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ALIC Chapter 11.2

Sure enough!

Wen Yu’s face became cold, suddenly he thought of something. If the matter before wasn’t Lu Sui’s doing…

“You are the one who sent the photos.” Wen Yu spat.

Zhao Mingze smiled, not denying it.

He took precautions against Lu Sui, but didn’t expect the praying mantis to catch the cicada and the oriole! Wen Yu was furious, his expression turned cold and sarcastic, “We didn’t break up. Sorry to let you down.”

Zhao Mingze said lightly: “It’s just for the time being.”

Wen Yu looked at his uneasy and determined appearance, took a deep breath, smiled, and raised his eyebrows: “Has Mr. Zhao ever thought about it? If Lu Zhen knew that you did this, he will not continue to be friends with you.”

Zhao Mingze shrugged as if he didn’t care: “Are you going to tell him? It’s not gentlemanly to slander a friend behind his back for no reason. I think he might be even more angry with you.”

“Furthermore…” Zhao Mingze smiled faintly,: “I didn’t frame you, I only told him what you concealed from him. He has the right to know the truth.”

Wen Yu was furious and glared at Zhao Mingze coldly for a long while, but soon he calmed down. He gave a low laugh, and said meaningfully: “Of course I won’t say it, but there is one thing you should not forget; the one he loves is me.”

Zhao Mingze’s pupils shrank, the smile on his face finally disappeared, and the haze in his eyes ebbed away.

Lin Ziran was waiting around in the bathroom. Thinking of the scene that was like meeting Asura just now, his back felt cold. He didn’t want to go back…

[Lin Ziran hesitated: I always feel that Wen Yu doesn’t seem to like Zhao Mingze very much, is this my imagination…]

[System: En.]

[Lin Ziran: Why? Why doesn’t he like him? Zhao Mingze, as my friend, shouldn’t he also be a friend? Is it—]

[System: What is it?]

[Lin Ziran was a little nervous: Did he discover that Zhao Mingze and I had a one-night stand? But that’s impossible!]

Wait, why did the plot become like this? Why did he become the guilty one?!

Lin Ziran thought about it. If he drags it on, they will eventually come to find him, so he could only bite the bullet and return to his seats.

The two looked very normal, talking and laughing It almost seemed like nothing happened just now! Lin Ziran breathed a sigh of relief, he must be thinking too much…

After the meal, Zhao Mingze said that he had something to do and left first. Lin Ziran looked at Wen Yu and decided to slip away. “I’m going back to the company first.”

Unexpectedly, Wen Yu stood up and said, “I didn’t drive today. Can you give me a ride?”

Lin Ziran couldn’t refuse his request, so he personally drove him home.

Wen Yu looked at the person beside him.

Thinking of the conversation he had with Zhao Mingze just now, his heart was depressed and angry. Do you know what your so-called best friend did and what thoughts he has about you?

When the main characters can’t, the bystanders can see clearly. What you can’t see is clear as day to me.

But you didn’t notice it, and even let him appear by your side…

Lin Ziran stopped the car, turned his head and smiled: “We’re here…mm…”

Wen Yu abruptly leaned over, pressing Lin Ziran firmly against the chair with one hand, and lowered his head to cover his lips. The kiss was very forceful, carrying a hint of punishing taste.

Lin Ziran didn’t dare to move. He was hesitating whether he wanted to display a bit of aggressiveness when he remembered his last failure and froze again. If he didn’t do it properly and overestimated himself… It’s just that he was repeatedly forcefully kissed, how shameful!

Moreover, this person was a shou!

Too shameful qaq

Wen Yu held Lin Ziran’s chin. He rubbed his fingertips across the corners of his eyes, and stared into his eyes. Those eyes were a little dazed and confused. He obviously didn’t understand why he was angry, but he still submitted to him gently and obediently allowing him to kiss him.

It’s hard to get angry with him…

The darkness in Wen Yu’s eyes was slowly overcome with helplessness. Why was he angry? Lin Ziran didn’t know what Zhao Mingze was thinking, he merely regarded him as a friend.

“Sorry…I missed you too much recently…” Wen Yu said softly.

Lin Ziran said generously, “It’s fine.”

Wen Yu lowered his head and the tip of his nose touched the tip of Lin Ziran’s. He was silent for a while before speaking softly: “You and Zhao Mingze have always had a good relationship, have you ever thought…he might like you too?”

Lin Ziran thought how could this be possible? What the villain likes is my company. At most, he might like my body. In any case, it’s impossible for him to like me!

Lin Ziran shook his head and smiled: “Impossible… how can you think of this?”

Wen Yu fixedly looked into his eyes, a little reluctant, and asked, “I mean what if?”

Lin Ziran said without hesitation: “I only like you.”

Wen Yu looked at Lin Ziran and didn’t even think before saying this, as if liking him was only natural…he was amused for some reason, and the gloom in his heart gradually disappeared.

What was he worried about…

He cannot lose this person.

Wen Yu touched his forehead, his eyes deep and gentle: “Don’t forget what you said.” Then he got out of the car and left.

Lin Ziran: …wait, did I say something wrong?

[Lin Ziran: If I say that I don’t like him anymore, moved on to someone else and want to break up, will it be out of character…]

【System: Yes. 】

[Lin Ziran: Between my OOC and the demolition of CP, which one has more influence on the plot deviation?]

[System: I don’t know.]

[Lin Ziran said with grief: Why don’t you know, you are a system.]

[System: I am just an auxiliary system. The rating is calculated by the optical brain, and various factors need to be considered. I really don’t know. If the answer I give to you is incorrect, and in the end you did not achieve the desired result, would you complain to me? Do you think I lied to you?]

[Lin Ziran:…]

[System: Ha ha.]

Forget it, it’s okay to take one step at a time and find a way, right? As the saying goes, failure is the mother of success!


Lin Ziran returned to the company sadly, and was embarrassed to see Lu Sui every day. He felt as though he had robbed someone else’s wife.

The CP that has been crafted for a few months is about to disappear just like this. There is really nothing worse than this.

Originally, at this time, Sui Sui and Yu Yu would have gone through many exciting love dramas, what love and hatred entanglement, the roots of love are deep and unknowing…but now, they were like strangers.

The crisis the company faced passed, but Lin Ziran was more haggard.

Lin Ziran suddenly received a call from Dong Chen that day.

Chen Dong is an old man on the board of directors. Lu’s father invested in equity at the early stage of his business. He is second only to the Lu family and a very senior staff. Lu Zhen has always respectfully called him uncle and respected him very much.

Lin Ziran cheered up and asked, “Uncle Chen, what can you do with me?”

Chen Dong smiled heartily: “A lot of things have happened in the company recently, and many shareholders are concerned about the company’s recent situation, so I suggest holding a board meeting.”

It looked just like a regular meeting. Lin Ziran smiled and said, “Okay, I will arrange it.”

He hung up the phone. His eyes lit up, it seemed that he could finally retire!

This is the rare good news recently.

Unable to contain his excitement, Lin Ziran got up and rushed to Lu Sui’s office. He decided to go to him first.

He knocked on the door, then walked in and smiled at Lu Sui: “A meeting for the board of directors is being held tomorrow, you can join us!”

Lu Sui looked at Lin Ziran’s ignorance and couldn’t help but smile, “Okay, I will be there on time.”

Both of them were very satisfied with the result, so the scene was very harmonious.


Lin Ziran came to the company early the next day. Although he knew that this would be the last time holding this meeting as the president, he still carefully prepared various materials and did a full report of performances.

The members of the board of directors came up one by one, greeted Lin Ziran and took their seats. The meeting room was full of chatter, no sign of a storm coming.

Dong Chen was the last to arrive. Lin Ziran got up to greet him when he saw him from a distance, “Uncle Chen.” He had a respectful expression, but in his heart he cursed the old fox who had seen good fortune.

Dong Chen waved his hand with a smile, looked at Lin Ziran kindly, and said, “Mr. Lu is getting more and more mature.”

Lin Ziran smiled politely: “You are too polite.”

The meeting could be held when everyone arrived. First, Lin Ziran introduced Lu Sui was a new member of the board of directors. Everyone welcomed him. Then he began to talk about the company’s recent performance, development plans, and reports on previous emergencies. From time to time, he answered questions raised by other directors.

It looks no different from before, and the atmosphere is very harmonious.

After more than an hour, Lin Ziran was about to announce the end of the meeting. Chen Dong, who had been smiling and silent before, suddenly spoke, “I have another matter.”

Lin Ziran smiled politely: “Say.”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, and after their surroundings became quiet, he slowly said: “I propose to appoint Lu Sui as the company’s new chairman and CEO.”

Lin Ziran looked at him in shock, as if thinking that he had misheard.

This is not the topic of this meeting at all but he said something like this so abruptly, without any signs before, deliberately catching him off guard.

Lin Ziran’s expression slowly sank, “What did you say?”

“I propose to appoint Lu Sui as the company’s new chairman and executive president.” Dong Chen repeated his tone clearly, still looking at Lin Ziran with warm eyes, and said: “The efforts of President Lu in the past few years are obvious to all. But the company’s performance has not grown as expected for several years in a row. It is also true that we think Mr. Lu is still too conservative and may not be able to meet our expectations. Moreover, Lu Sui’s performance during this period is obvious to all. This proposal is also for the future of the company.”

“It just so happens that everyone is here today, why don’t we just vote now?” Chen Dong laughed.

One after another agreed, and the other directors also smiled: “I agree.”

“I think we can.”

“So be it.”

“Yes, everyone is very busy. It is not easy to hold another meeting.”

There are also a few people who opposed or did not express their opinions, but it was obviously not enough to reverse the situation.

Lin Ziran finally recovered, and his gaze slowly shifted from Chen Dong to Lu Sui, who was always quiet beside him. Not surprisingly, he met a pair of cold eyes.

He seemed to understand something instantly and his face paled.

“Then those who agree will raise their hands.” Chen Dong smiled.

The hands were quickly raised, and the secretary recorded next to him was at a loss because the number of voters was obviously more than half.

It’s a foregone conclusion.

Lin Ziran sat there motionless, watching the other directors talk and laugh as they pulled him down. This was obviously a premeditated action, and he is the only one who is kept in the dark.

Before leaving, Chen Dong smiled at him, “All these years, even if Mr. Lu has no credit he has still worked. Now It’s time to have a rest. Why don’t you go out and relax?”

Lin Ziran looked at him. This man has worked with his father for many years, and he has always respected him, but businessmen are all about profits. He didn’t know what Lu Sui promised him. He said coldly: “I don’t need your concern.”

Chen Dong smiled and left.

The secretary slipped away with the notebook, wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, and so the company underwent a huge change.

Only Lin Ziran and Lu Sui remained in the meeting room.

He seemed to have used a lot of effort before he said to Lu Sui in a voice that carried disappointment and sadness: “Why?”

Lu Sui looked at Lin Ziran’s confused and sad expression, but his heart was filled with unprecedented pleasure. He stood up, looked at this man condescendingly, and said with a smile: “Why? Do you really not know?”

Lin Ziran’s face was pale.

Lu Sui leaned over and approached him with undisguised hatred in his eyes. He said word by word: “If you really want to know, then I’ll tell you. I’ve had enough of you.”

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