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ALIC Chapter 35.1

Why was Xuan Yan here?!


Lin Ziran was uncertain. He took a deep breath, eyes narrowing as he slipped back into the crowd silently. No one had noticed him.


Although he doesn’t know why Xuan Yan appeared, Mu Yazhu should have nothing to do with him… Xuan Yan was aloof and regarded all beings like ants. In the end, he is the protagonist gong of this world, not like Ye Liuyin, the demon who indiscriminately kills innocent people.


Lin Ziran was still very confident of Xuan Yan’s morals.


Having him save Mu Yazhi would definitely be more reliable than going in himself.


Lin Ziran is in a complicated mood. What he is worried about now is not Mu Yazhu, but why Xuan Yan is here at this time? Although it was a good thing for him to save people… But this is a serious plot deviation!


For a moment, Lin Ziran didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing…


Xuan Yan hovered in the air, his robes moving with the wind as he glanced at the people below indifferently.


Kill all these nasty people! How dare he hurt Li Ye’s mother, how sad would he be if he knew?!


Look, this is the humans you protect, but they aren’t even as good as a demon!


Xuan Yan frowned slightly. He followed Lin Ziran along, but he didn’t expect to see such a scene… Since just now, the heart demon had been screaming in his ears, asking him to save her and kill the others…


In fact, even if the heart demon didn’t say it, he was planning to save her.


But there was another request that he couldn’t give what the demons wanted.


The people on the ground looked at him in horror and awe.


Xuan Yan faintly retracted his gaze and waved his hand to push Mu Yazhu away. His figure quickly became transparent and he disappeared here in a flash.


Mu Yuanyu trembled in fright. After Xuan Yan left, she gave a squeak and knelt on the ground He had never seen such a terrifying existence. That huge pressure, it was like if he were to just look at you, it would feel like a mountain pressing down…


Those eyes are not of a human’s at all, they were gods’…


Although they didn’t know of Xuan Yan’s identity, none of the people present dared to rebel and they all squatted on the ground.


After a long time, seeing that Xuan Yan would not return after leaving, Mu Yuanyu carefully helped his wife up and was shocked. The woman’s bones were broken and she bleeding from seven orifices. Although there was still a breath left, it was obvious she had become a waste; living was akin to death.


Mu Yuanyu was not sympathetic at all. Instead, he felt that this was her own fault. If she hadn’t caused trouble all day, how could she have fallen to this point? He handed the woman to his subordinates in disgust and quickly left with his guards.


The other spectators stood up and found that they were all in a cold sweat. They looked at each other at this time. Who was the one who appeared just now? So powerful and terrifying, is it possible it was the great god of the holy palace?


But why did he take Mu Yazhu away?


Isn’t it rumoured that Li Ye was a demon cultivator?


Xuan Yan stood ten thousand miles high in the sky, eyes lowered slightly and his expression faint.


Why didn’t you kill them all, I’m so angry! Damn all these people!


Xuan Yan’s voice was cold: “I’ve wasted that woman, what else do you want me to do? If I kill all the people present, what difference would it be from a demon?”


The inner demon knew that Xuan Yan wouldn’t do that, but he didn’t feel happy in his heart, saying those words was just a way to vent.


Oh, what a dignified hypocrite.


Xuan Yan’s expression was cold. He was really tired of this demon, so he turned and left with a wave of his sleeves.




Lin Ziran was afraid of being discovered by Xuan Yan so he hurried away. Now that he was exposed as a demon cultivator, he dared not be discovered by Xuan Yan.


He must hide now and wait for his father to come look for him.


Although his biological father wasn’t a good person and was just using this pair of mother and child to achieve his own goals, at least he would not kill him and would even protect him…


Li Ye was really miserable because Ye Liuyin doesn’t love him and only sees him as a tool.


Only Mu Yazhu truly loved him, but she had died tragically before his eyes…


Bah, bah, she’s not dead now!


This has been changed!


It’s just that Lin Ziran really couldn’t understand why Xuan Yan appeared. He thought about it and he felt that the plot had been going smoothly all this time. Why did the change come so suddenly?


[Lin Ziran hesitated: I don’t seem to have done anything wrong recently, I have always followed the plot, right?]


[System: Yes.]


Lin Ziran was a little more relieved, it seems that it shouldn’t be his problem.


This world was obviously more successful than the last one!


But he still felt a little uneasy, not knowing what’s going on…


Lin Ziran quietly walked in the alley, thinking about it as he walked when he was suddenly pulled into a room by a pair of hands! His mouth was also blocked!


Lin Ziran was shocked! What was up with this standard murder scene!


[Lin Ziran: Who!]


[The system was very indifferent: The plot.]


[Lin Ziran: Huh?]


As soon as the person behind him hit Lin Ziran’s neck, Lin Ziran found that he could no longer speak.


The man held his weak body, gently placed him on a chair, and then walked in front of him.


There was only a dim candle in the room, but it was enough to see the other person’s face clearly.


He was a slender and elegant man. Wearing a black gown, his complexion was a little sickly pale. He seemed to cough a little weakly, his dark eyes deep as he looked at Lin Ziran with a hint of compassion.


Lin Ziran stared at him nervously.


The man spoke softly, in a low and gentle voice: “I am your father.”


Lin Ziran:…Fuck, the plot came too suddenly without warning, this is the demon ahhhhhhhhh!


The most evil villain in this world was 10,000 times more terrifying than those monsters who ate human flesh and sacrificed and refined children. He glared at the man.


The man waved his hand to set up an enchantment in the house, and then pointed at Lin Ziran’s neck. Although Lin Ziran was still unable to move, he found that he could speak.


He looked at the man fiercely like a wolf cub, and said with a cold voice: “Nonsense, I don’t have a father!”


The man’s expression seemed to be a little bit pained and helpless, but his eyes were tender as he slowly said, “I know you are blaming me for leaving you mother and son, but I had to leave because of the hardships…”


He pursed his lips and was silent for a moment, then suddenly raised his hands, a black aura appeared on the palm of his palms. He slowly said, “I am a demon cultivator, and I have been chased by the Holy Palace.”


Lin Ziran’s face was stern and expressionless as he just listened to his bullshit.


The man said in a deep voice: “You may think I am not a good person. The reason is hard to explain, but just because I cultivated the demon way… In the name of Heavenly dao, they want to kill all of us, forcing us to desperately escape…


Although I am in love with your mother, if I stay here, it will only harm her, so I had to leave you behind, but I didn’t expect that you would still be affected by me. Just because of the exposure of your bloodline to the Demon way, you mother and child, were almost killed, which made me feel uneasy. “


Seeing Lin Ziran still didn’t seem to believe it, a wry smile appeared on his pale and thin face: “You blame me and I can understand it, but I want to tell you that although I have not been by your side these years, I have never let go of you two. My people have been paying attention to you silently…


Therefore, when I learned that you were chased by the Holy Palace, I immediately wanted to rush over. I wanted to rescue your mother and you, but who knew that the Lord of the Holy Palace was faster. The reason he took your mother away is probably to force you to appear…”


Lin Ziran was silent for a while, thinking: Old man, you are terrible and full of lies. As if I’ll believe you.


Although Xuan Yan and the Demon Way were indeed at odds with each other, they are at least more reliable than this big demon. He will definitely not harm Mu Yazhu and why would the dignified god threaten this devil boy with a weak woman? His achievement in saving Mu Yazhu was most likely an accident, but this demon will never save Mu Yazhu, because in the original plot, he only appeared after Li Ye witnessed Mu Yazhu’s death…


Because you only need a child who was betrayed by the world and relies on you.


You never care about Mu Yazhu’s life and death.


Although he knew in his heart that the demon’s words were false, Lin Ziran still showed a doubtful expression.


His eyes were cold, and he slowly said, “That is Lord Xuan Yan of the holy palace. I have seen him in the holy palace. What qualifications do I have to make him appear in person? I don’t believe what you said.”


The man was silent for a moment: “I am the one who implicated you, his real purpose may be me…”


Lin Ziran asked again: “Then who are you? Who are you to make the Lord do all this for you?”


The man sighed and said softly: “Many things are hard to explain in one sentence. You leave with me first, and I will tell you slowly about the past?”


Lin Ziran stubbornly pursed his lips without saying a word.


The man’s eyes were bitter: “I know you must have blamed me for so many years, but I can’t ignore you. Your identity is now exposed and it’s very dangerous. If you continue to stay here, you will soon be caught. If they find you, then you and Yazhu will definitely die. But as long as we are not caught by the holy palace, they may keep her alive for the time being in order to lead you and me… and…”


His pupils were as dark as ink. He looked at Lin Ziran deeply and said, “Don’t you want to save her?”


Lin Ziran had always been indifferent until he heard these words, showed a worried expression, and asked hurriedly: “Can you save her?”


The man smiled: “As long as we, father and son, are united, what can’t be done?”


Lin Ziran stared at him closely for a long time before he said word by word: “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

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