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ALIC Chapter 4.2


Although the shooting of the new movie is over, Wen Yu is both the lead actor and one of the investors in the movie. There is actually a lot of work to do later. He was in a meeting with the team when he received Lin Ziran’s text.

Thinking that Lin Ziran finally thought of asking him, he couldn’t help feeling a little happy, so he replied without hesitation: OK.

The assistant glanced quietly from the corner of his eye, and saw the dialogue between Wen Yu and Lin Ziran, thinking: don’t we still have an event to attend tomorrow night? It’s quite important. Did Brother Yu forget?

As he was about to remind him, he heard Wen Yu say indifferently: “I won’t participate in tomorrow night’s event. You can help me persuade the organizer.”

Assistant: “…Oh.”

Wen Yu tapped his finger on the table lightly: “Let’s continue the discussion, where were we?”


One day passed quickly.

Lu Sui closed his eyes and sat in the office. Although he hadn’t been back to the company for a long time, he was already familiar with it. His office and Lu Zhen were on the same floor, so the other party’s schedule was basically under his nose.

This is what he planned at the beginning, first return to the company to gain his trust, and then look for further opportunities to erode Lu Zhen.

Lu Zhen was easier than he thought, unsuspecting. How could he trust himself so purely after experiencing those things, thinking he would not care?

Because people who have not lost, don’t know the pain of loss…

Some people can’t help but want to ruin all this.

The corners of Lu Sui’s lips were cold. He opened his eyes and looked at his watch. It was only 4:30 in the afternoon, and Lu Zhen probably hadn’t had time to go to the appointment.

Lu Sui got up and pushed the door open.

In the morning, Wen Yu had a video call with several investors, and initially finalized the release date of the film. In the afternoon, he was invited by a well-known magazine to shoot for a magazine, which was regarded as a pre-publicity for the film.

It was already six in the afternoon when his work was over. Wen Yu politely declined the editor’s invitation for dinner, and hurriedly took the elevator downstairs.

Just as he entered the underground parking lot and was about to open the door to board the car, he heard a low laugh from his side: “I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Wen Yu turned his head and saw Lu Sui who was standing in the shadows clearly. He was confused at first, then frowned slightly and said, “You are looking for me?”

Lu Sui raised his eyes, “Is it convenient to talk somewhere else?”

Wen Yu paused and said perfunctorily: “Next time, I still have things to do now.”

Lu Sui pretended to think for a moment, looked at Wen Yu’s eagerness to leave, and raised his eyebrows playfully: “In such a hurry, is it because you have a date with my brother?”

Hearing what he said, Wen Yu’s expression was slightly tight, after thinking about it, he said seriously: “I don’t know how you found out that I would be here today, and I don’t know what you want with me… If you really have something you can ask Lu Zhen for my contact information, you don’t have to go through all this trouble.”

Speaking to here, he opened the car door again, obviously not intending to continue.

Lu Sui’s eyes were cold, but there was a smile on his lips, and his voice was slightly cool: “So ruthless, aren’t we old friends? Truthfully, haven’t we gotten to know each other first? Why do I have to report to my brother just to meet with you?

Wen Yu ignored him.

Lu Sui’s eyes seemed to be smiling but not really: “I just want to reminisce old times with you, but if you really don’t want to, I’d have to go and explain our past to my brother. I don’t know how to explain it to him… I pretended not to recognise you at first so…I don’t know if he would think too much but I am also guilty of concealing these things from him.”

Wen Yu finally turned his head, his eyes cold.

Obviously you pretended not to know first.

Lu Sui’s eyes seemed sincere. “The reason why I came to you alone is because I don’t want to cause you trouble. Don’t worry, I won’t delay you for too long.”

Wen Yu fixed his eyes on him for a long while, then raised his hand and slammed the car door, saying coldly, “Half an hour.”

The two came to the cafe on the first floor.

Wen Yu raised his eyes to look at Lu Sui, with an indifferent expression, “What the hell do you want to tell me.”

Lu Sui clasped his hands, his eyes were a little inquisitive and he seemed a little disappointed. He sighed, “Although we only met twice in the past, I have helped you after all. Now I want to meet you again. Why are you so indifferent.”

Wen Yu’s expression eased a little and felt maybe he may be too sensitive. After all, Lu Sui had helped him. He patiently said, “I didn’t mean to be distant myself from you, but have you ever thought about it? Some of these actions may cause Lu Zhen to misunderstand.”

Lu Sui sneered, and said, “Do you only care about Lu Zhen’s misunderstanding?”

Wen Yu said without hesitation: “Yes, he is my boyfriend now, and you are his younger brother, I know you have no other motive, but I still hope you think about it before doing things, and don’t be too capricious. …”

“What if I say—” Lu Sui suddenly interrupted him, his eyes darkened, like a falcon staring at its prey, “I have another motive.”

Wen Yu looked at Lu Sui in disbelief, as if he had heard something ridiculous, his face suddenly turned ugly.

Lu Sui looked straight into his eyes and said in a low voice: “Although I helped you on a whim at the time, I have never forgotten you over the years, and I have followed you all this time. I originally wanted to find you when I returned to China…but you are already my brother’s boyfriend.”

Wen Yu was shocked first, followed by anger. If he was still uncertain before, now he is finally sure that this guy was a lawless little bastard and also a shameless bastard. How dare he say such shameless words and create a story? Did he expect him to believe him?!

Wen Yu’s chest rose and fell, and his voice was cold: “Really, to have Lu Shao think about me for so many years, should I be flattered and grateful?”

Lu Sui raised his mouth. It seemed that Wen Yu really didn’t believe what he had made up, but he didn’t care either. Anyway, his purpose of coming here was only to prevent Wen Yu from meeting Lu Zhen, and the truth was he didn’t really miss him.

If he hadn’t been for Lu Zhen’s beloved person, how would he remember that incident?

“It’s not necessary to be grateful, but to be doubted by you…” Lu Sui sighed, “It really makes me sad.”

Wen Yu stood up and stared at him, his voice without the slightest warmth: “I will pretend that we haven’t met today, and you didn’t said these things.”

After speaking, he stepped away, but when he passed by Lu Sui, he was suddenly grabbed.

Lu Sui raised his head, with an indistinct expression in his eyes, and smiled, “Why are you in a rush…I haven’t finished talking yet.”


Lin Ziran was sitting in the office watching the drama. When it was about 6 o’clock, he rubbed his face and stood up. It was time to go to the appointment. When he went out, he quietly glanced at Lu Sui’s office, and it was empty! Very good—Lu Sui must have gone to Wen Yu in advance.

Lin Ziran drove to his hotel happily.

Although he knew that Wen Yu would not come today, even if he is alone, shouldn’t he treat himself well? After all, Wen Yu’s message to him told him to eat well!

Lin Ziran faced the menu and started ordering. Wen Yu wouldn’t come anyway. He naturally ordered what he liked. Then he started sitting there, playing with his phone, waiting for the food.

According to the plot, Lu Sui should have found Wen Yu to tell his old feelings at this moment, and Wen Yu also remembered Lu Sui, who had helped him at the beginning, and was shaken under the pressure of Lu Sui! He was afraid to be disappointing Lu Zhen and hesitated… Wen Yu didn’t know that Lu Zhen was going to propose. He thought it was just an ordinary date. Because of Lu Sui’s interruption, he didn’t come in the end but made up an excuse to say that he have something tonight and couldn’t make it…

Lu Zhen didn’t know that Wen Yu was with Lu Sui that night. He waited all night foolishly, but finally did not see his beloved… Soon things took a turn for the worse, and there was no second chance to propose marriage.

Tonight is his one-man show, and there is no audience. Lin Ziran unceremoniously rolled up his sleeves, thinking that Wen Yu would not come, so he let go of himself

He ate and let out a poor man’s sigh. “Ah, the food here is really great, how can there be such a delicious dish, does caviar really taste like this in reality?”

[System: All simulations of this game are the same as reality, and the deviation value does not exceed 0.01%]

Lin Ziran had nothing to say and could only give a thumbs up.

Halfway through the meal, Lin Ziran called the waiter again and asked what kind of wine they had in his hotel. As a result, he tried all kinds of wine, and was stunned by the dazzling array.

So Lin Ziran told the waiter to serve wine again.

[System:……? ] Did this player treat this game as a food game?

Pleasant time always flies very quickly, and it doesn’t seem to be the hard work of waiting for others. Lin Ziran is wandering in the ocean of happiness, and suddenly the phone rang, and it was Wen Yu’s text message.

He quickly wiped his hands with a tissue, thinking that Wen Yu was about to tell him that he couldn’t tell, but when he turned on his phone, Wen Yu said: There is a traffic jam on the road, wait for me.

Lin Ziran: …?

Why are you stuck in a car? Shouldn’t it be said that something is not coming at night? Is this a new excuse? Want to delay time so that I can retreat without a fight?

He asked the system a little worried: “Why is this different from what the plot says.”

[System sounded cold: This game is a panoramic reality simulation game. Once the game world is generated, it will generate a self-running track. The behavior of the characters in the game will change to different degrees according to the player’s performance. What I need to remind you is… the higher the plot deviation, the lower the final rating. 】

Lin Ziran suddenly became alert, is there something wrong with him? It even caused the main story line of the game to start to deviate. He was determined to get a good grade. How could he fail at the beginning? No, he had to find a way to save it.

Fortunately, the problem is not big now.

Wen Yu will definitely not come. I am afraid that the traffic jam is just an excuse. As a thoughtful and perfect boyfriend, I should give him a way out and don’t make him embarrassed!

Lin Ziran immediately replied with a text message: It’s okay, if something happens, please make another appointment.

Wen Yu’s replied soon: I’m on the way.

Lin Ziran: It’s really okay, it’s late, don’t work too hard.

… This time Wen Yu didn’t reply immediately.

Lin Ziran looked at the phone nervously, waited and waited, but he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief without seeing Wen Yu reply.

Very good, just a small accident, it doesn’t matter, he has successfully reversed the plot.

Lin Ziran patted her chest, ready to leave after eating and drinking, but when he came downstairs, he remembered that he was drinking and could not drive. The secretary was married and had children. Lin Ziran didn’t plan to ask him to pick him up at night. Just stand by the road and wait for the taxi.

After waiting for a few minutes, a black Mercedes just stopped slowly in front of him. Well, blocking his vision, Lin Ziran walked a few steps ahead to avoid the car. After a few seconds, the black Mercedes drove towards Driving a few meters ahead, it happened to be blocked in front of Lin Ziran.

Lin Ziran:…

I will move again!

He walked a few steps forward, but the black Benz was almost lingering, and it happened to be a few meters ahead to block Lin Ziran’s sight…

Lin Ziran finally got angry and was about to ask questions. The front window slowly rolled down, revealing a chiseled face. The man’s silver-frame glasses looked at him with a joke and smile, and his tone was low and hoarse: “How is it that you can’t even recognise my car?”

Lin Ziran: …not good.

Just now he was so dizzy and full, so he went home to sleep and completely forgot about this story!

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  1. Avatar The ghost says:

    “Lin Ziran patted her chest, ready to leave after eating and drinking, but when she came downstairs, she remembered that she was drinking and could not drive. ”

    The pronouns are wrong, do be careful.

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      thanks, fixed!

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    Thank you very much for the chapters! I’m excited to follow your translations in this novel ?

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    The plot is starting to deviate!! And It’s just the beginning hehehe

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Avatar anon says:

    “Why don’t you even drive my car? I don’t even know each other.”

    this part is actually: How is it that you can’t even recognise my car?

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