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ALIC Chapter 33.3

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“I have a friend who was locked up to save me. I hope that Master can order his release. I would like to use my life to guarantee that he is definitely not evil!”

Xuan Yan’s eyes condensed slightly and as soon as he raised his hand and took out the water mirror, he saw what had happened during this period of time and understood in his heart.

Seeing that Lin Ziran was dying in the ice prison, the heart demon suddenly became anxious.

Release him quickly! He will not be able to bear it!


Xuan Yan frowned and pondered slightly. Was Lin Ziran actually a demon cultivator? This was something he had never thought of.

Mu Yang seemed to have a deep love for Lin Ziran and he did not hesitate to beg himself for him, but he could not agree to this matter at will…

Demon cultivators acted against the sky and regarded human life like grass; None of their hands were clean and everyone wanted them dead. This was the consensus of the Chiyan Immortal Realm. If he agreed, wouldn’t he seem to disregard the law?

Mu Yang was too emotional, causing Xuan Yan to feel disappointed.

He spoke faintly, his voice without any warmth: “You, as my disciple, will be the cornerstone of the holy palace in the future. It is your duty to protect the common people of the dao and eliminate demons, but now, because of that demon, you have no distinction between right and wrong.”

Mu Yang’s face was pale. Hearing Xuan Yan’s words, he knew that he would not help himself…

What should he do?

Mu Yang knelt there, his eyes unwavering as he knocked his head heavily on the ground. “He has a life-saving grace with this disciple and disciple dare not forget this gratitude. Begging for Master to open the door.”

Xuan Yan snorted coldly, but ignored him.

Allowing Mu Yang to kneel there, he teleported directly to the Ice Prison.

He walked in step by step. THe cold air of the ice prison approached but couldn’t get close to him.

Xuan Yan came before Lin Ziran.

The young man was curled up on the ground, his breath weak. His chest was slightly undulating, as if he would die at any time.

But Xuan Yan’s eyes were indifferent, merely looking down.

He didn’t come here to save him, but to see what was going on for himself.

He has seen Lin Ziran twice, but he did not realise that he was a demon cultivator. It was not easy to hide one’s identity under his nose. There may be something strange in this; although demon cultivators should die, he wanted to figure out the reason…

But the voice in the ear was very noisy.

He’s actually covered by Mu Yang’s clothes, take them off! Take it away! Take your clothes off and put them on him! No, it’s not right, just take him away from here!

What are you still hesitating? Do you also think he is a bad guy?!

If you dare to hurt him, I won’t let you off!

Xuan Yan was expressionless. He leaned down, reached out and held Lin Ziran’s wrist.

With his eyes closed slightly, he probed Lin Ziran’s physical condition. His spiritual power was extremely pure and domineering. The young man seemed to feel something even in his sleep, as he frowned in pain.

But Xuan Yan was unmoved. That spiritual power swept the young man’s meridians and suddenly seemed to encounter some obstacle. His face changed suddenly.

Xuan Yan opened his eyes abruptly and the face that had always been calm was filled with disbelief at this moment.

The heart demon was in the same soul as him and suddenly realized something. It was rare for it to quiet down…

Xuan Yan let go and looked at Lin Ziran, his eyes cold. “He is the demon’s son.”

When did Ye Liuyin sneak into the Chiyan Immortal Realm and have a child? He had never realised this… It seemed that a calamity this time would be inevitable.

This young man was an important chess piece that Ye Liuyin had placed within the Chiyan Immortal Realm.

He wanted to subvert the Three Realms again and let blood flow like a river.

Thinking of this, Xuan Yan’s eyes slowly revealed a different killing intent from the last time he threatened the heart demon. This time he really wanted to cut the grass from its roots.

When the inner demon heard his thoughts, his voice became anxious.

You can’t do this! you you–

He didn’t seem to know how to dissuade him and finally figured out what to say for a long while.

D…Did you forget that he saved you? If you kill him, you will be returning kindness with revenge. Such a simple logic that even the kid Mu Yang understands!

Mu Yang is a fragment of your soul. He believes so much that Li Ye will not be demonized. He must know that Li Ye is a person and can clearly see things. Are you not even as good as a strand of your soul?!

Xuan Yan’s expression was cold and his voice was colder. “If I let him go, he will be found by Ye Liuyin sooner or later and finally demonized by Ye Liuyin. He will become the knife that destroys my Chiyan Immortal Realm, rekindling the flames of war between the two worlds… This will be akin to ignoring the tens of millions of creatures in the entire Chiyan Immortal Realm!”

The demon anxiously began to bullshit.

How do you know it will be like this? I don’t think he will be demonized! Can’t you tell? He didn’t even know that he had the blood of the Heavenly Devil, it wasn’t up to him.

Even if you don’t care about his saving grace, you still have to believe that someone like him will never go with Ye Liuyin.

If he were such a person, he would never risk himself to Mu Yang and put himself in danger.

Exposing his identity will not do him any good.

Xuan Yan said indifferently, “Even if he is currently not, can you guarantee that he can maintain his original mind after learning the truth?”

The inner demon saw that Xuan Yan had decided and suddenly his voice became gloomy.

Okay, if you really want to kill him, I will never let you off. And don’t forget, even if he has the blood of a demon, at least, he is still innocent at the moment. He has not made a mistake and killing the innocent indiscriminately will only violate your Dao heart…

If you really kill him now, it will only make me stronger, because my obsession will not disappear, it will grow deeper and deeper. Because revenge for him is my new obsession and you are no longer invulnerable…

Xuan Yan snorted coldly, his eyes frigid and sharp.

As soon as his inner demon had finished his threat, the voice gained some warmth.

I have a solution for the best of both worlds.

Do you dare to take a gamble with me?

Xuan Yan raised his eyebrows slightly: “Oh?”

Let him go. If he can maintain his original mind even after learning the truth, maintain a pure heart and not be deceived by Ye Liuying, then I win…

If he really becomes a demon and kill innocent people indiscriminately, then you win. If you really want to kill him, I will say nothing…

Xuan Yan gave a chuckle. He wouldn’t believe the promise of his heart demon. Besides, his heart demon himself was a demon who found no evil above him, yet he believed that this child has good in his heart and won’t be demonized. It was simply the funniest thing in the world.

But he might as well play this game with his heart demon, not because he believes the heart demon’s words, but…

Xuan Yan glanced at Lin Ziran with a complicated expression.

If you can really stay true to yourself and not be bewitched by Ye Liuyin, then I will save your life and treat it as returning your kindness.

Xuan Yan said, “Okay, I agree.”

The heart demon let out a hoarse laughter that faintly echoed in his ears.

Since it is a gambling, there must be a bet to be interesting.

If you lose, I want your body.

T/n: the last two lines are by the heart demon. Not me being confused for a while and thinking Xuan Yan suddenly wanted Lin Ziran. But nonetheless, it’s still a little confusing because I’m not sure if the heart demon is saying he wants Xuan Yan’s body (to be with Lin Ziran) or if he wants Lin Ziran. But since this is a bet, I’m assuming it’s the former.

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  1. Avatar Rai says:

    Thanks for the chapter Seven(╥﹏╥) Ah, I love abusing my hear- Stay safe and healthy!

  2. Avatar jujube says:

    Wait, but if the heart demon wins and gets to be with Lin Ziran in Xuan Yan’s body, wouldn’t his obsession be solved and heart demon-san would go away??

    Thanks for the update ♡

    1. Avatar seven77 says:

      @_@ idk does obsession get solved by getting together with Lin Ziran… or will his obsession only get worse? I haven’t read that far yet but I’ve seen spoilers :*

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