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ALIC Chapter 3.2

Lin Ziran couldn’t wait for this day.


Today you cheat on me, and tomorrow, I will cheat on you. Let’s take turns. His silly brother, this scum gong, is also acting pitifully. Shouldn’t you have to reap the consequences?

Times have changed. Now, being a scum gong is a high-risk occupation!

On the contrary, Wen Yu was the real winner in life. Both brothers were so devoted to him, and both were worth billions. Picking one at random will not be a loss. He was more like a businessman than a businessman.

Lin Ziran looked at Wen Yu admiringly and then became more daring. He shook Wen Yu’s hand in front of Lu Sui and said affectionately: “You have been working hard during this time, you must take a good rest. For a while, don’t work too hard.”

Wen Yu felt that Lin Ziran’s eyes were warmer than before, which made him a feel a little unfamiliar but somehow he felt a little funny, so he shook Lin Ziran’s hand and said with a low smile: “Okay, I will.”

The other person’s hand was warm and strong, Lin Ziran’s blushed uneasily and he drew it back cautiously. He was almost numb to this kind of show, but after thinking about it, he now had the advantage. With Lu Sui’s showing his affection, he felt that when Lu Sui fell in love with Wen Yu in the future, he would be jealous of the man who used to be his, and be abused by jealousy. He suddenly felt some expectations.

His only regret is that Lu Zhen had not slept with Wen Yu, but Lin Ziran also understood… After all, Wen Yu is a genuine gong, how can he, as a temporary cannon fodder gong, be able to do it with him? How can they reach that step? Even if he wants to, the readers won’t allow it.

This script is for the protagonist’s innocence, leaving Lu Zhen hanging at a very energetic age. Who could only talk about pure love? The plot that didn’t even care about logic!

“Huh? Why do I feel that you have been working harder than me lately and you’re getting distracted again.” Wen Yu raised his hand and shook in front of Lin Ziran.

Lin Ziran was taken aback and looked into the smiling eyes of the other party, his expression almost stiff.

Just when Lin Ziran didn’t know how to continue, Lu Sui smiled cooly and said, “He has bought another piece of land recently and is busy financing and developing new projects. He is really busy.”

Good brother!

Lin Ziran gave a light cough, “I’m a little tired recently, but don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Wen Yu turned his head and took a deep look at Lu Sui. Lu Sui seemed to be helping Lin Ziran explain, but his tone was inexplicably uncomfortable.

Lin Ziran breathed a sigh of relief and he didn’t dare to be distracted for the rest of the time. Although he is now Wen Yu’s genuine boyfriend, he was like a third party, there is no way… I somehow feel like a pimp… Stop!

All in all, this play may be a bit difficult for Lin Ziran, but fortunately, there are lines to recite, so he was not completely blinded.

At the end of the meal, Wen Yu got up and went to the bathroom.

Not long after, Lu Sui also got up and went out.

Lin Ziran was the only one left in the room, his expression suddenly relaxed, and his eyes moved.

Lu Sui must have followed Wen Yu out. He will not let go of any chance to get close to Wen Yu. What he likes most is to tease Wen Yu under Lu Zhen’s eyes. Every time, he gets very excited… …Thinking that the two might be meeting in the bathroom at this time, Lin Ziran was very curious.

[Lin Ziran: System, can you let me see what they are doing now? 】

【System: No. 】

[Lin Ziran was surprised: Why not! I’m a player, can’t I have the perspective of God?!]

[System: You are a player, not a God, so there is no God’s perspective. 】

Lin Ziran: …he has never seen a colder joke than this.


Wen Yu didn’t enter the bathroom, but stood outside the corridor. Within a few minutes, Lu Sui came out as expected. Seeing Wen Yu waiting for him there, an unexpected look flashed across his eyes, and he raised his eyebrows and smiled, “You were waiting for me.”

Wen Yu’s expression tightened slightly, looking at Lu Sui.

He still remembered that the first time he met Lu Sui was seven years ago.

Not long after he entered the entertainment industry, he was called by the company to drink with a woman one day. The woman looked like she was in her forties, but she was well maintained and her charm still existed. She poured him a glass of wine and asked with a smile if he was willing to follow her.

Such things are quite common in the entertainment industry. For trainees like him who have no background and no capital, there are a large number of agents under him, and it was difficult to get ahead. For many people, this was even an opportunity. If he hadn’t had this good-looking face, he wouldn’t be able to get this ‘opportunity’ that others envied.

So instead of rejecting cleanly, he hesitated…

Just then Lu Sui appeared.

Lu Sui and two friends just came out to see this scene. They were probably not in a good mood so everything was unpleasant. The cold and stern young man seemed to be thorny, putting nothing in his eyes and only caring about making trouble. He was smiling but without a smile, he said to the woman, “Hey, isn’t this Aunt Ming? So you like this kind of fresh meat.”

The woman’s face changed immediately, she glanced at Lu Sui coldly, got up and left.

Wen Yu was left alone like this. At that moment, he didn’t know whether he should regret it or he should breathe a sigh of relief, because he knew that this matter was considered pornographic, and he was glad he didn’t have to make any choices.

Lu Sui’s friend was very embarrassed when he saw this scene and didn’t have time to pay attention to his insignificant little person. He dragged Lu Sui out and walked out, and as he left, he tried to persuade Lu Sui: Who do you think you are? What now Be careful if Aunt Ming goes back to file a complaint with your dad.

Lu Sui’s sneered: So what? The old geezer hasn’t taken care of me anyway, he can’t wait for me to die outside. Besides, the woman is fucking around outside, so if she dares to go and talk in front of my dad, believe it or not, I’ll tell her husband about it, let’s see who is more shameless!

Wen Yu sat there quietly, thinking, it turned out that he was just a spoiled second-generation ancestor, living recklessly, without considering the consequences of doing things…

However, thinking back later, he was a little envious of Lu Sui.

People are different from birth.

At that time, he thought he would not meet Lu Sui again, but he did not expect for Lu Sui to appear at his company the next day and called him out.

Probably he was sober but the young man looked awkward and said to him sternly, “Hey, did I spoil your plans yesterday?”

He shook his head. It was actually a bad thing, but he thought it was good.

Lu Sui was stunned, the contempt on his face reduced a little and he looked at him curiously: “Were you being forced? Then it’s I who saved you.”

He shook his head again, thinking: I didn’t need your help.

Lu Sui was growing a little impatient, he scratched his head, and said angrily, “Are you not good at talking? Except for shaking your head, you only know how to shake your head? So what happened yesterday? … Forget it, I don’t care what you did yesterday. Anyway, I don’t like to owe others. I have a friend’s family who invested in a web drama and still lacks a second male lead. If you are interested, go.”

It wasn’t until then that he finally got a little surprised. Did he come here for this?

So he said, “Thank you.”

Lu Sui turned around and left awkwardly, “I don’t need your thanks.”

He looked at the back of the young man walking away. It was the first time he met such an confusing person, and the first time he encountered such an confusing thing, but he found it very interesting, so he couldn’t help but smile and said, “Okay, then I won’t thank you.”

Wen Yu closed his eyes. This was the only time he and Lu Sui’s met.

Later, he took part in the online drama and became a hit with his status as the second male lead. He seized the opportunity and started to pick up new works, made money, terminated his contract with the company, and opened a studio. He formed his own team, won various awards, invested in companies, set foot in other industries, completed asset accumulation in just a few years, and even started filming film and television dramas by himself… Since then, he had firmly established a foothold in the entertainment industry.

He no longer had to hesitate whether to sell himself for a little resource as he did in the past.

Lu Sui did his best at that time and never thought of asking him for thanks, but he really should thank Lu Sui. It wasn’t because Lu Sui ‘saved’ him, but he knew exactly what kind of person he was in his heart. He was never a poor creature waiting for others to save him. Although he was not morally corrupt, he was far from the beautiful title of a saint…If Lu Sui hadn’t stopped him by mistake, he might still be where he is today, but the process would be very different from now.

It’s just that he hadn’t thought of these things for many years.

If it weren’t for seeing Lu Sui again today.

In the beginning, he saw Lu Sui. Apart from some accidents, there were some surprises. After all, he owed him a sincere thanks, but after getting along with the meal just now, he found that this Lu Sui and the one in his memory, the wanton, yet clear-cut young man… seems completely different.

It seems that he and Lu Sui have changed a lot over the years.

Thinking of Lin Ziran still waiting for him, Wen Yu decided to make a long story short and asked: “Why did you pretend not to know me just now?”

Lu Sui looked at him meaningfully, and answered the question with a smile: “I really didn’t expect that my brother’s boyfriend would be you. It turns out that you are already a big star. Congratulations.”

Wen Yu slowly said, “What? Are you surprised to see me?”

“Of course.” Lu Sui looked at Wen Yu’s indifferent and calm face, and shrugged: “No matter what, I helped you once in the past. Wouldn’t you be surprised to see me?”

Wen Yu frowned slightly, and his eyes were thoughtful. It seemed that Lu Sui didn’t intend to answer his question.

Regardless, whether today is purely coincidental or planned, since he is still Lin Ziran’s boyfriend, he will never have anything to do with Lu Sui.

Nothing happened back then and nothing will happen now.

Wen Yu stepped away. When passing by Lu Sui’s side, he said, “I’m glad to see you again, and I’m glad that you still remember me, but there is one thing you that you did wrong.”

Lu Sui curiously asked, “What’s the matter?”

Wen Yu smiled, but the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. “You didn’t have to pretend not to know me just now.”

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  1. Navleu says:

    I bet that’s not how it should have happenned. Words so cold? How can they begin a relationship like this? Let’s see.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Dewy says:

      It’s the way mc blushes and unknowing shows how caring he is XD

  2. annon says:

    It should be: ‘ Wen Yu felt that Lin Ziran’s eyes were warmer than before, which made him unused to it, but somehow he also felt it a little funny, so he held onto
    Lin Ziran’s hand and said with a low smile: “Okay, I will.”

    The other person’s hand was warm and strong. Lin Ziran’s face blushed uneasily, and promptly drew back his hand cautiously. ‘

    some words when used wrongly can really affect the storyline.

    1. 77 says:

      thanks they’re fixed…I will come back to fix the other chapters soon

  3. Eri says:

    Hello. Im eri. I found this novel interesting and struck down to my soul and heart. I beg for your permission to use your English translation as my base to translate it in Indonesian language? Ofc i will give the credit to you and put the link to direct it to you.


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