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ALIC Chapter 4.1

Lin Ziran had been standing off with the system for a long time, but finally lost to the system with no feelings. In the end, he still failed to obtain the perspective of God.

Okay, you win 🙂

But even if I can’t look at it, I know what happened! I am a man with a script.

Presumably, Lu Sui had already blocked Wen Yu in the bathroom at this moment, and began to carry out the overbearing presidential act! Wen Yu also had complicated and unforgettable feelings for Lu Sui, but he knows that he is now his brother’s boyfriend, so he can only refuse mercilessly, but Lu Sui will remind him of that feeling many years ago… this damned but sweet-fated reunion!

Lin Ziran suddenly felt that this pair of CP was actually quite good.

Although a little bit bloody…it was exciting!

He stretched out his hand to pat his little throbbing heart and suddenly heard footsteps. He immediately suppressed the expression on his face and continued to play the role of a perfect boyfriend, asking Wen Yu in an elegant manner.

Wen Yu looked at Lin Ziran. The man had handsome brows and gentle eyes. He was always so considerate and thoughtful. Sometimes he was not perfect like a real person. It was only recently that he suddenly realized that he also had a human side. Although the eyes were as affectionate as ever, they seem to contain more complex emotions, which makes others involuntarily want to explore.

Lin Ziran’s goal today has been achieved and his lines have finished, so he wanted to go back to watch his dramas soon. He told Wen Yu affectionately: “Are you tired? How about I send you back?”

Wen Yu retracted his gaze, the corners of his lips curled up slightly: “Okay.”

Lin Ziran stood up and then he glanced at Lu Sui. Although I knew that you were itching, but after all, Wen Yu is still my person, and you should avoid him at this time.

Lu Sui was indifferent. He waved his hand and jokingly said, “Brother, please send him back. I’ll go back by myself later.”

His brother didn’t cause trouble for him, Lin Ziran nodded in relief and then left with Wen Yu.

Wen Yu also had an apartment in this city. Lin Ziran looked at him quietly while driving and soon reached Wen Yu’s neighbourhood. Seeing that Wen Yu was about to get off the car and leave, he suddenly became heartbroken and shouted, “Wait a minute.”

Wen Yu had long discovered that Lin Ziran was secretly watching him, but he did not move. He raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile, “Anything else?”

Lin Ziran coughed lightly: “That, I have a friend who is a fan of yours and wants me to ask you for an autograph.”

Wen Yu seemed a little surprised, looking into Lin Ziran’s eyes.

[System: This is a friend from nothing. ]

[t/n: 无中生友: friend from nothing: difficult to explain, it’s an online term to describe that one doesn’t need to fear as long as they are not caught.]

Lin Ziran didn’t blush or breathe heavily. He took out the photos and the pen he had prepared before, and handed them to Wen Yu with a smile.

Wen Yu stared at him for a moment, then suddenly chuckled, and said, “Okay.”

He picked up the pen to sign, but when he was about to write the pen, he moved his head and looked to Lin Ziran, “What is your friend’s name, do I need to write a few more words?”

Lin Ziran looked at the handsome face of the man in the night. Because he was close, the tall nose seemed to pass by his forehead just a little bit when the other party turned his head, and his warm breath followed the wind. When he came, his heart tightened, and then shamelessly continued to speak: “Oh, he’s called ‘Ran Ran chasing stars and forgot to eat’. As for the rest, you can write whatever you want, he won’t mind it.”

Wen Yu nodded, then covered the photo on the car window and began to write with his head down.

A minute later, he gave the signed photo to Lin Ziran and smiled slightly: “It’s an honor for your friend to like me. Just say the word if you need it next time. I’ll sign it in advance and give it to you.”

Wow, is being a celebrity boyfriend so good?! Suddenly Lin Ziran was a little reluctant to break up. Thinking of the plot full of abuse in his sadistic heart, how could he still have the face to ask Wen Yu for an autograph? Isn’t it asking people to become a dog?

Forget it, it should be enough, after all, he’s not really an idol, so it’s almost enough. Although this npc is indeed very attractive, it is not enough to make him give up his pursuit of studies!

Lin Ziran said: “Okay, you go back to rest early—”

Then he opened his eyes wide, staring dully into the eyes of the person in front of him. Wen Yu leaned over with one hand on his side, one hand on the back of his neck, and warm lips covered his. This kiss came too suddenly, Lin Ziran was completely unprepared… When he recovered, Wen Yu had already let go.

“Goodnight kiss.” Wen Yu looked like a star, then turned and left with a smile.

Lin Ziran: “…”

This is bad! Is there this plot in the script? Why did he have no impression at all? Is it because he missed it? How can the protagonist kiss a man other than the real gong… Wasn’t Wen Yu always passive before?!

Lin Ziran quickly turned on the system and began to check the script, but…

[Lin Ziran: Why is it not written here at all? Just take a look at the words “Lu Zhen sent Wen Yu home after dinner”. Isn’t this script too crude? ]

[System: It’s a bit rudimentary, after all, it’s not the main storyline. If you go into details, you probably won’t think of ​​asking him to sign. ]

Lin Ziran: …

Forget it, it’s just a good night kiss. Two lovers are gay. It’s strange enough that they haven’t been in bed. It’s impossible not to have kissed before, right?

So there is no need to take it to heart!

Lin Ziran returned to the car, only then did he remember to see what Wen Yu had just written to him.

To Ranran chasing stars and forgot to eat: You can chase stars, but you must eat on time and take care of yourself. Wen Yu.

His words were clear and powerful, and the characters are like his own.

Wow, this idol is so heart-warming. In fact, he also picked up this net name casually, but it was after he developed a drama-addiction and forggot to eat… Lin Ziran immediately took a photo of his autograph, and then logged into his side account on weibo and uploaded this photo happily. He attached a caption: I saw Yuyu today and got an autographed photo. His real person looks better than the one on TV, and his voice is sweeter. Love him forever.

Within a few minutes of sending it out, he immediately gained a lot of envy and hatred.

Well, it feels real and cool enough, this game really feels good.


Lu Zhen and Wen Yu are both busy people who have many things to do, naturally it is impossible to have a relationship like glue, so Lin Ziran had not met with Wen Yu for a few days, yet he has to play the role of a president.

Recently, the company has indeed set up a piece of land and intends to build a new hotel chain. In addition to investing in several projects, Lin Ziran had to deal with many things. At this time, he was especially grateful for the system. Basically, he only needs to be an obedient tool and he can handle work in an orderly manner without using his brain.

Lin Ziran came back from a meeting late that day, and when he entered the door, he saw Lu Sui lying on the sofa in the living room playing on his mobile phone. Although a little tired, he still gave him a gentle smile and asked with concern: “Did you not go out today?”

Lu Sui looked up at him and said, “No.”

Lin Ziran saw his conscientious look, and thought: he only knows to eat, sleep, play and waste time, but he is working outside like an old father. He wanted to grab his collar and say when you are willing to return to the company?! If not, do all the housework for Laozi!

Lin Ziran said softly, “Then I won’t disturb you.”

He took a deep breath and walked forward. It was strange seeing the bear kid playing on his mobile phone at home and it made him even more angry than stealing his boyfriend. He was not doing business properly… Suddenly he understood his mother’s anger during summer vacation…

Lin Ziran’s footsteps were heavy and just as he reached the second floor, a voice suddenly came from behind: “Brother.”

Lin Ziran quickly put a smile on his face and turned back: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Sui stretched his legs, stood up from the sofa and said lightly: “I thought about it…I won’t have anything to do during this period of time, so it’s better to go to your company.”

Lin Ziran’s drooping eyelids widened a little bit, his eyes were filled with surprises. He was a little bit incoherent with excitement: “Okay, okay, okay!”

He had waited for this day!

This child is willing to go to work!


Lu Sui was finally willing to return to work at the company, so the plot finally advanced to this point. Lin Ziran was full of fighting spirit and was determined to entrust him with important tasks.

The next day, Lin Ziran took Lu Sui to the company and held a board of directors meeting to appoint Lu Sui as the company’s deputy general manager. At the same time, he was in charge of the human resources and planning department, and he also divided several recent projects.

Lu Zhen owns 50% of the shares and has the absolute right to speak in the company. Lu Sui’s academic history abroad has been very impressive in the past few years, so he has not been hindered much.

For the other members of the board of directors, as long as they can make money, it was Lu Zhen’s business how he wants to manage the company.

Besides, Lu Sui was not an outsider, so naturally it was harder to say more.

Lin Ziran, with the idea that young people should work harder, did not hesitate to pile more tasks onto Lu Sui. If it was not for his fear of doing too much to alert Lu Sui, he would arrange even more work for Lu Sui! And he is not at all worried that Lu Sui will mess up, because as a genuinely overbearing president and slag gong, although he has been criticized for having emotional issues, there is absolutely no problem with the basic skills as a president. Lin Ziran believed that he will do better than himself.

Successfully having Lu Sui work overtime instead of himself, the unscrupulous boss, Lin Ziran, felt no guilt, but was rather proud.

Besides, he’s quickly going through the plot. Lu Sui must be happy to take over these tasks, so that he can understand the company more quickly, destroy it from the inside, and give Lu Zhen a blow in the subsequent crisis.

So this is a win-win!

Lin Ziran was sitting leisurely in his spacious office that day, and finally found the joy of slacking at work. He secretly turned on the video software and started binging dramas. This game is simply a treasure. How can it give people so much happiness?

By the way, he also took some time out of his busy schedule to buy a pair of ring. According to the plot, he should be getting ready to propose to Wen Yu. After Lu Sui knew of his plan to marry Wen Yu, he sped up the pace of stealing his boyfriend. Of course, this marriage proposal ended without a problem, and at the same time, laid the groundwork for Lu Zhen and Wen Yu’s breakup.

Thinking that everything went according to plan, Lin Ziran was in a good mood. At this time, the phone rang, and it turned out that the news from weibo. He set a special notification for Wen Yu. Whenever there is news, he would be notified as soon as possible. Lin Ziran opened it. It turned out that it was a promotional video made by Wen Yu for a clothing brand. In it, he was dressed in a white suit that was slightly opened. It can be seen from the collar of the suit that there was nothing beneath  the suit, and it caused people’s minds to wander…

“Brother, what are you looking at?” A voice came from above.

Lin Ziran was so excited that he snapped the phone face down on the table! No, my brother found out when I was chasing idols at work! Will he find that he actually just wants to drag him down and find his own happiness…

Because his reaction was too hasty, Lin Ziran’s expression was a little stiff. He blinked, “Why are you looking for me?”

Why didn’t I hear the knock on the door just now…

Lu Sui retracted his gaze. Although Lin Ziran quickly put down his phone, he still saw its contents. Ha… If it weren’t for seeing it with his own eyes, it would be unimaginable. His brother, who has always been innocent, was actually at the point where he was addicted to a person. He could see Lin Ziran’s fervent gaze clearly just now.

Although he had investigated Lin Ziran’s current situation before returning, he had never thought of dragging Wen Yu down before. But what he saw and heard these days all showed that Lin Ziran was deeply in love with Wen Yu.

So if I take him away, you will be very sad, right?

Lu Sui’s eyes were dim, and the darkness in his heart began to grow again. He smiled, “I have some questions about the construction of the new hotel. I need your advice. I am going to open a tender for this contractor. This is the tender I have compiled. You can see if there are any additions or modifications needed.”

Lin Ziran glanced at the tender document, which was as thick as a book, smiled lightly, and looked at him with trusting eyes: “Since I left this project to you, you can make the decision. There’s no need to ask. I believe you are capable of handling it.”

What a joke, he didn’t want to look at such a thick file.

Lu Sui pursed his lips, as if he wanted to see through Lin Ziran, whether it was the truth or a lie. This was a project with a total investment of over 100 million yuan, but he didn’t even look at it. No doubt… Did he really trust him?

Lu Sui picked up the file again, and when he turned around, he saw a blue box on Lin Ziran’s desk. His eyes flashed, and he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Brother…this is…”

Lin Ziran specially placed this at a not particularly conspicuous yet definitely noticeable spot. He waited for Lu Sui to ask. His eyes seemed to evade the other, and his face was turned away with his fist against his lips: “Nothing.”

After all, the proposal has not been successful yet, so he was embarrassed to tell others.

Lu Sui had already guessed it and he didn’t ask any more, looking indifferent and ready to leave.

Lin Ziran suddenly stopped him and said, “I won’t go home for dinner tomorrow night as I have something to do. You don’t have to wait for me.”

“Alright.” Lu Sui nodded and turned to leave.

Lin Ziran watched Lu Sui leave, and then immediately picked up his mobile phone and sent a message to Wen Yu: Do you have time tomorrow night? I want to invite you to dinner.

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