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ALIC Chapter 34.3

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Mu Yuanyu had just returned home. When he entered the main house, he heard the sound of something smashing inside the house. He couldn’t help but stop and ask the servant beside him with a headache, “The Madam is angry again?”

The servant whispered: “Yes. Madam shouted, wanting to kill Mu Yazhu again this morning, but was blocked by the guards you arranged. She has been losing her temper until now.”

Mu Yuanyu pressed his forehead in distress.

Three months ago, Mu Yan suddenly disappeared. Along with Mu Yan, a spiritual weapon went missing. At that time, he only thought that the child had stolen the spiritual weapon to sell it for some money to have a good time.

Who knew that Mu Yan never came back, and everyone realized that Mu Yan might be in trouble.

Mu Yuanyu gathered all of Mu Yan’s closest servants. After a beating, all the servants under him said that Mu Yan secretly followed Li Ye out to kill Li Ye, but he didn’t expect to be humiliated by Li Ye instead. So he stole the spiritual weapon to seek revenge on Li Ye.

He went and never came back.

Mu Yuanyu immediately ordered everyone to go out and look for him, but there was no trace.

But everyone knew that Mu Yan’s situation wasn’t optimistic. They were afraid he had died a long time ago…

His wife knew that her only son was dead, at the hands of Li Ye, this little bitch, and was furious. She immediately went to seek revenge on Mu Yazhu, but was stopped by him.

Mu Yan was just a useless son, neither his only son nor favorite son… Although it was indeed difficult to accept the loss of Mu Yan, Mu Yazhu cannot be carelessly touched.

Mu Yazhu had fallen into the dust at the beginning and everyone thought that she would never have a chance to rise again. But one day, Li Ye and Mu Yang became friends and he was taken to the holy palace…

As long as Li Ye stayed in the holy palace for one day, he could not touch Mu Yazhu, otherwise. he might incur disaster for his family.

The pain of losing a child can only be endured.

But his wife wasn’t the same. She only had this child. How could she accept such a blow? All day long, she was either in tears or madness.

Mu Yuanyu thought that the woman was being unreasonable. After losing a child, just give birth to another one. But if they offended Mu Yang and Li Ye for this, their whole family could not escape.

He asked the guard at home to monitor his wife, not allowing her to go out to trouble Mu Yazhu.

Three months later, not only did this woman fail to calm down, she became more and more ill.

Mu Yuanyu turned around and was about to leave. The other concubines were gentle and considerate. There was really no need to come here to ruin his mood…

He didn’t expect the mad woman to spot him. She rushed out and scratched his face, and cursed with a disheveled hair: “You spineless coward. You can’t even protect your own son. Why was I blind to have married you!”

“Tell me, are you still clinging onto Mu Yazhu, this bitch?”

“I hate you!”

Mu Yuanyu’s face was burning with anger and guilt. He didn’t bother about this woman and pushed her away, leaving her there.

At this time, a servant rushed in from the outside, crying there was bad news!

Mu Yuanyu angrily asked: “Spit out what you have to say, what are you shouting for?”

The servant panted and said in an exaggerated tone: “I just got the news that the little bitch, Li Ye secretly cultivated the demonic path and was sentenced by the Holy Palace to be put to death! This time, even Mu Yang can’t save him!”

Mu Yuanyu was shocked: “What?”

Then he said: “This news is true, it came from the holy palace!”

Mu Yuanyu’s face changed drastically.

The woman was startled when she heard these words, then she laughed wildly: “He is actually a demon cultivator, hahahahaha, the little bitch is seeking his own death! He deserves it! I knew that the bitch that the woman gave birth to would never be a good thing!”

She smiled gloomily at Mu Yuanyu: “Lord, do you still want to protect that woman now? The news of that little bitch cultivating the demonic way will soon spread. If you continue to protect that bitch – isn’t it akin to saying you’re in cahoots?”

Mu Yuanyu’s face turned pale as he shouted: “Nonsense! How could I have anything to do with demonic cultivators!”

He took a deep breath, his eyes cold.

If Li Ye really cultivated the demonic way, then he would have no place to stand in this Chiyan Immortal Realm and Mu Yazhu would definitely be implicated.

No one could save her this time.


Lin Ziran lurked outside the city of Chongzhou, listening to the noise with an extremely solemn expression.

Mu Yazhu’s death was actually because of Li Ye. The news of Li Ye’s demonic cultivation was reported back to Chongzhou City. Once everyone knew that something like this had happened, even Mu Yang could no longer save Li Ye. It was impossible to protect the mother of a demonic cultivator. Not expelling or killing her directly was already most benevolent.

In the original plot, Mu Yan had taken the lead to create trouble. Everyone only stepped on her when she was down and cruelly killed Mu Yazhu. Li Ye rushed back only to see the tragic death of his mother… Now, Mu Yan was long dead in his hands and this plot still happened, but the mastermind had become Mu Yan’s parents.

His mother died because of him, which made Li Ye guilty…

Lin Ziran pursed his lips and entered the city quietly.

He nimbly walked on the roof.

It was late at night, but the city was brightly lit.

The group of people lit a torch and surrounded Mu Yazhu’s residence. Because of their ruckus, many people woke up and watched at night, pointing and whispering.

“What’s the matter? Isn’t that Mu Yuanyu and his wife? What are they doing to Mu Yazhu in the middle of the night?”

“Have you not heard? It seems that his son was killed by Li Ye…”

“Really, Li Ye can kill Mu Yan? That kid can’t cultivate at all, he’s just a useless person.”

“Who knows, but I have a relative who works at Sanfang. I heard it’s true. It was three months ago…”

“Can they tolerate this kind of thing?”

“Isn’t it because Li Ye was lucky and was taken to the holy palace. Mu Yuanyu didn’t dare to offend Mu Yang, so he swallowed his anger.”

“But I heard that the kid Li Ye did not hesitate to cultivate the demonic way in order to be able to cultivate. That is the way of demons; it goes against heaven and harmony! Li Ye will be executed by the Holy Palace for committing such a big crime! Without any worries, didn’t Mu Yuanyu come to seek revenge?”

“Tch, I think it’s not Mu Yuanyu who really wants to seek revenge, it’s the crazy woman in his family. That crazy woman hated Mu Yazhu for so long. Even if this didn’t happen, she can’t tolerate it.”

“Hahahaha, that’s true.”

“But no matter what, Li Ye dared to cultivate the demonic path. Mu Yazhu is sure to die this time.”

“Tsk tsk, Mu Yazhu was also a beauty back then…”

“Didn’t she still have such an ending?”

Hundreds of people crowded around, all watching in excitement. Some looked ridiculous, some looked indifferent, some were amused, some looked malicious, and some even wished they could personally do it… all sorts of attitudes out there, but not one was compassionate and wanted to stand up and stop all of this.

Lin Ziran suddenly understood Li Ye’s mentality. This world was not worth it!

Sure enough, he can only rely on himself to save her…

But when he looked at Mu Yuanyu’s weapon, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva and his calf trembled. Although he wanted to rush out and stop them, Mu Yuanyu had brought a dozen men! Most of the people were all and strong. They were once cultivators, although they were only low-level cultivators, it would be too easy to beat Lin Ziran up…

It looks like he could only use the blood sucking technique once again. Perhaps, he could scare them back before he got killed…

He was a rookie QAQ

[Lin Ziran: I think I might be beaten…]

[The system was speechless: I said this is Mu Yazhu’s fate. Don’t worry about it. Even if you know some techniques, if you can’t scare them away, they will kill you, a demonic cultivator. Then, you’ll be kicked out of the game. After all, these people are ignorant about the might of demonic cultivators and the ignorant are fearless…]

[Lin Ziran:…I didn’t want to be beaten.]

[The system had no emotions: I am just talking about a fact that is very likely to happen.]

[Lin Ziran:…]

[System: What a useless thing to do.]

Lin Ziran also understood this. Although he was easily scared, he really couldn’t retreat in this situation…

The people with Mu Yuanyu had already kicked the door open, and people gathered around, a torch illuminating the entire courtyard brightly.

So noisy.

Mu Yazhu finally came out.

She was wearing a white coat, her body appeared weak and pale, but she had a trace of fragile beauty. She looked at the group of people with a calm expression, and her gaze finally fell on Mu Yuanyu. She said faintly: “Why are you looking for me?”

Mu Yuanyu’s expression faltered.

Before he could speak, the woman next to him rushed out and sternly cursed Mu Yazhu: “Your son killed Mu Yan! And he also cultivated the demonic way. As a mother, you don’t know how to teach your children and indulged him, allowing him to cultivate the demonic path. Everyone knows about it! Today we are here to seek justice. Who knows, you might also have secretly cultivated the demonic path!”

Mu Yazhu seemed a little surprised: “Ye’er is a demon cultivator?”

The woman was angered: “Do you think you will be fine by pretending not to know?”

The woman smiled madly. Today, she not only wants Mu Yazhu to die, but also for her death to be extremely miserable to relieve her hatred!

A trace of sadness appeared in Mu Yazhu’s eyes; not because of this woman, but because of her son…

Sure enough, it’s still reached this point…

Ye’er, mother can no longer protect you.

What will you do?

The woman hated Mu Yazhu. She grabbed the sword from the hands of a servant beside her and was about to chop Mu Yazhu’s hand! She wants to chop off her hands and feet, strip off her clothes, and watch her die in humiliation and pain!

Lin Ziran couldn’t wait any longer, he gritted his teeth and jumped forward, preparing to rush over! A dazzling white light suddenly flashed before his eyes!

He closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, the mad woman had already flown out and laid on the ground…

The white-clothed and black-haired man in mid-air had a cold and handsome face with an indifferent expression. His eyes were as deep as the abyss. When he looked at others, it was as if they were nothing but ants.

Lin Ziran was stunned.

How, how could Xuan Yan appear here?!

T/n: sorry that chapters have slowed down a lot. I’m in my final year and everything is insanely hectic 🙁 once I get pass final exams, I’ll be able to post more

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    Thanks for the chapter~!

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