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ALIC Chapter 9.2

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Lu Sui finally regained a little bit of energy and curiously asked, “What photos?”

Wen Yu said: “It’s the photos of the day I met with you. Didn’t you have them secretly taken?”

Lu Sui said weirdly, “You said someone took a picture of me and you and sent it to my brother?”

Wen Yu finally noticed something was wrong and frowned, “Wasn’t it you?”

Lu Sui laughed loudly: “Who is so kind? I haven’t had time to tell Lu Zhen and he already can’t wait to break you two apart.”

Wen Yu: “…”

Lu Sui laughed for a long time before saying: “Although I think this trick is really good and very well executed, I won’t admit to something I didn’t do. I didn’t send the photos.”

Wen Yu asked solemnly: “It’s really not you?”

Lu Sui snorted: “Believe it or not, it’s up to you.”

Wen Yu lowered his head and pondered. He originally thought that Lu Sui did it, but now it seems that there is another person hiding in the dark.

Lu Sui was in a very good mood, gosipping. “My brother must be very sad and disappointed to see those photos? How did you explain to him? Wouldn’t he really break up with you? Tsk tsk… Or did the big actor act in a new story today? Tell me.”

Wen Yu hung up angrily.


Watching Wen Yu leave, Lin Ziran sat alone in the room with his head down, and began to reflect on whether his acting skills were not good enough or Lu Sui was too inefficient, causing more and more plot deviations.

It was obviously such a good opportunity, but he still messed up. If he never breaks up with Wen Yu, how can Wen Yu and Lu Sui develop their relationship? How would the abuse-love relationship come later? Is Lu Sui’s wife chase gone?

Zhao Mingze handed him the knife, but he still cut his own foot. Lin Ziran showed a toothache expression, he thought about it, and suddenly stood up from the sofa.

[The system witnessed Lin Ziran’s emotional journey from losing his soul to abandoning himself to rekindling hope, and couldn’t help but ask curiously: Where are you going?]

[Lin Ziran: I’m going to find my allies.]

He can’t do this alone, so it seems he still has to turn to Zhao Mingze. Judging from the photos, Zhao Mingze is still very reliable, not only scheming, but also focusing on the plot. Today, Zhao Mingze should also be aware of this matter. After realising his anger, Zhao Mingze will definitely make another move when he knows that this time his plan is not successful.

Let’s begin brainstorming, maybe we can figure something out?

It was late at night, and Lin Ziran didn’t know if Zhao Mingze was resting, and if he was willing to take care of himself, but he still called him and asked, “Do you have time now?”

Zhao Mingze’s voice was low and seemed to be a little confused: “What’s the matter?”

Lin Ziran sighed, “I want to meet you.”

The sound from Zhao Mingze’s seemed to be him getting off the bed. He did not hesitate to say: “Should I come to your house or you to my house?”

Lin Ziran was unwilling to take the risk of letting Zhao Mingze come to his house now, and said, “I will go to your house.”

Zhao Mingze said: “Okay.”

Soon Lin Ziran came to the door of Zhao Mingze’s house. It was a bit embarrassing to think of the situation last time, but now that the situation is more important, his embarrassment is not important, right?

Lin Ziran took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell. Soon, Zhao Mingze came over to open the door. He was wearing a black silk pajamas, with some hair messily scattered on his forehead. He smiled: “You are here.”

Lin Ziran said embarrassedly, “Sorry, I came to see you so late…”

Seeing Lin Ziran’s sad expression, Zhao Mingze knew clearly in his heart but showed a concerned expression and said, “It’s okay, I haven’t slept yet. What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Looking at his gentle and caring appearance, Lin Ziran almost cried. Although he knew that this villain was faking it, he was sincere in helping him out with the plot!

He thought of his failure at Wen Yu’s place, and said bitterly, “I don’t know where to start…”

Zhao Mingze’s eyes changed, he paused, and asked in a low voice: “You want to drink something?”

Lin Ziran became alert as soon as he heard ‘drink’. He hastily refused: “No.”

Seeing Lin Ziran’s uncomfortable appearance, Zhao Mingze laughed softly. He turned around and poured Lin Ziran a cup of warm water, and then said gently, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Ziran pondered for a long time, and his voice was painful: “I found out today that Lu Sui may also like Wen Yu.”

Is it just that Lu Sui likes Wen Yu, not Wen Yu also likes Lu Sui? In a short sentence, Zhao Mingze keenly realized that the development of things might be different from what he expected, but he was calm. “Lu Sui likes Wen Yu, won’t it…”

You’re acting so well, don’t you know what happened? Thinking that all of the NPCs in this game are better than him at acting, Lin Ziran feels even more sad. “Wen Yu personally told me, he said Lu Sui was pestering him.”

Lin Ziran’s eyes were full of struggle and pain, and he muttered: “I know Lu Sui. If he doesn’t really like someone, he wouldn’t do that kind of thing, especially after knowing that Wen Yu is my boyfriend. Even clinging onto Wen Yu. I also know that Lu Sui is wrong, but he is my brother after all…

Lu Sui has been angry with me over the years, blaming me for not looking for him when my father sent him away, blaming me for neglecting him and ignoring him. Now that he finally came back, I want to make up for him, but I didn’t expect this to happen. I don’t know what to do with him…”

Zhao Mingze listened silently. It looks like Wen Yu was deceiving Lin Ziran into thinking Lu Sui was pursuing him. Maybe the way he pursued was not good, thus he concealed it under the pretext of not wanting Lin Ziran to be sad, and pushed all the blame to Lu Sui. Lin Ziran loves Wen Yu deeply and therefore believes his words. As a result, he was brooding over Lu Sui’s love for Wen Yu.

Oh, Zhao Mingze sneered in his heart, he actually underestimated Wen Yu.

Lin Ziran looked down at Zhao Mingze after he finished speaking. The problem was thrown out and it was up to his friendly comrade to see if he could help.

Zhao Mingze pondered for a moment, then looked up and stared at him, “Are you sure Lu Sui likes Wen Yu?”

Lin Ziran sighed, “Yes.”

But I don’t think so. Compared to Wen Yu, Lu Sui’s real purpose should be you, since he has not let go of the past. If you don’t take precautions, I’m afraid the consequences will be serious, but Wen Yu definitely cannot stay…

Zhao Mingze’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he slowly said, “Since Lu Sui knows that Wen Yu is your boyfriend, but he still loves Wen Yu, liking Wen Yu may be one of the reasons. But have you ever thought of another possibility…”

Lin Ziran said: “What?”

Zhao Mingze said word by word: “Have you ever thought that Lu Sui is still blaming you? If he has really forgotten about your past, he won’t do such a thing knowing it will disappoint you and make you sad.”

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  1. Avatar Navleu says:

    Zhao Mingze is such a ‘helpful friend’

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Avatar acertainpasserby says:

      Lmao ‘helpful’ ??

    2. Avatar scarletnatsu says:

      Yes. He really is a good “bestfriend”. ???

  2. Avatar ThisHappyFujoshi says:

    Thank you for the chapter! I’m looking forward to the finale 🙂

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    Thanks for the chapters!! ^^ have a nice day! :”3

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    I would love him to be the ML!
    Like he loves the MC from the start! Not like Wen Yu who just aim him for his identity and now just realized his feelings!

    And let’s all be honest. He did so much for MC! I bet even in the real story! He’s a guy who just madly in love and wants to help his beloved!

    For those who cant appreciate him.. **** you

    1. Avatar Nyasha says:

      But he did have sex MC with no consent.
      Lin Ziran was drunk so we kinda need a ML who does not rape.

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