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ALIC Chapter 28.1

Mu Yang didn’t expect that he would encounter a rare event like the appearance of the holy mountain. He asked Lin Ziran nervously, “Do you think I can really find a spiritual weapon that suits me?”

Lin Ziran silently thought: what kind of spiritual weapon? What you are holding is the natal artifact of the first god of the Three Realms! For your sake, Xuan Yan even gave his own magic sword.

He comforted Mu Yang and said, “I believe you will find it!”

When Mu Yang heard Lin Ziran say this, he didn’t worry so much. He had always been open-minded, and it didn’t matter if he could find better ones, so he smiled and said, “Ok.”

Lin Ziran was lying on the bed that night, tossing and turning.

He was somewhat looking forward to Mu Yang’s stunning performance in three days. After he drew out the sword, he would be accepted as a disciple by Xuan Yan. From then on, he will walk down the path of spiritual cultivation. But then he remembered that Mu Yang was about to fall in love with the heartless old foggy, crushing on someone else at such a young age. After tasting the ups and downs of unrequited love, he felt a little bit reluctant to have this child experience such a thing…

Your daddy can’t bear it! You can like anyone, but why do you have to fall for your master?

Gods will not love a person easily.

Hey, forget it. Your daddy will help you catch Xuan Yan even if it costs him his life! Let Xuan Yan understand that you are his true love!

Because he did a lot of thinking this night, Lin Ziran got up and yawned the next day, his eyebags heavy.

When he was about to go out, he suddenly heard a voice and stopped.

It turned out that Zhou Yue was back.

The fat Taoist dressed in blue said to Mu Yang with a smile: “The holy mountain is about to open, are you ready?”

Mu Yang respectfully said: “I am ready.”

Zhou Yue raised his hand as if he wanted to touch his beard, trying to pretend to be an expert, but when he raised it halfway, he found that he did not have a beard. He then put his hand down and said with a smile: “This is a rare opportunity. The holy mountain is full of treasures, but as far as the old man knows, the best treasure is the spiritual weapon left over from ancient times, but these weapons are very temperamental. Even if you like it, it may not be willing, but I believe that with your talent, you will definitely not come back empty-handed.”

Mu Yang smiled slightly: “I will do my best.”

“These weapons are in the sword tomb, and the sword tomb is in the depths of the holy mountain. It is not easy for ordinary people to find…” Zhou Yue paused, and mysteriously took out a scroll from his sleeves, and said to Mu Yang: “This is something I found when I went to the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion overnight to check the books. I found some records about the Sacred Mountain Sword Tomb. The Holy Mountain has only been opened three times since ancient times, so there are very few records. For this reason, this old man exerted a great deal of effort. Put it away, it might be easier to find the sword tomb with this.”

Mu Yang showed a look of surprise, Zhou Yue was really kind to him…

But he thought for a moment, then took the scroll from Zhou Yue’s hand, and solemnly said: “I accept Elder Zhou’s kind thoughts. Mu Yang is dull, please take care of me in the future.”

When Zhou Yue saw that Mu Yang took the scroll and said these words, his smile was almost reaching his ears! What a clever and sensible child, this can be regarded as agreeing to worship him as a teacher, and it is worthwhile to work so hard for him!

As long as Mu Yang is willing to choose him, was he afraid that those old things would be able to snatch him?

Zhou Yue patted Mu Yang on the shoulder and said with a gratified smile: “Of course, of course.”

After speaking, he took erratic steps and left.

Lin Ziran looked in the crack of the door with pity on his face.

Zhou Yue went through a great deal of trouble in order to secure this disciple, and Mu Yang was also a person who kept his promises. It was originally certain…But who would have thought that someone would appear halfway? It just happens that the person who robs you is too strong. Even if you aren’t convinced, it’s doomed to end in failure…

Well, it can’t be said that it was all in vain. Mu Yang was someone who remembered gratitude and grudges. Since Zhou Yue was willing to help him take Li Ye to the holy palace, even if Mu Yang could not be his apprentice, he would be closer to him in the future.

If it weren’t for being close to the protagonist, Zhou Yue wouldn’t be able to just be a passerby.

Lin Ziran walked out of it and said to Mu Yang: “Are you really going to worship Elder Zhou as a master? You are not going to think about it some more? With your talent, maybe even the Senior Elder would be willing to accept you as a disciple.”

Mu Yang smiled and shook his head: “In fact, Elder Zhou is pretty good. I like it very much here, and we don’t have to be separated in this way.”

Lin Ziran was very touched when he heard this. The little angel is still so kind and cute. If he didn’t fall in love with Xuanyan later, maybe Li Ye would really have a day when the rainbow came after a storm.

But it’s a pity.

He would not stay here.


On the third day.

Mu Yang and Lin Ziran got up before dawn, and they packed up and set off for the holy mountain.

Although Lin Ziran was not qualified to enter the holy mountain, according to the plot, he would be waiting outside. After all, Li Ye was so affectionate. He came here because of Mu Yang, and naturally, it was impossible to be absent at this important moment.

Accompanying silently without complaint and regret is the basic duty of an affectionate male partner!

In addition to the disciples who were going to enter the holy mountain, there were also many people outside, some were outer-sect disciples, some were handymen from other mountains, etc…In short, everyone wanted to see the grand opening of the holy mountain.

There were a dozen elders standing in front of the holy mountain formation, among which, Zhou Yue was there, but at the moment he looked serious.

At the forefront was a Daoist with a white beard and hair. He was Elder Chi Feng.

Elder Chifeng looked solemnly, and said: “The Holy Mountain will open for 24 hours. Although it is full of opportunities, it will also be dangerous. You must do what you can. Once you encounter danger or if the time is up, you will be sent out.”

All the disciples responded one after another.

Real Man Chi Feng nodded and waved the dust in his hand. The clouds and mist in front separated to the two sides, revealing a deep and invisible road. He said: “You can go in.”

The disciples looked forward longingly and stepped in in an orderly manner.

After everyone entered, Elder Chi Feng waved his hand again and closed the passage to the holy mountain before he left with the elders.

There are only a few people who watch the excitement.

There was a white mist in front of him and he couldn’t see anything. Lin Ziran was really bored, thinking that it would be a long time before Mu Yang came out. He rolled his eyes and climbed up a tree, deciding to get some sleep first!


Mu Yang was walking among the clouds and mist. When he could see the scenery clearly, he found himself standing on a narrow winding mountain road with no one beside him.

But he didn’t show any panic and continued to walk forward.

Someone appeared in the jungle…

Someone appeared by the creek…

Someone appeared in the swamp…

Someone was alone. Sometimes it was in twos and threes…

Everything was random.

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