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ALIC Chapter 16.2

F***, is this villain going to kill me and then forge my suicide note to steal my property because I refused to fall for his trap?! Lin Ziran’s mind was instantly filled with a lot of crime films. He shivered with fright, but after a closer look, Zhao Mingze seemed to look a bit weird…

Zhao Mingze’s face was a little red, his eyes were hazy, and a strong scent of alcohol penetrated his nose.

Is he… drunk…

When did he come here?

Lin Ziran glanced around and saw several fallen empty wine bottles at the door of his house. Could this guy have spent the night at his doorstep? This person was outside the door while he only thought of playing games…

Don’t be like this, I’m scared.

Lin Ziran suddenly became a little nervous, he patted Zhao Mingze’s face, and cautiously asked: “What’s the matter with you? Are you okay?”

The man’s lips parted and he let out a low hum.

Lin Ziran wanted to push this guy away, but after thinking about it, this guy could be pretending to be drunk. If he went crazy, it would be dangerous. He couldn’t provoke the villain casually, so Lin Ziran pretended to be concerned, he grabbed Zhao Mingze’s arm and tried to drag him to the sofa.

But this bastard was really heavy after he got drunk. Even if he is a big man, it is hard to move. Zhao Mingze is not fat but he is tall, almost 1.9m…

What a pit! Lin Ziran lifted Zhao Mingze a little and was about to push him away… Suddenly, Zhao Mingze made a sound, grabbed Lin Ziran’s hands and pressed him down, then lowered his head and bit his neck!

Lin Ziran: “!”

He began to wonder if this guy wanted to use the same trick again.

While lost in thoughts, Zhao Mingze had already let go of him. He looked up again and met the pair of beautiful phoenix eyes which were as deep as ink, and sawe indistinguishable emotions within. He gently approached Lin Ziran’s face and kissed him gently. Then, he began to pull his clothes…

Lin Ziran: Stop!

He dragged and pushed and kicked, and finally got the drunkard off of him! Lin Ziran patted his clothes and stood aside, her expression morphing constantly. He was frightened on an empty stomach. He just wanted to step on this bastard’s face! But look at this face…Ah, he can’t bring himself to step down.

Look at this straight nose bridge, what if he breaks it…

Look at this beautiful chin, what if it becomes crooked…

Although he’s just a well-dressed beast, there’s nothing he could say against his appearance. He is really not willing to step on it.

Lin Ziran sighed faintly while he resigned himself to his fate, grabbed Zhao Mingze by the collar, and dragged him onto the sofa. As soon as he was about to leave, this guy reached out his hand and grabbed him. In a moment of panic, Lin Ziran fell on him! The tip of his nose slammed into the other man’s sturdy chest, and Lin Ziran almost burst into tears…Are you done?! The thought of eradicating evil for the people finally emerged in his mind…

Zhao Mingze hugged Lin Ziran’s waist tightly, his brows furrowed. With his eyes closed, he whispered in a dazed and pained voice, “Don’t go…”

Because Zhao Mingze hugged him too tight, the two were pressed against each other. Lin Ziran struggled to escape, and accidentally touched something…

His face turned red from the touch.

He lowered his head and glanced at the handsome face…

His anger disappeared miraculously, and the roots of his ears felt slightly hot.

[Lin Ziran hesitated and said: He loves me so much and got drunk for me, sitting outside alone all night, is it too cruel for me to drive him away?]

【system:……? ] Didn’t this player refuse to fall for such tricks yesterday, and said he was very ruthless? How did his attitude change so quickly…

[Lin Ziran was silent for a while: What if he wakes up and finds that we, cough, did something while drunk again… Should I take responsibility for him?]

【system:……? ?]

[Lin Ziran: What should I do? He has such a deep affection for me to the point of hurting himself. I seem to be a little moved…]

【system:……? ? ?]

This kind of gong was very steady…

Lin Ziran took a deep breath. Complicated emotions flashed across his eyes , as if he was engaged in a fierce psychological battle… His expression changed a few times, and finally, reason overcame impulse. He cruelly threw off Zhao Mingze’s hand.

The system came back to its senses. The player was probably moved by Zhao Mingze’s body, but he was a little surprised by Lin Ziran resigning himself to the act.

[System: Are you moved?]

[Lin Ziran was aggrieved: Yeah, don’t I seem touched? Do you think I just want him for his body? Am I such a superficial person?]


Although that’s what he said, it wasn’t suitable for him to do that now.

However, it was inevitable for him to feel a little something in his heart, and this person also became a little more pleasing to the eye than before. No matter what his purpose is, it is really not easy for him to go to such lengths to deploy such seduction and sacrifice himself..

Lin Ziran took a blanket to cover him, then sorted out his clothes and went out. He ate a full meal outside before he helped Zhao Mingze purchase a meal for takeaway.

More than two hours passed.

When he got home, Zhao Mingze was still lying on the sofa and seemed to have fallen asleep.

Lin Ziran didn’t have the patience to wait for him to wake up, otherwise the porridge would go cold. Wouldn’t his thoughtfulness be in vain? Re-ordering takeaway would be wasting money, so he reached out and slapped Zhao Mingze on the face.

Zhao Mingze frowned and woke up slowly, then looked at Lin Ziran blankly.

Seeing that he was finally able to wake up, Lin Ziran was very satisfied and said, “Drink some porridge to warm your stomach.”

Zhao Mingze stared at him blankly, with complicated eyes: “I… why am I here…”

Lin Ziran showed an expression of uneasiness. He paused and slightly pursed his thin lips: “You drank too much yesterday…”

Zhao Mingze shifted his sight and looked at the corner of Lin Ziran’s lips. He seemed to understand something and immediately showed a look of guilt: “I’m sorry…I was going to go home yesterday. I don’t know why I’m here.”

He spoke as he sat up on the sofa, lowered his eyes and said in a daze: “I should go back.”

Then he should at least drink the porridge before going back after he went through such difficulty to drag him back. Lin Ziran touched Zhao Mingze’s shoulders and said with a gentle but firm voice: “How can you go back like this? Eat something first. I’ll let someone send you back.”

Zhao Mingze did not move. He seemed to blame himself very much, “D… don’t you blame me?”

Oh, this is talking things through?

Lin Ziran sighed silently, turning away sheepishly: “You are just drunk.”

Zhao Mingze fixed his eyes on him for a long while, seemingly moved. He suddenly smiled, bowed his head and drank the porridge.

Lin Ziran stood on the side, gazing at Zhao Mingze’s side profile as he drank the porridge, feeling gratified like an old father… and had a bit of mixed feelings.

If Zhao Mingze asked him again, would he agree or not?

Would it be inappropriate to agree even if his heart was somewhere else?

However, Zhao Mingze didn’t really love him anyway.

He can also take the opportunity to draw a clear line between him and Wen Yu and let Wen Yu give up on himself sooner…

This is just purely mutually using each other!

Lin Ziran really admired Zhao Mingze’s acting skills, and couldn’t find a single ault. He suddenly had a strange idea. Why was Zhao Mingze always so desperate to stir trouble in the original plot? Why did he break Lu Zhen and Wen Yu up, and then why did he target Lu Sui again? Could it be because he liked Lu Zhen… But there is no such thing in the script. Did he unlock some hidden plot?

[Lin Ziran: System, do you think it is possible that Zhao Mingze really likes Lu Zhen?]

[System: I don’t know.]

[Lin Ziran caught the words: Why don’t you know? Shouldn’t it be don’t like? It was never mentioned in the script that he liked Lu Zhen.]

[The system’s answer was still unemotional: It didn’t mention if he liked him, but it also didn’t say he didn’t like him. I can’t make any judgments about content that is not in the script. This is a problem players should consider.]

[The system thought for a while and added another sentence: All character behavior trajectories in the game world are related to player operations. If there is an abnormal situation or deviated behavior from the script, players are required to find out the reasons by themselves.]

[Lin Ziran:…]

This means it’s my fault that Zhao Mingze is pretending to like me?

Zhao Mingze put down the bowl, raised his hand and touched his forehead. He was ill from the hangover, but still frowned and stood up.

It seems that he really drank a lot. He wasn’t even afraid of drinking himself to death while acting…truly a ruthless person.

Lin Ziran hurriedly helped him and said: “Don’t force yourself, I’ll call someone come to pick you up, you wait…”

He was going to call Zhao Mingze’s secretary.

Zhao Mingze stared at Lin Ziran’s face. Because he was so close, he could almost see the other person’s trembling eyelashes… His throat moved and his eyes were dark.

Lin Ziran lowered his head to support Zhao Mingze, so he did not see his expression, nor did he notice that the door behind him open…

Zhao Mingze seemed to be hit with dizziness and staggered, causing Lin Ziran to fall back. Lin Ziran suddenly staggered, watched as Zhao Mingze fell on the sofa. Afraid of hitting him, he quickly bent his knees so he was kneeling beside him and had one hand on the side of his neck to stabilize his body.

Lin Ziran took a deep breath. This position was too ambiguous, his nose almost touched Zhao Mingze’s forehead, as if he was going to do something to him…

At this moment, a cool voice came from behind. “It seems that I came at the wrong time.”

Lin Ziran’s body suddenly stiffened. He turned his head in astonishment and saw Wen Yu standing at the door, looking at him with an extremely indifferent gaze.

Lin Ziran:…

Damn it, he fell for it again!


Misunderstandings galore~

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