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ALIC Chapter 24.2

He pursed his lips, his eyes filled with pain but his voice was soft, “You can go in.”

Lin Ziran was naked and embarrassed. He only dared to turn his back to Mu Yang, and cautiously crawled into the medicine bucket. The temperature was just right and very comfortable. Suddenly, he felt that it was actually quite good to have a bath…

As his thoughts were running wildly, a warm palm was pressed against his shoulder and Mu Yang said in a deep voice, “I will find your body meridians. You must not resist later, otherwise, you might hurt yourself. Understand?”

After that, Mu Yang closed his eyes and frowned with a serious expression.

Lin Ziran didn’t dare to move, not because of Mu Yang’s words, but because he suddenly realized that he seemed to be…

Fortunately, the bath was too dark to see anything, otherwise, he could jump off the cliff from embarrassment today!

Lin Ziran was crying, he was still too impure.

The little beauty just wants to help him practice, but he coveted his beauty…

Mu Yang sat cross-legged, closing his eyes tightly, not knowing Lin Ziran’s thoughts.

As time passed, the sweat on his forehead grew. He found that once his spiritual power entered Lin Ziran’s body, it would disappear like mud into the sea. Lin Ziran’s meridians were like black holes, no end to how much spiritual power he could absorb. In the end, nothing was left. This body… swept through and swallowed spiritual power fiercely, but was unable to store any spiritual power at all, so Lin Ziran was unable to cultivate and draw qi into his body.

Mu Yang had never seen this kind of situation before. He had been knowledgeable since he was a child, but he had never even heard of this physique, so he couldn’t help but feel worried.

Could it be that he really can’t help him…

After half an hour, Mu Yang suddenly let go of his hand. His throat was bloody, but he forced it back down.

Lin Ziran looked back and found that Mu Yang’s face was pale and he was suddenly worried: “What’s the matter?”

Mu Yang smiled at him and said in a natural tone: “I just lost a bit of spiritual power, it’s okay, I just need to rest for a while… You should practice on your own first, I will see you in a few days.”

What, you won’t be coming for a few days?

Lin Ziran was overjoyed, but he wore a serious expression on his face, “I will practice hard.”

Mu Yang nodded and turned to leave, walking with an imperceptible rush.

He walked out of here quickly, coming to a deserted alley. In a flash, he vomited blood out and frowned.

Lin Ziran’s physique was too special. If he hadn’t let him test him without any defense today, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to discover the problem…

What was the problem……

If he really was born with a useless vein, how could it devour spiritual power?

But, why can’t he cultivate?


Lin Ziran didn’t know this, he only knew that after Teacher Mu had left him his homework, he told him that he would not be coming for a few days!


Lin Ziran immediately left Chongzhou City with a bamboo basket on his back.

As long as he left home and pretended to find a quiet place to practice, who knows if he had practiced yet? Perfect!

Speaking of being busy with cultivating these few days, when Teacher Mu was giving him lectures and baths, Lin Ziran didn’t have time to go to this orchard and he didn’t know what happened to the blind man…

Lin Ziran quickened his pace. He jumped dexterously along the mountains, and soon came to the entrance of the cave.

He opened the curtain of the hole and walked in.

He saw that the blind man was still lying in the same spot, exactly the same as before he left…but the food in his hand was less. It seemed that he had eaten the fruit he had left for him.

Lin Ziran showed a relieved look. In short, he didn’t want the man to eat the mouse raw, he didn’t want to see anything that could hurt his eyes…

The pheasants in the yard were alive and kicking, and the fruits and vegetables were growing well.

Lin Ziran had been listening to lessons the past two days and felt like he was nearly wasting away. He felt that he needed to recover, so he caught a chicken from the chicken coop, plucked its feathers, and bled it to make a roast chicken.

Under the guidance of the system, it was a success!

Lin Ziran tore the roast chicken in half and put half beside the blind man.

He found a pattern recently. This blind man never ate in front of him. He was like a dead person all day long, but once he left, he will eat, so he didn’t need to worry about it.

With that, Lin Ziran said: “This roast chicken is cooked and edible.”

Then Lin Ziran ignored him, eating the hot and delicious roast chicken. There were fresh and plump fruits beside it, the taste was delicious… This place was still the most relaxing

After eating and drinking, he fell down and slept again.

It was almost dark when he woke up.

Lin Ziran glanced at the blind man, suddenly sighed, patted his face, and sighed: “Your life is really lucky to actually survive this long. Fortunately, you met me. If you are a bad person, I would have already thrown you out from here…”

Thinking of how he had eaten so much of his own food, Lin Ziran said with a heartache: “I don’t expect you to repay me since you are like this. If you really want to repay me, you can live a long life so that the food I spent on you is not wasted.”

But… Lin Ziran paused.

Ordinary people who are blind, deaf, and mute and don’t have legs surely don’t want to live, right? This is simply not as good as death, but after some thought, this blind man should not want to die since he even eats mice. Most likely, he still wants to live, and helping him shouldn’t be considered nosy.


Mu Yang hadn’t come here for the past few days. Lin Ziran went to the orchard early every day, wandering around until night before returning home.

In his rare free time, in addition to picking fruits, raising chickens and growing vegetables, Lin Ziran began to study cooking. The various food, seasonings and kitchen utensils in the cave became more and more diverse. After all, this place was no better than the previous world. If one wants to live comfortably, they have to learn to do it themselves! If one wants to eat well, they must learn to cook!

At first, he was a little frantic, but after finding joy in cooking, Lin Ziran was very interested.

Although it failed most of the time… but as long as he puts food beside the blind man, he will finish it by the next day.

Therefore, Lin Ziran became more pleased, and felt that his decision to save him was correct!

After all, the dishes he cooked…well, even dogs won’t eat it.

The success of the roast chicken was purely accidental.

But the blind man was never picky about what he ate and didn’t waste any food at all…

As if his cooking was really delicious, it gave him a sense of accomplishment and joy. Lin Ziran also became more enthusiastic about cooking, and his cooking slowly improved…

The happy and leisurely days passed quickly.

Lin Ziran returned home from the orchard on this day and saw Mu Yang waiting for him at his house.

He immediately became terrified. His teacher had come to inspect his homework!

Seeing Lin Ziran return, Mu Yang smiled at him, his eyes bright and clear. “You’re back.”

Lin Ziran nodded, seemingly embarrassed: “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

“No, I just dropped by for a while.” Mu Yang smiled and shook his head. He paused and then questioned: “Your cultivation…has progressed?”

Lin Ziran had been waiting for Mu Yang to ask! He lowered his eyes slightly and seemed to be disappointed, “No.”

Mu Yang was not surprised.

In addition to recuperating, he had also consulted many books these days, and even asked his father, but to no avail. In the end, his father persuaded him to drop this matter.

But Mu Yang was not willing. He sawLin Ziran’s disappointed and lonely expression, as if he could feel his pain and helplessness.

He was born humble and with a useless vein that made everyone laugh at him and insult him…

He must want to cultivate and become stronger than anyone else, but fate was too unfair to him.

Mu Yang wanted to help Lin Ziran very much, but he had to recognise his powerlessness. So what if he was the Young City Lord?

He can’t help it.

At least, he had no way here…

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  1. Avatar ×_÷ says:

    Lmao Mu Yang is extremely busy researching MC’s problem, meanwhile MC’s just trying to become a masterchef XD

    Thanks for the chapter♡♡♡

    1. Avatar joey young says:

      more like training to be a waifu material lol.

  2. Avatar SuouNono says:

    LZ’s so cute taking an interest in cooking!

    Thanks for the chapter ❤️

  3. Avatar ResidentialPsycho says:

    Yay! The MC is developing the practical cooking skill!

  4. Avatar Rk800 says:

    “While you studied the way of cultivation, I practiced the art of cooking.”

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