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ALIC Chapter 36.2

“But you are going to die because of this…” Han Shang touched the jade pendant, raised his eyebrows and smiled: “I am not afraid to tell you that this jade pendant belongs to my half brother.”

Lin Ziran seemed very surprised.

Han Shang snorted: “He is my father’s favorite child. It is obvious that my mother is the righteous wife, but my father intends to pass on to him the title of the city lord. No matter how hard I try, my father can only see him… So, I threw his bitch mother into a brothel. Didn’t she love men? So I let those men fuck her to death, as for him… he made me suffer so much, of course I want for him to die even more. He might as well die…”

Lin Ziran frowned, “You are so cruel to him…but did he ever wrong you?”

Han Shang laughed out loud and looked crazy: “Of course he did! He is a bastard of a bitch who dared to snatch my father’s favor and take what belonged to me! He should have tucked his tail and been a good dog for me, but looking at his vain attempt to obtain something that does not belong to him, don’t you think he should die?”

Lin Ziran was silent for a long time and asked, “That’s it?”

Han Shang sneered: “Is this not enough?”

Lin Ziran’s tone slowly became strange, he narrowed his eyes, “So, he didn’t make any mistakes, but because he is better than you, you had to gouge out his eyes, cut off his legs, and slice off his tongue…”

Han Shang frowned and said, “What about it?”

Lin Ziran sighed and said quietly: “Actually, you are not afraid that he is still alive. He is no threat to you anymore. You are just afraid that what you have done will be exposed, causing your father to no longer love you. Everything that came from your scheming…you are very self-aware and understand that you are not worthy of what you have now…”

Han Shang was very angry when he heard his tone. There was a strange feeling in his heart, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.

Lin Ziran looked too calm…

Han Shang didn’t intend to continue talking with Lin Ziran. If it weren’t for Lin Ziran’s impending death, he would never say these words. He snorted coldly: “Kill him, destroy the body, don’t let it be found.”

His side guard replied, “Yes.”

Han Shang turned around.

Lin Ziran raised his head and looked at his back, asking cooly, “Did I allow you to leave?”

Han Shang’s heart suddenly jumped. He turned his head and stared at Lin Ziran closely.

Lin Ziran murmured to himself: “There is really no psychological burden at all to kill such a person…”

This was a cannon fodder who was even more vicious than Mu Yan. He had just cultivated into a big shot, isn’t it the right time to display his power? What’s more, the plot also depicted a scene of Li Ye killing after demonising.

He’d have a little psychological barrier if he had to kill innocent people, but it’s fine to kill this scum…

Han Shang looked at Lin Ziran’s eyes. Those dark pupils seemed like he was looking at a dead person…

The bad feeling in Han Shang’s heart grew stronger and stronger, and he anxiously shouted: “Why haven’t you moved yet!”

But Lin Ziran moved first.

He gently raised his finger and squeezed, and the sword on his neck directly shattered into two pieces! He threw the tip of the sword and killed one of the guards in front of him!

The other guards were shocked and rushed forward!

Lin Ziran walked calmly, seemingly unhappy but he easily avoided the attacks of those people.

The cultivator raised by the Han family was indeed extraordinary, very powerful, but still not enough to look at in front of him.

Lin Ziran continued to fight with them lazily. He sneered, spread his hands and pressed down. Everyone present immediately knelt down under pressure! Then, the guards fell down, one by one, with a puff of white smoke rising from their heads. Everyone’s eyes were hollow as they lost their breath without even a scream, leaving only in place a corpse…

Lin Ziran narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.

The feeling of not having to suck blood was wonderful, this was way more imposing.

Only Han Shang was left alive.

Lin Ziran strolled in front of him leisurely.

Han Shang was already stiff with fright. He knelt on the ground and looked at Lin Ziran in horror. He stammered, “You, who are you…”

Lin Ziran bent down slightly to look at him, grinning: “You are going to die, and you ask who am I?”

The muscles on Han Shang’s face trembled and twisted with shock and fear. All expressions of terror appeared on his face, and he suddenly kowtowed hard to beg for mercy: “I was wrong, I was wrong, I didn’t know Mt Tai. You’re a magnanimous person, please spare me. I am willing to work as a cow and a horse for you. I am the eldest son of the Han family. I am rich and powerful, I can do many things for you…”

Lin Ziran looked at him disdainfully and said, “Someone like you wants to be my subordinate?”

And these words were so old, alright?

He stepped on Han Shang’s neck and broke his neck with a click, disregarding of Han Shang’s expression of horror.

In the blink of an eye, there was nothing alive in the entire courtyard.

Lin Ziran picked up the blind man’s jade pendant from the ground and sighed faintly, “Turns out, you were an unlucky fool.”

He took the jade pendant back.

[Lin Ziran asked the system excitedly: Was I handsome just now? Imposing enough? 】

[System:…enough. 】Pretentious enough.

[Lin Ziran sighed with emotion: No wonder everyone wants to be strong, what’s wrong with being strong? Counterattacking and face slapping feels really cool! 】

[System:…You are killing people. 】

[Lin Ziran’s corrected the system:…I am destroying the vicious cannon fodder npc. 】


Lin Ziran patted the dust on the corners of his clothes and was about to leave. As a result, he opened the courtyard door with a start.

The man dressed as a servant stood motionless, his face was unremarkable, but his eyes were dark and dim, like an abyss vortex, which made his heart palpitate for a moment…

Lin Ziran was silent for a few seconds.

When did this person come? It might be Han Shang’s servant, he didn’t know how long this person had been listening…

Should he kill this person to silence him? This was more in line with his arrogant and domineering demonic cultivator style…

He just stood there doing nothing. He didn’t know if it was Han Shang’s subordinates. What if he was innocent…

And if he didn’t kill him, he may cause trouble for Li Ye, but…Is he a person who is afraid of trouble?

Let’s kill whoever that comes! Let’s kill them one by one!

Thinking of this, Lin Ziran was proud and too lazy to care about this hapless servant. He raised his chin and said coldly, “Scram.”

The man remained motionless.

Lin Ziran snorted and waved his hand directly to throw him out, then swaggered around and left.

The man stood up from the ground, his expression was calm, he faintly retracted his sight and left.

The voice in the ear smiled gloomily.

You see, he not only wants to help you get revenge, but also says you are his friend. He wants to help you find your family and return you to your roots…

Oh, I’m so touched, I love him so much.

And he didn’t even kill you. You can see that he does not kill innocent people…

This time, I will surely win.

Just wait to give me your body!

Xuan Yan paused, lowered his eyes slightly, and replied in a cold voice: “It’s too early to say who will win.”

Haha, truly someone who doesn’t cry until they see their coffin…

Xuan Yan’s eyes sank slightly: “Even if he hasn’t fallen yet, it’s only temporary. Once a weak person obtains power, he can arbitrarily kill and seize others’ life. This feeling… he must have realized it just now. …”

Soon, he will be tempted by power, and he will start wanting more. He would adopt the belief that those who follow me will prosper and those who oppose me will die…

People are always dragged into the abyss by desire – step by step.

Xuan Yan said, “He will lose himself one day.”

Haha, we will see.

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