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ALIC Chapter 27.3

Zhou Yue arranged for his disciples to take Mu Yang and Lin Ziran to west hall and left.

The round-faced brother who took them there was called Bi Ci, and was Zhou Yue’s eldest disciple. He had many chores and trivial matters here, and was a very approachable brother.

Bi Ci took them to a quiet courtyard and said with a smile: “You two juniors will live here for the time being. If you have anything you need, just ask me.”

Mu Yang said politely: “Thank you, brother.”

Bi Ci smiled and left.

Mu Yang looked left and right again, then turned around and said to Lin Ziran, “Do you think I should worship this Elder Zhou as my master?”

Zhou Yue’s thoughts are too obvious, and Mu Yang was very grateful for his help to bring Li Ye here. This child is simple and straightforward, and knows to express his gratitude. It seems that he is considering worshipping Zhou Yue as his master.

But Lin Ziran knows that this is impossible because someone will come out to snatch him!

Lin Ziran said solemnly: “They said that other elders will also come. The elder chooses the disciple, and the disciple chooses the elder. Only when both parties are satisfied can you establish an apprenticeship. We are newcomers. It is better to wait and see. You do not have to make a hasty decision.”

Mu Yang nodded and smiled: “Yes.”

The Tibetan scripture pavilion of this holy palace encompasses all the laws of the world, but only disciples of the inner sect were eligible to enter. Once he becomes a formal disciple of the holy palace, he can naturally go to the Tibetan scripture pavilion to look up scriptures and find ways to help Lin Ziran cultivate!

As for which elder to choose as his master, he doesn’t really care very much.


The two of them stayed here, because they had no cultivation base, so their three meals were delivered by Brother Bi Ci.

“We practice bigu every day. We eat less rice, vegetables, etc., so don’t mind if the meal is a little simple.” Brother Bi Ci’s Yuanyuan’s face was a little embarrassed.

[T/n: Bigu is the practice of avoiding grains.


Mu Yang didn’t feel unhappy at all, and replied politely: “That’s good, thank you brother.”

Bi Ci liked Mu Yang very much. He felt that this young man was not only talented, but also had a very pleasing personality. He smiled and said, “Then I will leave first.”

Mu Yang and Lin Ziran ate together in the yard.

Lin Ziran looked at the dishes in his bowl. The leaves were shining like jade and were really beautiful. They seemed to be a special variety of vegetable in the Holy Palace. Maybe it was some kind of spiritual grass. He put it in his mouth and after chewing, felt that its taste was weak and lacking. It’s really not tasty, such a waste of resources…

His heart moved slightly. Soon, Mu Yang would worship Xuanyan as his teacher. When the time comes, he would have to live alone and think about his life. For example, the mountain behind this yard is a very good place!

In the beginning, outside the city of Chongzhou, the remote and barren mountains could be turned into an orchard with rich resources. Now this was a holy palace. There are so many spiritual plants, fruits, and beasts. He wasn’t afraid of not being able to have a good meal in the future?

What he is lacking is not the ingredients, but cooking skills!

Thinking of this, Lin Ziran had already planned to live a happy salted fish life after Mu Yang left.

[T/n: salted fish = someone who does nothing]

Thinking of the time when he first came to this world, he really disliked the hardships he faced. Now, thinking about it, this world was really colourful!

Lin Ziran thought happily and quickly finished the rice in his bowl.

Time flew.

On this day, Brother Bi Ci came again and said with a smile: “The elders returned yesterday. The palace will soon hold a selection ceremony for the new disciples. From now on, we will be brothers! This is our law enforcement hall. Master told me to show you the general introductory method of practice, and these are ten high-level spiritual stones. Junior brother Mu Yang should find these useful for practice.”

Practise methods were fine, but the ten high-level spirit stones for a disciple who had never formally started, was too lavish even for Zhou Yue who wanted to win people’s hearts.

Bi Ci smiled at Lin Ziran again: “Although Junior Brother Li Ye can’t visit the inner gate, we will live here in the future and we will be a family. These clothes and low-grade spirit stones are for you.”

As he spoke, he took out a package. In addition to the practise method and high-grade spirit stones for Mu Yang, there were also the clothing and low-grade spirit stones for Lin Ziran.

Although the fabric of this dress looks ordinary, it was very thick, and if you look closely, it had a hint of silver light; the quality is quite good. As for the lower-grade spirit stones, although they have little effect on cultivation, it was currency for buying and selling goods in the cultivation world. They are very practical!

Even if it was a bribe, the fat man was really well-intentioned, but it’s a pity…

Bi Ci was ready to leave after delivering these things. At this moment, a disciple suddenly rushed in and shouted: “Brother Bi Ci! Guess what I heardt!”

“Calm down, what are you yelling for?” Bi Ci said angrily.

The disciple ran out of breath and was obviously extremely excited. It took a while to relieve his breath and said: “The great elder just announced that the holy mountain will be opened in three days!”

Bi Ci opened his mouth in fright, but did not respond in a daze.

“Brother, this is the holy mountain! It hasn’t been open for 180,000 years!” The disciple danced and said, “This time, all my disciples of the holy palace can enter. A magic weapon…We have all encountered such a good thing once in hundreds of thousands of years!”

“By the way, the selection ceremony is also held on the holy mountain, and new disciples can also enter the holy mountain to find their spiritual treasures. The elders will watch the whole selection process.” The disciples shouted at Mu Yang excitedly: “Junior Brother Mu Yang, you are really lucky this time! You even encountered such a good thing!”

Lin Ziran smiled in his heart as he watched. How was Mu Yang lucky? It is clear that they are the lucky ones.

As expected, Xuan Yan is still amazing. Look, just to accept a disciple, he had opened the holy mountain. He was simply the most arrogant in all three worlds!

In fact, apart from not being able to give Mu Yang love, Xuanyan really did enough for Mu Yang. He wasn’t stingy with the resources and was extremely dedicated to his only disciple.

It’s a pity that what Mu Yang wanted was his Master’s love.

But it was also the only thing Xuan Yan couldn’t give him.

He glanced at Mu Yang quietly, and sighed when he thought of the deep love between the teacher and the master pair.


At the same time, in the sacred mountain.

Xuan Yan was dressed in white, walking slowly on a stone path, which was the center of the holy mountain.

He walked calmly and unhurriedly, and Elder Chi Feng bowed his head and followed him respectfully.

In front of them was a snow-gray mountain peak. At the foot of the mountain was a stream. Spirit fishes swam in the stream. Xuan Yan’s feet touched the surface of the stream, leaving ripples on the water…

There was a huge cave in the center of the mountain.

The wall of the cave was filled with swords, and hundreds of thousands of years worth of dust had converged here. This place has long been covered with dust, and every spiritual weapon had a strong aura. They seem to perceive someone’s entry, and they vibrated slightly…

Xuan Yan didn’t react. He came to the center of the cave, raised his right hand with a gentle move, and a stream of light fell into his hand. Then, it condensed into a long sword, resembling ice crystals.

Countless spiritual weapons seemed to feel its terrible breath, and tturned quiet for a moment.

Elder Chi Feng’s pupils shook as he looked at Xuanyan and the sword in awe. That sword… should be the legendary exalted weapon.

He didn’t know why the Lord opened the Holy Mountain, and why did he bring him here…

Xuan Yan waved his hand gently, and the ice crystal sword plunged straight into the ground, leaving only one-third of it exposed. Then, the body of the sword quickly became dim, and finally it was covered with a layer of dust, as if it had already been inserted here long before.

Elder Chi Feng was a little puzzled.

Xuan Yan looked at him and said lightly: “Whoever can take out this sword is the chosen one. I will personally accept him as a disciple.”

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