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ALIC Chapter 34.1

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Mu Yang knelt in front of the temple gate for an hour, but there was no sound from inside.

He clenched his fists, face pale.

Why- why did no one believe that Lin Ziran was innocent…

He had never done anything wrong.

Is this the so-called righteous providence?

How unfair.

Mu Yang stood up slowly, a decisiveness appeared in his eyes. In any case, he refused to watch Lin Ziran die!

Holding the Di Chen sword in his hand, he came to the ice prison again.

The disciple guarding at the door saw that Mu Yang had come to visit Lin Ziran again and said helplessly: “Brother Mu, don’t come anymore. If someone finds you here, I’m afraid there will be rumours.”

They were both Bao Jiang peak’s disciples and it was only because of the relationship between Mu Yang and Zhou Yue that they patiently said a few more words for Mu Yang’s good.

Mu Yang smiled slightly and said calmly: “These two seniors have misunderstood. It’s because my master wanted to interrogate Li Ye personally that I came to bring him over.”

The two disciples were shocked. Mu Yang’s master was the lord! But how could the lord care about such small things…

Mu Yang said, “Seniors don’t believe me?”

The two disciples were surprised.

Mu Yang slowly said, “Master is still waiting for me to bring Li Ye over…”

The two disciples glanced at each other. To be honest, they didn’t quite believe it, but Mu Yang was the venerable lord’s disciple, so he wouldn’t need to fake the lord’s words… and even if it were the case, they could just explain and say it was Mu Yang’s request and that they didn’t know anything…

But if they didn’t comply now, they couldn’t afford to bear this crime in the event that it was really the lord’s instructions.

After hesitating, they stepped aside and said to Mu Yang, “Brother Mu, please come in.”

Mu Yang cupped his hands and said, “Thank you two, brothers.”

He walked into the depths of the ice prison and came to Lin Ziran.

Lin Ziran was asleep on the ground after losing consciousness. Mu Yang looked anxious. He swung his sword and directly cut off the chains. He brought Lin Ziran into his arms, holding his wrist to channel his spiritual power.

Lin Ziran was dizzy when he suddenly felt a warm current slowly flowing through his body, slowly dispelling the cold deep in his bone marrow. He slowly opened his eyes to see Mu Yang’s face.

He opened his mouth with difficulty and said in a hoarse voice: “You are here…”

Mu Yang’s eyes were slightly red. “I will take you out of here now.”

Lin Ziran shook his head, “Don’t do stupid things for me, it’s not worth it…”

Mu Yang pursed his lips tightly, his eyes firm. “I won’t watch you die here and you don’t have to worry about me. I am the lord’s disciple. It’s not a big deal to let go of a demon cultivator. The elders are not qualified to punish me.”

Lin Ziran was still worried: “But…”

“No need to say more, I have decided.”

Lin Ziran fell silent when he saw this and finally stopped talking. He was indeed unable to refute now and moreover, although Li Ye was willing to die for Mu Yang, Mu Yang cannot bear to watch Li Ye die. This was probably the brotherly bond between them…

At this time, if he continued to refuse, it would only make Mu Yang embarrassed and it seemed a bit too hypocritical.

And this was also the plot that would happen next. Mu Yang will save him. When he returns to Chongzhou City again, he will meet his father, the devil, Ye Liuyin…

Anyhow, he was also a second male lead, how could he just die like this?

Mu Yang held Lin Ziran’s shoulders and whispered, “Can you still walk?”

Lin Ziran nodded. Although it was a bit difficult, the spiritual power sent by Mu Yang just now allowed him to recover some energy.

Mu Yang said: “Okay, then follow me closely.”

He let Lin Ziran follow behind him and walked out with a solemn expression.

The disciple guarding the door didn’t say anything, allowing Mu Yang to take Lin Ziran and leave.

The journey went very smoothly. Although they met some people occasionally, no one was nosy and no one asked. Not every disciple of the Sacred Palace knows Mu Yang, and those who knew Mu Yang would not enquire about his behavior due to his identity, so their journey was exceptionally smooth…

Mu Yang did not go to the Saint Profound Hall, but took Lin Ziran directly out and soon left the Holy Palace!

As soon as he left the Holy Palace, he rose up with his sword, speeding up his escape!

Soon, they came to a remote town far from the Holy Palace.

Only then did Mu Yang breathe a sigh of relief. He put Lin Ziran down, then gave Lin Ziran the money he had prepared. “Hide after you leave. Don’t let yourself be discovered. Wait for me to go find you again…”

But before his words fell, dozens of light pillars shot up from the ground!

And surrounded the two!

Zhou Yue had chased after him with a group of disciples. He looked at the two with complicated expressions, paused, and said, “You shouldn’t be doing this.”

Mu Yang’s face changed drastically. He didn’t expect them to come so soon.

He guarded Lin Ziran behind him, without avoiding any gaze.

Zhou Yue spread his hands and sighed helplessly: “The elder wanted to personally interrogate Li Ye, but after sending someone there, he learned that you had taken Li Ye away in advance…Mu Yang, your lord did not give such an order, right? But I I assure you that as long as you hand over Li Ye now, no one will pursue this matter.”

Mu Yang’s face was as cold as frost. He held his sword horizontally in front of him and said, “I won’t hand him over.”

Zhou Yue gave a wry smile, showing his dilemma.

He looked at Lin Ziran and then at Mu Yang… suddenly his eyes constricted and he said in an angry and exaggerated tone: “Since you are being stubborn, don’t blame me for being impolite! Unless you hurt me, I must take him back today!”

Mu Yang was startled.

Zhou Yue shouted: “Get him!”

The disciples immediately surrounded them!

Mu Yang’s eyes constricted. He waved his hand and the Di Chen Sword headed towards Zhou Yue like a stream of light! Zhou Yue’s expression was extremely serious as he rolled sideways to avoid him, but was unable to evade him. His shoulder was pierced and blood flowed!

He exaggeratedly let out a scream: “Ahhhhhhh!”

The disciples were upset. When they looked back, they saw that Zhou Yue’s shoulder was stained red with blood. Several people hurriedly went to check his injuries. The remaining few seemed hesitant to pursue Mu Yang and Lin Ziran… …

Mu Yang glanced at Zhou Yue with guilt, then turned around, picked up Lin Ziran and his sword, and stood up!

He flew with Lin Ziran for a long time, until he was sure that no one would catch up with them this time, then he carefully put Lin Ziran down.

Mu Yang said, “Leave quickly.”

Lin Ziran was silent for a moment. He looked at Mu Yang solemnly, then left quickly.

Only then did Mu Yang show a smile of relief.

After half an hour.

He returned to the place where he was before. Zhou Yue sat cross-legged, his wound had stopped bleeding and he looked at him weakly.

Mu Yang knew in his heart that Zhou Yue had let him off easily, so he could not leave Zhou Yue alone to be punished, thus he hurried back as soon as possible.

He said solemnly: “Li Ye has already escaped, I will go back with Elder Zhou to confess my sins.”

Zhou Yue sighed: “Okay.”


Far above the holy palace, Xuan Yan saw everything.

He did not intervene, but acquiesced to Mu Yang sending Lin Ziran out.

This stinky kid is knowledgeable in a lot of human affairs and is not as annoying as I thought. He is quite useful at this critical moment…

Look at you, not even half as good as this brat.

If you had let them go, nothing would happen to that brat, why would you just silently follow them?

A good opportunity for a favor was given to others, what a waste.

Xuan Yan said lightly: “You don’t want to kill Mu Yang anymore?”

The voice laughed strangely.

I do think he is good, but what does it matter with the fact that I want to kill him?

Xuan Yan snorted coldly, too lazy to care about this demon. He teleported to the elder.

Elder Chifeng stood in the chamber, originally intending to interrogate Li Ye. Who knew that Li Ye was rescued by Mu Yang under the guise of his decree. He anxiously ordered Zhou Yue to lead the law enforcement disciples to hunt them down. At this moment, he was frowning in wait.

After all, Mu Yang was the lord’s disciple. Even though he had done such a rebellious thing… he was not qualified to give punishment! He would have to go to the lord…

Elder Chi Feng frowned, wondering how he should explain this…

At this moment, his eyes flashed. He saw a man in white clothes and black hair appear in front of him.

Elder Chifeng immediately felt his knees soften. He knelt down with a thump and stammered: “Lord, Lord…”

Did he already know about it?

Chi Feng was in a cold sweat. He was trembling, not knowing what to do. Who would have thought that a small demon cultivator would make a fuss to the point of alarming the lord? Could this be considered a result of his incompetence…

Unexpectedly, Xuan Yan only glanced down at him and said, “Don’t worry about Li Ye’s affairs anymore.”

Elder Chi Feng was taken aback for a moment before he said, “Yes, my Lord.”

It took him a while before he raised his head. By then, Xuan Yan had already disappeared.

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