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ALIC Chapter 34.2

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Mu Yang followed Zhou Yue all the way back. He was ready to admit his wrongs. However, Zhou Yue received a summons on the way back. He suddenly showed an unexpected look and said to him: “Just now, the elder told me that you don’t have to go. Li Ye’s matter is already settled.”

Mu Yang was very puzzled and looked at him in confusion.

Zhou Yue also could not understand. He was originally worried about the elder’s interrogation. If the elder insisted on pursuing this matter, it would be dangerous for Li Ye to escape. After all, if the Holy Palace was determined to capture him, it would be difficult for him to escape… but he did not expect such a big situation to evaporate into thin air. No one was to pursue it…

But he quickly reacted, patted Mu Yang on the shoulder, and said meaningfully: “It’s not the same having a baker!”

Letting a demon cultivator go was an unforgivable sin in the Chiyan Immortal Realm! Who can make the great elder not hold him accountable except for this bigshot? If it weren’t for the lord, this matter wouldn’t be so easily resolved.

Unexpectedly, the lord was so tolerant of his disciples… He was willing to overlook even this kind of mistake. How unexpected…

It’s also Li Ye’s fortune!

Mu Yang was silent for a while. He also wanted to know why. It should be Xuan Yan who made the decision, so that the elder would no longer pursue the matter. But… when he went to ask Xuan Yan before, his master obviously disagreed. Why was he willing to let Li Ye go now?

Mu Yang pondered for a moment and said, “Anyway, I would like to thank Elder Zhou for today. I will leave first.”

Zhou Yue smiled and said, “I didn’t help you much. Go, your master is probably waiting for you.”

Mu Yang nodded and turned to leave.

He returned to the Saint Profound Hall. This time, the main hall door opened wide. Xuan Yan had his hands behind his back and stood with his back to the hall door, obviously waiting for him.

Mu Yang’s heart tightened as he walked over and greeted in a low voice, “Master.”

Xuan Yan turned around, looked at him faintly and said, “Do you know your wrong?”

Mu Yang bit his lip and knelt on the ground, his back straight. “This matter is the fault of the disciple alone, begging master to punish me. But in any case, I believe that Li Ye is innocent and I don’t regret letting him go.”

Xuan Yan frowned slightly. Mu Yang lacked consideration for doing things and was too emotional…

Now that the calamity was approaching, how could he save him from the catastrophe?

Not only will it hurt himself, but it will also be difficult to bear such a big responsibility.

Xuan Yan said coldly, “Do you know what he is hiding from you? How can you believe that he is innocent?”

Mu Yang’s eyes were clear and he said without hesitation: “If he didn’t tell me, he must have his own reasons. Even if… he really is a demon cultivator, it does not mean that he is unforgivable. It is the human heart that determines whether a person is good or bad, not their cultivation path!”

Xuan Yan’s expression condensed slightly.

Oh, this kid doesn’t know much and his thoughts are too naive, but such careless words did carry some reason! Demon cultivators were generally not good humans, but the problem is that Li Ye was not a demon cultivator, he was just born like this! It’s not his choice; he was different from those who cultivated the demonic way…

It was not his blood that determined him, but his heart. He believed he was good.

Xuan Yan snorted coldly and told Mu Yang: “Not recognising your wrong. Go and receive your punishment in the illusion pool. You will not be able to come out until you reach the fen shen stage. You must cultivate your character and not let your master down again.”

After that, he directly put Mu Yang into a small white pool of magic weapons, and waved his sleeves, the magic weapon fell in Mu Yang’s room.

Yo, so severe that he can’t come out until the fen shen stage. Isn’t it too much? I’m afraid he won’t be out for decades!

But good job. He can no longer see Li Ye, so he can’t snatch Li Ye from me!

Hey, are you jealous? Otherwise, why would you need to lock him up, hahahahaha what hypocrisy!

Xuan Yan: “The blood of the heavenly devil appeared in the world, indicating that Ye Liuyin has already infiltrated my Chiyan Immortal Realm. This calamity is inevitable and he is the person who should be the source of calamity. Yet, my only disciple is ignorant and refuses to investigate his past. Tell me, shouldn’t he be punished for disregarding the laws of the sect for the sake of a mere demon cultivator?”

“He shouldn’t even be distracted by other matters. His job is to succeed in cultivation as soon as possible… but with his current mentality, I am afraid that he will be used when the calamity arrives. I am doing this for his good.”

His heart demon sneered disdainfully.

You are always full of excuses, but I can’t wait to see you regret it. Don’t forget your bet with me.

Xuan Yan gave a nonchalant chuckle, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget.”

He paused, his eyes slightly cold. Then, slowly said: “If he really becomes a demon, I will take his life with my own hands.”


After separating from Mu Yang, Lin Ziran rushed to Chongzhou City without stopping.

He could neither fly nor use any techniques, but fortunately, he still has the money given by Mu Yang, so he rented a carriage. In order to be able to go back as soon as possible, he did not rest along the way. He’d nap for a while when he was sleepy, and eat some dry food when hungry.

[Lin Ziran: Sobsobsob, I’m so sleepy. I’m going to sleep for a while, wake me up later, system.]

[System: If you want to sleep, just sleep a little longer, why bother…]

[Lin Ziran: qaq]

How could he not be anxious?

The next part of the plot was too sad!

Li Ye revealed his identity in order to save people, but was stigmatized and scorned. He was almost even executed in the end! Finally, with the help of Mu Yang, he escaped and returned to Chongzhou City, only to see his mother brutally killed…

Then this pitiful baby demonized!

Thinking of this, Lin Ziran hesitated.

If he went back step by step according to the original plot, he might just see Mu Yazhu die tragically, and would then be picked up by Ye Liu Yin…

If he goes back before Mu Yazhu’s accident, he might be able to save Mu Yazhu, but that will probably affect the next plot…

After all, witnessing the death of his mother was an important turning point in Li Ye’s life.

Lin Ziran struggled for a while and finally decided to rush back as soon as possible.

Although he hadn’t gotten along with Mu Yazhu for a long time, he still couldn’t do it after seeing her dying tragically…

This pair of mother and son were so pitiful.

And since this was a game, there would always be different ways to deal with it. As long as the plot is in the same general direction, he didn’t have to follow every detail, right?

He thought of a good way!

The only purpose of this scene was to make Li Ye feel disappointed in the ugly face of humans. Mu Yazhu’s death broke him, like the last straw that crushed the camel. What he saw and heard was the darkness and injustice of this world which allowed him to be enticed by Ye Liuyin later…

He couldn’t completely alter the plot, but he only needed to grasp the timing to obtain the same effect.

He could save Mu Yazhu in the nick of time. Perhaps, Mu Yazhu will suffer a little but she wouldn’t lose her life! And seeing all this would not prevent him from seeing through the ugly and despicable human heart…Between Mu Yazhu dying and Mu Yazhu almost dying, although there is only a difference of one word, the result is completely different!

He would only change the result, not the process.

Next, he would continue to pretend to be disappointed with human, barely justifying himself being enticed by Ye Liuyin so that it will not affect the progress of the subsequent plot!

That’s right, just do it!

[Lin Ziran: I will sleep for half an hour, you remember to call me.]

[The system offered a rare piece of advice: In fact, you don’t have to care too much about Mu Yazhu’s life and death, she is just an NPC and death is her destiny.]

[Lin Ziran’s tone was inexplicable: It’s just a game, what’s destiny? 】

[System:…] Forget it, this player can play however he wants.

Just like this, Lin Ziran finally hurried back to Chongzhou City within half a month.

He stopped when he was nearly approaching Chongzhou City. As soon as he saw that the plot hadn’t started yet, he got a rare good night’s sleep, recharged and waited for battle. After all, he had limited abilities now. It would still be very difficult to save others in this situation. If Mu Yazhu can’t be saved, he might even be beaten to death together…

Lin Ziran waited patiently for two days. At night, the moon rose high into the sky. Suddenly, he heard movement from inside Chongzhou City.

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