already exchanged greetings before he could speak.

The smile on Zhao Mingze’s face was neither too forced nor too little. It just so happens that his tone is easy-going and natural: “I have heard of you a long time ago, but unfortunately, I have never been able to see you until today.”

Wen Yu said with a smile: “Mr. Zhao is polite, but Lu Zhen never mentioned you to me. Since you are his friend, there will naturally be a chance to meet in the future.”

Zhao Mingze’s smile faded, looking rather meaningful: “I hope so… By the way, when are you going to make your relationship public?”

Wen Yu said lightly: “CEO Zhao shouldn’t be concerned about this.”

Lin Ziran:?

Obviously there is nothing wrong with these words, but he kept feeling weird. What is wrong? Lin Ziran looked at Wen Yu and Zhao Mingze again with a dazed expression.

At this moment, Zhao Mingze suddenly turned the topic to Lin Ziran. He glanced at the photocards on the side of the sofa and smiled at Lin Ziran, “Are these yours? I am also a fan of Wen Yu. Can you give it to me?”

No! Way!

Lin Ziran’s smile stiffened for a moment. He endured his heartache, and said generously: “Okay, no need to be polite. Take it if you like it.”

Wen Yu’s face became cold, he held Lin Ziran’s wrist and slowly said, “Didn’t you want to give it to your friend?”

Lin Ziran’s eyes lit up. He was brooding over the lack of excuse and was a little bit reluctant. But isn’t this the perfect reason? As he was about to change his words and refuse, he met Zhao Mingze’s dark eyes… he couldn’t help but recall the crazy night, and the words in his throat came to a halt.

If you don’t give this little face, what if the frenzied villain finds fault with him?

He is someone with blackmail material in the hands of others!

Lin Ziran laughed: “He, he is that friend I mentioned…” He looked at Zhao Mingze, and said boldly and generously: “You can take it all if you like it, it doesn’t matter! I don’t need these!…”

Cry… Lin Ziran looked aggrieved, why did Wen Yu suddenly use so much force, his wrist hurt a little.

T/n: Poor Lin Ziran can only cry in his heart.

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    Don’t give away your treasure!!! Wen Yu Will feel upset!

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