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ALIC Chapter 37.1

Lin Ziran couldn’t help but glance at him one more time, wondering if this hapless guy had a relationship with him. He had the same surname as Li Ye. They may have been family hundreds of years ago!

Today was truly a worthwhile trip, Lin Ziran led his lackey back home contentedly.

The courtyard where Lin Ziran lives was quite large. On weekdays, he lived alone and it was deserted. Most of the rooms were vacant, so he randomly pointed to a room and said to the man: “You can live there.” Then he yawned and left.

Xuan Yan quietly watched Lin Ziran leave, then turned and walked into the room. The door closed automatically without a trace of wind behind him.

The sarcastic voice of his heart demon rang in his ears.

What are you doing now? Not only do you peep at him every day, you even pretended to be a servant and come to his side. I didn’t expect that the dignified lord would conceal his identity and do this kind of things. Aren’t you morally upright?

Xuan Yan’s thin lips lightly parted and he said lightly: “I can only observe and understand him more easily if I get close to him.”

His heart demon sneered disdainfully.

You have a hundred ways to observe him! This is the most ridiculous kind. You are even willing to wrong yourself to be a servant of a demon clan. I didn’t expect it…

He laughed strangely when he said that.

Just admit it, you were actually tempted, right? You are just finding an excuse to approach him… Is it so hard to admit that you like him? You are really the most hypocritical person I have ever met.

Xuan Yan’s eyes were slightly cold, and he pressed the Zhen Lingyu on his wrist in annoyance, and the voice in his ears was finally suppressed.


Lin Ziran woke up refreshed. He opened the door and was taken aback to see a tall man standing by his door.

After a few seconds, he finally remembered, isn’t this the servant he picked up yesterday!

He hadn’t figured out what to call him yet, but he had come to guard him early this morning. He seemed to be quite conscious of his status as a servant!

Lin Ziran was very satisfied with his work attitude. After thinking about it, he raised his chin and said, “Go and bring me a basin to wash my face.”

Xuan Yan raised his eyes slightly, glanced at him, and turned around silently.

Soon, Xuan Yan came over with the copper basin. He placed the basin in the room and took a step back and lowered his head.

Lin Ziran washed his face. The man immediately got up and brought the basin out. He sat down comfortably on the chair, narrowed his eyes, and was thinking about what to eat later when he saw that the man came back with a food container.

Wow, he knew how to judge others! Not bad!

Lin Ziran thought that the servant he picked up was quite capable, simply a treasure!

After washing his face and eating breakfast under Xuan Yan’s service, Lin Ziran began to think about how to spend this boring day.

Cultivation was impossible.

The purpose of his cultivation was to upgrade his pretence and now that he had practically been reborn, he had no problems dealing with some cannon fodder. Anyway, no matter how much he cultivated, he wouldn’t be able to defeat the old popsicles and the old demon… so it’s already enough…

He was going to give himself a vacation.

According to the plot, Li Ye would stay in Suwang City for a period of time. During this time, Li Ye finally became stronger under the guidance of Ye Liuyin, but he had not been completely demonised. At this time, he still had a thread of morality. When he saw injustice in the world, he would still jump out and fight. But in the end, what spread was word that a demonic cultivator had killed innocent people… Li Ye didn’t know that he had walked step by step on the road that Ye Liuyin had designed.

Mu Yang was punished by Xuan Yan to cultivate in retreat because he had helped Li Ye leave. After he came out of seclusion, he learned the news of the disaster in Suwang City. He suspected that the demon was Li Ye and believed that Li Ye was forced into doing this, so he was anxious. He went to the holy palace and wanted to persuade Li Ye to stay away from Ye Liuyin, but Li Ye believed that his identity as a demon cultivator would only affect Mu Yang, so he refused to recognize Mu Yang.

However, Ye Liuyin saw that Li Ye still cared about Muyang. In order to force Li Ye to completely demonise, he plotted against Mu Yang and almost caused his death. Sure enough, Li Ye blackened because of Mu Yang’s serious injury and decided to retaliate against the world…At this time, Xuan Yan appeared to rescue the dying Mu Yang. He saved Mu Yang at all costs and this incident promoted the rapid development of the relationship between the master and the disciple…

This was an important turning point!

Lin Ziran looked forward to it very much.

In short, he only needed to spread word of his notoriety before Mu Yang found him.

And there was no need to really do evil, because at this time, Li Ye has not been completely demonised, and his reputation was mostly caused by misunderstanding and prejudice. This was too easy!

Wasn’t that the case last time with the town’s demon commander? Even if he saved others, as long as he was a demonic cultivator, people would think he was evil.

People in the Chiyan Immortal Realm have a deep-rooted prejudice against demonic cultivation. Demonic cultivation was a sin, and there was no room for questions.

In fact, they are not to be blamed because most of the people who cultivate the demonic path are really not good people. Those demonic methods are bloody and based on depriving others of their destiny and vitality, going against the heavens …

For hundreds of thousands of years, the demons committed countless crimes to create an evil image in people’s hearts.

It can only be said that Li Ye was an exception.

He did not choose to become Demon Cultivator, but was born so. However, no one wants to understand or believe in him. No one would think that he happened to be an exception – except for Mu Yang.

Lin Ziran sighed quietly when he thought of this.

However, he quickly improved his spirit.It was now his free and happy time until the next segment of the plot~

Lin Ziran happily took his lackey out of the house.

The streets of Suwang city were really lively, delicacy and fun abound. Lin Ziran sauntered along the street, winking at his lackey when he saw something he liked and his lackey would immediately go up and help him buy them. It didn’t take long for them to be carrying big bags and small bags…

While walking.

Lin Ziran suddenly sniffe. Huh, where is the fragrance coming from? Oh, there was a long line in front of this scallion pancake shop, it looks delicious!

He was about to go over but he suddenly stopped. He almost forgot that he had a lackey! So he raised his chin, raised his eyebrows and pointed at Xuan Yan, “You, go buy it for me!”

Xuan Yan only glanced at him, then lowered his eyes and walked over to the line without saying a word.

Lin Ziran scanned his surroundings and found a place to sit down. He stared at the man in line in front. Well, the back of this person is really good-looking, he seemed to look a little familiar, had he seen him somewhere before? Although this person looked unremarkable, his figure is quite good…

And even though he was always taciturn and not very talkative, he was serious in his work. So far Lin Ziran is very satisfied with him.

Lin Ziran waited a full half an hour before seeing Xuan Yan come back with the pancake he wanted.

Wow, it looked really delicious!

He misses the cuisine on earth a little bit.

[System: I want to remind you that it has been less than an hour since you had breakfast.]

[Lin Ziran: I think one of the greatest benefits of successful cultivation is that I can eat as much as I want and I won’t be stuffed to death.]


Lin Ziran happily took the scallion pancakes and could not wait to devour it, but from the corner of his eyes he suddenly remembered that this lackey had been in line for such a long time. If he didn’t give him some benefits, he would eventually lose motivation. As a good leader, one must first learn to take care of the emotions of their employees.

Thinking of this, Lin Ziran happily took a scallion pancake, handed it to Xuan Yan generously, and said, “You can have one.”

It’s better to share the joy than be happy alone.

Xuan Yan was silent for a while. For the first time he didn’t directly obey Lin Ziran’s instructions.

The heart demon was laughing in his ears.

Take it quickly! Since you are a servant, you must have a little self-consciousness, right? How dare you choose what the master rewards? Hurry up- accept it gratefully!

You used to eat whatever he gave, why did you suddenly forget that you are not a picky eater? Hehehehehe.

As a person, you can’t forget your roots.

Lin Ziran looked at Xuanyan suspiciously. Why didn’t he take it? Is it embarrassing to eat his food? Well, if that’s the case, forget it, it just so happens that he felt a little bit reluctant…

He hesitated for a moment and was about to withdraw his hand when Xuan Yan finally reached out his hand and gently took the scallion pancake.

Lin Ziran was startled, then grinned, and happily lowered his head to eat.

Xuan Yan’s slender fingers pinched the scallion pancakes, a hint of hesitation appeared in his eyes.

Eat, eat, eat! This is much better than mouse and pig blood soup!

You didn’t disdain Li Ye’s cooking skills before, but now you do?

Ha ha ha ha, if you don’t eat it, you will expose yourself, don’t you want to stay with him anymore?

It’s just a scallion pancake, what can be so embarrassing hahahaha!

At an angle that Lin Ziran couldn’t see, Xuanyan frowned slightly. He hesitated for a moment, and finally picked up the scallion pancake and took a bite.

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