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ALIC Chapter 8.2

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Zhao Mingze was in a meeting, when he suddenly lowered his head to look at the phone. His eyes narrowed slightly, and a smile appeared on his lips.

The vice president asked him: “Mr. Zhao, what do you think of the plan just now?”

Zhao Mingze was in a good mood, so everything he saw was pleasing to the eye. He smiled: “Not bad.”

After the meeting, the vice president greeted Zhao Mingze outside and said with a smile: “You look very happy today. Is there something good? Can you share it with me?”

Zhao Mingze raised his eyebrows: “It’s not something good, just… I think today is a good day, everything is good.”

Vice President: “…”


Lin Ziran hasn’t seen Wen Yu in recent days, so it was rare to enjoy a comfortable life without having to act all the time.

Lu Sui appeared in front of him from time to time, but every time he came to see him, it was related to work. He didn’t speak about a word about Wen Yu again, which made Lin Ziran stifled.

Seeing that his ‘Wait and see’ CP had become strangers recently, Lin Ziran couldn’t enjoy his dramas very much.

[Lin Ziran: Dad, I’m so worried for them, but no one understands my good intentions. 】


[Lin Ziran: What should I do, who will advance the plot?]

Lin Ziran came home with a heavy heart. The security guard at the door saw Lin Ziran and smiled, “Mr. Lu, here is your letter.”

Lin Ziran took it weakly, with a forced smile: “Thank you.”

He took the letter and walked back. No one writes anymore these years. The mail room at the door is usually used to collect express delivery, and credit card bills are usually sent to the company. Who would be so bored as to write to him…

Wait a minute! Lin Ziran suddenly looked down at the letter in his hand.

After looking at it for a long time, the expression on his face became more and more excited, he remembered which part of the plot this was! Rushing home and closing the door, Lin Ziran stared at the unsigned letter in his hand, He toreg it open with excitement and anxiety.

It must be, it must be!

With a crash, a stack of photos was scattered under Lin Ziran’s feet.

They were all photos of Wen Yu. No, they should be photos of Wen Yu and Lu Sui in the same frame, and they all had time and date stamped.

Two of them stood out in particular.

One was the day when he was about to propose to Wen Yu when Wen Yu told him that there was a traffic jam, but at 6 o’clock, Wen Yu and Lu Sui had met in a coffee shop. They sat face to face and talked with each other intimately.

One was yesterday. Wen Yu and Lu Sui met in a teahouse. Lu Sui stood up and approached Wen Yu, looking as if they were kissing each other.

Lin Ziran’s hands trembled with excitement. Brother Zhao, you didn’t let me down. You are so calm and awesome. I have been waiting for this scene for so long!

The original plot was like this: Lu Sui kept flirting with Wen Yu behind Lu Zhen’s back. On the one hand, Wen Yu felt that he shouldn’t have cheated, but also had difficulty rejecting Lu Sui. Once Lu Sui asked Wen Yu to meet again, Wen Yu originally wanted to reject him. But Lu Sui used his domineering aura as a president and kissed Wen Yu! And this scene happened to be discovered by Zhao Mingze who was investigating Lu Sui secretly. In order to destroy their brotherly relationship, Zhao Mingze sent the photo anonymously to Lu Zhen. Lu Zhen was devastated when he knew the truth. He took out the photo to question Wen Yu. Wen Yu hesitated at first, but faced with Lu Zhen’s questioning, he finally confessed about his and Lu Sui’s affairs, and told Lu Zhen to break up!

Break up!

This was his breakup with Wen Yu!

Finally breaking up!

If they still didn’t break up, he wouldn’t be able to go on!

According to the plot, after the breakup, Wen Yu and Lu Sui got together. After a sweet time, Lu Sui quickly stole the company from Lu Zhen, and confessed that he was only using Wen Yu. Wen Yu left sadly. Then began Lu Sui’s passionate chase for his wife!

Lin Ziran kissed the photos wildly, his eyes were enthusiastic. It’s really worth it to exchange a bunch of useless photocards for this. This transaction was not a loss, I know you are my trustworthy good partner!

[The system can’t bear tp see him like this: Calm down a little.]

[Lin Ziran: Am I not calm?]


Lin Ziran re-collected the photo like picking up a treasure. With this iron proof, he wasn’t afraid that the plot was beyond saving.

He rolled his eyes. It seemed that he was too worried about it some time ago. Wen Yu and Lu Sui really hooked up in secret. Maybe they are secretly in love. Now he just had to wait for a push so that Wen Yu can realise his feelings soon and kick him, this spare tire, away.


In order for the plot to progress smoothly, Lin Ziran revised the story line seriously, and arranged for Lu Sui to go on a business trip in advance to kick him away. Everything was ready left for the finale. He was now waiting for Wen Yu to come to him!

Wen Yu had gone to other cities on business yesterday and attended an awards ceremony as a guest. After it ended, he couldn’t wait to take the return flight. He wanted to see Lu Zhen.

When he was on the plane, he happened to receive a message from Lu Zhen asking him when he would be back.

Wen Yu was very happy. It seemed that Lu Zhen was also thinking about him.

Suddenly his thoughts drifted away. He remembered that Lu Zhen used to ask him like this, asking him when he will be back, when they can meet, and when he can see him… But sometimes when he gets tired, he will find an excuse. In the past, Lu Zhen never made things difficult. As long as he said no, he would forget it.

Thinking of these now, it was inevitable to blame himself.

In order to see Lin Ziran as soon as possible, Wen Yu didn’t even go home, but drove directly to Lin Ziran’s home.

Opening the door, the light in the room was a bit dim. The handsome and gentle man sat on the sofa, half of his face hidden in the shadows.

“I’m back.”

Wen Yu put on his slippers, and walked straight up to hug Lin Ziran’s neck from behind. He rested his chin on the side of his neck and smiled: “Why didn’t you turn on the light?”

Lin Ziran had rehearsed for this scene several times. His eyes were closed half-closed, his calm expression seemed to be suppressing something. “I forgot.”

Perhaps it was the light that caused the silhouette of the person in front of him to become softer. Facing the face he thought of day and night, Wen Yu gradually couldn’t control the desire in his heart, and he didn’t want to wait any longer… With this person’s introverted and shy temperament, he was afraid he couldn’t wait for him to take the initiative in this life, so he would take the initiative.

Wen Yu turned away from Lin Ziran’s face, lowered his head and kissed the corner of his lips, his voice hoarse: “Then don’t on it.”

He just wants him now.

Wen Yu could feel the slightly stiff body of the person in his arms, gently hooking his fingers around his tie. Hands pressed on his shoulders to deepen the kiss.

Lin Ziran was really a little nervous. He had already set everything up including his pose and the good atmosphere. He was ready to throw out the photos to question the other party. He didn’t expect Wen Yu to come up to him without saying anything!

No way!

[Lin Ziran’s voice changed from his anxiety: I can’t do it with him! 】

[The system is very quick: Because he is the protagonist’s man? 】

[Lin Ziran: Have I ever told you that I’m gay…]

[System: No, but I can tell. 】

[Lin Ziran cried and said: But I am still a pure bottom, can you tell? 】


Wen Yu is indeed beautiful and has a good face and figure, but after all, he is just a game npc. It was not enough for him to become a gong!

How could he risk breaking down the plot and sacrificing his body to sleep with the protagonist?!

It was too late to say the lines he prepared. Seeing Wen Yu’s kiss touch his neck, he suddenly pushed Wen Yu away forcefully. His expression became cold as his chest violently rose and fell.

He immediately took out the pile of photos on the sofa and threw them at Wen Yu!

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