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ALIC Chapter 29.3

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Xuan Yan stretched out his hand and gently brushed the bead string on his wrist. The light blue transparent beads glowed with faint fluorescence. This was a spiritual tool made of Zhenling Jade to help him stabilize his dao consciousness and protect him from being attacked by the demons.

Due to the beads, the sound in the ear let out a painful cry!

Do you think this can suppress me? You’re too simple! You have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, yet you don’t know love and hate. How do you know the wonderful taste of emotions and desires? As long as I still have a trace of thought, you’ll never be free. Don’t dream of refining me!

Xuan Yan’s voice was cold: “Really? Do you care so much about the person who left you?”

I must get him! ! !

Xuan Yan’s pupils were deep and gloomy, and he spoke softly, with a misty tone: “Your short life is just a drop in the ocean to me. Those who abandon me should not worry, do you know what my obsession is?”

You have obsessions too?

Xuan Yan said lightly: “My obsession is to protect the peace of this world. As for that small child, what qualifications does he have to become my obsession?

You are not me at all, just a parasite. Your obsession is not my obsession, it is only a matter of time before I refine you. ”

The voice laughed strangely.

Why bother to separate yourself from me? I’m one with you… If I’m not you, why don’t you just kill me? Do you know what your biggest weakness is? It’s that you are too pretentious, thinking you can regard love and nothing. You don’t partake in anything yet you can’t ever escape it.”

Xuan Yan smiled: “I am a god.”

As he said, he pressed the bead string on his hand, and the beads brightened again. The voice in his ear finally quieted down.

When the voice was there earlier, Xuan Yan might have looked calm. But when his inner demon was temporarily suppressed, his brows wrinkled and a trace of worry appeared in his eyes.

The tenaciousness of this demon is still a little beyond his imagination…

Because of that variable…

The appearance of Lin Ziran was what his inner demon wanted.

Persistence is its endless food. If he doesn’t find a way, this demon will be even more rampant in time…

Xuan Yan’s eyes sank.

A little liar who shouldn’t have appeared had appeared and did something he shouldn’t have…

He closed his eyes.

Now that it’s come to this, it’s meaningless to blame the little liar. His heart demon and him have tortured each other for hundreds of thousands of years, whether it was day or night. Now that Mu Yang has appeared, he can inherit his legacy, so that even if the Demon World invades again, they will be ready…

Mu Yang is the key to resolving this catastrophe which even he can’t figure out how to resolve.

The only thing he can do now is to cultivate Mu Yang as a talent as soon as possible, so that when the catastrophe comes, Mu Yang will have the power to fight back.


Mu Yang hasn’t come back for more than a month since he started cultivating in the Saint Profound Hall.

Lin Ziran ate and drank every day, and almost forgot who he was.

[Lin Ziran sighs: I really didn’t expect that I, who used to only know of instant noodles, has now become a gourmet expert…]


[Lin Ziran: Sure enough, human potential is endless! This game has such benefits!]


Lin Ziran caught a rabbit today and hummed a little tune happily.

The little white rabbit is white and fluffy, tender and stewed~

Because he eats well and sleeps well, Li Ye’s small body finally gained some flesh recently, but this body used to be too thin, so Lin Ziran felt that it was just right to be neither fat nor thin now.

He was very confident in his own potential!

When Ye Liuyin finds him in the future and gives him the inheritance of the demon, he can be reborn overnight. According to the script introduction… Li Ye is also a super charming demon!

Lin Ziran took a bite of meat while thinking about it. Zhou Yue was not eating today.

When eating alone, he suddenly thought of the blind man again…

That hapless guy ate a lot of his experimental food. No matter how unpalatable and disgusting it was, he is never picky, and now that his craft has finally advanced by leaps and bounds, he had no chance to try it…

Unlucky, too unlucky.

Thinking of this, Lin Ziran felt sympathy. He tore a rabbit leg down, dug a hole in the ground, and poured a glass of fruit wine on it. He sighed, “For you. I’m letting you try my current cooking. It’s much better than before.”


Shengxuan Hall, thousands of miles above.

Xuan Yan waved his hand to make the water curtain disappear.

Did you see it? He still thinks about me, fearing that I won’t eat or drink well.

I want to see him!

Xuan Yan was overwhelmed by the voice.

He said coldly: “This doesn’t mean anything, don’t forget that he left.”

I said I don’t care, I just want him, don’t you want him too?…

Xuan Yan remained unmoved: “He likes Mu Yang. Even if you get him, he won’t love you.”

The voice in the ear suddenly became angry!

You useless thing, trash! Even a wisp of your own soul can’t be compared!

It doesn’t matter if he likes Mu Yang, you are much stronger than Mu Yang, and Mu Yang can’t win against you. You can just steal him back!

If he wants to escape, just break his leg and lock him up so that he can’t leave again.

Don’t lie to yourself, you want him too, right?

He should belong to us.


T/n: Double update today. The yandere-ness spurred me on, I couldn’t stop translating. I’m recently looking for QTs to read. Couldn’t find any, so I came back to translate this QT instead. If you have any recommendations, please share below 😀

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  1. Avatar SuouNono says:

    the yandereness also spurred me to read this chapter with more vigor lololl

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      It spurred me to translate the next chapter.. so I finally have some stockpile~ No more delays hurray

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    Thank you for the double update! Yaaaayyy

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    Thanks for translatin ^^. As for QTs I personally recommend Quick Transmigration: I’m Almost Dead. MC makes it worth the read

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    You guys forget mu yang is also a part of you.ypu three are too adorable.thank you for the update

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    Thanks for the chapters~!

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