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ALIC Chapter 11.1

Inside the file bag was the equity transfer letter.

Lu Zhen owns 50% of the company’s shares, which was left to him by Lu’s father back then, but he knew that his father still had Lu Sui in his heart. He believed that he was just a custodian, and would take 25% of it when Lu Sui returned. The shares were transferred to Lu Sui, but Lu Zhen did not know that this would only catalyze his defeat.

From Lin Ziran’s point of view, if it were not for fear of giving too much to Lu Sui, he would have liked to give the entire company to Lu Sui and happily go off by himself.

But from Lu Zhen’s point of view, it was a great decision. He truly regarded Lu Sui as his younger brother.

Lin Ziran has no way of knowing Lu Zhen’s true thoughts, but he guessed that Lu Zhen believed that Lu Sui’s mother’s death was his fault. After all, the purpose of the criminals was to kidnap him, and Xu Lanna was implicated when picking him up from school. In addition, because of his parents’ disregard and unfairness towards Lu Sui, he always felt that he owed Lu Sui and had to make up for it… But Lin Ziran believed that Lu Zhen was good to Lu Sui. In the end, he is a good brother, otherwise, why would he have done all this?

It’s a pity that Lu Sui couldn’t understand it now.

He missed the best period of enlightenment… Only resentment remained in this child’s heart.

Lin Ziran saw Lu Sui’s dazed expression, and slowly said: “In fact, when you first came back, I wanted to give you these, but I didn’t know how to bring it up, so I waited until today.”

Lu Sui’s eyelashes trembled as he held onto the edge of the document tightly for a long time, “Why?”

Lin Ziran smiled as he should, “Because you are my brother, these should belong to you.”

Lu Sui seemed to think of something unhappy, his lower jaw was taut, and he only said one word: “These are what father left for you.”

Lin Ziran sighed: “Before father died, he kept asking me if you were back. Actually… he was thinking of you in his heart, but he didn’t know how to express it. I believe this is what he meant. If he can see this today, he will definitely be happy for us…”

Is that so? He cares about me? Don’t lie to me!

If he cares, why did he send me away?! And you, don’t use such hypocritical concern to say such things… I didn’t really blame you at the time, I just couldn’t accept the fact that I was scared, I was helpless… I asked you where’s my mother, why didn’t she come back with you?

I just want you to comfort me and say… You still have me, you are back, and you are still with me.

Don’t be afraid.

But why did you avoid me, why did you push away my hand, why didn’t you dare to face me, why did you watch as father sent me away?

Why didn’t you go find me?

You never really had me in your heart.

An indistinct sneer appeared on Lu Sui’s lips, and hostility reappeared in his eyes. He just wanted to throw this thing at this person’s face, say that he didn’t care for these things, this is not what he really wants…

But he didn’t do this. Instead, he endured it. he had stopped his impulsive all these years.

My brother.

I want to see how you regret your pain, instead of being a sorrowful loser forever, looking up at you who are perfect and perfect, waiting for you to give me some mercy when you think of it, but I only have the qualifications to be grateful…

Lu Sui put the documents away and raised his hand to hug Lin Ziran lightly. He restrained the coldness of his eyes, and said in a low voice, “Thank you, brother.”

Seeing that he finally accepted it, Lin Ziran heaved a sigh of relief and said happily, “Why are you being polite with me?”

Silly boy, daddy really loves you. You take this plotline the most seriously.

His only regret is that the emotional plot has deviated. He doesn’t know if it can be saved. Should I find a chance to help Wen Yu increase his sense of existence? Although Wen Yu doesn’t like you, do you like Wen Yu?

Lin Ziran’s eyes moved slightly when he thought of this, and he showed hesitation, looking at Lu Sui with embarrassment.

Lu Sui noticed, but he didn’t react. He wanted to see what Lin Ziran could say.

Lin Ziran hesitated for a while, avoiding Lu Sui’s sight, and slowly speaking uncomfortably: “Oh right, I planned to propose to Wen Yu, you… you will give us your blessing, right?”

The corner of Lu Sui’s lips raised, and he looked at Lin Ziran with a smile.

I thought you all forgot about it, so you still remember…

You refuse to give him to me but also refuse to say it directly. While being pretentiously nice to me, you are also trying to remind me to stay away from Wen Yu. You are really hypocritical as always.

Lu Sui smiled slightly, his eyes gloomy: “Of course.”

As you wish.

I will “bless” you.


After Lin Ziran gave his birthday present, he awaited his retirement. Soon there would be no need for such daily overtime meetings. Why did he need to work so hard to play this game? He wants to sleep until he wakes up naturally.

Since Wen Yu left that day, he began to avoid him. He no longer came to Lin Ziran’s house, so as not to accidentally run into Lu Sui. He was speechless at Wen Yu’s avoidance and couldn’t even find a way to create opportunities for the two to meet.

During this time, Lin Ziran and Wen Yu both met outside.

But in fact, Lin Ziran would rather not see him. Since they were not following the plot, why did he meet up with the protagonist’s people all day long… If you are chasing an idol, you can chase them from home(on the computer). There is no need to meet up all the time. He is not a Sasaeng(obsessive) fan… More importantly, if they continue like this, what will happen to the plot? Can the task be completed?

So Lin Ziran began to think of ways to decline, such as working overtime, meetings, business trips…

But procrastination is not a long-term solution. After more than a week, Lin Ziran dropped his guard and was stopped by Wen Yu who was waiting downstairs at the company. He could only have a date with Wen Yu for dinner.

It didn’t take long for the two to sit in the hotel.

Wen Yu took off his sunglasses, looked at him meaningfully, and said, “You have been very busy these days.”

Lin Ziran coughed, “Yes, there are many things in the company recently.”

Wen Yu pursed his lips and said nothing. Although Lin Ziran didn’t say anything, he felt that he was avoiding himself… So, even if he believed him, was it because Lu Sui had a grudge against him? Or maybe he hasn’t figured out how to face it, otherwise, why would he avoid him?

In fact, he was also very busy, but he turned down a lot of work for Lin Ziran, because he felt that if he left like this, their relationship might really be over.

He didn’t know why he had such thoughts, but his instincts were always accurate.

The person who was always asking, always waiting, and always looking was Lu Zhen… Now that he replaced him, he understood this feeling of suffering.

I understand why I refuse to leave like this.

Because he didn’t want to lose this person. It was the first time that Wen Yu understood his feelings so clearly.

Lin Ziran looked at this somewhat silent atmosphere, feeling uncomfortable, and cautiously said: “By the way, have you been busy lately?”

Doesn’t Wen Yu have a new movie to film? Why did it feel like he has been idle lately…

What? Do you want me to be busy?

Wen Yu tapped his fingers on the table lightly, looked up, and smiled faintly: “I’m not busy, I’m going to give myself a break for a while.”

Lin Ziran: “…”

Wen Yu leaned forward and approached Lin Ziran, jokingly raised the corners of his lips: “What? Now that I have time to spend more time with you, are you unhappy?”

“No, of course not…” Lin Ziran almost bit his tongue and chuckled dryly: “The reason is that I’m too busy lately, I’m afraid I might neglect you…”

Really? A question bubbled in his throat, but he swallowed it after all, because he was not sure if he could get the answer he wanted by asking this.

Wen Yu was silent for a moment, and slowly smiled: “The weather has been just right recently. Shall we go to the beach for a holiday? You used to…”

“Lu Zhen? You are here too?” Zhao Mingze’s slightly smiling voice sounded. He seemed to have seen the two of them unexpectedly, and then said, “I haven’t eaten either. Do you mind if I joined?”

Lin Ziran was very nervous when he heard Wen Yu’s proposal. Before he could think of a way to refuse, he saw Zhao Mingze come uninvited. He sighed in relief and said with a smile: “Of course I don’t mind.”

After speaking, he asked the waiter to add two dishes, which made the atmosphere less embarrassing.

So close!

Wen Yu looked at Zhao Mingze coldly, their eyes clashing.

Lin Ziran felt that Wen Yu’s gaze was a bit cold, and Zhao Mingze’s gaze was burning, quite a bit like the duality of ice and fire, so he simply looked away, and smiled enthusiastically: “Eat up. Well, I still have something on this afternoon.”

I won’t be polite! I’m eating first, you guys eat if you want.

Zhao Mingze was quite at ease. He picked up his chopsticks and started eating. There was still time to glance at Wen Yu, and smiled: “Why don’t you eat? We’re all friends, you don’t have to be polite.”

Wen Yu sneered, who is your friend?

But when he turned around and saw Lin Ziran happily eating, he felt suffocated, only showing a helpless expression.

“Why did Mr. Zhao happen to be here today?” Wen Yu said casually.

Zhao Mingze smiled slightly: “I have known Lu Zhen for more than ten years. We often make appointments for dinner here. It’s not strange to run into each other occasionally.”

Wen Yu squeezed his chopsticks tightly, his tone of voice was slightly cold: “Really.”

Those two words fell into Lin Ziran’s ears, and he choked with fright. He bowed his head, coughed, and reached out to grab his glass. As soon as he reached out, a glass of water was stuffed into his hand.

Zhao Mingze laughed softly: “Be careful.”

Wen Yu took his hand off the water cup, and then slowly put it down. Just now the distance was too far and he was one step late. Zhao Mingze had already passed him the water cup.

Lin Ziran calmed down after drinking a few sips of water. With a glance, he realized that what he had just drunk was Zhao Mingze’s water. He glanced at Wen Yu’s cold expression, and suddenly felt like he was sitting on pins and needles. Did he do something wrong just now…

I thought that when Zhao Mingze came, he could help relieve the atmosphere, but how could it be even more awkward?

Lin Ziran stood up and said with a smile, “I need to go to the bathroom.”


[Lin Ziran explained to the system as he walked: I am not scared, I am leaving for a while to give them some time to calm down.]

As soon as Lin Ziran left, they really calmed down.

Wen Yu squinted his eyes. In fact, the last time he saw Zhao Mingze at Lin Ziran’s house, he instinctively disliked this person. Later, he thought about it. This is probably because he feels threatened by this person. Zhao Mingze’s thoughts on Lin Ziran are not simple.

But then Lin Ziran explained that Zhao Mingze was just a friend, and obviously had no other thoughts about Zhao Mingze…

If it’s not that he guessed wrong, it means this person is hiding too well.

Wen Yu looked at Zhao Mingze, with a thoughtful look, and slowly said, “Is it really just a coincidence for Mr. Zhao today?”

Zhao Mingze looked at him with a smile and said, “Of course not.”

Wen Yu’s eyes changed sharply.

“Can’t you tell?” Zhao Mingze made no secret of it, his eyes were cold and sharp, and he smiled: “I like him.”

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