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ALIC Chapter 5.1

Lu Zhen was prepared to propose to Wen Yu, but Wen Yu made an excuse that couldn’t come. Thus, Lu Zhen waited alone all night. When he came out, he saw Zhao Mingze by chance. When Zhao Mingze saw that Lu Zhen was depressed, he tried to question him. Lu Zhen didn’t know Zhao Mingze’s thoughts. He always regarded him as a close friend and confided in him when he was drunk. Zhao Mingze comforted Lu Zhen on the surface, but in fact, he had other thoughts in his heart…

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And now, Lin Ziran was standing on the side of the street, looking at Zhao Mingze’s scum face in the car. After a long while, he gave a dry smile: “Sorry, I was a little distracted just now…”

Zhao Mingze looked at him and said, “You’ve been drinking.”

Lin Ziran’s expression was a bit dark, as if he didn’t want to talk about this topic, and smiled: “Why are you here?”

Zhao Mingze held the steering wheel with slender fingers, and smiled suddenly: “I just passed by… Since I happened to bump into you, it’s better to have another drink.”

Lin Ziran hesitated.

Zhao Mingze’s eyes were gentle and focused, and he slowly said, “Just treat it as hanging out with me.”

Lin Ziran paused, then shook his head and smiled helplessly, opened the car door and sat in.

A quarter of an hour later, the two sat in the bar.

There were noisy sounds all around, but their seat was still hidden away. Zhao Mingze ordered a few bottles of wine without asking Lin Ziran what happened. He just smiled faintly: “It’s meaningless to drink boring wine alone. In the future if you want to drink, just call me.”

Lin Ziran was silent. He and Zhao Mingze had been close friends for many years, and he must have noticed something. Only then did he come up with the excuse to accompany him to come here. In fact, he wanted to drink with him.

He is always like this. He knows everything, but doesn’t say anything, staying by his side when he needs it.

Lin Ziran picked up the wine glass, stared at the wine in the glass, and smiled self-deprecatingly, “We haven’t drank together like this for a long time. We won’t go home until we’re drunk today.”

He lowered his eyes as he drank it.

Zhao Mingze shook the wine glass slightly, the wine gleamed with blurred colors under the dim light, but… there was no one in front of him to attract him.

The man before him downed one cup after another. He is always too restrained, a living embodiment of abstinence. He rarely showed such an indulgent and casual side of him… At this moment, there is a light blush on his elegant face. His lips glowed with moist luster. He was probably drunk, and his eyes were a little blurred, just like wine in this glass.

More intoxicating than alcohol.

Zhao Mingze lowered his eyes slightly, restraining the gradually revealing expression in his eyes. He put down the wine glass but did not continue to drink, because there was no need, the person in front of him was already drunk.

What happened to make him want to forget his troubles like this?

Zhao Mingze stared at the man’s side profile, his voice was gentle: “Where is Wen Yu?”

The name was like a switch, and the person in front of him immediately stopped. After a while, he stuttered: “He, he can’t do anything today…”

Zhao Mingze asked again: “Are you looking for him for something?”

The man’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and suddenly he gave a wry smile, “Yes, I have a very important thing to look for him…”

Zhao Mingze stared at the person in front of him intently, his eyes were a little dark, but he continued to say in a relieved and gentle tone: “Then talk about it next time.”

The man was stunned, as if he had suddenly realized, he muttered: “You are right, I will talk about it next time… originally I didn’t say it clearly… he doesn’t know, can’t blame him… next time…”

He stretched out his hand again to grab the wine glass, but the person swayed and accidentally ran into Zhao Mingze’s shoulder.

Zhao Mingze quickly reached out to support the man, sighing softly, “He didn’t come, are you so disappointed?”

The man pursed his lips, his eyes were struggling and fragile, and it took a long time before he spoke in a low voice: “Maybe I am disappointed…not that he didn’t come today, but…I’m afraid all this is my one-sided, I’m worried… ”

Probably because of the effect of alcohol, the long-suppressed anxiety in his heart finally poured out. He laughed at himself and said: “Wen Yu almost never takes the initiative to contact me. He doesn’t care about what I did or where I went, even if we were there. When we were together, I didn’t talk much… I knew I was chasing him, so I don’t mind any of this…

I don’t know…I don’t know why I like him so much. Actually, I want to see him every day, but he said he doesn’t want to make our relationship public, so I try not to find him and keep a distance from him all the time…

As long as he is willing to accompany me occasionally, I am very happy, I am willing to do anything for him, but… I really can’t feel that he cares about me, he never said… He loves me. ”

He always pursues the back of the other person, playing the role of a perfect boyfriend, so careful in love, Wen Yu never rejected him, but did he really get this person’s heart? Have he ever been loved by this person even for a moment?

He will also be afraid of getting a negative answer.

Finally, the courage that he mustered was lost because of an accident. It may be difficult to pluck up the courage again next time and try to cross this step again.

He worried that this was just his own wishful thinking.

Only at this time, drunk and undisguised, can he speak freely of his anxiety without any scruples.

A man who is arrogant and strong normally appears so humble in this love.

“Say… does he really love me?” Lin Ziran looked dimly, staring at Zhao Mingze blankly, as if he wanted to get an affirmative answer in his mouth…

Zhao Mingze’s thin lips were pressed tightly. In the dimness, his eyes behind the lenses were dull and unclear. He whispered, “Do you want him to love you?”

I certainly do…

Pooh, I certainly don’t want him to love me! Lin Ziran just raged, finished the lines with eloquence, struggling and wanted to stand up, he seemed to be drinking too much…

If this goes on, I don’t know if I will say anything that shouldn’t be said.

This black-bellied fox in front of me is very treacherous and cunning.

Who knew that Zhao Mingze gently held his shoulders, poured him a glass of wine, and smiled: “Don’t think about it, of course he loves you.”

Lin Ziran:…No, I’m already drunk.

But in Zhao Mingze’s eyes, Lin Ziran silently took the wine glass…

He drank up and pushed Zhao Mingze aside, and stood up unsteadily. At this moment, his tongue was a little knotted: “I, I’m going to the bathroom…”

Lin Ziran staggered to the bathroom. After releasing, he went to the sink and washed his hands. Then he picked up the cold water and splashed it on his face, finally waking up a little bit.

[Lin Ziran: Did I pronounce the line wrong just now?] Fortunately, there is a reminder, otherwise he can’t remember…

[System: No.]

Lin Ziran must be sure, that’s good, that’s good…

He wiped his face, took a deep breath and walked back, and he started to spin again as he walked… This seems to be a bit strong after drinking, eh… Is the person in front of him Zhao Mingze… How did he follow…

Zhao Mingze seemed to have a twin… Lin Ziran shook his head, and suddenly felt a hand around his waist, he hooked the other person’s neck to support his body, and patted Zhao Mingze’s shoulder. He smirked: “You can take me home…”

Zhao Mingze looked down at Lin Ziran and said, “Okay.”

With a little effort, he let Lin Ziran leaned against his chest, and took Lin Ziran out of the bar half-cuddling and half-cuddling. The cold wind blew on his face outside, and Lin Ziran instinctively leaned in the arms of the people around him. He is really sleepy…

Zhao Mingze watched as the person in his arms was almost about to fall asleep, his lips slightly raised.

The driver was already waiting outside, and he respectfully came over to open the door and said, “Mr. Zhao, do I need to send Mr. Lu back first?”

Zhao Mingze laughed lowly, “No, go home directly.”


Lin Ziran was dazed, he subconsciously raised his head and rubbed it, as if he had rubbed something, he couldn’t help but look up and saw a smooth jaw line.

The man hugged him and gently placed him on the soft sofa.

With the distance away, he finally saw the other man’s face clearly.

Who is this man? He looks really damn good! He seems a bit familiar… By the way, why does he have the key to my house? But that’s not important… Lin Ziran smiled. Seeing that the person was about to get up and leave, he suddenly grabbed the other person. The other person seemed a little surprised, so he didn’t move. Lin Ziran was satisfied with this person’s cooperation and raised his hand. The other side took off his obstructive glasses.

Without the cover of the glasses, the man’s long and narrow phoenix eyes were completely revealed. Lin Ziran looked lost and grinned for a while: “Your eyes are so beautiful…”

I don’t know why, but I like it very much.

Zhao Mingze’s throat bobbed, he knew Lin Ziran was already drunk, otherwise he would not make such a move.

At first, he was planning to send him home, but when he hugged this person and watched him snuggle into his arms docilely…when he touched the other person so close, he suddenly changed his mind and didn’t want to let go so easily.

Zhao Mingze stared at the face of the man below him, and in those dim eyes, there was no one else at this moment. He looked at himself so intently, as if he liked himself very much…

Lin Ziran saw that the other party was motionless, his vision was a little unclear, so he simply reached out and grabbed the other party’s tie and pulled it down, wanting to take a closer look. As a result, he ran into his face with too much force, his mouth hurt… Hmm… he stretched out his hand to push the opponent away, but this push didn’t work.

The man stretched out his hand to hold him tightly, and deepened the kiss without hesitation, and in the eyes that were always deep and calm, it seemed that a stormy sea suddenly lifted up and swallowed everything.

Lin Ziran looked at him dumbstruck and forgot to move.

Zhao Mingze grinded their lips together carefully, stretched out his hand to press Lin Ziran’s shoulder, and easily pushed him down on the sofa.

T/n: Zhao Mingze is a beast :'(((

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  1. Avatar Navleu says:

    Zhao Mingze’s villainy turned into this?!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Avatar joey young says:

    oooohhhh ngl i like the thought of the villain, brother and the boyfriend fighting for his affection…

    fight-o mr glasses im rooting for you!!!

    eat him whole!!!

    thanks for translating this story im liking it so far.

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