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ALIC Chapter 33.1

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Lin Ziran felt a fishy scent rush straight into his forehead. It might be that the smell of blood was too disgusting, or it might be that his body could not bear too much power. Either way, after the demon left, he finally couldn’t hold back and collapsed.

Mu Yang quickly reached out and hugged Lin Ziran. He was shocked by the scene just now, but seeing Lin Ziran faint, before he could think about it, the disciples of the Holy Palace stopped moving.

A Holy Palace disciple walked out, his gaze of fear and disgust flitted over to Lin Ziran. He paused and said with a deep voice to Mu Yang: “Senior Brother Mu, he is probably a demon cultivator.”

“Yes, the blood-sucking technique he used just now was definitely not a righteous method.” Another disciple added.

“He has been pretending to be unable to cultivate before, what is his intention?”

“Even such a powerful demon was scared away, I’m afraid it is not an ordinary demon cultivator…”

“This is even more unpredictable!”

“Senior Brother Mu, this demon cultivator has been hiding his strength and lurking by your side, cheating you of your trust. You must take precaution!”

“I wonder if there are other demons lurking in the holy palace?”

“This matter must be reported to the Great Elder, it is up to the Great Elder to decide!”

They spoke one sentence at a time, but their purpose was the same. They stopped Mu Yang from taking Lin Ziran away.

Mu Yang’s expression was silent, but as he listened, the anger in his chest gradually grew uncontrollable.

How could Lin Ziran take this risk if it wasn’t to protect them? Although he was surprised by Lin Ziran’s ability, he would never betray him after coming all the way from Chongzhou City to the Holy Palace! Mu Yang never doubted this.

Lin Ziran had never once done anything bad. Just because he had exposed himself by saving a person, he was accused in every way. This made Mu Yang furious.

Mu Yang raised his head and said coldly: “I believe him! And don’t forget, if it wasn’t for him, we would all have died at the hands of that demon!”

These words made the Holy Palace disciples hesitate, but soon they began to persuade Mu Yang: “You don’t know anything, Senior Brother Mu. Those demons are all sinister and cunning. Maybe he did this to gain your favor.”

“Yes, you are an honorable disciple and your status is extremely honorable. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that he is scheming against you.”

“It makes sense, maybe this is his bitter trick to injure himself to gain your trust… Could he be in cahoots with the demon general?”

“I’d rather die in the hands of the demon cultivator than to watch them torment others!”

“Senior Brother Mu, you must not be deceived by this demon cultivator!”

“Senior Brother Mu, think twice, don’t be soft-hearted.”

Mu Yang’s face was getting colder and colder. Judging from the attitudes of these people, if he brought Lin Ziran back to the holy palace, he was afraid it would only be ill-fated…


His eyes condensed suddenly and he waved his hand to brandish the Di Chen sword. He wanted to take Lin Ziran out of the encirclement immediately!

Those disciples didn’t expect Mu Yang to take Lin Ziran and leave like this. They were shocked and shouted, “Senior Brother Mu, are you crazy? Where are you going to take this demon cultivator?”

“According to the law of the holy palace, the demon cultivator should be put to death!”

“Aren’t you afraid of punishment by the elders?!”

Mu Yang ignored everyone’s persuasion and held Lin Ziran tightly. He couldn’t help thinking about it. Now that Lin Ziran’s identity was exposed, where should he take him…

At this moment, a shout came from behind him: “Mu Yang!”

Mu Yang’s face changed suddenly. Before he had time to react, he saw a golden rope wrap around him, directly tying up Lin Ziran in his arms!

Mu Yang’s arms were empty as he looked back, only to see a cultivator in a gray robe standing there. He was one of the elders of the Holy Palace.

Elder Qi was the nearest. He had received the distress talisman. As soon as he arrived, he saw that Mu Yang embraced a person and wanted to escape from here. That person’s demonic energy was so high that it must be a chaotic demon cultivator! Although he didn’t know why Mu Yang had acted so rebelliously, he would never sit back and watch Mu Yang take away the demon cultivator!

He held Lin Ziran in one hand, looked at Mu Yang coldly and said, “You are the Lord’s disciple. The old man is in no position to discipline you, but I still have to advise you not to bring shame to your Master.”

Mu Yang’s face turned red and white. He was not an opponent for Elder Qi at all and it was impossible to snatch someone from the elder of the Holy Palace. Needless to say, it was useless and he might even be labelled a traitor…

He took a deep breath and told himself he couldn’t be impulsive at this moment. He could only temporarily let Elder Qi take Lin Ziran back. Later on, he would find a way to deal with it.

Lin Ziran didn’t do anything bad and even saved them, so he shouldn’t die.

Mu Yang pressed his lips tightly and slowly said, “Li Ye is not a demon. He was trying to save us from the demon general when he was contaminated by the demonic energy on his opponent’s body. I just wanted to heal him…”

Elder Qi chuckled noncommittally: “Oh? If he is really not a demon cultivator the Holy Palace will deal with it impartially and will not harm innocent people. You can rest assured. As for healing…what could be better than the Holy Palace, right?”

Mu Yang pursed his lips, silent.

Elder Qi looked at him, raised his eyebrows and said meaningfully: “But if he is found to really be a demon cultivator, he must be handed over to the Law Enforcement Hall. As the lord’s disciple, you should lead by example. Remember, don’t be emotional or you’d be used by this evil demon cultivator.”

Mu Yang gritted his teeth tightly and said: “He is not an evil demon cultivator!”

Elder Qi glanced at him lightly: “Go back for interrogation and you will see the difference.”


Lin Ziran was dizzy from the blood of the demon general, but his injuries had healed a long time ago. He didn’t know how long it took before he finally regained some consciousness.

Where is this place…

So cold…

He took a breath slowly, only to feel that the air was extremely cold. Every time he breathed, it seemed as if there was a stream of ice flowing in his chest. A slight movement caused a clanking of chains.

There was a layer of frost hanging on his eyelashes, he blinked hard and his vision gradually became clear. Lin Ziran finally remembered which part of the plot this was-because he had exposed his identity as a demon cultivator, he was locked in the ice prison.

When Li Ye saved Mu Yang, he didn’t think too much, let alone the consequences of doing so, not even caring about life and death.

No, the consequences of revealing his identity were very serious.

Lin Ziran took another breath.

He told himself that he only needed to survive this part of the plot. At this moment, the demon had already informed Ye Liuyin of his existence and when he leaves from here, his biological father will come to find him soon.

Having said that, it’s still a bit difficult here…

[Lin Ziran couldn’t help but complain: It’s too cold, isn’t this game a bit too realistic?]

[System: The cold you feel has been adjusted and it is completely within the range that the player can bear. The actual temperature of the ice prison is ten times colder than what you feel now. Please be sure to take this factor into consideration when performing.]

[Lin Ziran:…]

Thank you for reminding me, it feels even colder when you say this…

Lin Ziran tried to move his body. As expected, his hands and feet were frozen and it almost didn’t listen at all. There were chains on both his hands and feet. Since he didn’t have any strength, he just stopped moving…Lin Ziran thought the only thing he could do now was to sleep.

Perhaps, this story would end as soon as he wakes up.

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