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ALIC Chapter 24.1

Lin Ziran’s thoughts wandered while boiling water outside. He didn’t know what Mu Yazhu was going to say to Mu Yang…

It didn’t take long for Mu Yang to come out. He looked calm, smiled at Lin Ziran and said, “Do you need my help?”

Lin Ziran looked at him silently.

Mu Yang muttered something under his breath. With his hands behind his back, he said in a serious tone: “Aunt Mu is worried that you will be bullied outside, so she asked me if there is any way I can help you in your cultivation.”

Lin Ziran: …I don’t believe him.

Mu Yang paused after speaking, his eyes lighting up, as if he thought this was a good idea and said to Lin Ziran: “Wait for me.” He turned around and left in a hurry.

Lin Ziran:…

Wait, why did he feel an ominous premonition?

Lin Ziran came to Mu Yazhu’s room, hesitated for a while, but couldn’t resist curiosity and asked, “Mother, what did you say to Muyang?”

Muya Zhuyun smiled lightly: “Nothing much, I just ask him to take good care of you.”

Lin Ziran: “…”

Lin Ziran left Mu Yazhu’s room and paced back and forth in his room. He always felt as if things were not that simple, but Mu Yang looked very calm as if he really only wanted to help him with his cultivation. There was nothing strange about it… Did Mu Yazhu really ask him to take care of him?

At dusk, Mu Yang came again.

He knocked on the door. “Ah Ye, open the door.”

Lin Ziran hurriedly went to open the door.

As soon as Mu Yang came in, he took Lin Ziran’s hand and returned to the room. His dark eyes were bright and dazzling. He raised his hand to take out the thick pile of cultivation books, spread it out in front of Lin Ziran, and said seriously: “Here, they are all the introductory cultivation techniques that I chose from the Jing Pavillion at home. See if you can use them.”

Lin Ziran suddenly felt his head hurt from looking at the pile of cultivation books. It was as if he had returned to the third year of high school and wanted to say loudly that it is useless! It’s all useless! But under Muyang’s hopeful and encouraging gaze, he opened his mouth for a long time before he could only spit out one word: “Okay.”

Mu Yang smiled and said, “I know Aunt Mu must have taught you too, but her techniques may not be suitable for you. What if there is something suitable?”

Lin Ziran knew in his heart that none of this is suitable for him, but Mu Yang’s hospitality was difficult to refuse, not to mention Li Ye, who was actually very eager to become stronger. As long there was any hope, he would never give up, so he couldn’t refuse… he showed a touch of gratitude, slowly and solemnly said: “Thank you…”

Mu Yang waved his hand and smiled brightly: “Aren’t we friends? You are welcome, let me explain it to you…”

After that, he took out one of the books and began to explain to Lin Ziran from introduction to habits to exercise routes. He spoke very carefully, and his voice was like clear jade, gentle on the ears.

Lin Ziran looked at Mu Yang’s profile in a trance. Even if the beauty in front of him was a feast for the eyes, listening to the class was still the best form of hypnosis, especially for such boring content…

After a long time, he finally couldn’t hold back his sleepiness, interrupted Mu Yang and said, “It’s getting late today. I will take care of the rest. If I don’t understand, I will ask you again.”

Mu Yang looked at the sky outside, it was indeed late. So he pursed his lips and smiled, his eyes soft and warm: “Okay, I will come back tomorrow.”

Lin Ziran looked at him, seemingly ‘moved’: “okay.”

After finally sending Mu Yang away, Lin Ziran carefully closed the door and the window, only then did he show a painful expression. He glanced bitterly at the books and threw them aside.

He won’t read it!

These things are of no use to Li Ye. When Ye Liuyin finds him, he will teach him the inheritance of the demon. When that happens, he will ascend straight into the sky and cultivate into abig boss. Who wants to waste time doing these useless things?

It’s better to sleep this time.

Lin Ziran slept well all night.

He slept until the next day and seemed to have heard the sound of stones hitting the window…

Rubbing his eyes, he opened the window to have a look: “…”

Mu Yang wore a white robe today, his long black hair tight up. His handsome face was as bright as white jade and he had a sunny smile on his face.

Lin Ziran felt that this smile was a bit cold for the first time…

He’s here! He’s here!

Teacher Mu is here with his homework! The one-on-one make-up lesson is about to begin!

[Lin Ziran’s tone was sad: In fact, he doesn’t have to be so good to me…]

[System: Didn’t you want to hold onto his thighs firmly? ]

[Lin Ziran: I think my mother might have pitted me…]

[System: She is doing this for your own good. ]

[Lin Ziran:…sob. ]

[System: You say that you want credits, but can’t overcome such a small problem, which makes me doubt your determination and perseverance. ]

[Lin Ziran:…]

It even doubted my love and persistence for learning, this can’t be tolerated! The stubborn student who was stabbed in the foot was very upset. It’s not like he was incapable of overcoming such a little difficulty!

Lin Ziran looked at Mu Yang with a calm and determined expression!

Isn’t it just pretending to study?

He can!

Mu Yang looked at him with a smile: “What did you try yesterday?”

Lin Ziran was silent for a moment, showing a look of loneliness, and said in a low voice, “I tried to practice according to the method you said, but after changing several ways, I still can’t feel the slightest aura…”

Seeing this, Mu Yang felt a little pained but quickly comforted him: “It’s okay, there are many introductory exercises from different factions, you can always try more.”

“Today we are going to look at this Frozen Cloud Flow Technique…” Mu Yang took out another book and explained earnestly: “This spell is suitable for water spiritual root cultivation. There are many people who practice in the Chiyan Immortal Realm. Although It’s not a very advanced method, it is easy to get started and the threshold is low, so there are many people who practice this…”

Lin Ziran looked like he was listening carefully, but he didn’t actually hear a single word. He could only stare at Mu Yang’s beautiful profile to pass the time.

Listen to him explain them, one by one.

Time passed.

In the blink of an eye, it was night. Mu Yang suddenly said to him: “I heard that if it is difficult to draw spiritual energy into the body due to physical reasons, a medicated bath will help.”

Lin Ziran was absent-minded: “Oh…”

Mu Yang was gone.

After finally finishing the day’s course, Lin Ziran collapsed on the bed like a salted fish…

When he was about to fall asleep, there was a knock again.

Lin Ziran had no choice but to get up and open the door with much difficulty. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Mu Yang walking in with a big medicine bucket. He put the medicine bucket back on the ground with a bang.

Lin Ziran was dumbfounded.

Mu Yang looked at him solemnly and said, “Take off your clothes.”

Lin Ziran: “…”

The two looked at each other.

Lin Ziran was a little embarrassed, but Mu Yang’s eyes were so clear and free of evil thoughts that he couldn’t help but feel ashamed…

His heart was too dirty.

[Lin Ziran: How embarrassed this makes me…]


Looking at each other for a long while, Lin Ziran lost to Mu Yang in the end and turned around, obediently taking off his clothes.

The old dirty clothes fell on the ground. Lin Ziran uncomfortably tensed his body, revealing a thin and skeletal back, mottled with various scars and wounds, both new and old…

When Mu Yang saw this scene, his heart seemed to be dragged down by something heavy, and he couldn’t breathe.

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  1. Avatar Batata Anisia says:

    Poor boy…. You have a destiny with study this life LOL
    Thanks for the update ???

  2. Avatar ×_÷ says:

    Doesn’t Mu Yang see Lin Ziran spacing out lol. His acting has been perfected to this point already XD

    Thanks for the chapter <3

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