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ALIC Chapter 29.2

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It was already afternoon when Lin Ziran woke up.

Now that he was alone, he had to live a leisurely and beautiful life of doing nothing!

Lin Ziran happily found his way to the back mountain and looked at the lush forest. He called out the system to ask him what’s delicious here.

[The system was a bit speechless: Are you so obsessed with eating?]

Lin Ziran said sadly: “You don’t understand, there’s no TVs, no movies, no games… Besides enjoying the food, what can I do to pass time?”

[System:…] That seems to make sense.

Lin Ziran said with enthusiasm: “And I found that the design of this world is very clever. For example, the many fruits and vegetables I recently ate resemble the vegetables on earth. It should be based on the premise of real objects, but there are also some new varieties that are completely absent from the earth. This game is really well designed. I even noticed such details. As long as I am willing to discover, there will be surprises everywhere.”

[The system was a little proud: of course, our company’s games are naturally the best, and excellence is our motto.]

Lin Ziran’s eyes shone brightly, “So, you will tell me which things are the best, right?”


With the help of the system, Lin Ziran survived smoothly like a fish in the water. There was no need to stock up on food now, so he doesn’t pick a lot every time, and he can eat fresh and delicious food every day.

There are still many spirit beasts on this mountain. He dared not touch the high-level spirit beast forest since it will not be him that eats spirit beasts, but the spirit beasts who eat him.

However, there are also weak ones!

Soft persimmons are the easiest to pick. For example, some small birds and rabbits can be found, and the spirit beasts on the mountain are nourished by spiritual energy all year round, so their meat was also very delicious!

[t/n: soft persimmon – the weakest]

It really makes people want to eat it a second time.

This mountain had become Lin Ziran’s back garden.

Zhou Yue’s recent experience in the Sacred Palace was quite successful. Although he failed to accept Mu Yang as his disciple, Mu Yang has been recognised by his master. What great honor is this?

The important thing is that even though Mu Yang has been recognised by his Master, he still respects him and treats him politely. Cultivator Qi could only stare at him with envy and jealousy, causing Zhou Yue to be overjoyed.

That day he returned to Baojiang Peak with his imperial sword and crossed the forest behind Xiyuan, he suddenly sniffed and keenly detected a scent…

Landing in the ground quickly, he saw Lin Ziran squatting under a big tree, holding a branch in his hand while roasting the rabbit. Golden oil dripped down… its aroma continued to flow into his nose.

Zhou Yue swallowed his saliva, coughed lightly, and scolded, “What are you doing?!”

Lin Ziran was roasting meat and never expected Zhou Yue to descend from the sky. Squatting on the ground, he looked up at the fat man.

His mind rolled, and when he was thinking about how to answer, Zhou Yue spoke again.

Zhou Yue stared directly at the rabbit, his eyes were very, very frank as he said: “If you give me half of it, I won’t report the matter of you privately hunting spirit beasts. What do you think?”

Lin Ziran: “…”

Seeing Lin Ziran’s speechless expression, Zhou Yue thought he was unwilling to give up half of the rabbit. After thinking about it, he quickly added: “I see that you have limited ingredients and don’t have enough seasonings. You also can’t hunt high-level spirit beasts…but I’m different. It’s very convenient for me to go down the mountain to buy materials. I can catch whatever spirit beasts you want. As long as you do give me half of everything in the future, these are not problems!”

Zhou Yue still loves to eat in the mortal world, but his craftsmanship is particularly bad. Ever since he entered the holy palace, he had been surrounded by conscientious cultivators, all of whom can practise bigu, and his own dignified self was too embarrassed to make people cook for him… It’s been a long time since he even smelled meat; he was very pitiful.

[t/n: bigu: abstinence from food]

Lin Ziran glanced at him, tearing off half of the rabbit without hesitation: “Deal.”

Zhou Yue was overjoyed, gazing at Lin Ziran’s with heartfelt love. Originally, he kept this child only to win Mu Yang over, but now he knows what a wise decision he had made!

Since coming to this world, Lin Ziran had been thinking about how to make food for himself all day long, and after careful and systematic teaching, he developed some skill in cooking. He never expected that it would come in handy at this time!

Both of them were very satisfied with the result and reached a friendly food agreement.

A few days passed.

With Zhou Yue’s ingredients, Lin Ziran’s recipes became more and more extravagant, and his life was extremely comfortable.

One day, the two of them sat under the tree to rest after becoming full from food and drink.

Zhou Yue patted his stomach, picked his teeth with a branch, and burped contentedly.

Lin Ziran leaned against the tree trunk with his hands behind his head and quietly glanced at Zhou Yue’s saber, which never left his body. This fat man had a bold and generous personality. Although he is usually a little gleeful, he wasn’t feminine. He didn’t understand why he would use such a nondescript sword. Could he be trying to act like a princess…

Zhou Yue turned his head and saw Lin Ziran’s gaze. He smiled and asked, “Are you curious about why my sword is like this?”

Lin Ziran didn’t expect to be caught peeking and was a bit embarrassed.

Zhou Yue didn’t show any displeasure, but smiled: “If you want to ask, just ask. It’s no secret.”

He took off the long sword behind his back and gently brushed it across the silver sword body. As his gaze fell on the pink spikes, a trace of nostalgia appeared in his eyes. “If it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t have died…”

“She is called Hong Fei, and she is my dao companion.” Zhou Yue sighed, his eyes were empty as if recalling something from a long time ago, and his tone was slightly sad: “I actually hoped she could come here with me… all my life, I only pursued this path. So I worked hard to cultivate and came to the Chiyan Immortal Realm, but it was a pity that she could not accompany me…”

It turns out that this sword was left by his Daoist companion after death. Because he missed her, he simply used her weapon as his own sword… Lin Ziran really didn’t expect this fat man to be so infatuated!

Unexpectedly, it caused the other person sadness. Lin Ziran quickly changed the subject and said, “Bring some peppercorns over tomorrow, and I will make you spicy rabbit head.”

When Zhou Yue heard what he would be eating and immediately swept away his sorrow, rubbing his hands and saying, “Okay, good!”


In the Saint Xuan Temple.

Mu Yang sat cross-legged in a room. He had been here for more than half a month, and Xuan Yan had left after giving him a cultivation method.

This method seems simple but was skillful. Mu Yang had been talented and intelligent since he was a child, and could learn everything quickly. However, this method that Xuan Yan taught him was obscure and difficult to understand. After half a month, he had barely reached the threshold. Now he knew he had been too narrow-minded.

However, the difficulties have inspired Mu Yang’s tenacity, so he will definitely succeed in his cultivation!

Xuan Yan stood in the empty hall with a water mirror in front of him.

In the water mirror was the image of Mu Yang cultivating.

The young man practiced very seriously, sweat forming on his forehead. His eyes were tightly shut, and the Di Chen sword floated in front of him and shook slightly…

He didn’t expect the other person to enter the threshold in half a month, but he did not disappoint him.

Xuan Yan’s expression was always so vague that the slight bit of comfort didn’t seem obvious.

He wiped off the water mirror with a wave, and then a sound rang in his ear.

I was wondering why he left me behind. I didn’t expect him to follow this kid to the Holy Palace…

Xuan Yan frowned slightly, and a tiny golden light flashed past his dark eyes, his expression condensed and solemn.

Didn’t you recognize him? Don’t you want to see him?

I want to see him, I missed him so much… I finally have eyes now and can talk, I want to see him, I want to talk to him.

Xuan Yan said lightly: “But he doesn’t necessarily want to see you. Have you forgotten how he left?”

He lied to you to say that he would not go, but in the end he pried away your finger and left.

He no longer wants you.

So what? I don’t care at all, I just want to see him, I have wanted to see him for a long, long time…

I want to see him. Lend me your eyes.

Why do you resist this way? Actually you are me, you want to see him too, right? Don’t deceive yourself and pretend to be indifferent…

You obviously can’t let him go.

Xuan Yan smiled, the corners of his lips raised slightly, and his tone was dull: “I have never been you, you are just my demon. I will refine you soon.”

It was an accident.

Back then, he fought against Ye Liuyin to seal the Devildom. Although he defeated Ye Liuyin in that battle, his soul was also injured by Ye Liuyin, and a trace of demonic energy remained. Later, in order to protect the Chiyan Immortal Realm, he did not hesitate to consume the essence and blood of his life and set up ninety-nine pillars, which was even more damaging.

Over the past hundreds of thousands of years, he has been in seclusion to heal his wounds, and his cultivation base has long been restored, but the scar on the soul has been unable to heal for a long time. This caused the devilish energy to gradually grow, and finally giving birth to a demon.

The heart demon harassed him day and night, making him restless.

In order to refine this heart demon, he had to take risks, seal his three immortal souls and seven mortal forms, use the reincarnation realm to enter the reincarnation, go through the sufferings of the world, taste the seven sufferings of life, all to try and weaken the power of the heart demon in this way…

But there was a small accident.

Because of a small variable, the heart demon grew obsessed, and the degree of weakening was not within his expectations. If he wanted to completely refine it, it would take a lot of work…

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    So Xuan Yan was the blind deaf guy in the cave? Oh dear.

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      1. Avatar seven77 says:

        it’s ok. I also just found out.

  2. Avatar SuouNono says:

    Thank you for the chapter! The little bonding moment with Lin Ziran and Zhou Yue was so cute. It’s we got to know about Zhou Yue’s past, it seems like he’s gonna a friend to mc in the future of this arc

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