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ALIC Chapter 21.2

Lin Ziran couldn’t help but fall into contemplation. The god Xuan Yan has been detached from the world for hundreds of thousands of years, and he is a God who had nothing to do with love! But in the end, he fell in love with Mu Yang, who was the incarnate in the reincarnation of his soul fragments. This person was actually a bit narcissistic…

Ahem, in a word, in this unparalleled relationship, the reason why the gong and shou can finally get married is the affectionate male support who worked hard and dedicated!

The male support, Li Ye, was also born in Chongzhou City, but unlike Muyang, who was born as the proud son of heaven, he was born in a branch of the Mu family. He is a bastard with an unknown father. He and his mother relied on each other and they were often subject to ridicule – It’s so miserable that he can’t be any more miserable. How can such a lowly person, who is so different from the god Xuanyan, like clouds and dirt, also have a supporting role that gave Xuanyan a headache in the later stage?

It is because Li Ye also had an extraordinary backstory!

His biological father is actually the demon Ye Liuyin. Ye Liuyin has never given up invading the Chiyan Immortal Realm. More than ten years ago, he forcibly broke a crack and sent an incarnation of himself to sneak into the Chiyan Immortal Realm, and raped Li Ye’s mother and forced her to give birth to his child.

Li Ye didn’t know his life story. He had known the cold eyes of the world since he was a child. He lived a humbler than the ants, had no hope for this world, and he didn’t know what warmth was…until Mu Yang appeared in front of him.

Mu Ying’s sunshine personality was kind and cheerful. His appearance was like a ray of light in Li Ye’s life, illuminating his dark world, allowing Li Ye to find the meaning of existence again. Li Ye greedily yearned for the beautiful life that Mu Yang brought to him… but he knew that his status was humble and he was not worthy of Mu Yang, so he never dared to let Mu Yang know his feelings.

For him, as long as he can watch and accompany this person, it is his biggest honour.

Li Ye was very inferior and sensitive, but Mu Yang never despised Li Ye’s birth, always regarding him as his best brother.

Later, when Li Ye accidentally revealed his identity and was put to death as a cultivator, Mu Yang even confronted his master Xuan Yan in order to save him. He rather be punished and help Li Ye run away. He was really a double-edged sword for his brother!

After Li Ye fled, he found his mother was tragically killed by the hands of his family. Wrecked by grief, he was bewitched by Ye Liuyin and entered the demon path, but even when he turned into a demon and saw the world as his enemy… Mu Yang never left him. He believed there was still good in his heart.

Later, Xuan Yan wanted to punish Li Ye, and Mu Yang also stood in front of Li Ye alone, not hesitating to turn his back on his beloved Master.

Although this relationship is not love, it is indeed a touching story of brotherhood.

Muyang had nothing to say to Li Ye.

[Lin Ziran: To sum up, he only sees me as a brother, but I want to sleep with him! ]


Li Ye and Xuanyan, only one could stay, and Muyang’s act of risking his life for Li Ye finally made Xuanyan realize his feelings for Muyang. It developed into jealousy. This was also an important turning point in their mentorship. .

Li Ye really contributed to the gong and shou’s emotional journey!

It’s a pity that Muyang’s love is not for Li Ye. Li Ye’s feelingscan only be buried deep in his heart. In the end, the devil Ye Liuyin’s conspiracy was revealed and Li Ye was reformed by Muyang again… in order to protect Muyang and the world he loves, he chose righteousness. He killed his own blood relative and perished with his father, Ye Liuyin!

He is a humble and tragic epitome of love.

[Ding, the world has been loaded. ]

Lin Ziran slowly opened his eyes.

He looked down at himself. He was wearing a gray, dirty, shabby, and patchy gown. The woven straw sandals on his feet even showed his toes. At the moment, the weather was a bit cold and he couldn’t help but wince. His toes were all curled up, and thought to himself, this beginning is a bit too miserable! Although he knew that Li Ye had a tragic background and was very pitiful when he was young, the level of poverty is beyond his imagination…

Lin Ziran looked at his hands, his hands were also black and dirty, and there was mud under his nails. At first glance, he was running and tumbling outside all day. His arms and legs were as thin as bamboo poles.

At this time, Li Ye was just an unknown bastard dog hated by everyone and anyone could insult him. He was also unable to practice the cultivation of the Chiyan Immortal Realm because of the blood of the devil. He was regarded as a natural useless vein. Everyone looked down on him.

In the last world, he was a rich and generous president, living a life of drunkenness and gold; this world has become a little pitiful, not having enough to eat and clothing, the gap is too big…

Random, this is too random!

[System: Are you finished? After reading it, I suggest you run now. ]

[Lin Ziran:? ]

A group of people were chasing. The leader was a young man in brocade clothes. The followers behind him were holding clubs and they all looked fierce.

The boy looked at him arrogantly and contemptuously, and said gloomily: “You little thief! I want to see where you can run to now!”

Lin Ziran: “…”

Although I don’t know what’s going on, I just need to run!

Lin Ziran turned his head and ran without hesitation!

Although he won’t feel pain, he doesn’t want to be beaten up by a few cannon fodder for no reason…

He quickly ran out of Chongzhou City, but it was empty outside, and there was no place to hide. Sooner or later, he would be caught in this way!

Lin Ziran glanced at him, and suddenly found a river not far from him. He ran to the other side and as a result, he stood by the river and sucked in a deep breath. The river was winding and turbulen. He didn’t dare to jump like this…

The young man in the brocade sneered while chasing behind him, shouting: “Now I see where you can run!”


Lin Ziran took a deep breath and jumped in!

The young man didn’t expect Lin Ziran to really dared to jump. Standing on the shore, he looked at him with uncertainty.

Fortunately, Lao Zi can swim. Lin Ziran was lucky enough to grab a piece of driftwood. He grinned before being washed away by the current, and raised a middle finger to the young man!

Regardless of whether you can understand it, your dad is so angry that I was forced to escape today!

The current was cold and rapid.

Lin Ziran didn’t have time to think about it when he jumped. He was quickly washed away from the city by the current. He gradually felt weak. It’s not a good idea to go on like this… He suddenly loosened his grip on the driftwood and climbed onto a slightly flat rock, took a deep breath, squatted, stood up, closed his eyes, and jumped!

Successfully landed!

Lin Ziran rolled on the ground and stood up.

There is damp soil under his feet, and a steep mountain wall in front of him, uh…Where is this? He couldn’t have just entered the game, escaped a severe beating, only to be trapped to death in the barren mountain without even seeing the protagonist…

In this case, he might really get a D…

Pooh, don’t be so depressing!

[Lin Ziran hesitated: Why do I feel that this world seems to be more difficult than before…]

[System: The game world is randomly selected, and the difficulty is different. It is also normal for it to be more difficult than before. ]

[Lin Ziran:…]

Lin Ziran’s shoes had been washed away, and he could only walk barefoot on the ground. Wherever he looked, it was uninhabited. Finally, he climbed up the hillside and came to a jungle. It was raining again.

Reality explained what is called a dilapidated house and nightly rain.

Although Li Ye will be the tyrannical young master of the demon world in the later stage, he is still the lowest level mortal who has no cultivation base as of now. Lin Ziran hunched his shoulders and shrank into a ball, tremblingly while jogging to find a place to shelter from the rain. Suddenly, he saw a cave in front of him, and hurriedly ripped the grass aside and walked in.

The cave was also full of weeds that were almost half a person tall. He sneezed a few times. Because he was in a hurry, his feet was caught by something and he fell to the ground with a dog-shit eating expression. Looking back, he almost screamed out of shock!

Ahhhhhhhhhh! It’s a dead person!

[System:…Player please calm down. ]

[Lin Ziran said angrily: You calm down and let me see! ]

[System: Not a dead person…]

Lin Ziran:?

Not dead?

It looked like a rotten corpse just now, but since the system has said so…

Lin Ziran pushed aside the grass and bent over and took a closer look:…

The man had gray and white hair mixed with dry grass, his face was stained and he couldn’t see clearly, he could only vaguely see the knife marks in his eyes, he was obviously blind. The clothes on my body are tattered and shabby. He didn’t know how long he had been lying here, and even exuded a pungent smell, so at first glance it looked like a rotting corpse…

Lin Ziran looked down at himself, then at the hapless person who tripped him. He finally found someone worse than himself!

Blame the pitiful.

Lin Ziran rarely felt a trace of sympathy. He pulled out the weeds to clear out a slightly cleaner patch of the ground, then dragged the man over, sighing quietly: “We’re all the same.”


He was hungry…

Sitting down at this moment, Lin Ziran realized that there was a rag bag tied around his waist, and though his shoes had been split, one was still there. He didn’t know what important thing made Li Ye treat it as a treasure… and opened it. .

Lin Ziran:…

Three cold and yellow steamed buns soaked in water. Even if he was so hungry, he didn’t really want to eat…

This child is really too miserable. Is this even a treasure to hide? Lin Ziran felt distressed thinking about it…

T/n: One more update coming for today. Happy post valentine’s day!

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