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ALIC Chapter 32.2

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Although this small town was not rich, its mountains and rivers were beautiful. Walking through the mountains and plains was extremely refreshing.

Lin Ziran complained to the system as he walked.

[Lin Ziran: For such an important scene, why can’t you tell me where the demon is hiding? Making me search with trepidation…]

[System: The game contains puzzle elements. If all the answers are told to the player, what fun is there in the game?]

[Lin Ziran:…] What you said is reasonable, but I am speechless.

Lin Ziran, who failed to get a cheat, resigned and went to find clues with Mu Yang.

Mu Yang and Lin Ziran came to a farmer’s house and the farmer respectfully welcomed them in with a sad expression on his face, saying: “Xiao Min’s daughter disappeared ten years ago and the only cow in the family was killed yesterday.”

Mu Yang said: “Did you hear anything when it happened?”

The farmer shook his head: “The day my daughter disappeared, I went out to do farm work. When I came back home, she had disappeared. I thought it was the child who ran away out of fun, but I couldn’t find her after looking for it for a long time… Later I heard about other similar people. There were also cases like this and I realized that it might be caused by demons. As for the cow, I heard a scream last night, but it was dead when I arrived.”

Mu Yang said: “Please take us to see it.”

The two came to the backyard of this farmer’s house and saw a dead cow with blood all over the floor. It was cut open and died of excessive blood loss. The other things are still there, except for the cow’s eyes that have been gouged out.

Mu Yang frowned and walked over, bringing his fingers together to create a formation and a silver light flashed across his pupils. After a long while, he shook his head and said, “I didn’t find any demonic energy.”

Lin Ziran was a little surprised. He took a close look at the cow, at this level, even ordinary people can do it…

How can it prove that this is what the demonic cultivator did?

But if it wasn’t for the demonic cultivator, who would do such a thing…

Mu Yang thought of this too. He glanced at the farmer thoughtfully and said, “If you encounter this kind of thing again, please come to the mayor’s house and tell me.”

The farmers were grateful and respectfully sent the two away.

Mu Yang and Lin Ziran turned around and when they returned to the mayor’s house, the other disciples had also come back one after another.

A total of 13 children in this small town and a lot of domestic animals had died, but no one noticed any demonic energy and it didn’t even seem to be something a demon cultivator did…

Lin Ziran frowned and thought. The script only said that there was a mighty demon general from the demon world and he caught the disciple of the Holy Palace by surprise. As for the rest of the content, it was all vague, let alone when the demon would appear……

It seems that he can only continue to wait.

Because he was frightened last night, Mu Yang invited himself to stay in his room at night.

Lin Ziran didn’t think it was suitable…

Mu Yang sternly said: “I think there’s something wrong here, it’s safer to be together.”

Lin Ziran thought that although it was inappropriate, what he said is very reasonable! Though he wouldn’t admit that he is afraid of ghosts…

Lin Ziran paused and said, “Then I will keep watch tonight!”

Mu Yang smiled: “Okay.”

Because he didn’t need to sleep in a bed, Lin Ziran was less nervous. He sat in a chair and let Mu Yang go to sleep first, holding his chin in a daze.

As time passed, he yawned. This mortal body was still tired quickly and he felt a little sleepy at the moment…

Just when his head began to droop, his body tilted and he was about to fall from the chair… Mu Yang, who appeared to be asleep with his eyes closed, jumped out of the bed quickly. He took Lin Ziran with one hand and gently hugged him, putting him into bed.

Mu Yang looked at Lin Ziran and smiled helplessly.

Fortunately, he didn’t really fall asleep…


Lin Ziran got up the next day and found that he was actually in bed, but he couldn’t remember how he got in bed, so he asked the system.

[Lin Ziran: When did I fall asleep last night?]

[System: How would I know?]

[Lin Ziran: Why don’t you know? Are you not my auxiliary system?]

[System: I can only show up when you call me, most of the time I am away, do you think I look at you 24 hours a day? I only provide certain consulting services when players actively request it.]

[Lin Ziran:…]

Forget it, it’s fine to not know, anyway, there is no one else here except Mu Yang, it must be Mu Yang who sent him to bed…

En, he said he would keep watch, but still let Mu Yang take care of himself…

Lin Ziran’s face was slightly hot.

As soon as he went out, he met the little girl from the mayor’s house.

The girl was playing in the mud on the ground and saw Lin Ziran grimacing. She giggled and said: “You’re the latest, you can’t be lazing in bed?!”

Lin Ziran slowly said, “What’s it to you?”

The girl cuts in: “It must be because you are too lazy, that’s why you are so useless. I don’t think they are willing to play with you.”

Lin Ziran chuckled, looked at her gloomily and said, “No matter how much of a waste I am, I’ll still beat you.”

The girl’s gaze turned dark and she stared at him coldly.

Lin Ziran was too lazy to bother and went out to find Mu Yang.

As expected, Mu Yang didn’t go far, he was talking to the mayor outside.

The mayor still looked worried and stammered: “Xiao Min has something to say to the immortal…”

Mu Yang smiled: “What’s the matter?”

The mayor hesitated for a moment and said, “Please come with me.”

Lin Ziran saw Mu Yang and the mayor go to the back of the yard and quietly followed. There was the yard where the mayor’s house used to raise livestock, but at this moment all the livestock were dead and blood spilled from their internal organs. Lin Ziran looked away. After glancing around, he saw a pair of bull’s eye beads next to him, hidden in a pair of inconspicuous corpses.

Mu Yang looked solemn.

The mayor’s face was even paler, like a piece of white paper and he said tremblingly: “I woke up in the morning and wanted to kill a chicken to make soup for my daughter when I saw this.”

Mu Yang frowned and walked over, knelt down to check, but still did not find the slightest demonic energy. He turned his head, suddenly, his eyes fell under the mayor’s clothes, there was a little dried blood, obviously stained for a while.

Mu Yang stood up slowly, his eyes were slightly cold as he said lightly: “Didn’t you already kill this chicken? Just take it to make the soup.”

The mayor seemed to be a little puzzled: “I don’t know what this immortal means?”

With a sharp stab, the tip of Mu Yang’s sword immediately pierced the mayor’s chest! But it was not the feeling of piercing the human body. It was a bit difficult, like stabbing a piece of hardwood and no blood flowed out at all…

The mayor was shocked and puzzled and then his face began to twist. His eyes bulged and stared at Mu Yang, his voice hoarse: “What is the meaning of this, Immortal?”

Mu Yang was startled slightly, an unpleasant feeling rose from the bottom of his heart and he saw the mayor rush towards him!

Mu Yang pushed his opponent afar with his sword!

The mayor fell to the ground with his limbs twisted and his head tilted, but he still struggled to chase him and shouted: “Why did the immortal kill me?!”

Lin Ziran’s face turned pale when he saw it. Mu Yang rushed over and grabbed his hand and said sharply, “Let’s go!”

The two rushed out of the mayor’s house.

When they came to the street, a disciple was talking to a woman. When he saw the two suddenly rushed out, with the mayor chasing after them with a crooked neck and severed hand, he was very shocked. Is the mayor the demon cultivator… ?

The disciple was shocked and suspicious and did not notice that the face of the woman behind him had changed strangely. Suddenly, a palm directly pierced his chest and took out his heart!

He didn’t expect that the woman who was so nice earlier would suddenly become so evil. He couldn’t believe what happened even until he died…

Mu Yang’s face paled when he saw it. He didn’t expect that the woman would also have a problem! How many problematic people were here?

Mu Yang uttered a stern shout and his voice resounded over the entire town: “Everyone, be careful of all the townspeople around you! Go to the gate of the town and gather!”

He pulled Lin Ziran all the way forward. After seeing the mayor, all other townspeople joined the chase, including the farmer they visited yesterday, without exception!

Lin Ziran’s clothes were soaked in cold sweat. It turned out that all the residents of this small town had problems!

And they actually lived in such a place…

Damned script!

He thought there was only one demon general!

Because the townspeople unexpectedly rioted, many Holy Palace disciples were unprepared. Although Mu Yang had warned them in time, there were still screams and shrieks from time to time!

Lin Ziran saw a Holy Palace disciple being swallowed by a group of townspeople and the cultivator was torn to pieces before he could even react.

The Holy Palace disciples suffered heavy casualties and they were about to flee here with their swords. However, they encountered a transparent seal after going up to the sky and fell heavily. Some couldn’t escape and were surrounded by the townspeople…

Mu Yang took Lin Ziran in one hand and brandished the Di Chen sword in the other. He drove away the townspeople who had besieged the other disciples and covered everyone to escape together.

The Di Chen sword was extremely powerful. The townsfolk who had been thrown back lacked arms and legs, but they were not afraid of death. They were struggling and crawling towards them and more people began to surround them. The dense pack was terrifying…

Lin Ziran wasn’t afraid.

He suddenly calmed down.

He was just afraid of ghosts… but these are obviously the puppets of that demon general, he just had to wait for the demon general to show up! Let him know how great this little master is!

They fled to the outside of the town, but there were also townspeople waiting outside and soon, they were surrounded by the townspeople… he thought they would fight, but the townspeople suddenly stopped moving, they rustled. They gave way to the mayor with a broken neck walking with the little girl in his arms.

Lin Ziran’s face turned black. He was wondering how there could be such an annoying child! It turned out that there was really a problem!

The little girl with the buns jumped from the mayor’s arms, landing on all fours. She opened her mouth and spat out her tongue like a snake while looking at them with a gloomy expression and smiled: “I wonder what the sacred disciple of the Holy Palace tastes like. It must be more delicious than the kids here.”

Mu Yang stared at her closely, his expression was extremely solemn. He had read many classics when he was in the Holy Palace. These townspeople were like puppets made by the demon world. They use living people as containers to plant the demon wood unique to the demon world so it can be made into such puppets that look like living people. The reason they didn’t have demonic energy is because they were just bodies controlled by the demon tree. They were neither demons nor humans and can only be counted as artifacts.

The owner of the demon wood could control them.

The one who controlled the Demon Wood to make so many puppets… was definitely not an ordinary Demon Cultivator. Seeing the girl’s appearance, it was obviously a Demon Race from the Demon Realm…

The girl chuckled. Though she said that she would eat these Holy Palace disciples, her malicious eyes were always on Mu Yang’s body.

Lin Ziran frowned and thought about it. Although it was not stated clearly in the script, it seems that this was really a trap for Mu Yang…

It was not a secret that Mu Yang was a disciple of Xuan Yan, but why did the people of the Demon Realm take such a huge risk to scheme against Mu Yang? Is it just because Ye Liuyin and Xuan Yan had a grudge, so he refuses to let go of even his disciple? If they really kill Mu Yang, they must also endure Xuan Yan’s anger…

A disciple paled. He was already injured. Desperate, he suddenly crushed the jade talisman in his hand. This was the jade talisman he used to ask the sect for help!

When the girl saw this, her face suddenly changed and she screamed, “Kill them!”

The townspeople rushed forward again!

Those disciples were all beaten up, but these puppets didn’t know the pain and were not afraid of death, rendering them extremely miserable. Only Mu Yang was able to have an easier time at a higher level, but in order to protect Lin Ziran and other disciples, they were gradually dwarfed… The girl walked among the people, tearing up a disciple from time to time…

Everyone was getting desperate.

Blood splashed on Mu Yang’s face and the Di Chen sword uttered low noises in his hands. Although this was Xuan Yan’s divine tool, he had only refined it for a few dozen days so he couldn’t use the full power of the Di Chen sword at all…

The girl’s goal was obviously Mu Yang. She ignored other people, waved a black vine and trapped the sword in Mu Yang’s hand! Baring her teeth, she quickly crawled towards Mu Yang!

Lin Ziran knew that he couldn’t wait any longer, so he rushed over without hesitation. Holding the girl’s head in one hand, he used his single-character skill: Bite!

He bit the girl’s arm!

The girl revealed a look of disdain and was about to kill this eye-catching human directly. Suddenly she felt her spiritual power go out of control and the skin of her body was rapidly aging. Her original form gradually appeared, revealing a long sharp tail, sharp claws and eyes with vertical pupils.

She let out a scream and looked at Lin Ziran in disbelief. Suddenly, in a touch of decisiveness, she tore off her own arm! She quickly withdrew tens of meters, crying sharply: “Who are you!”

Lin Ziran was covered in blood, his eyes were dark and he looked at her motionlessly.

All of the townspeople stopped abruptly moving.

The disciples of the Holy Palace, who had been driven into a corner were startled and looked at Lin Ziran and the demon with suspicious eyes.

The demon flicked her tail anxiously and her skin fell down her whole body. She took a look at Lin Ziran and suddenly turned around and fled!

As she fled, the townspeople seemed to lose control. One by one, they fell to the ground and stopped moving.

Lin Ziran breathed a sigh of relief. He raised his hand and wiped the blood stains on his lips. He raised his eyes and looked up. As expected, he saw faces full of fear…

But he didn’t care about this. Before fainting, he thought to himself: Lao Zi has fought painstakingly for his little angel. He could even go down on such a monster that was even more disgusting than Mu Yan!

T/n: Mu Yan is Mu Yang’s cousin who bullied Ziran.

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