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CA Chapter 16.2

Translator: Hua

For Ye Xiaowu, learning was out of questions. However he was good at everything that had nothing to do with learning. He joined the poker game, changed his silly look, focused on watching the cards, and kept silent at every turn.


Once he won the money, he twisted his two fingers and knocked on the corner of the table to signal everyone to give money, as if he were an old hand.


After a few laps, Ye Xiaowu not only won enough money for books, but according to their family’s living standards, he and Ye Shan would have enough pocket money for the next month. He didn’t want to play anymore: “Let’s stop here.”


The other three were not reconciled and asked for another round.


Ye Xiaowu folded the scattered banknotes one by one: “Thank you uncles and aunts for your sponsorship. I’m going to buy books for my brother now.”


Ren Shu shouted: “Stop, pass!”


They had one hour break until the next scene. The staff would rearrange the set first. 


Lu Wen didn’t move his seat, staying on the chair, until the surroundings became a hideous mess, he noticed Ruan Feng standing outside the grapevines. Ren Shu also saw him and asked, “When did you come?”


“A long time ago.” Ruan Feng replied, “I heard that Group A is playing mahjong so I came to watch the fun.”


Lu Wen thought to himself that he was worthy of being from Sichuan, although not a pure local.


From the start of the project to the preparation stage, Ren Shu basically bid farewell to all kinds of entertainment activities. He walked to the table and happily touched the card. Ruan Feng also came over, together with Lu Wen, they formed a situation of three missing one.


The set was almost completely deserted, Ruan Feng said: “Not enough people to play.”


Ren Shu looked around: “Call another person, go get screenwriter Qu.”


Ruan Feng frowned, and subconsciously touched the wallet in his pocket: “Mr. Qu must be very busy, so don’t call him.”


Lu Wen secretly said, this is probably called “avoid suspicion”.


Ren Shu said: “When we were in college, we secretly played cards in the dormitory. Screenwriter Qu never participated, so he shouldn’t be very good at it. At that time, he was a poor student, he might be afraid of losing . Now it doesn’t matter.”


Ruan Feng smiled politely: “Haha.”


Ren Shu said: “Go and call him, let’s use the money he lost to buy a drink for us.”


Ruan Feng: “Let’s forget it…”


“Why are you so fussy at a young age?” Ren Shu called out to another person, “Xiao Lu, go call screenwriter Qu.”


Some things couldn’t be avoided with silence. Lu Wen reluctantly obeyed his order and went to knock on the door in the unit building. He knocked until his hand was sore and Qu Yanting only opened a crack in the door.


Lu Wen went straight to the point: “Do you want to play cards?”


Qu Yanting said: “I’m not interested.”


Lu Wen clarified the situation: “Director Ren asked me to call you.” Then he added another sentence casually, “Beside, Ruan Feng is also there ah.”


Qu Yanting didn’t respond, Ah what ah? He didn’t understand what this person was trying to imply.


Lu Wen had no patience: “We all know that you don’t know how to play cards. It doesn’t matter if you have poor skills. We don’t dare to win too much with your identity.”


Qu Yanting originally wanted to close the door, but was provoked by the laughing tone. After playing Ye Xiaowu’s scene, he suspected that Lu Wen really regarded himself as a sparrow god1This is a reference from a movie called “Sparrow God”. It refers to a player who is very good at mahjong.. He changed his mind and promised: “Okay, then.”


After everyone else left the set, the screenwriter, director, male lead number one and male lead number two gathered under the grapevines to play cards.


Qu Yanting didn’t bring anything with him. He sat down to fill the vacant position. He had no idea that at this moment he was the white wolf with an empty hand. Lu Wen was on the opposite side, wondering if it was an illusion, he felt that Ruan Feng’s expression was a bit solemn.


At the beginning of the poker game, Qu Yanting asked “How big is the game?” After that, he didn’t say a word, just stared at the table, and lightly handled the cards.


After one lap, Qu Yanting won three.


Lu Wen looked up, and saw Qu Yanting Qu lifted his index and middle fingers to tap the corner of the table twice, beckoning them to pay. He didn’t have any cash, and he didn’t expect to lose, so he asked nonchalantly, “Can I scan the code?”


Qu Yanting didn’t raise his eyelids: “Deduct from your salary.”


He mentioned the salary again, Lu Wen said: “I will win the next one.”


In the next round, Qu Yanting won two and quadrupled, and with another round, Qu Yanting was all the same, suppressing them endlessly. Until Ren Shu and Ruan Feng ran out of cash, the table was finally quiet.


Lu Wen calculated the amount of money that he owed. The more he calculated, the more unbelievable he was. Was there any mistake? You called this not good at playing cards?


Ren Shu’s throat got stuck: “Yanting, you hide yourself very deeply ah.”


Qu Yanting was in a hurry to work and had no intention of showing off his card skills, saying: “It’s just good luck. Let’s stop here.”


Ren Shu said: “One more game, let’s turn it over.”


Qu Yanting had no intention to fight at all. He folded the banknotes one by one, called the set management team over, and said, “Thank you for the sponsorship of Director Ren and Xiao Ruan. I will invite the whole group to have breakfast tomorrow.”


After he said that, he withdrew and returned to the apartment building. Before leaving, he looked up at the grapevines above.


Lu Wen observed him from the sideline, his mind flashed back to the scene of Qu Yanting playing cards, which coincidentally overlapped with scenes of his2Ye Xiaowu’s card playing scene. acting.


Ren Shu also withdrew, after losing all the money he went back to film honestly. In an instant, only Lu Wen and Ruan Feng remained under the grapevines.


Ruan Feng picked up his wallet and muttered: “I just said don’t call him, but you just have to. That’s good. Originally I didn’t make any money at all, but now I still have to pay it back.”


Lu Wen returned to his mind: “Why didn’t you make any money?”


“Shooting this drama ah.” Ruan Feng said, “If I take out a sum of the money, I’m losing my salary.”


Lu Wen couldn’t help it: “How can you lose your salary.”


Ruan Feng sighed, his pay was indeed okay, but he took the drama at a friendly price. Now that he already said that, he simply didn’t hide it. He approached Lu Wen’s ear, and whispered a number.


Lu Wen was so shocked that he thought he had heard it wrong.


Ruan Feng’s salary was actually only one-third of his.

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  • 1
    This is a reference from a movie called “Sparrow God”. It refers to a player who is very good at mahjong.
  • 2
    Ye Xiaowu’s card playing scene.
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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Dang I’m so confused. First I thought Qu Yanting and Ruan Feng were the twins the drama is about, since the former shares similarities with Ye Shan and the latter said he was not the male lead, which seemed like a clue. But now, QYT also has traits of the first twin? So curious
    Thank you~ owo

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