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ALIC Chapter 32.1

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Mu Yang felt that Lin Ziran’s eyes were too hot, so he turned away uncomfortably and the roots of his ears quietly turned red again.

Why did Lin Ziran think of him? Was he troubled, or does he also…have some…other thoughts about him?

Mu Yang was struggling with this along the way, so he was in a daze when they arrived at their destination.

On the contrary, Lin Ziran’s expression was serious and solemn. This section of the plot was very important and dangerous. He must be cautious at all times, otherwise it was very likely that their group would be destroyed…

When he was reading the script at that time, he felt that this was like a trap for Mu Yang…

One must know that Mu Yang was very powerful now. It was not a problem for him to deal with ordinary demonic cultivators and there were more than a dozen Holy Palace disciples with him. This lineup meant he could basically walk sideways in the Chiyan Immortal Realm… After all, the Demonic Cultivators in the Chiyan Immortal Realm were all low-key and usually consisted of small troopers. They’d run when encountering Holy Palace disciples, so there shouldn’t be any danger.

However, hiding here was actually a demon general from the demon world. He pretended to be an ordinary demon cultivator and what he started was not too bloody or terrifying, just ordinary stuff. Just when everyone lowered their guard, the demon general suddenly appeared and caught everyone by surprise!

Lin Ziran thought carefully.

Seeing that they were reaching their destination, Mu Yang quickly adjusted his thoughts and showed a serious expression.

This small town belonged to Luo’an City. Recently, farmers have suffered great losses and sometimes poultry and livestock would be brutally killed. The farmers reported this incident to Luo’an City out of fear and anxiety and Luo’an City reported it to the Holy Palace. They thought that this was an incident of a demonic cultivator causing chaos and sent some disciples to deal with it.

Apart from Mu Yang and Lin Ziran, the other Holy Palace disciples talked and laughed; they looked relaxed and carefree.

As disciples of the Holy Palace, they were respected in the Chiyan Immortal Realm. It was not the first time they dealt with demon cultivators. Those demon cultivators often ran away when they saw them, so no one cared at all. They thought this time would be over just like before and even wondered where to go to relax after the things here were over…

It’s been too long, it’s no wonder that this kind of mentality almost destroyed them…

Lin Ziran knew that things were not simple, but he couldn’t say it. Even if he did, it would be the same as no one would take him seriously.

He only needed to protect Mu Yang at the critical moment.

The mayor was a thin middle-aged man, wearing a burlap sackcloth. He learned that the Holy Palace disciples were coming and hurriedly came to welcome everyone respectfully.

The mayor nodded and bowed. “You all have come from afar, I am grateful on behalf of the townspeople.”

Mu Yang nodded and smiled politely: “It’s our job to eliminate demons and defend the dao.”

The mayor saw Mu Yang’s easy-going attitude, but still did not dare to be disrespectful. He stooped and said tremblingly: “I have prepared a residence for you all. The houses are crude and simple but I hope you all will not dislike it.”

Mu Yang said, “We won’t.”

When the mayor heard this, he was grateful again and turned to lead the way.

The town was relatively remote, the mountains and clear waters were real, but it was not very wealthy and it was inconvenient to communicate with the outside world… The little wooden houses were located among the cascading mountains and forests. Only the mayor’s house was slightly more spacious and a little larger. The courtyard and some vacant houses were simple but clean.

Mu Yang naturally did not dislike it and Lin Ziran did not dislike it either. After he came to this world, he was not so squeamish…

Although the other disciples were a bit disgusted, Mu Yang didn’t say anything, so they wouldn’t say anything. They told themselves they wouldn’t be living here for long and they all wanted to finish their work and leave earlier.

Lin Ziran had been vigilant since entering the town because he didn’t know where the demon general was hiding.

Fortunately, his room was next to Mu Yang and if there is anything he can take care of quickly.

He had always been taken care of by Mu Yang before, now it’s time to repay him! Lin Ziran was very excited!

[Lin Ziran: I want a hero to save the damsel!]

[System: Hmm…]

[Lin Ziran: It’s time to show off my power!]

[System:…] Are you sure you have this kind of thing?

That night, Lin Ziran lay in his room, with his hands on his chest and eyes open. He was too nervous and couldn’t sleep… This scene is very important, so he must perform well…

The small town in the middle of the night was very quiet, no sound could be heard outside.

He didn’t know how long it took.

The wind seemed to be blowing outside, the windows slamming loudly. The wind was getting bigger and stronger when the windows were suddenly blown open and the cold wind rushed in.

It’s too cold.

Lin Ziran got up from the bed, walked over and closed the window, carefully tied the curtain and then went back to bed to wrap his quilt tightly. En, the scarce warmth he barely scraped together was gone again…

He missed the air conditioning and heating system.

Lin Ziran curled up into a ball. It took a long time to feel that the quilt had a little warmth before his window was blown open again with a thump!


His hair became messy from the cold wind…

Lin Ziran: F*ck.

He got up and closed the window again.

Back in the quilt, it didn’t take long for him to grow a little bit sleepy. Just when he was going to fall asleep in a daze…

Hu Hu Hu-the window was blown open again!

Lin Ziran was furious. What kind of broken windows was this, keeping him from his sleep!

He angrily went to close the window again. His expression stiffened as he slowly raised his head, only to see a dark object that looked like a human head hanging from the window. Long black hair fell down, almost touching the tip of his nose…

Lin Ziran: “Ah ah ah ah -”

He was afraid of ghosts! ! !

He was really afraid of ghosts! ! !

Following his screams, Mu Yang hurriedly rushed in! The young man was very anxious and looked at Lin Ziran, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Ziran saw that Mu Yang appeared in such a timely manner, he immediately teared up and hugged Mu Yang tightly, wuwuwu! This was his angel!

He felt really safe!

Mu Yang was hugged by Lin Ziran, causing his body to suddenly stiffen. His face flushed slightly. He took a deep breath and asked, “Are you okay?”

Lin Ziran hugged Mu Yang tightly, resting his head on his shoulders. He quietly opened his eyes and glanced at the window, there was nothing…

But he didn’t think this was his own illusion, because the window has been blown open three times. It must have been caused by the monster!

The dignified demon commander was actually scaring him! Wait for the little master, sooner or later, I will let you kneel and call me dad!

Lin Ziran gradually calmed down. Only then did he realize that he was a little gaffe and quickly let go of the hand holding Mu Yang, feeling a little embarrassed: “I, I just…”

Halfway through, he looked embarrassed.

He could not explain.

Would Li Ye be frightened by a ghost?

With the devil boy’s personality, he could probably cut it off and play with it calmly…

[Lin Ziran: Sob.]

[System: Didn’t you say you want to show your power and be the hero who saves the damsel?]

[Lin Ziran:…Don’t say that and we can still be friends.]

He was just careless!

Mu Yang watched Lin Ziran’s face turn white and red, he was obviously frightened but was unwilling to show it because of his stubborn self-esteem… he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips.

Mu Yang did not ask out of consideration, but directly closed the door. Holding the sword, he sat beside Lin Ziran’s bed and smiled: “I will stay here tonight, sleep.”

Lin Ziran:…

He was so moved he wanted to cry.

But as a supporting role, how can he let the little angel keep watch all night? So he bit the bullet and said: “No, I’m really fine…”

Mu Yang: “Don’t think too much about it. I suspect that the demon cultivator is hidden nearby. Staying together makes it easier to take care of it.”

Lin Ziran: “…”

Mu Yang had said so, he couldn’t refuse any more and he really needed a rest. After thinking about it, he said, “Then I will keep watch in the middle of the night.”

Mu Yang’s eyes were soft and he nodded with a smile.

Lin Ziran felt relieved when he looked at him and went to bed again. This time, Mu Yang was guarding him, so no accidents happened again and he quickly fell asleep.

Mu Yang closed his eyes and meditated. In the silent night, every sound in the room was clear. He could hear Lin Ziran’s even breathing and the rustling sound of him occasionally turning over…

Mu Yang opened his eyes suddenly.

Looking sideways at the sleeping boy on the bed, he hesitated for a moment, leaned over and gently approached. He stared at the boy’s face…

The reason why he was able to appear in time just now was because he had never fallen asleep. He was worried that the demon cultivator would hurt Lin Ziran and was afraid that he would not have time to rescue him if an accident. occured..

So when he heard Lin Ziran’s cry, he rushed over without hesitation.

He brought him here. If he failed to protect Lin Ziran, he would not be able to forgive himself…

Mu Yang looked at the boy’s face, stared at it and for some reason, his heartbeat suddenly quickened.

The thin young man slept very heavily and looked a little tired. His eyelashes were as long as a feather and his lips were slightly parted. Although his appearance was not remarkable, he looked very comfortable… and it made people unconsciously yearn to get closer.

It tempted people to try and find out how those lips tasted…

Struggle appeared in Mu Yang’s eyes. After a long time, he gently lowered his head and met the other person’s lips…

Just touching it lightly like this, without any further actions. But the soft touch was like a flood of autumn water, making his heart melt.

Is this the feeling of liking a person?

To worry about him, to want to see him…

Mu Yang’s hand gripped the sword tightly and the Di Chen Sword shook slightly as if feeling its master’s mood.

Mu Yang woke up suddenly and quickly sat up straight, his face burning hot.

What did he do… he had secretly kissed Lin Ziran while he was asleep…

Mu Yang took a deep breath and woke up with a start.

This night was fated to be long and difficult.


It was dawn when Lin Ziran woke up. Mu Yang didn’t wake him up to keep watch in the middle of the night yesterday, which made Lin Ziran a little embarrassed.

He went out to find Mu Yang when happened to see Mu Yang walking in carrying a food box and smiling at him: “This breakfast is for you.”

Mu Yang and the other disciples can fast, but Lin Ziran still needs to eat, so Mu Yang went out in advance to help Lin Ziran prepare breakfast.

Lin Ziran was moved as he took the food box.

Mu Yang smiled: “You eat first, I will discuss today’s itinerary with the other disciples.”

Lin Ziran nodded and went back to the room with his food box alone.

Although the food here was very mediocre, it was full of love from the little angel!

Lin Ziran was eating a loving breakfast and humming in a happy mood.

“Aren’t you an immortal of the Holy Palace? Why do you need to eat? I don’t think the other immortals have eaten.” A voice sounded.

Lin Ziran suddenly turned her head and found a girl, who he did not know when she came, by the side. She had two buns on her head and looked at him suspiciously with big eyes, as if it was a strange thing to eat by himself.

Lin Ziran smiled and said, “The immortals have to eat too.”

The girl tilted her head and smiled suddenly: “I understand, you are not an immortal, you are their servant. Hahahahaha, immortals don’t need to eat!”

Lin Ziran: …This kid is a bit annoying.

Lin Ziran said sternly: “Who said that immortals can’t eat? They can eat if they want.”

The girl stuck her tongue out at him: “Don’t pretend, you are not an immortal at all, hehehe.”

Lin Ziran:…

Forget it, he won’t care about this little kid.

When the mayor walked into the yard at this time and saw the girl standing there making faces at Lin Ziran, his face changed drastically and he hurried over to pick up the child. He apologized to Lin Ziran, “I’m sorry, the child is ignorant and has offended you.”

Lin Ziran shook his head: “It’s okay.”

The mayor didn’t say much, he held the child and left quickly, his face a little pale.

When Lin Ziran came out after breakfast, Mu Yang and the other disciples had finished their discussion.

Mu Yang took Lin Ziran and the other disciples to town in pairs to inspect the town to see if they could find any clues.

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