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ALIC Chapter 10.2

Zhao Mingze frowned: “It’s too oily, wipe your mouth.”

Lin Ziran: “…”

Saying that, Zhao Mingze stood up, wiped his hand with a tissue, and smiled confidently: “Then I’ll go first. Don’t work too hard, there will always be a solution.”

Then he left like a fleeting cloud

Lin Ziran looked at Zhao Mingze’s back with a complicated expression. He was silent for a moment, took out a tissue and wiped his mouth carefully. Where is the oil? Obviously, it was only a little bit!

[Lin Ziran: There is a crack in my president persona!]

[System: Oh.]


A few days later, things started to turn around for the company.

Thanks to Lu Sui’s efforts in public relations, public opinion on the Internet was quickly under control, and the company’s projects resumed… These were already within Lin Ziran’s expectations, so there was no surprise.

He knew that this was what Lu Sui wanted him to see, and it was also what Lu Sui wanted the other shareholders to see.

At least on the surface, this was a touching story of brothers working together to overcome challenges.

Lin Ziran was moved, touched that Lu Sui was still willing to take the plot seriously.

In view of Lu Sui’s cooperation, Lin Ziran was also filled with confidence for the subsequent plot! As long as they cooperate, there will be no difficulties they can’t overcome!

Next week is Lu Sui’s 26th birthday. It has been nearly two months since he returned to China. I need to celebrate Lu Sui’s birthday and prepare a special birthday gift for him~

A week later.

Sitting in the office alone, Lu Sui gently turned the pen in his hand. His eyes were cold and indifferent.

In the past few months, he had already figured out the company’s operations. All departments have their own staff and privately acquired a part of the company’s shares. He has also spoken to several people among the board of directors who were dissatisfied with Lu Zhen.

Everything went smoothly.

It’s just that Lu Zhen held half of the shares in his hand, and he has made no major mistakes. It is difficult to shake his position.

When his father was dying, he left everything to Lu Zhen. He didn’t mind, really… he never had any expectations for that man. He never thought of asking him for anything, so he will not be disappointed. He did not even come back when he died.

At that time, he wanted to draw a clear line between them, so he left alone.

But why did he come back in the end?

Lu Sui’s face was tense.

Right…Today is my birthday.

But he hasn’t celebrated his birthday for many years. After his mother passed away, no one remembered his birthday again. The older brother who used to help him celebrate his birthday was gone… He is like a person suddenly forgotten by the world.

Obviously some people are still there, but there is no difference with not being there.

Lu Sui’s lips curled into a sarcastic arc and he slowly stood up.

When he got home, it was already past seven in the evening.

The house was deserted, and there seemed to be no one. Lu Sui looked around and decided to go upstairs.

At this time, the light in the kitchen suddenly turned on. He subconsciously looked over. Lin Ziran walked over with a little crude cake in both hands, and a soft smile: “Happy birthday, Xiao Sui.”

Lu Sui’s gaze slowly moved down, falling on the cake in the man’s hand. His eyes narrowed, as if he stung by something.

You actually remembered…

Lin Ziran smiled and looked at Lu Sui.

Xiao Lu, who had just come to the Lu family back then, was somewhat introverted and withdrawn. He was an illegitimate child. Even if he followed his mother who married in, his background was not very glorious. His mother always told him to be obedient, don’t be stubborn, don’t be noisy, don’t steal Lu Zhen’s limelight…

Lu Zhen was also relatively distant from him at the beginning. He did not reject this younger brother, but he did not like it. The person who was wrong was his father, not this child. He was older than him, so he was always more tolerant.

And this child had no sense of existence in the Lu family.

It was by accident he discovered Lu Sui’s birthday. Xu Lanna had always been a responsible person since she married into the Lu family. She was better to Lu Zhen than to her son. She will take Lu Zhen’s birthday seriously, and be very warm to Lu Zhen… Playing her role as a stepmother to this extent left no room for gossip. But for her biological son Lu Sui’s birthday, she just bought him a gift and left him to play alone, but Lu Sui wanted a birthday cake…

Lu Zhen was sitting on the balcony on the second floor reading a book, and unexpectedly heard the commotion downstairs. Xiao Lu was crying to Xu Lanna for a birthday cake and even threw the present. Even if he was sensible and well-behaved on normal days, he was just a child. … But Xu Lanna was busy helping Lu Zhen prepare his clothes for the start of school, and she had to go to the banquet with Father Lu. She didn’t have time to pay attention to Lu Sui, and reprimanded him to be more sensible to not always cause her to worry.

Lu Zhen looked at the boy who was left alone, and suddenly felt that he was actually as lonely as himself. That day, he inexplicably walked down and held the boy’s hand, “Let brother make a cake for you?”

Lu Zhen’s cakes weren’t very good, and can even be called failure, but Lu Sui was happy to eat them all that day. After eating, he was a little nervous. If his mother knew that he was causing Lu Zhen trouble like this, she might blame him again.

Lu Zhen struck a deal: This is our secret, no one will know it.

Lin Ziran thought of this plot and was silent. In the end, it was this little secret that allowed Lu Zhen and Lu Sui to grow closer, and not just be strangers living under the same roof.

Or maybe…they were just two lonely people wanting to warm up to each other.

To Lu Zhen at that time, Lu Sui was a very important person, but wasn’t it also the case for Lu Sui?

Lin Ziran smiled at Lu Sui: “It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, I hope you don’t disdain it.”

Lu Sui slowly clenched his hand on his side, and said with a low smile: “You have never done it properly. I’m the only one who won’t disdain it.”

Because of this, Lin Ziran also seemed to recall some things from the past, his eyes softened involuntarily. He put the cake on the table and said, “Do you want to make a birthday wish?”

Lu Sui smiled slightly, “Okay.”

He bowed his head slightly and blew out the candle.

Lu Sui closed his eyes and remembered what happened many years ago.

He was only eight years old the year he came to the Lu family. Before he turned eight, he never knew he had a father, until one day, his mother took him to a very large and luxurious house, where he met his father and brother.

At first, he was happy. He thought that he finally had a family and could live the same life as other children. He had a father who loved him and an older brother who would play with him. But soon, facts told him that this was not the case. His mother always told him to be well-behaved, obedient, and sensible… Don’t make his father and brother upset, let alone steal the attention from his brother. If he makes a mistake, his mother will reprimand him, his father was indifferent while his elder brother and him are strangers. Others always look at him with strange eyes, as if he is a person who shouldn’t exist, a disgusting existence…

At that place, his mother circled around his father and his brother every day, leaving the best things to his brother. This house is really big and spacious, but he felt that there is no room for himself compared to the small house from before. At that place, even the mother who once only cared about him left to love another person, and there was less and less time left for him.

He seems to have lost even more.

And he was never needed.

He didn’t like that place, and he never thought about snatching anything from his brother. He wanted to leave this home. He would rather he never came here.

This idea became more and more intense on the first birthday he spent after he came to the Lu family. Just when he was dying to escape, the brother who was always alienated and indifferent suddenly appeared in front of him. He took his hand and said, Let brother make you a cake?

What do you want?

Do you like sweeter or less sweet?

The teenager looked at him with a smile. In fact, he was not much older than him, but he appeared to be much more mature and sensible. He had always envied his brother, envied him for being loved by everyone, envied him for being so good, envied him for being born different from himself. Why is he so nice and gentle…so that I can’t hate him. I just hate myself for being so humble, and unqualified to be close to him.

The cake did not taste very good, but he was very happy to eat it. It was better than any he had eaten before. The two secretly messed up the kitchen, and then agreed that no one would know what they had done.

Since that day, his brother will often come to see him, take him out to play from time to time, give him his own toys, and even when others bully him, he would not hesitate to say: this is my brother…

At that time, he really felt that it was great to have an older brother, he could do nothing, as long as he could stay by his side like this.

Until that incident.

If he really has a wish, he hopes that time can stop fourteen years ago.

But it is impossible.

The beauty of short-lived illusion is not worth mentioning in the face of cruel reality.

Lu Sui opened his eyes. It has been a long time since he recalled the past, because he didn’t want his resolve to be shaken, and didn’t want to forget how this person had pushed him away in the end.

Actually you don’t need to pretend to be nice to me, because you don’t really care about me.

Lin Ziran saw Lu Sui blowing out the candles, and was a little curious about what the bear kid had wished for, but that didn’t matter… He took out the birthday present he had prepared, smiled at him, and said, “This is my birthday to you.”

It is a simple file bag.

Lu Sui took it carelessly, opened it, and looked up at Lin Ziran in disbelief.

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