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ALIC Chapter 36.3

Lin Ziran was about to rest after returning to the other yard, but when he passed the garden, he stopped. Ye Liuyin sat there slowly watering the flowers.

He seems to be waiting for Li Ye.

Lin Ziran thought for a moment, walked directly over, sullen and expressionless. “I killed Han Shang.”

He killed Ye Liuyin’s lackeys on impulse today. It was impossible for Ye Liuyin to not know…

Rather than waiting for Ye Liuyin’s question, he might as well take the initiative to confess, and make up a reason to say how Han Shang had offended him. Anyway, it is normal for him who was from a demon clan to kill a person. Maybe Ye Liuyin would like himself like this.

Ye Liuyin lifted his eyelids and glanced at him. He did not stop but smiled slightly: “Oh.”

Then, he continued to lower his head to water the flowers.

Lin Ziran heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that it was the same as he had guessed. Ye Liuyin wouldn’t mind this. But from Li Ye’s perspective, he should be a little nervous. After all, the kid had never done anything like this before, and he didn’t know Ye Liuyin’s purpose, so he should feel uneasy about this.

Lin Ziran showed a puzzled look, as if he was afraid that Ye Liuyin hadn’t figured it out, and stiffly added: “The eldest son of the Han family, Han Shang, I not only killed him, but also his men! You don’t want to ask why I did it?”

Ye Liuyin finally stopped. He raised his head and looked at him with a gentle gaze, sighed, and said: “You don’t have to report this little thing to me. Since you have done it, there must be a reason for it, I believe you.”

Lin Ziran was surprised: “Don’t you blame me?”

Ye Liuyin smiled, his tone faint: “It’s just a few insatiable mortals, but you are my son. Am I going to blame you for a few people who deserve it?”

He raised his hand and brushed Lin Ziran’s hair lightly, his eyes were indulgent: “I always regret and blame myself for not being able to take care of you and accompany you before. I believe you are a good boy. No matter what you do, I will support you, understand?”

Lin Ziran fell silent for a long time, showing a touch of emotion, before he nodded.

Ye Liuyin smiled slightly, his eyes were loving and gentle. He was a little worried that the child was too soft-hearted, but now it seems that he was worrying too much. There is his own blood in his veins…

Even if the entire population of Suwang City were slaughtered, Ye Liuyin would not blink. He was only worried that Lin Ziran would be unwilling to kill people.

As for why he killed someone, the reason was actually not that important.

If there was a first time, there would be a second time and if there was a second time, there would be a third time… Maybe it was because of unhappiness at first, and then later on it would be due to a small reason, until he started to enjoy the pleasure of dominating and dictating others’ fates …

You will gradually become obsessed with this feeling, and finally, become what I want you to be.


Lin Ziran returned to his room, closed the door and let out a sigh of relief.

Ye Liuyin really deserved to be a great demon. After a little thought, he understood Ye Liuyin’s plan.

Don’t mention a few irrelevant lackeys, how does it matter how many people die? Ye Liuyin would not put them in his eyes. These people were nothing more than believers who had been tempted to take refuge in him, but Ye Liuyin was a demon, and he would not protect his followers like Xuan Yan did.

So what if those ants died? If Li Ye can fall deeper, Ye Liuyin would feel it was worth it.

Li Ye was the key to unsealing the two worlds.

And what was the best way to make a child become evil? Of course it is not to discipline him and punish him, but to unconditionally spoil and protect him!

This was an expert!

However, although Ye Liuyin had bad intentions, he was very happy to hug a thigh.

At least before Mu Yang came, he could rest assured for a while.

Lin Ziran fell asleep worrilessly.

Now that he had achieved success in his cultivation, he was unwilling to sit in the house all day long, and thus, he went out early the next day.

Lin Ziran was dressed in a black dark brocade robe, his appearance has changed drastically. His temperament was cold but he was very handsome, his long hair was casually tied behind his back. Walking down the road would turn many heads.

Suwang City was very prosperous, and there are countless restaurants and tea houses on both sides of the street.

Lin Ziran casually strolled to the vicinity of the Han family’s house. He had only just carried out a murder in the Han’s house yesterday, but it seemed normal here, as if nothing had happened. Could it be that Ye Liuyin had warned them…

He turned to a restaurant, ordered the best wine, and gazed at the scenery leisurely…

This is the life he likes…

Lin Ziran filled another glass of wine.

[Lin Ziran happily said: I now understand that this world is better. Although there are no movies or TV games, the spirit fruit and food here cannot be found in the real world. As long as you have a pair of eyes that can discover beauty, you can live happily anywhere~]


Lin Ziran leaned on the window sill with one hand and held a wine glass in the other, feeling very happy. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed and he saw a familiar figure being thrown out from the side door of Han’s house.

Hey, wasn’t this the unlucky person who bumped into him yesterday?

At that time, he thought the person was unlucky and spared him. So why was he kicked out today? And his clothes were bloodied and he looked miserable…

What exactly happened?

Lin Ziran was curious and was actually bored, so he quietly got up and followed.

The man stumbled away from Han’s house and walked into a sparsely populated alley. He supported himself against the wall and walked forward with difficulty, when he suddenly fell down without warning.

Lin Ziran quickened his pace, turned the man up from the ground, and put his finger under his nose.

Fortunately, he was not dead.

The man slowly opened his eyes, but his eyes were dull.

Lin Ziran squatted beside him and blinked, “Hey, what’s the matter with you?”

The man was silent for a moment before he spoke, his voice low and hoarse: “You killed Young Master Han yesterday, but I was not dead at the scene. The Patriarch thought I was useless, so he drove me out.”

Wtf, this Han family really had the aura of a vicious cannon fodder! Just because of this, the hapless guy was driven out? Just because he was there, he must die together?

He just spared him because he was innocent, but he didn’t expect him to be kicked out…

Lin Ziran was a little embarrassed. After thinking about it, he untied the money bag around his waist, and threw it into the man’s arms casually: “Here, it’s for you, take it and go.”

The man did not answer, but looked at him.

Lin Ziran didn’t care whether he wanted it or not. He got up and left, but only after walking a few steps, he heard the man’s muffled voice from behind, “I have nowhere to go, can you take me in?”

Lin Ziran didn’t intend to pay attention to him, but suddenly his eyes changed.

As the young master of the demon world, isn’t it not awe-inspiring at all without a lackey around him? There is no one to help him carry things while shopping! How uncomfortable was it to carry it himself?

Ye Liuyin has a lot of demonic cultivators, but it was not the same as him. It’s uncomfortable to go out with people watching him… he still had to stay in Suwang City for a while, so he might as well let this hapless guy do it temporarily. Having a lackey was good! There is definitely no problem with randomly picking NPCs!

But before that, he should first let him recognize his identity; he didn’t want disobedient lackeys.

Lin Ziran coughed lightly, then turned around and said, “Are you sure?”

The man nodded.

Lin Ziran raised his chin and stared at him indifferently: “It’s not impossible for me to take you in, but you must follow me and listen to me. If I say east, you can’t go west. Do you understand?”

The man’s black eyes were deep and he was silent for a few seconds before he muttered: “I am willing.”

Yeah, he looks sensible.

Lin Ziran smiled: “Then you can follow me. By the way, what’s your name?”

The man thought for a while before he raised his head and gazed into Lin Ziran’s eyes. “Li Yu.”

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