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ALIC Chapter 10.1

Lin Ziran pretended to leave Zhao Mingze’s house angrily, but kept pondering over what to do next as he walked.

There are actually two main plots in this mission world. One is the relationship between Wen Yu and Lu Sui, and the other is Lu Sui’s revenge against Lu Zhen.

The relationship route is now stagnant, but the revenge can actually be carried on. From Zhao Mingze’s words, it can be seen that the reason Lu Sui has been entangled with Wen Yu was because he has not given up his revenge. As long as he continues to follow the plot, allowing Lu Sui to successfully take his revenge, the deviated plot can still be saved!

Thinking of this, Lin Ziran finally rekindled his fighting spirit.


Lu Sui quickly returned from his business trip. He remembered that Wen Yu had called him. He was a little curious about how Lin Ziran would face him. He didn’t know what excuse Wen Yu had given this time.

Lin Ziran glanced at Lu Sui, but did not intend to explain the matter now. According to the original plot, Wen Yu had already proposed to break up at this time, while Lu Zhen begged Wen Yu to reconcil. He feigned ignorance in front of Lu Sui. What and acted very humble… don’t even talk about breaking up, he hasn’t even broken up with Wen Yu until now, so there is no reason to mention it in front of Lu Sui. Wouldn’t it leave Lu Sui no way out?

Don’t expose him even if he’s realised it. At least they can save face for each other.

Lin Ziran thoughtfully said to Lu Sui: “You have been working hard these days. If you have any difficulties, you must tell me.”

Lu Sui looked into Lin Ziran’s gentle and caring eyes. It felt a little strange. He didn’t know what excuse Wen Yu made up for Lin Ziran to be so calm and looking like nothing happened. You can even endure me…

Hypocritical as always.

Lu Sui smiled: “I’m fine.”

He silently cursed that Wen Yu is a hard bone to chew. Might as well forget it for the time being. But… his purpose for coming back this time was not Wen Yu.


Lin Ziran has resumed his life as a two-point president. Although having Lu Sui share his workload made things a lot easier, as well as burdening Lu Sui in the name of ‘valuing his skills’… his days are still a bit boring. After watching Wen Yu’s dramas, Lin Zi started watching other dramas to pass the time.

[two-point: refers to someone who shuttles only back and forth between two places e.g. home and work → no where else]

Day passed. One day, Lin Ziran swiped his phone and suddenly ate his own melons. Someone secretly took pictures of his hotel chains, pointing out that his hotels had sanitary problems, and there was also a wave of hidden pictures showing improper management… This incident caused an uproar. It was forwarded by several influencers, and was immediately pushed to the forefront of the storm. The company’s stock price plummeted that very day!

[t/n: eating own melons refer to hearing gossip about themselves.]

Lin Ziran immediately became energetic. He knew the plot. In fact, it was designed by Lu Sui. In order to suppress Lu Zhen and seize control of the company, he did not hesitate to use such despicable means to discredit the company.

Lu Sui had already secretly enlisted other shareholders of the company, and coupled with the stocks he acquired privately, he already had a lot of power in the company But at this time, Lu Zhen was unprepared and thrown into panic by the sudden public relations crisis. Depressed, he even took the initiative to hand this matter over to Lu Sui to deal with. He trusted Lu Sui extremely well.

Lin Ziran immediately dialed Lu Sui’s phone and called him to his office.

Lu Sui came over quickly, “Brother, do you need something?”

Lin Ziran thought: you are really a bad boy. But he wore a worried expression on his face, and said, “Have you seen the news on the Internet?” Then he passed his phone over.

Lu Sui looked at it and his expression also turned ugly.

Lin Ziran frowned: “We must respond quickly. Can I trust you to handle this matter?”

Lu Sui replied, “Don’t worry, I will take care of it.”

Lin Ziran watched him say this, and smiled with satisfaction: “It’s really great that you came back.”

Lu Sui lifted the corners of his lips and smiled, “Even if I’m not here, I trust my brother can handle this little thing. Helping you is my duty.”

Lin Ziran showed a moved expression.

After he handed over the work to Lu Sui, he sent Lu Sui away. He turned on the computer and continued to read the news online.

This is just the beginning.


Lu Sui has not been idle in foreign countries in recent years. Not only has he gotten to know a lot of contacts, but his contacts in China has never been disrupted. The book does not specify exactly how Lu Sui did it, but he certainly has some skills. Otherwise, it would not make Lu Zhen so frustrated.

After facing this public relations crisis, the company’s new hotel project approval also soon encountered problems, resulting in delays in the original construction period and incurring economic losses with every passing day.

This topic was still blowing up on the internet. Although the company quickly issued a rectification statement, not many people believed it, and their rival company was happy to watch them fall into trouble. At one point in time, everyone was cursing.

In addition, in recent years, the company’s restructuring has not been managed properly, and encountererd many problems. This year’s performance is not satisfactory. It even considered selling some hotels with unsatisfactory performance. With the help of Lu Sui, the board of directors quickly expressed their dissatisfaction towards Lin Ziran.

Lin Ziran didn’t take these things to heart, ignoring their words. It wasn’t his problem even if the company went bankrupt. What’s more, it was Lu Sui who did it. How else could he dismiss Lu Zhen? After getting rid of Lu Zhen, Lu Sui naturally had a way to stabilize the situation, and the problem was only temporary.

Although he didn’t agree with him in his heart, Lu Zhen always regarded the company as his own work. After inheriting it from his father, he worked hard for several years. At this moment, he had to pretend to be distressed and work hard.

So Lin Ziran started working overtime again…

The president’s office is still brightly lit in the middle of the night.

Lin Ziran watched his drama while swiping his phone, happily, uh… it would be perfect if he had supper.

Just as he was thinking about this, a knock suddenly sounded.

Lin Ziran almost jumped up from his chair in shock. He looked at the time nervously, exactly 11 o’clock in the evening! Who will knock on his door this time? Everyone else on this floor has already left! In order to avoid being discovered that he was not doing his job properly, he even sent away the secretary Xiao Liu who insisted on working overtime with him!

[Lin Ziran shivered: Dear, are you sure there are no ghosts in this game?]

In the office building in the middle of the night. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, dong dong dong…

[System: …No.]

Although this system is not very useful and does not even have the right to live broadcast, Lin Ziran still trusts it very much, because the system will never answer with certainty if it wasn’t sure! Since the system says so there are definitely no ghosts.

Lin Ziran breathed a sigh of relief: “Come in.”

Zhao Mingze pushed the door and entered. He looked at Lin Ziran’s expectant gaze and couldn’t help but smiled slightly: “Surprised to see me?”

Lin Ziran: “…somewhat.”

Zhao Mingze walked over with familiarity and put the bag in his hand on the table. He smiled: “I heard about your company. Thinking that you will be busy lately, I called Xiao Liu and asked about your situation. He said you are still working overtime…so, I just brought you supper on the way.”

Sup? Per? What?

Lin Ziran’s eyes lit up suddenly, and his gaze towards Zhao Mingze became kind and gentle. How could there be such a considerate person!

Although I am a president, I absolutely cannot refuse the temptation of supper!

“Thank you.” Lin Ziran managed to maintain his image, showing a standard flawless smile.

Zhao Mingze leaned back in the chair casually and smiled slightly: “You’re welcome. Eat while it’s hot.”

Eat, eat, of course!

Lin Ziran stopped being courteous with Zhao Mingze. He opened the plastic bag, and the fragrance immediately filled his nose. He only felt that his life had peaked at this moment. He really liked this villain.

As long as you keep pretending to be a good person, we can always be friends!

Zhao Mingze sat quietly on the side, looking at Lin Ziran who was focused on eating. He saw the eyebags under his eyes. He must have worked through the nights these days.

He waited patiently until Lin Ziran finished eating, then laughed softly: “If there is anything I can help, you can let me know.”

Lin Ziran was good to people who gave him food. Seeing Zhao Mingze becoming more pleasing to the eye, it doesn’t matter even if he knows that the villain had bad intentions. “Thank you, but I’m fine. And Lu Sui is also here, he will help me…”

For this little matter, there is really no need to bother Zhao Mingze. Plus, he had to give Lu Sui a chance to perform.

Zhao Mingze’s eyes were dark. He looked at Lin Ziran’s lips. Due to the fact that he had just eaten something, his slightly pale lips were darker than before, like ripe cherries, plump and full. His smiling eyes are bright and clear, making it hard to look away…

He somehow didn’t want to hold back anymore.

Suddenly he stretched out his hand and rubbed the corner of Lin Ziran’s lips with his thumb.

Lin Ziran’s voice stopped abruptly. He stared at Zhao Mingze blankly, no, no…what are you doing?

Wait, are you going to say that something is stuck on my lips…

Are you going to kiss me?

Although we slept together once, it was only an accident and we agreed to never mention it again! It’s not appropriate for you to keep thinking about me like this!

It’s really inappropriate.

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