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ALIC Chapter 30.1

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Mu Yang sat in his room. The Di Chen sword floating in front of him vibrated slightly.

He closed his eyes tightly and his face was serious. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, the light in his eyes flashed, and the sword left a deep mark on the ground!

One must know that this is the Saint Profound Hall, and the ground is made of holy mountain jade, which is extremely hard. It can be seen that the sword just now was extremely powerful.

Mu Yang looked down at his sword. After more than a month of cultivation, he could feel that his connection with the Di Chen Sword had grown, and the cultivation method that Xuan Yan gave him was successful.

It has been more than a month since he left Baojiang Peak and came to the Saint Profound Hall. He didn’t know how Lin Ziran had been while living all alone…

Mu Yang stood up from the ground and paused when he walked to the door.

For cultivators, it is common to practice in seclusion for months or years. If you want to achieve something in your cultivation, your mind must be clear. He had just come here but was already eager to go out after a few months. He didn’t know if it would make his master feel unhappy…

Mu Yang hesitated for a moment, but in the end, the idea of ​​seeing Lin Ziran prevailed.

Lin Ziran was no more than a mortal body and had a limited lifespan. He should first help him find a way to cultivate, so that he can cultivate with peace of mind, otherwise time will pass quickly, and the next time he goes out, they may be separated by the heavens… When he brought Lin Ziran here, he promised to protect him.

Mu Yang put away the Di Chen sword and walked out of the room.

The entire Saint Profound Hall was empty, only he and Xuan Yan lived here. Mu Yang walked a long way to the central main hall of Saint Profound Hall, where Xuan Yan usually cultivated in seclusion.

Mu Yang respectfully stood at the door, paused, and said in a clear voice: “Master, the method you taught me has already been cultivated.”

There was no answer inside.

Mu Yang was a little nervous. After all, there was a legendary master inside. Even if he became his master, in fact, he had only seen the other person twice, which still brought him a lot of pressure and unfamiliarity.

He waited for a while, seeing Xuan Yan did not answer, and cautiously continued: “I want to go back to Baojiang Peak, is that okay?”

The main hall door remained closed.

On the high seat in the center, Xuan Yan’s eyes were shut. He heard Mu Yang’s words, but did not answer. Instead, his eyebrows were slightly frowned, and his expression seemed a little troubled.

Don’t let him go! He wants to see Li Ye, Li Ye can only be mine!

This kid has only been here for a month and is unwilling to be alone. How can he cultivate well with such a mentality? It’s too disappointing. If this continues, giving him 10,000 years of cultivation will be useless. Don’t you want him to become a genius as soon as possible? Then lock him up and let him practice cultivation with peace of mind!

His Dao heart is not pure, if you let him go to see Li Ye, you will harm him!

The voice gradually became bewitching.

You are doing this for his own good, he will understand your good intentions in the future.

So, tell him not to go.

Xuan Yan abruptly opened his eyes, and a cold light appeared in those dark eyes.

Mu Yang stood outside at a loss. He had waited for a full quarter of an hour, but Xuan Yan did not reply, and it was quiet inside.

Is his master angry?

Or does it mean that his Master is not there at all?

Should he keep waiting?

Just when Mu Yang hesitated, a cold voice came from the hall: “Go.”

Mu Yang was startled, then he was happy, and said, “Thank you, Master!”

He was very happy. He turned around and walked out quickly.

Inside the main hall.

As Xuan Yan uttered those two words, he suddenly revealed a trace of pain. His face distorted, and the voice in his ear became crazy, angrily wishing to tear his entire consciousness into pieces!

You will regret it, you will regret it, you will regret it!

Why didn’t you listen to me!

I will make you regret it!

I’m going to kill Mu Yang so that he can’t see him again. Li Ye can only be mine. You are irritating me like this!

Xuan Yan’s thin lips pressed tightly, and his voice was extremely cold: “He doesn’t belong to anyone, let alone you.”

Just snatch him over, won’t he be mine?

Xuan Yan’s face was solemn, and he said: “I won’t let you do this.”

The voice was furious, and suddenly it laughed strangely.

How long do you think you can suppress me? I’ll get him sooner or later, you can’t stop me at all!

Xuan Yan raised his hand and brushed over jade and said in a calm tone: “Arrogant.”

The beads shone and suppressed the voice again.

His eyes were extremely cold.

Not to mention that Li Ye was the person Mu Yang likes, even if it is not, it is impossible for him to make such trouble for an ignorant child.

Lust has never had anything to do with him.


Mu Yang left the Saint Profound Hall but didn’t go back directly. Instead, he went to the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion first. He wanted to see if there were any cultivation methods suitable for Lin Ziran’s cultivation, or if there were any books about Lin Ziran’s special physique.

He always felt that he had to figure out Lin Ziran’s physique first, otherwise no matter how hard he tried, it would probably be in vain.

Mu Yang spent three full days in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion, but couldn’t find any books about Lin Ziran’s physique, which made him feel very frustrated…

Forget it, let’s go and see Lin Ziran first. He didn’t know if he’s had a good time without him.

Mu Yang returned to Baojiang Peak.

Lin Ziran has been so leisurely recently. He squeezed his arm, feeling as if he was a little bit fatter…As the elder of the Law Enforcement Hall, Zhou Yue went down the mountain for official business a few days ago, so he has been alone recently.

On this day, I was about to go to the mountain for a stroll, when he suddenly saw Mu Yang coming back.

He hadn’t seen him for more than a month, but Mu Yang still looks the same.

Lin Ziran showed a surprised look and said, “Ah Yang.”

Mu Yang hurriedly came forward, looked up and down Lin Ziran, smiled and said, “It seems that you have had a good time recently.”

Lin Ziran was a little embarrassed, Mu Yang must have noticed that he had gained weight! He steadied his expression, coughed lightly, and changed the subject: “Is everything okay with your master?”

Mu Yang smiled: “It’s good.”

Lin Ziran looked at him carefully, trying to see a little affection from Mu Yang’s face, but it was normal; he didn’t see anything. It seemed that they hadn’t gotten along for long enough.

After all, Xuan Yan was a lofty old popsicle. In the script, Mu Yang gradually developed a love for Xuan Yan after a long time, and will talk to Li Ye from time to time…

Lin Ziran retracted his thoughts. The plot is more casual and there are no restrictions. He only needs to be a good friend who knows how to listen.

Because he hadn’t seen him for more than a month, Mu Yang had a lot to say to Lin Ziran.

But when they met, he didn’t know what to say. He was embarrassed for a while, because he hadn’t found a way to help Lin Ziran…

Mu Yang showed a guilty expression and pursed his lips: “Actually, I went to the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion yesterday, but I couldn’t find any explanation for your physical problem…”

Lin Ziran thought: why were you worried about this? This little angel is so kind, but you really don’t need to worry about this matter. He calmly said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s fine for me now.”

He meant to say that he didn’t need to worry.

But when Mu Yang saw Lin Ziran’s indifferent appearance, he felt distressed. This is a holy palace where everyone can cultivate. Even the sweeping handyman has an extraordinary level of cultivation. Lin Ziran decisively came here along with him but was the only mortal here who couldn’t cultivate. It was obvious how much pressure he had endured, but he still showed an indifferent appearance in front of him. He just didn’t want to be embarrassed.

Before he left, he promised Mu Yazhu to take good care of Lin Ziran, and said that he would find a way to help him cultivate…

What he promised must be done.

Although he thought so in my heart, it is useless to say more, Mu Yang did not mention this matter again, but said: “By the way, do you know what the Saint Profound Hall is like? It is really big, and the entire palace is made of the sacred mountain white jade. I’ve never seen such a beautiful place…”

He wanted to share his experience with Lin Ziran, just like how an ordinary teenager suddenly came to a strange place and couldn’t help but talk to his little friend.

Lin Ziran listened carefully and looked at Mu Yang with a gentle gaze. Ah, the little angel is so cute. Even describing the appearance of the Saint Profound Hall is very cute. Look at your admiring gaze, it must be great to go everywhere.

In fact, when he read the script, he thought, why did Mu Yang love Xuan Yan instead of Li Ye?

Mu Yang was really good to Li Ye, even protecting Li Ye at the expense of his relationship with his master. But they had only been brothers from beginning to end.

Later, Lin Ziran wanted to understand, probably because when facing Li Ye, Mu Yang was always in the perspective of a giver. He was always helping Li Ye and taking care of Li Ye. He pulled Li Ye out of the mud, gave Li Ye light and hope… but Li Ye couldn’t give him anything.

There has never been an equal relationship between Mu Yang and Li Ye.

Li Ye actually understood this, so even if he loves Mu Yang so deeply, he still thinks that he is not worthy of Mu Yang, and his love is too humble.

But Xuan Yan was different. Xuan Yan was too powerful, with his own domineering protagonist aura.

He is the god in the eyes of the people of the Chiyan Immortal Realm.

When Mu Yang faced Xuan Yan, Xuan Yan was the giver. Xuan Yan taught him cultivation and gave him resources and a title. He never needed Mu Yang to pay him back… Xuan Yan and Mu Yang’s relationship was also not equal.

Equality is needed in love, but these three people were not equal at all.

This led to: The humble love of Li Ye, the hardship of Mu Yang’s love, and Xuan Yan, at the top, was cold and ruthless. He didn’t need to love anyone and he didn’t need anyone’s help. He was a lonely god.

He was so strong that no one can enter his eyes.

In the end, Li Ye loved Mu Yang, but Mu Yang loved Xuan Yan…

In this love, Li Ye and Mu Yang both tasted the hardships they did not ask for.

Lin Ziran held his chin, looked at Mu Yang thoughtfully, and raised the corner of his mouth slightly. Fortunately, he will fall in love with you in the end.

If Xuan Yan can be moved, this is probably due to the heartthrob protagonist’s halo!

Time flew by quickly, and it got dark while they were chatting.

T/n: Di Chen sword translates as dust-cleaning sword. It sounds so lame so I left it in pinyin

I’m living for this messy relationship. Rooting for heart demon because… don’t we stan a yandere/toxic man

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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