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ALIC Chapter 18.1

The sudden sense of crisis left Zhao Mingze uneasy for the first time. He looked at Lu Sui with extremely cold eyes, and his voice was low, “don’t talk nonsense.”

But how could Lu Sui allow himself to be threatened by Zhao Mingze? He remembered the things he had done, and just wanted to kill himself and Zhao Mingze. He would not allow anyone to cheat and hurt his brother again!

Lu Sui’s eyes were harsh as he sneered: “Am I talking nonsense? Shouldn’t you know?”

He shook off Zhao Mingze’s hand, took a deep breath, turned to Lin Ziran and said, “Brother, you really can’t believe this person! Do you still remember that day I said I won’t let Wen Yu off? After I left, he offered to cooperate with me to deal with Wen Yu…”

He was wrecked with pain and guilt, but afraid that Lin Ziran would not believe him, he continued to grit his teeth: “Although I wanted to attack Wen Yu, if he didn’t help me in secret, how could I force Wen Yu into a corner in such a short time by myself? It’s just that I’m in the light while he is in the dark. By the way… there is one more thing you definitely don’t know. The photo of me meeting Wen Yu in private was also sent by him!”

Lin Ziran was shocked. I know all these things… But why are you telling me all these so suddenly?!

Without giving me some buffer time.

Lin Ziran suddenly felt a headache. It was as if while he and Zhao Mingze were playing against each other and dealing expert blows… Lu Sui had rushed over and lifted the table.

He looked at Zhao Mingze, then at Lu Sui, his expression complicated…

Before he could figure out how to respond, Lu Sui spoke again.

Lu Sui looked at Lin Ziran sadly and blamed himself, “This person has been tricking you and Wen Yu is the one who really loves you.”

This sentence is like the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Lin Ziran finally couldn’t hold back the sadness in his heart, his eyes redden slightly.

Nowadays, even the protagonist has come to match the cannon fodder with the protagonist shou. Is he really so bad…Can you let me be a miserable man in peace? !

What happened to being the ruthless and unrighteous scum gong? You are trying to force me into a corner!

And when Lu Sui saw Lin Ziran’s grief, he blamed himself. If it weren’t for what he and Zhao Mingze did, how could his brother bear to break up with Wen Yu? He loves Wen Yu so much, and left only because he doesn’t want to see Wen Yu getting injured…

Lu Sui’s voice was hoarse: “I’m sorry, I…”

His voice choked and he could barely speak.

Zhao Mingze had been silent since Lu Sui said those words just now. He was enveloped in a heavy aura… He just watched Lin Ziran’s expressions warp from shock and surprise to sadness and disappointment… The blood in his body seemed to be a little bit cold.

The reason why Lu Sui did this was no longer important.

The important thing is that Lin Ziran no longer trusts him.

And this time, he’s afraid he won’t even have the qualifications to be his friend…

“Lu Zhen…” Zhao Mingze opened his lips slightly and spoke softly. He looked at the person in front of him.

If I said I did this… because I love you, would you forgive me?

Lu Sui was always paying attention to Zhao Mingze, he suddenly clenched his fists, and said with red eyes: “Brother, you can’t believe anything he says!”

Lin Ziran raised his hand and pressed his forehead. After a while, he raised his eyes and scanned Zhao Mingze with a cold and disappointed look. Now that Lu Sui had already made things clear, he would naturally not be able to stay with Zhao Mingze.

As for Lu Sui… Lin Ziran felt that his head hurt more.

He didn’t want to see either of them.

“I’m tired. All of you should leave.” Lin Ziran said coldly.

Lu Sui’s expression became even more sorrowful and pale, obviously depressed, and his whole body was almost covered in a gray cloud of despair visible to the naked eye.

Zhao Mingze stood upright, his gaze fell on him for an instant. Apart from his eyes that were as dark as an abyss, everything seemed to be wrapped in a sense of tranquility that came before the storm.

He was not going to leave.

Lin Ziran sighed, turned around and went directly into his house without even looking at the two of them.

Zhao Mingze stared at his back and was about to chase him, but as soon as he lifted his footsteps, Lu Sui suddenly stopped in front of him.

Unlike when facing Lin Ziran before, in front of Zhao Mingze, Lu Sui’s eyes were fierce like a wolf, and his voice was full of warning: “You better leave now.”

And when Lu Sui stopped Zhao Mingze, Lin Ziran already took advantage of the mechanism to close the door and shut the two of them outside together!

The heavy door separated them.

Zhao Mingze withdrew his gaze. He looked at Lu Sui coldly and the corners of his lips curled up: “It seems that Lu Zhen doesn’t want to forgive you, do you still want to go with me?”

Lu Sui’s fists cracked.

Zhao Mingze turned around suddenly.

He left without looking back.

When Lu Sui saw Zhao Mingze leave, he slowly looked back at the closed door, his expression lonely.


Lin Ziran rushed into the house and shut the door. Thinking that Lu Sui might have the key, he locked the door securely! Then he leaned against the wall and let out a sigh of relief. That was dangerous. Fortunately, the two of them started fighting each other. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to leave today…

He had to think about what to do.

Lin Ziran opened the system interface. He hadn’t read the script carefully for a long time. When such a thing has happened, he must earnestly read it without missing any details. This time, it really showed some clues.

Just as when he first arrived, he suspected that Lu’s father seemed to be too indifferent. Lu Sui was just a child at that time. Why did he treat him like that? At that time, he even had other guesses… Now it seems that Father Lu loves Lu Sui very much. Otherwise, there is no need to hide the truth for Lu Sui, but he should also love his eldest son, and should have been better to Lu Zhen later. Due to guilt and wanting to compensate him, he did not handle the relationship between the two brothers well, which led to a distance between the brothers.

This was all in the past.

The only thing that cannot be justified is the reason Lu Zhen felt guilty towards Lu Sui It seems that Lu Sui’s mother really died because of him.

Is there another hidden plot?

Lin Ziran shook his head in distress. Lu Sui must have made a complete investigation before he came here… Then what went wrong?

At this moment, he suddenly regretted not having Lu Zhen’s memory, otherwise he should be able to figure out the reason.

Lin Ziran stayed up late to review the script. It was three o’clock in the morning by the time he finished and he fell asleep without changing his clothes.

The next day, he woke up in a daze, ready to get some food for himself. When he saw the refrigerator was empty, he remembered that he hadn’t stock up on food because of his vacation.

Still need to go out…

Lin Ziran came to the door slowly, because he had the painful experience of being thrown down by Zhao Mingze last time, he first looked at the peephole carefully, hmm… Zhao Mingze and Lu Sui were not at the door.

He was still not at ease, turned on the security camera at home again, looked back and forth, and confirmed that no one was hiding nearby, then he went out with a sigh of relief.

He can hide for a day, but not forever.

When he returned home, he saw Lu Sui standing at the door.

Today, Lu Sui seems to be calmer. He was wearing a black suit, his beard finally shaved, but his face is still cold and his expression unpredictable. A little too silent, he stood there silently with a file bag.

Lin Ziran: …

Forget it, evasion is not the solution. As an excellent player, he had to face the problem!

Lu Sui looked at Lin Ziran, his jaw tight, his eyes a little nervous, and he was afraid that Lin Ziran would drive him away again. His knuckles turned white from holding the document bag.

Lin Ziran paused, seeming helpless, and finally sighed, “Come in.”

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