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CA Chapter 17

Translator: Hua

After the shock, Lu Wen was puzzled. Since the situation had changed, it meant that Qu Yanting lied to him in the office before?


It was a pity that he didn’t have time to think too much. After the scene transfer of Group A was completed, he needed to be in position as soon as possible. It was not too far away, and the next scene would be filmed at the school next door.


The fence was missing a few bars, and Lu Wen easily passed through the neighborhood. When he walked by the unit 101 window, he jumped up and glanced into the window as if he was walking on a simulated shot1The jump when playing basketball..


Qu Yanting in the living room naturally couldn’t see it. After playing cards, he continued to focus on revising the script. The 30th scene was an emotional scene between Ye Xiaowu and Qi Xiao. He was not satisfied with it, so it was revised back and forth many times before the draft was finished.


He was not sure if the pen and ink was too little and insufficient, or if the thick oil red sauce was too heavy and became excessive2Basically, he was worried about the script, if he writes too much or too little..


Qu Yanting’s fingers hung over the keyboard, a line got stuck, and Lu Wen’s evaluation flashed through his mind. Reading the script, he couldn’t feel the palpitation of love from it.


Inside the teaching building, the second scene was being filmed.


This was a fighting scene. After the school was over at noon, Ye Shan went to the fish stall to help, and Ye Xiaowu sneaked into Ye Shan’s school to get revenge on the boys who bullied Ye Shan.


Before shooting, Ren Shu solemnly emphasized that they wouldn’t do meteor fist and whirlwind leg3Saint Seiya reference, meaning special effects., and there would be no idol drama close-up shot or slow-motion. It must be interpreted in a life-like and realistic way.


Lu Wen felt that the director was too worried, as if he was so good that he could fight so brilliantly.


Although he was as tall as a wild horse, he had more experience of being beaten up because he had a veteran father who was as tall as a Akhal-teke horse. If he gets into trouble outside, he still had three brothers who had always rushed to fight together.


There were not many lines. Ye Xiaowu moved his hands after a few provocative sentences. One-to-six, all the way from the classroom to the corridor. He was outnumbered and suffered a lot of punches. He had a fierce energy to vent his anger for Ye Shan, and he vowed not to give up unless he defeated the opponent.


Ye Xiaowu fell down and rolled around, got up, and put all six people on their stomachs.


Originally he still wanted to make a cruel remark but the dean rushed over, and Ye Xiaowu ran away, yelling as he ran, “Look after your stupid students! If someone bullies Ye Shan, I will come again next time!”


Lu Wen ran down the stairs and finished filming.


He was dirty all over, and his leg hurt a little. He rolled over and scraped his knee. Li Dapeng came to help him in time and squatted down to stick band-aids for him.


Lu Wen didn’t have much requirement of Li Dapeng. After all, he was the assistant of the crew. However, in recent days, Li Dapeng was as meticulous as the old nanny in his family.


After Group A wrapped up today’s work, Lu Wen went back to the RV to remove makeup and change clothes, packed his things, and returned to the community before leaving the crew. He didn’t like to owe money to people, so he took his wallet and went straight to the screenwriter’s lounge.


The small printer in the living room was running with the “Zila Zila” sound. Qu Yanting had finished revising the 30th scene. According to the plan of changing one scene and shooting one scene, they would be forced to shoot until tomorrow night.


Dong dong dong,  someone was knocking on the door.


As if knowing that Qu Yanting would delay for a long time before opening, the other party stopped knocking and shouted directly: “I am Lu Wen, I will pay back the money that I lost.”


Qu Yanting didn’t delay any longer, and picked up a printed script. Team A had finished work, and they had to wait until tomorrow morning to divide the work. Since Lu Wen was here, he would give him the script in advance.


Lu Wen was exhausted from working all day. He raised his arm against the door frame, with his forehead resting on the door panel. As soon as Qu Yanting opened the door, he was pulled forward a little, and the distance between the two was close at hand.


Qu Yanting took a step back: “Stand properly.”


Lu Wen retracted his hand and stroked his short hair. He opened his wallet, quickly drew out a stack of money, handed it over and said: “You count the money for mahjong, right?”


Qu Yanting did not answer his question: “Invite Group A to eat midnight snacks tomorrow night.”


Lu Wen said “Oh” and immediately remembered the filming schedule: “That’s not right, there will be no shooting tomorrow night, how can I invite them?”


Qu Yanting handed over the script and said: “There are changes in the 30th scene, and the time will be adjusted to tomorrow night.”


Lu Wen caught it without thinking much about the revision of the scene. In other words, since Qu Yanting opened the door, he can only think of what Ruan Feng said about the salary.


Qu Yanting lied to him in order to humiliate him?


Lu Wen opened his mouth and swallowed the question after hesitating for a while. He and Qu Yanting’s identities were not equal. Qu Yanting could answer whatever he wanted, and he would most likely get a self-deprecating and boring answer.


He changed his words: “It’s okay.”


Qu Yanting urged him: “Memorize the script in advance.”


“I know.” Lu Wen said, “Bye.”


Back at the hotel, Lu Wen didn’t bother to think about anything. He was too sleepy. After taking a shower, he pulled the curtains and put on the blindfold, and went to bed in the dark. 


He set the alarm clock at six o’clock in the evening, but he didn’t wake up, and fell asleep until eight thirty.


The night light outside was very bright. Lu Wen stayed in bed and ordered room service, ready to eat and read the script. While waiting, he picked up the phone. There were three unread messages from Sun Xiaojian.


The first one was the forward message of the shooting schedule. The 30th scene would be  filmed in advance. He already knew about this.


Article 2: Fuck! I’m looking forward to it!


Article 3: Are you looking forward to it!


He had to stay up all night again. Lu Wen didn’t understand this nonsense expectation. He got out of bed and took out the script, flipped through it, and suddenly understood what Sun Xiaojian was expecting.


The 30th scene was the stage where the relationship between Ye Xiaowu and Qi Xiao was ambiguous. In the evening, Ye Xiaowu sent Qi Xiao home and kissed Qi Xiao before they parted.


In other words, he will have a kiss scene with Xianqi tomorrow night.


The next day, the shooting during the day was very tight, and he was busy until the evening before he realized it.


As soon as it became dark at night,  team A moved to another location, which was Qi Xiao’s home in the drama, a high-end community with foreign-style houses and villas.


Each group made preparations before shooting. The night scenes were not easy to shoot, the difficulty of lighting has increased significantly, and they were adjusting it.


Under a certain tree, Lu Wen was squatting at the roadside. The wound on his knee reopened, and it was a bit tingling. Holding a fallen leaf in his hand, he twisted the stem of the leaf back and forth like a dragonfly.


As the shooting approached, he was really nervous.


It’s going to be a kiss scene tonight, that was his…


Lu Wen took out his mobile phone and wanted to relax by playing a game. It suddenly occurred to him that he had agreed to treat group A tonight, so he clicked on the takeaway app and found a restaurant that looked good.


He ordered the food by the head count, and each person would have a signature fish porridge and milk taro cake.  When he paid for the meal, he went back to the order page and modified something. When repaying, a remark was edited.


Lu Wen’s thoughts were erratic, and he forgot to play games after ordering the meal. He stood up, and strolled along the shade of the trees towards the less crowded area.


He gradually walked to the vicinity where the RVs were parked. The RVs of the male and female actors were parked side by side. At the moment, they were all gathered at the shooting location. There was no one around the car, and it was completely dark.


Lu Wen got into the car in the dark and took out a box of mints. He got out of the car from the rear door and passed through the gap between the two cars. Unexpectedly, there was a faint silhouette of a human under the rest shed on the side of the car.


“Fuck!” He let out a cry of fright.


The figure was frightened by Lu Wen, got up from the chair, turned on the portable light, and directed the whole beam of light to the rear of the car.


Lu Wen narrowed his eyes and walked toward the light.


He regretted it when he walked up to him.


Qu Yanting put down the portable light and sat back in the chair, his face was full of helplessness. The set was messy, so he quietly hid here. He didn’t expect that he could still bump into others in this quiet corner.


Yet this person turned back to accuse him: “You almost scared me to death.”


Qu Yanting didn’t utter a word. He was still in a state of shock. 


After half a minute of silence, Lu Wen didn’t leave and stepped back to another car. Qu Yanting had an ominous premonition. Based on his understanding of Lu Wen, the other party was probably looking for trouble. 


As expected, Lu Wen coughed: “Why did you shoot this scene tonight in advance?”


Qu Yanting replied: “Because there are some changes.”


Lu Wen asked again: “Why change?”


Qu Yanting said: “You don’t need to know.”


Lu Wen was so speechless that he sulked in the dark corner. In fact, he didn’t want to know anything, he just didn’t want to advance the scene that was supposed to shoot next month to tonight.


The dim side light cast on the car body, and Qu Yanting faintly distinguished Lu Wen’s face, depressed and nervousness mixed together into a strangely uncomfortable expression. 


He asked: “Do you have a problem?”


Lu Wen said: “I and Xianqi have only seen each other several times in total, and we have to film kiss scenes. I’m afraid it won’t work well.”


Qu Yanting was very surprised. For the actors, the kiss scene was no different from other scenes. It’s all acting. He didn’t expect Lu Wen to worry about this.


But he couldn’t give any advice, so he said: “It’s okay, It’s just… just a kiss.”


“It’s easy to say.” Lu Wen said, “If I don’t give a good kiss, you won’t let it pass.”


Qu Yanting’s patience was limited, and he didn’t like the small actor to bargain. He twisted the portable light and gave Lu Wen a beam of strong light, and asked, “What do you want then? Stop shooting?”


Lu Wen originally slouched his back listlessly. He straightened his spine immediately as soon as the beam came, and put his hands in his pocket. He thought that Qu Yanting was shaken by his complaint, and immediately said: “I want to have more mutual understanding with Xianqi before shooting it.”


Qu Yanting replied: “The girlfriends you talked about can circle around the Jiefangbei three times, and you also construct mutual understanding with each one of them before kissing?”


Lu Wen: “I…”


Qu Yanting: “You are quite meticulous.”


One sentence blocked his throat, and Lu Wen became irritated: “I’m afraid that the girl will be embarrassed. Why should I worry, isn’t it just kissing? I’m just afraid that the kiss won’t pass!


Lu Wen was grieving, he opened the box of mint candy and poured it into his mouth.


There was a bit of movement in the distance with the sound of a crisp paper bag. The two people looked at the approaching black shadow. Xiao Zhang looked around in a big circle, followed the light and ran over, carrying two takeaways in his hand.


“Mr. Qu, Brother Lu Wen!” Xiao Zhang gasped, “I’ve been finding both of you!”


He put the takeaway on the table, opened the package, and said as he took it out, “Thank you, Brother Lu Wen, for the treat. Everyone has got it. You and Mr.Qu should also eat it while it’s hot.”


Lu Wen asked: “There is no one missing, right?”


Xiao Zhang said: “No, each person has got a milk taro cake and the signature fish slice porridge. The fish slices are very large and very fresh.”


The meal box was set out, and Xiao Zhang ran off.


Qu Yanting did not eat fish, so naturally he would not drink this fish porridge. At this time, Lu Wen came over and pushed one of them in front of him.


 “I won’t eat.”


“You take a look at it first, after all, it’s so fragrant.”


Qu Yanting was taken aback for a moment, and looked down at the meal box, with a printed note on the side. The name of the dish was “Preserved Egg and Lean Pork Congee”, and there was a line in the remarks: Please indicate that this is for Teacher Qu.


He suddenly raised his head and looked up at Lu Wen.


Lu Wen awkwardly said: “Do you like it or not, anyway, this is my treat.”


Qu Yanting was not angry. He touched the hot meal box, and then turned off the portable light. He was a screenwriter and investor anyway, so he can’t express the words of compromise explicitly.


So in secret, he said: “Let’s borrow4So the word here is 借位[jiè wèi] which literally translated to borrow. It is a technical term in photography. This method is to modified the effect of actual shooting using the shooting angle. So that they can create fake hugging or kissing scene. LW was nervous to kiss Xianqi so QYT secretly promised to use this method. He’s such a precious baby. UwU the shooting angle first.”

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  • 1
    The jump when playing basketball.
  • 2
    Basically, he was worried about the script, if he writes too much or too little.
  • 3
    Saint Seiya reference, meaning special effects.
  • 4
    So the word here is 借位[jiè wèi] which literally translated to borrow. It is a technical term in photography. This method is to modified the effect of actual shooting using the shooting angle. So that they can create fake hugging or kissing scene. LW was nervous to kiss Xianqi so QYT secretly promised to use this method. He’s such a precious baby. UwU
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    Aww nice~ Lu Wen remembered to order sth else for Qu Yanting and got to postpone his first kiss in return xD it is his first kiss, right? That sentence totally looked like it XDD
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