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ALIC Chapter 17.2


They took the plane back to City B. Zhao Mingze drove Lin Ziran home by himself. On the way, he said, “Lu Zhen, why don’t you move into my house.”

Lin Ziran was originally asleep, but when he heard Zhao Mingze’s words, he refused without hesitation: “No.”

Zhao Mingze stopped mentioning it and just drove quietly.

When he got home, it was late at night.

Lin Ziran smiled at Zhao Mingze and said, “You don’t need to go in, just stop here. It’s late, so you should go back and rest soon.”

Zhao Mingze nodded, his expression becoming more gentle. “Okay.”

However, when Lin Ziran left, a trace of unwillingness appeared in his eyes.

Lin Ziran got out of the car and yawned. He planned to get a good night’s sleep today and think through things tomorrow. He walked absent-mindedly, and suddenly saw a person standing at the door.

It was Lu Sui!

What’s more terrifying is that Lu Sui’s stubble had grown, and his eyes were red and bloody, as if he hadn’t rested in a long time. Those dark eyes looked like a lone wolf who could go crazy at any time in the night… Lin Ziran’s heart jumped and he subconsciously wanted to escape.

He suddenly remembered that Lu Sui seemed to have called him when he was on vacation. To express his disappointment with his smelly brother, he directly blocked Lu Sui’s phone number, and never saw it again.

Lin Ziran quickly took out his mobile phone, and there were hundreds of missed calls from Lu Sui in the blacklist!

He regretted letting Zhao Mingze leave first! qaq

But why is Lu Sui so angry? Hasn’t he succeeded? Could it be that something happened again?

[Lin Ziran’s voice trembled: System, can you call the police for me? ! Hurry, 110!]

[System: … Please calm down, don’t panic too much.]

Lin Ziran watched Lu Sui vigilantly, lest he suddenly drew a knife to die with him. After all, Lu Sui looked abnormalnow. He kept thinking about what Lu Sui had been stimulated by and watched Lu Sui came over…

Lin Ziran screamed: “Stop!”

But Lu Sui suddenly rushed over and hugged him tightly, as if he was going to break his waist with great strength. Then, the big man choked, “Brother…”

Lin Ziran: …?

Who is he, where is he, what happened?

Lu Sui held Lin Ziran tightly without letting go. His body trembled slightly.

After he left the cemetery that day, he was depressed for several days because he could not accept the fact, and then he started investigating everything that happened in the past. He hoped that the man had lied to him, and that everything was false…but in the end, all the facts and evidence from the year all proved that what the person said was true.

His mother didn’t die to save Lu Zhen, but was killed by mistake because of a disagreement with her colleagues.

His father concealed this fact and told him that his mother was killed by the gangster who kidnapped her. The father said this was actually because he was afraid that he could not accept this fact at the time. He was also afraid that this incident would cause him to be unable to lift his head up and was worried that he would suffer because of his mother…This is his father’s love and protection.

That taciturn man actually cared about him…

But he didn’t know and stubbornly believed that his mother died because of Lu Zhen. If she hadn’t had to pick up Lu Zhen from school, how could she have encountered something like that? Because of his ignorance, his father had become gradually disappointed in him…

And what about Lu Zhen? He obviously encountered such terrible things and such betrayal. He clearly suffered 10,000 times more than himself… But did not say anything, and even acquiesced to his unprovoked accusations against him and had to bear his misunderstanding for so many years. …

He only knew how to blindly accuse his father, accused Lu Zhen, accused them for not being good to him. He accused them of indifference and ruthlessness… but didn’t know how much they paid for him.

Especially Lu Zhen…

At that time, Lu Zhen was only fifteen years old. He was also afraid needed the care and love of others… But he would only blame him for not caring about himself, not understanding his pain, and never wanted to comfort him. …

He was too headstrong and ignorant.

But Lu Zhen did not blame him, nor did he get angry at him for his mother’s behavior. Instead, after he left the Lu family, he tried to contact him and convinced himself to go home. But not only did he not appreciate it… Instead, he thought it was Lu Zhen’s hypocrisy.

I took advantage of his goodness, his care, and his kindness to take away the company that should have belonged to him, but even so, Lu Zhen still did not reveal the truth back then, and still didn’t care about himself. He is really the best person to him in this world…

But because of hatred and unwillingness, I even hurt his beloved…

He must be truly disappointed in me.

He won’t even answer my phone now.

He must not want to see me anymore…

Regret stabbed Lu Sui like a knife. He couldn’t find Lu Zhen, so he just kept waiting here. He waited until he finally came home…

Sorry, I was wrong.

I thought I hated you, but I actually care about you too much. It turns out that I have never lost you… But I was just blinded by hatred, and pushed you away from me…

I actually really want to come back to you.

Lin Ziran calmed down.

He was no longer afraid.

He allowed Lu Sui to stay in his arms and even if Lu Sui hadn’t said a word, he felt that Lu Sui was not malicious. Because at this moment, Lu Sui, that is…the slightest trace of a scum gong’s demeanor in him was gone!

Completely like a helpless child.

Lin Ziran looked at his red eyes and almost wanted to say a man shouldn’t cry like this.

“If you have something to say, say it slowly.” Lin Ziran thought for a while and said.

Lu Sui listened to Lin Ziran’s soft voice, looked up and stared at this man’s face in a daze. The elegant and gentle face was the same as in the past. He neither pushed him mercilessly away nor told him to scram indifferently. Instead, he seemed to look at him with pity, and gently told him to say what he had to say slowly…

He is still so good.

Lu Sui felt even more pained and self-blame in his heart. All his unwillingness now seemed like a joke. The ugly clown grinned and trampled in his heart, as if telling him, look at this fool, you can’t even tell the difference between good and bad. Regretting it now?

Lu Sui’s voice was hoarse, he looked at Lin Ziran pleadingly, his lips trembled: “I’m sorry, brother, I know I was wrong, I’m sorry…you, can you forgive me once?”

Lin Ziran was really dumbfounded, why could he suddenly not recognise Lu Sui after a vacation? What did you do? Why did he come to beg for forgiveness so suddenly? ? ?

Did you get possessed?l!

Lin Ziran frowned and said solemnly: “What are you talking about, I don’t understand.”

Lu Sui smiled miserably: “Are you still refusing to tell me the truth? I already know, and I know everything that happened back then! I’m sorry for you… it’s all my mother’s fault…”

Lin Ziran: “…”

[Lin Ziran’s voice was a little uneasy: System, is there a data error? Why does Lu Sui seem to be ill, and his speech is unclear.]

[System: The data can’t go wrong.]

[Lin Ziran: Then how do you explain your current behavior?]

[System: The butterfly effect may be caused by the deviation of the plot, which unlocked the hidden plot. However, this situation is rare. Players are requested to react accordingly.]

[Lin Ziran:…]

Lin Ziran felt a headache as he didn’t understand what Lu Sui meant, and hesitated: “I really don’t know what you are talking about. Calm down and don’t be impulsive.”

Lu Sui’s hands trembled so hard, he looked at Lin Ziran sadly, why did he refuse to say anything until now? I obviously treat you so terribly…

The more Lin Ziran denied it, the sadder Lu Sui was.

The gentleness of this person is like a scorching sun shining into his heart, burning away his filthy and ugly heart… Telling him he isn’t worthy of forgiveness.

Not worthy of all this.

Not worthy of how good he treats you.

Lu Sui’s throat overflowed with laughter. He stared into Lin Ziran’s eyes with determination, and said with a pale face, “Okay, let me tell you what I’m talking about.”

“It wasn’t an accident that you were kidnapped back then. It was my mother who deliberately picked you up but leaked your information. The kidnappers kidnapped you. Not only did she kidnap you, she wanted to kill you…” Lu Sui’s throat was hoarse. The cruel facts that he never wanted to think about anymore came out of his own mouth word by word, like repeated torture: “If it wasn’t for the kidnapper who refused out of fear and quarreled with her, then killed her by mistake, she would have killed you… You knew all this, but didn’t tell me, allowing me misunderstand you…”

You are very good to me, but very cruel to me.

Allowing me to hurt you.

Lin Ziran was really stunned this time. He stared at Lu Sui in a daze then fell speechless.

There is no mention of this in this script!

Lu Sui’s feelings were sincere, not like he was teasing him. But this is not logical!

Although the script did not mention this matter, it is probably a hidden plot, but Lu Zhen’s guilt towards Lu Sui was included in the script. If the facts are as Lu Sui said, why should Lu Zhen feel guilty? He is obviously the victim?

Could it be that he felt guilty because he alienated Lu Sui? It also doesn’t seem so..

Lin Ziran couldn’t understand this.

But this seemed to explain Lu Sui’s behavior, and he could understand why Father Lu treated Lu Zhen so well. Father Lu not only sent Lu Sui away but also gave the company all to Lu Zhen, probably to make up to Lu Zhen. He felt terrible for his oldest son, the victim, for causing him to suffer such harm and misunderstanding.

What should I do now?

The sudden change caught Lin Ziran by surprise, and his thoughts were a mess. Should he admit it or not?

If he admitted it, judging from Lu Sui’s regretful appearance, won’t they go back to becoming good brothers? The plot will fall apart even more..Although the plot looks pretty bad right now…

If he didn’t admit it, will Lu Sui’s anguish cause him to do stupid things? It doesn’t matter if he does stupid things, just don’t involve me…

Lu Sui saw that Lin Ziran was silent and his expression was complicated. Recalling the slap and indifferent words Lin Ziran had given him before, he seemed to understand.

Lin Ziran was completely disappointed in him and didn’t want to care about him anymore. He didn’t want to forgive him, and would rather treat him as if he didn’t have this younger brother… so he didn’t want to bring up matters of the past.

He also remembered what Wen Yu said to him at the beginning. He said he would regret it, but unfortunately he didn’t listen.

Lin Ziran was silent for a while.

He thought that he had better not admit it. Although he won’t be able to predict Lu Sui’s reaction, he did not know about this incident. If he casually admitted it and Lu Su asked him more about what happened back then, he wouldn’t know. Wouldn’t it be full of loopholes? It’s better to continue to deny it and let Lu Sui’s brain come up with nonsense on his own.

And Lin Ziran always feels… things are not that simple…

He looked at Lu Sui with a faint expression, and said, “I really don’t understand what you are talking about, please go.”

As expected, Lu Sui said in a sad voice, “This is my home, where do you want me to go…” Do you really want me…

Lin Ziran didn’t dare to live under the roof with this unstable Lu Sui. He frowned and said, “This is my home and I believe you have a place to live.”

Lin Ziran was about to open the door and enter.

Lu Sui’s eyes turned redder. He looked at Lin Ziran’s back pass by him, just like at the entrance of the hospital last time… He didn’t even bother to look at him again. He was so disappointed in him, no longer caring for his apology.

But he still wants his forgiveness.

He broke his heart.

If he left this time, he would never see him again…

He will completely lose his brother.

Lu Sui suddenly grabbed the doorknob. His eyes were red and filled with pain: “Don’t drive me away…”

Lin Ziran opened the door, but did not move: “…”

Disobedient kids are a headache.

After Zhao Mingze watched Lin Ziran get out of the car, he thought for a while, turned around and drove back. He still had something to say to Lin Ziran.

Who knew that as soon as he approached Lin Ziran’s house, he saw Lu Sui reaching out to block the door, looking at Lin Ziran with red eyes… Zhao Mingze’s expression suddenly changed! It was too late to think about why Lu Sui appeared here and why he looked like this. Lest he hurt Lin Ziran, he strode over to grab Lu Sui’s arm, and said sharply, “What are you doing here?”

He stared coldly at Lu Sui’s eyes, his eyes full of threat and warning.

Don’t forget your deal with me, let alone try to interfere with Lin Ziran and I.

Lu Sui was pulled away by Zhao Mingze without warning. He looked back at Zhao Mingze’s cold face. After he recovered, his heart was even more painful… It turns out that Lin Ziran came back so late because he was with Zhao Mingze…

Zhao Mingze is a despicable liar. He actually lied to his brother.

But Lu Sui hated himself even more. He and Zhao Mingze colluded, and he sold his most important brother to this despicable man.

Lu Sui’s eyes were full of hatred. He looked at Zhao Mingze coldly and said without hesitation: “There will be no more cooperation between us.”

When Zhao Mingze heard this sentence, he suddenly felt something was wrong…

A sense of crisis suddenly emerged.

He saw Lu Sui turned his head and said to Lin Ziran, “Brother, this person has been lying to you, do you know?”

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