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ALIC Chapter 29.1

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Lin Ziran’s body stiffened and he looked directly at the other party before realizing the huge pressure…

This fear seemed to come from the depths of his soul…

This is absolute strength!

The question was, what’s wrong? What do you want? Lin Ziran wanted to cry, but had no tears, he would have come out later if he knew this would happen…

His mind began to think of the reasons. Xuan Yan still doesn’t know who he was, he doesn’t know his identity as the son of the demon. So it is impossible to kill him right now. So why?!

Lin Ziran grew sweaty from nervousness. Even if Xuan Yan just glanced at him, he felt as if there was nowhere to escape…

Just when he was about to kneel down, Xuan Yan withdrew his gaze.

It was as if he was just looking at him casually.

Then he left.

Elder Chi Feng was also a little surprised. He glanced at Lin Ziran. What was noteworthy about this child?

Or is he actually watching Mu Yang?

Lin Ziran’s mortal body was not worthy of attention… But Mu Yang is the son of destiny who can pull out the sword. It must be Mu Yang!

As a personal disciple, Mu Yang had an unlimited future.

Elder Chi Feng walked over and smiled politely: “You must be Mu Yang.”

Mu Yang nodded, and asked with some doubts: “Excuse me, Grand Elder, what did the senior’s words mean?”

Chi Feng looked at him tenderly and said with a smile: “His Lord is planning to accept you as a disciple. You can clean up tonight and move to the Saint Profound Hall tomorrow.”

Mu Yang’s expression turned shocked, and he repeated incoherently, “L-Lord?” The only person who can be called Lord by Elder Chi Feng…

Elder Chi Feng nodded, “Exactly.”

He could not help but smile when he saw Mu Yang like this. “Don’t be nervous, this is your good fortune.”

After that, he turned and left.

Lin Ziran looked at Mu Yang’s dull and cute expression, and suppressed the corners of his lips from curling. Don’t look at Mu Yang’s age; he had always been able to control himself and had a tough personality, so this is his first time seeing Mu Yang’s shock.

Were you frightened?

Your husband’s identity is quite scary.

If he saw the Jade Emperor someday, it would probably be like this.

Lin Ziran understood this feeling very well, and would not laugh at Mu Yang. Instead, he believed that Mu Yang would fall in love with Xuan Yan. In fact, there was some truth in it. Mu Yang is just a teenage boy who got along with such a person day after day. Love will stem from admiration…

Everyone had admired the strong.

The combination of a big beauty and a little beauty was quite pleasing to the eye…

The only drawback is that the big beauty is too cold.

And hard to warm up.

It took a long time for Mu Yang to finally recover. He grabbed Lin Ziran’s arm, and said, “I wasn’t dreaming, right?!”

Lin Ziran shook his head, his eyes tender as he said, “Of course not.”

Mu Yang was surprised again: “Is that really the lord? But didn’t he disappear for thousands of years?”

Lin Ziran affirmed again: “The Great Elder will not speak nonsense.”

Mu Yang patted his face, took a deep breath, and after a few more minutes, he finally recovered his calmness. His eyes were bright and happy: “I’m the lord’s disciple from now on.”

The lord’s spells are boundless. If he can learn from him, he can help Lin Ziran even more!

Lin Ziran was amused when he saw Mu Yang’s eagerness. It seemed that this was the attraction of fate!

Hey, it was still painful to watch his cub fall in love with the old popsicles, and he was afraid that this passionate love would be doused by a bucket of cold water… But now, looking at Mu Yang’s glee, what else can he do?

Of course I can only help you!

And you are the protagonist and the Son of Destiny, even if Xuan Yan is a little cold now, you are the only person he will fall in love with in the end!

Very good, the world itself helped his cub pursue his true love, and completing tasks on the way can’t be more perfect!

Presumably it won’t be cheating like the last world…

Lin Ziran was full of confidence in himself.

The two returned to Baojiang Peak.

Mu Yang will report to Xuan Yan tomorrow. Although Lin Ziran felt that he can live a life by himself and doesn’t need to be constrained by personality, when he thought that his little cotton-padded jacket was about to leave and was about to devote himself to another man, he felt like a father losing a child.


The two of them walked in the direction back to West Courtyard. When they passed the law enforcement hall, they saw Zhou Yue walk in with a low expression. He exuded a low and deep aura. He didn’t even notice them when they passed by…

Lin Ziran: “…” This fat man was hit too hard today.


But Mu Yang greeted: “Elder Zhou.”

Zhou Yue’s body shook, and raised his head to reveal an expression that looked like a mournful concubine, but still smiled forcefully: “Ah, it’s Mu Yang, you are leaving…”

Mu Yang: “…” Elder Zhou made people feel guilty in this way.

Zhou Yue looked ashamed and forced a smile: “It’s okay, don’t bother about this old man, go go, it’s better there.”

Mu Yang pondered for a moment, cupped his hands and bowed to Zhou Yue, and said: “…Although I’ve recognized the lord as his disciple, I will not forget the care of Elder Zhou for me and Li Ye. If you require anything from me in the future, I will heed.”

Zhou Yue was still in a trance. He suddenly grew agitated, as if realising something

He looked at Mu Yang and then at Lin Ziran.

Although he lost a precious disciple…his precious disciple became the sole disciple of the lord. In the future, This disciple will become more revered and no one would dare offend him… and now, this honourable disciple’s important friend is here.

As long as he took care of Lin Ziran, he didn’t need to be afraid that Mu Yang would forget about him.

As long as Mu Yang thinks about him, wouldn’t his status as a respected disciple help him even more?

It’s not a loss, no loss!

In fact, he earned!

What a big profit.

Zhou Yue’s eyes lit up, his chin lifted and his back straightened. He looked at Mu Yang lovingly, and said with a smile: “You can rest assured, I will take good care of Li Ye and will not let him suffer!”

Mu Yang showed a happy expression and solemnly said again, “Thank you, Elder Zhou.”

Zhou Yue stroked his stomach and smiled: “You’re welcome, you’re welcome.”


The next day Mu Yang got up early in the morning. Although Lin Ziran wanted to sleep in, it was such an important moment of separation. So, as the affectionate partner who loved Mu Yang so much, he had to get up and see him off.

The sky hadn’t been fully brightened yet, only a hint of sunlight peeked out from the far east, sprinkling a little bit of warm, yellow brilliance.

Mu Yang looked at Lin Ziran, seemingly reluctant, and pursed his lips, “I will come back to see you when I have time.”

Lin Ziran looked at him deeply and said, “Okay.”

Mu Yang was silent for a moment, and then said: “The lord has lived for so many years, he is the number one powerhouse in the Chiyan Immortal Realm. If he is willing, he can definitely help you. I will find an opportunity to ask him.”

No, don’t do it!

He can hide from a glance. But if the lord really made a move, wouldn’t his identity as a demon be exposed? He would die ahead of time!

Xuan Yan and Ye Liuyin have been arch enemies for hundreds of thousands of years, and this Chiyan Immortal Realm’s discrimination is very extreme! Whenever they meet a demonic cultivator, they will kill them all!

If his identity is exposed, he would be either dead or disabled.

Lin Ziran hurriedly said: “How honorable is your status? Don’t act rashly and make him unhappy. I’ve already lived with it for so long, so there is no hurry.”

Mu Yang hesitated for a moment, but nodded, indicating that he understood.

Just when he was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly reached out and hugged Lin Ziran tightly.

Mu Yang’s ears were slightly red, and he whispered, “I’m leaving.”

Lin Ziran nodded: “Okay.”

He watched Mu Yang leave until he could no longer see him, and then returned to his room.

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