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ALIC Chapter 28.3

Everyone looked on in surprise. Isn’t his luck too good…

The sword tomb was originally an ancient battlefield of ancient immortals, so there were countless ancient cultivators’ magic weapons left behind, and they were later transferred to the holy mountain with supreme magical powers.

The elders all looked at Mu Yang curiously. Although there were treasures everywhere, whether they can be obtained depends on one’s strength and fate.

All of these magic weapons were extremely arrogant and looked down on a junior with such shallow cultivation…

The boy is lucky, but also unlucky.

The lucky thing is that he was here, but the unlucky thing is that they were afraid he wouldn’t be able to obtain a single piece of treasure.

Having said that, they still set their sights on Mu Yang, wanting to see which weapon this kid was going to choose…

The boy walked to a sword with a sapphire scabbard.

The elders held their breath. This is the sword of the ancient Qingling god, and it is said that it once belonged to a famous water cultivator!

But the boy didn’t take it. He looked around and walked away, and then stood in front of a long black sword.

The elders were getting more nervous. Don’t take this one! This was a sword used by a general of the Demon Realm hundreds of thousands of years ago. The devilish energy on it is so strong that it might erode people’s spirit and wisdom. This child can never touch it!

The boy didn’t touch it, he turned and left, and suddenly kicked a string of beads. He looked down.

The elders just lifted it up again with a breath of relief, this is the God of Transformation Pearl! A top treasure; a single bead can create a body. It was equivalent to having more than a dozen lives. This kind of treasure is practical and not dangerous. Quickly take it!

But the boy didn’t take it. He left again.

Finally, he stood in front of a grey sword stuck in the ground and looked at it carefully, as if he was attracted…

The elders were heartbroken. Take the God Transformation Orb and sell it to us!

What kind of sword is this? They had never seen it before, and it was covered in a layer of thick dust. It was probably a low-level weapon that fell inside, after all, not all were leftovers from the ancient battlefield of the gods…

Only Elder Chi Feng held his breath.

But what surprised the elders was that the young man who had turned a blind eye to many spirit treasures before suddenly held the sword with his slender fingers that resembled white jade.

Elders: …Huh.

One second later.

Elders:…Ah! Ah ah ah ah ah–

They watched the young man pull out the sword with a gentle force, and the dust on the long sword fell away, revealing a crystal clear sword body like autumn water. At that moment, the sword body illuminated the entire sword tomb. Thousands of magical weapon began to tremble and whisper…

This, this is, what is this—

This is not–

Everyone looked back at the handsome man on the high seat in a daze.

Elder Chi Feng’s hand holding the whisk trembled.

The man slowly opened his eyes and looked at the boy in the water curtain with deep eyes.

The elders finally came back to their senses and knelt down on the ground together: “Your honor.”

Zhou Yue knelt on the ground and his face paled.

Originally, he was afraid that other elders would snatch him, but now Mu Yang actually got the sword of His Excellency. But the question is…Why is his lord’s sword there? This is something he doesn’t know…

Xuan Yan glanced lightly across the crowd, and said: “From today on, he will be my disciple.”

Zhou Yue’s eyes were red that he almost cried. His apprentice had flown away like this! ! !

He can fight against other elders for three hundred rounds, but he doesn’t dare to make a peep in front of Xuan Yan. How terrible! My dear disciple, you and I have no apprenticeship fate after all, wuwuwu!


Lin Ziran lay on the tree with his legs crossed. Enjoying the breeze, he slept comfortably and happily.

Until a loud noise woke him up.

Streams of light landed below the holy mountain, and these were all disciples sent out by the magic circle.

Some were seriously injured, some were intact, some looked awkward, some were in ecstasy, some were muddled…

Mu Yang was the last one to appear in the crowd. One of his sleeves was torn off. His hair was messy and looked a little embarrassed, but he was not injured. His eyes were still radiant and he held a long sword like an ice crystal in his hand.

Lin Ziran knew that this was Xuan Yan’s sword!

Mu Yang was the only one who could pull out this sword, because he was transformed by a wisp of soul fragments of Xuan Yan, so he was recognized by the Cleansing Sword and was able to inherit Xuan Yan’s inheritance.

Xuan Yan had lived from ancient times till now because his inheritance was so powerful and special that mortals cannot imitate at all.

The birth of Mu Yang’s was an unexpected turn of event. On the contrary, he was able to inherit Xuan Yan’s inheritance, which is also one of the reasons Xuan Yan took him in.

Xuan Yan really regarded him as his disciple.

Lin Ziran withdrew his thoughts and jumped down from the tree. Just as he was about to go to Mu Yang, he saw Xuan Yan and the elders walking over. He stopped and continued to hide in the crowd.

Now was not the time to show off.

Xuan Yan walked in front alone, while Elder Chi Feng bowed his head and followed behind respectfully…

Everyone present was shocked. Although they didn’t know Xuan Yan, it was Elder Chi Feng was of the holy palace! He is the most respected existence in the entire Chiyan Immortal Realm! Who can make him act so respectful?

Everyone held their breath and looked at Xuan Yan cautiously.

This person’s appearance was as beautiful as a god, which made people involuntarily surrender, but dare not look directly at him. They could not wait to crawl on the ground just from looking at him…

Lin Ziran also quietly glanced at Xuan Yan in the distance, this is truly a stunning beauty on earth! If Mu Yang was a cute little beauty, then Xuan Yan was a peerless beauty! No wonder Mu Yang was born so good-looking, it was hereditary…

The protagonist is so pleasing to the eye that Lin Ziran couldn’t help but look at him a few more times, and he started to dream about their poignant love…

Xuan Yan stopped directly in front of Mu Yang, his eyes faintly falling on the delicate young man.

This was a wisp of divine soul fragments scattered between the world and the earth. Although born from him, they were not related. They were merely of the same origin. The Sword had felt the familiar power of the source, and did not resist him when he drew it.

But whether he can go further, and whether he can truly be recognised by the sword ultimately depends on himself.

Xuan Yan said: “Come to see me in Shengxuan Hall tomorrow.”

After that, he turned and left, his white figure growing further

Seeing that he had finally left, Lin Ziran sighed in relief. He squeezed out of the crowd again, and came over to Mu Yang’s side.

He was gratified and said to Mu Yang: “It’s great that you are not injured.”

Mu Yang smiled slightly.

In the distance, Xuan Yan paused and turned his head.

After Lin Ziran finished speaking, he was ready to leave with Mu Yang. When he turned his head, he met the abyss-like eyes by coincidence. The darkness contained in them was like a boundless night, covering the whole world like an overwhelming sky…

His breath stagnated as he shuddered slightly. His scalp had turned numb and he dared not move.

T/n: They are of the same origin, does that mean they are the same person. Is this the legendary self-cest in the original story??

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  1. Avatar Meowmeowmeow says:

    I think yes this is self cesttt, omggg, but i found a book that literally like that too. Thank you for the chapter and your hard work!!!!

  2. Avatar Yuhua says:

    Tell me the name please! I like it spicy~ >:)

  3. Avatar Yuhua says:

    Thank you for the chapter!!! <3

    Two different bodies, same soul. Who will get MC in the end… Or… will we see a 3 player game? ?

  4. Avatar N.O. says:

    Ahhh thank you for the….another dogblood drama??

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    Woohoo! HAHA let the drama begin By
    Thanks for these chapters~!

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    Author really trying to make it not look like self cest, despite making it worse every next sentence lol

    Thanks for the chapter xx

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