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ALIC Chapter 23.2

Staring at Mu Yang’s handsome face from such close proximity, he could even see his eyelashes. The beautiful black eyes were gentle and kind deep below, as if tempting people to unconsciously approach until they couldn’t save themselves… He suddenly understood why Li Ye had loved this man so much.

What peerless sweetheart is this?!

Even he thinks this is a good person, worthy of others’ love, not to mention Li Ye who had never received others’ kindness.

Who could reject him?!


Mu Yang accompanied Lin Ziran home, but he did not leave immediately this time. Instead, he smiled and asked hesitantly, “Won’t you invite me in?”

Lin Ziran did not refuse. He still maintained the silent expression, that remained unchanged for ten thousand years, as he nodded and opened the door.

Mu Yang followed behind and walked in. He glanced across the shabby yard, but didn’t show a disgusted look. He smiled naturally, “By the way, we look about the same age. Can I call you Ah Ye?”

The stars in his eyes are like warm sunshine, full of smiles. How could he refuse? What’s more, he was going to be friends with Mu Yang, this is going along with the plot!

Lin Ziran nodded: “Ok.”

Mu Yang seemed to be very happy. “Let’s not be courteous, you can call me by my name directly in the future!”

Lin Ziran nodded again.

Li Ye had a taciturn personality and now, he was a highly antisocial person after being bullied for a long time! Although he can speak, he must remain quiet in front of Mu Yang!

Staying in character is the number one priority when playing role-playing games!

Mu Yazhu’s weak voice suddenly came from inside the house. She seemed to be coughing, “Ye’er, are you back?”

Lin Ziran walked in. Mu Yazhu’s body had become worse recently. At this moment, there was some blood on her chest. Lin Ziran suddenly showed an anxious expression and asked, “Mom, What’s wrong?”

Mu Yazhu laughed softly: “It’s nothing, same old sickness…”

But Lin Ziran didn’t believe it. Mu Yazhu was almost exhausted when she gave birth to Li Ye. She didn’t eat well these years and didn’t have the money to see a doctor or buy medicine. How could there be nothing?

Mu Yang followed afterwards. He looked at Mu Yazhu and asked, “Hello, can I help you to take a look?”

Mu Yazhu looked at Mu Yang with surprise. After all these years, this was the only outsider willing to enter their yard. This young man was handsome and beautiful, evidently not a child of ordinary status. Why would he come here?

Lin Ziran didn’t think so much. She was very surprised to learn that Muyang was still willing to see a doctor and quickly replied: “Mother, he is my friend, Muyang. Will you let him take a look?”

Mu Yazhu’s eyes flickered and she seemed to have thought of something, but she took a deep look at Lin Ziran, who was worried and didn’t say anything. Instead, she stretched out her right hand and said softly to Mu Yang, “Then I will have to trouble you. .”

Mu Yang took Mu Yazhu’s pulse, frowned, and pondered for a moment before he lowered his eyes and said: “Aunt Mu is weak and has been losing blood for a long time. I will bring you some medicinal herbs tomorrow to alleviate your condition.”

Mu Yazhu is a sideline of the Mu family. There are tens of thousands of people surnamed Mu in Chongzhou City but it does not mean that they have any blood relationship. Muyang called her aunt to express his respect for Mu Yazhu.

It’s a pity that Mu Yazhu’s body was beyond saving and Mu Yazhu herself should know it, but since she is unwilling to say it to cause Li Ye to feel sad, it is even more inconvenient for himself to say more.

His limited ability could not save Mu Yazhu, but it was possible to relieve her pain a little bit. He could only do his best. Mu Yang sighed gently.

Lin Ziran is someone with a script. Naturally, he knows that Mu Yazhu will die soon. Even if she does not die of illness, she will be killed by the clan in an accident soon, but… that’s all in the future. At least for now, he hopes Mu Yazhu will feel better.

In the original plot, Mu Yang helped Li Ye a lot, even asking Mu Yazhu for medical advice. There was a reason why Li Ye loved him very much.

Even if it was just a game, facing such a kind little angel, Lin Ziran still said sincerely: “Thank you.”

Mu Yang looked at Lin Ziran. The pale youth was thin and weak, and there were traces of bruise on his arms. He didn’t know where he was injured. He always seemed silent but stubborn. He would not complain or cry… But his expression when thanking him at this moment was so serious…that it made others can’t bear to tell him the truth…

Mu Yang suddenly felt a little stifled in his heart. He looked away awkwardly and said softly: “You’re welcome, actually I didn’t help much…”

Lin Ziran didn’t think so. No one was obligated to be good to others, so how could he be cold to this good person? He said: “No matter what, I should thank you.”

——All of Li Ye’s thanks in his life were given to Mu Yang alone.

——Unfortunately, he never once said, I love you.


The next day Muyang came early. Not only did he bring medicinal materials, he also brought a heavy jar. The two of them squatted in the yard to make medicine.

Lin Ziran was fine since he hadn’t been clean since he came into this world. Mu Yang was a clean person, but he didn’t care about his image. He squatted on the ground with Lin Ziran to decoct medicine… It was mainly Muyang decoction while Lin Ziran looked from the side.

After the decoction was finished, Mu Yang’s face was smudged with smoke and the hem of his sleeves and clothes were also covered with mud…It was almost like a white swan had rolled in the mud.

Mu Yang’s white and slender fingers were also blackened at the moment. He carefully poured out the concoction while holding the medicine jar and turned to show a bright smile at Lin Ziran, “Okay, once in the morning and once in the night. Just make it according to the temperature and time we did today.”

Oh shit…

Lin Ziran had been admiring the beautiful boy making the decoction. He never expected that he would be demonstrating it! He didn’t remember anything! Only that Mu Yang’s beautiful finger tips…

Blinded by beauty!

[Lin Ziran is a little panicked: System, do you remember it? ]

[The system sneered: What? Didn’t you think of this when you watched him make the decoction just now? Do you still expect him to help you every day? ]

[Lin Ziran hesitated: That’s not impossible…]

[The system laughed: I don’t remember. ]

[Lin Ziran: I’m sorry I was wrong, please! qaq]

“Ah Ye?” Mu Yang looked at Lin Ziran suspiciously.

Lin Ziran’s vest was in cold sweat. If he didn’t remember, Mu Yang would doubt himself…

[System: There will be no next time. ]

[Lin Ziran was almost moved and cried: I guarantee! ]

He looked at Mu Yang solemnly and said: “I’ve remembered it.”

Mu Yang didn’t think much about it, he curled his eyebrows and smiled, and gave him the medicine bowl, “No, you can bring the medicine in.”

Lin Ziran brought the medicine to Mu Yazhu’s room and carefully held Mu Yazhu’s body. He brought the medicine bowl to her lips and said, “Mother, I have brought the medicine.”

Mu Yazhu closed her eyes slightly and sniffed. She knew that these medicines were extraordinary products, but didn’t say anything. She drank the medicine with the help of Lin Ziran and smiled: “Let Mu Yang come in. ”

Lin Ziran was a little confused, but still went to call Mu Yang in.

Then Mu Yazhu said, “Ye’er, go and help me boil a bucket of hot water.”

Lin Ziran:…

She distracted him so obviously, but Lin Ziran left obediently. He was very curious, not knowing what Mu Yazhu was going to say to Mu Yang!

Muyang closed the door and came to Mu Yazhu’s side with a humble attitude: “Aunt Mu, do you have something to tell me?”

The smile on Mu Yazhu’s face gradually faded, her eyes were cold and she slowly said, “Young City Lord’s medicinal herbs are very precious, but I’m afraid Ye’er and I are not able to repay you.”

Mu Yang was startled, but not too surprised. After all, he did not deliberately conceal his identity, but Mu Yazhu was still very knowledgeable even though she hadn’t left the house.

Mu Yang said: “Ah Ye and I are friends. It is okay for friends to help each other and I don’t want any repayment.”

But the more he said this, the more Mu Yazhu frowned, her voice cold and indifferent: “The young city lord is a noble, but Ye’er has a humble background. How can you and him be friends? Ye’er is young and ignorant, and doesn’t know his identity. There is a difference between statuses. I will apologize to Young City Lord on his behalf… Young City Lord should go back. Don’t come here again in the future.”

Although Mu Yang wass smart and sensible, he was still just a teenager after all. He wanted to be friends with Li Ye, but doesn’t want to be disliked by Li Ye’s mother. For a while, he was at a loss. He pursed his lips and looked a little sad: “You’re right, but I don’t mind this, I really consider him a friend…”

Mu Yazhu’s expression was calm but determined: “Don’t forget that Young City Lord, you, will worship the Holy Palace and leave Chongzhou City in a month. But Ye’er can’t cultivate and is destined to stay here… You can protect him for a now, but you can’t protect him for the rest of your life. I know that the young city lord is kind, but it’ll only bring harm and regret in the future.”

Mu Yang’s face involuntarily paled as she hit the nail on the head.

He was really not sure that he could protect Li Ye after he left. With Mu Yan’s personality, he wouldn’t let off the mother and son.

Seeing that he was so frustrated, Mu Yazhu’s tone eased slightly: “Young City Lord is kind to others. I am very grateful for you for lending a helping hand to Ye’er, but if you only want to help others on a whim, just stop here while you barely know each other… you don’t understand the pain of losing something. In that case, it’s better to never have it.”

Ye’er fate was ike this.

And you don’t have the ability to change your fate.

Mu Yang clenched his hand on his side. At first, he helped Li Ye just because they happened to meet and the road was uneven, but the first time he saw him, the young stubborn figure remained in his memory… So he brought medicine and boots to Li Ye.

He hadn’t seen him for a while, until yesterday, when the boy suddenly appeared in front of him again…

He was very battered having been chased. He was clearly on guard and cautious. At that moment, he came to his side without hesitation. Even if they had only met once…He believed that he would protect him.

Mu Yang had helped many people, some of them were insatiable and greedy, some are weak and incompetent, and some will be vengeful… He could see all kinds of human greed, ugliness and despicability in just a pair of eyes.

But Li Ye… the way he looked at him, there was nothing but pure gratitude.

Even if he had experienced hardships since childhood and was full of hostility against this world, he will not guard against him and is willing to let Mu Yang into his world.

He trusted him so much…

Believing that he will not hurt him.

So he wanted to stay. He didn’t want to leave just like this.

He wants to be friends with him.

Not just on a whim.

Mu Yang’s gaze slowly became firm and it settled on Mu Yazhu: “I understand what you mean, but since he treats me as a friend, I won’t leave him easily.

As for what you’re worried about, I will find a solution. “

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