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ALIC Chapter 21.3

By the way… The young man in brocades who chased him today called him a thief. Could it be because Li Ye stole the buns? This bun was used to feed the dog, but the stupid boy chased him for several miles and looked like he would die before he gave up. What extent of hatred is this?

Lin Ziran opened the script and character settings and took a look, and quickly found a suspect!

Mu Yan, the eldest son of the Mu family’s three branches, is a vicious cannon fodder in the early Chongzhou City plot. Every time he appears, if he is not bullying Li Ye, he is on the road to bullying Li Ye…

As Muyang’s cousin, he does not even have one percent of Muyang’s talent. He only knows to eat, drink and gamble, and often takes the lead in bullying and beating Li Ye… Although Li Ye brutally killed him after he became a demon, in the current plot, he is still Li Ye’s number one enemy that needs to be handled carefully.

He is probably the one who was chasing him today.

Lin Ziran rubbed his forehead in anguish. Seeing the rain not stopping for a while, he was hungry and he began to complain about this game. Even hunger felt so real, and then, his eyes drifted quietly to those buns… …

Forget it…

Let’s fill up his stomach first.

But the steamed buns were soaked in water and left for so long, the taste was really bad. Lin Ziran really couldn’t eat another one after he one. He couldn’t wrong himself like that!

When he was so angry that he was about to throw the remaining two buns out, he suddenly saw the silent ‘corpse’ next to him.

When Lin Ziran dragged him along just now, he found that he was not only blind, but his legs were gone from the knees down. It seemed that he had been lying here for a long time, so how did this blind man without legs survive here… ?

Forget it, use the rubbish.

Lin Ziran stuffed the steamed bun into this man’s hand, and said casually: “I used half my life my this. I see you are so pitiful, so I’m letting you off easy.”

The man remained motionless, and he didn’t know if he didn’t hear or was deaf.

Lin Ziran didn’t care too, as soon as the rain finally stopped, he left.

Therefore, he did not see the man move his fingers slightly.


Lin Ziran walked out of the cave, and the rainy mountains were filled with a fresh breath, surrounded by lush greenery and small animals running by his feet. After walking for a few minutes, Lin Ziran showed a confused expression: “I have no sense of direction.”

[System:…If you don’t know the road, you can ask me. ]

[Lin Ziran’s eyes suddenly flashed: Ah, I knew you were a reliable system!]

[System:…Thank you for the praise. ]

Under the guidance of the system, Lin Ziran quickly walked out of this mountain forest, which was a bit far from Chongzhou City. He quickened his pace and walked for about an hour before finally seeing the gate of Chongzhou City…

It’s not far from home once he got here.

Lin Ziran began to feel physical fatigue. Now, he just wants to go back and change clothes to sleep. He just didn’t know if Li Ye had any other clothes. What if he only has one piece of clothing, that’s really troublesome, otherwise can his clothes get so dirty…

If he doesn’t have any clothes he can change and wash, he can only use firewood to dry it, but if he doesn’t even have firewood, he can only physically…Hmm, it can’t be so bad, right?

The more he thought about it, the more melancholic Lin Ziran’s eyes became. He really wished to fast forward the plot to the back, and be the young master of the demon world with boundless retainers at his beck and call. Using his status to do whatever he wanted…

Ah, thinking of that moment, he suddenly had the motivation to keep playing!

And it’s not that bad when you think about it. Actually, he didn’t have to wait that long. As long as he and Muyang meet, his life should be improved. As the Young Lord of Chongzhou City, Mu Yang is also enthusiastic, righteous, sunny and kind, and there is no problem supporting him…

Thinking about it this way, he was looking forward to meeting Mu Yang.

Lin Ziran walked and read the plot:

The first time Li Ye and Mu Yang met was when Li Ye was bullied by Mu Yan. Mu Yang stepped up and rescued him… From then on, Li Ye deeply carved the scene of Mu Yang’s appearance. In his heart, he gradually fell in love with this sunny, warm and kind boy.

Muyang was the only kindness and only obsession in Li Ye’s heart. He was willing to live and die for him. He was like dust crawling under his feet… His love was so humble, as long as he can look up to his beloved boy, It doesn’t matter even if he falls into the endless abyss…

It was getting colder. He didn’t know whether it was because of the clothes or because the script was too corny. Lin Ziran shivered.

It didn’t take long for Lin Ziran to finally see the dim light ahead.

The Mu family has been the lord of Chongzhou City for many dynasties. After multiplying through generations, the Mu family was now, without doubt, the number one family in Chongzhou City, with many branches. Nearly one-fifth of the people were surnamed Mu in Chongzhou City, so the Mu family’s house was huge, like a city within a city.

Li Ye’s mother, Mu Yazhu, was born in the Mu family, and because she gave birth to a complete waste, the [air of mother and son live in the outermost periphery of the north side of the Mu family. Compared to the Mu family’s own house, it’s as shabby as the slums.

But the tired and hungry Lin Ziran wouldn’t abandon the slums at this moment, as long as there is a place to rest. He didn’t expect that before he got closer, he would see a few familiar faces wandering outside his home…

It is the brocade-clothes boy and his dogs!

Fuck, is it necessary to be so persistent? Lin Ziran showed an expression of ache.

No, he didn’t have enough energy to fight them today. Lin Ziran turned around and prepared to hide.

Who knows that the dog in front was sharp-eyed and shouted: “Young Master Yan! That little bastard is back!”

Lin Ziran ran away!

However, he had already struggled with hunger for a day and could not run away this time. He was kicked on the back, and he fell forward on his knees, and then he was knocked to the ground with a stick!

Lin Ziran’s face turned pale with anger, and he told himself calmly, that in the future these people will be under his sword! He’ll let them be arrogant for now!

The young man, Mu Yan, the eldest son of the Mu family’s third room, walked proudly with his hands around his chest, staring at Lin Ziran condescendingly, and sneered: “Aren’t you good at running? Why didn’t you run this time?”

Lin Ziran looked at him fiercely.

Mu Yan jumped at this gaze, and suddenly shouted, “Hit him!”

The dog followers immediately came up with sticks, and Lin Ziran immediately curled up to protect the vitals. Fortunately, this body looked thin but was very resistant. Otherwise, he was afraid that he would have been beaten to death in such a way…

Just as Lin Ziran was thinking about it, a clear shout of anger suddenly came out in front of him: “Stop!”

The dog followers who were beating Lin Ziran were taken aback, and then they were slammed out by an invisible force! One of them rolled around on the ground, looked up, and knelt there suddenly shivering: “Young City Lord.”

Mu Yan’s expression was very ugly when he saw it and sneered: “Ah, cousin, you are here, I’m just cleaning up a lowly slave, giving you such a tragic sight.”

“Really?” The handsome youth walked over step by step, his eyes clear and sharp, and his voice was loud and clear: “Even so, it’s not right to use torture privately to kill people, right?”

Mu Yan was very annoyed but did not dare to attack, his expression stiff on his face.

He has always been jealous and hated Mu Yang, but he never dared to offend him. After all, Mu Yang has a chance to worship the genius of the Holy Palace! Regardless of Mu Yang’s young age, the Patriarch of the Mu family protects him like a treasure, and even his father regards him with a pleasant face.

After a long while, Mu Yan forced a smile: “It’s my fault. Today, on account of giving you face, I will not settle scores with him.”

After that, he beckoned for his dog followers to leave.

Since Lin Ziran heard the word ‘Young City Lord’, he guessed who came. He thought he would be beaten up today, who knew that Mu Yang would appear!

He raised his head slightly and saw the boy in front of him.

The young man was dressed in a blue gown with a silver ribbon around his waist. His dark hair was tied up high, his skin was as white as jade, and his lips were like red petals. His beautiful eyes contained the glow of thousand stars within them as he smiled at Lin Ziran. This smile was like the warm winter sun, instantly dispelling the night haze.

He bent down and stretched out his hand to Lin Ziran, and asked with concern: “Are you okay?

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  1. Avatar Batata Anisia says:

    Well well well, that’s the first harem member this time? ?
    Thanks for the update!!

  2. Avatar Edit says:

    “Therefore, he did not the man move his fingers slightly.” -> Therefore, he did not {see}* the man move his fingers slightly.

    1. Avatar 77 says:

      fixed, thanks!

  3. Avatar Seemanta says:

    Say, I’ve been thinking… LZ’s harem includes the gong, the shou and the villain. But this time, the villain seems to be his dad. So, is this gonna be incest in this arc? Though I believe the blind man is the ml, who’s the main villain then?

  4. Avatar ×_÷ says:

    I can just feel that this story will have some good drama ☻☻
    Thanks for the chapters!

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