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CA Chapter 15.1

Translator: Hua

Before filming, Lu Wen waited under the tree. The lines had been memorized to the point that he didn’t need to review them anymore. He stood with his hands folded behind his back. From the front he had an indifferent old man air, but at the back he was picking his nails.


In the drama, Ye Xiaowu liked Qi Xiao and openly pursued her.


Lin Jie and Qi Xiao were childhood sweethearts. He was from a good family background and had good grades. He didn’t like Ye Xiaowu who refused to give up despite all of these. The two choked at each other as soon as they met.


Xianqi came late, she was pure and beautiful, dressed in a school uniform skirt and ponytail. She had plain makeup, and looked more affectionate than usual.


Lu Wen’s face was as calm as water. He was sad to say this but except for the brain damage thriller movie, it was the first time he filmed a love scene in a TV series, and his experience was almost zero.


Not only that, Lu Wen had very little contact with actresses. Because Lu Zhanqing explicitly prohibited it, it was okay to be an actor, but if there was a messy scandal, whether it was true or not, his dad would break his leg.


Lu Zhanqing said he would break his leg and this was not just a threat. There were only two alternatives, breaking into two pieces or breaking into powder.


At this moment, Lu Wen was really uncertain. His eyes drifted back and forth and fell behind the monitor. Qu Yanting was sitting there, and Lu Wen stiffened. If he didn’t perform well, would the surname Qu attack him again?


Sun Xiaojian who was standing next to him asked: “Who are you looking at?”


Lu Wen’s fingernails were cut thin, and he said, “Qu Yanting.”


“Don’t be nervous.” Sun Xiaojian comforted him, “You were the protagonist yesterday, and Mr. Qu could only stare at you. Today is different, Xianqi is present, and all straight men will be attracted to her.”


But Qu Yanting was bent, and Lu Wen felt even worse.


Behind the monitor, Qu Yanting was alone and sleepy. He was not bothered about today’s scene at all. Only when all the teams were ready and the log keepers hit the board, did he leisurely lift his eyes.


The scene was a middle shot, and the picture was like a campus idol drama: In a corner of the playground, Qi Xiao and Lin Jie sit under the parallel bars, each memorizing words and writing on the papers.


Ren Shu sighed: “The young handsome boy and beautiful girls put together are really eye-catching.”


Qu Yanting propped his head: “It’s so boring.”


Ren Shu said: “You wrote this yourself.”


Qu Yanting said: “There are so many episodes, and one or two general shots like this are always needed.”


The voice just fell, and a person ran into the screen, with the familiar log legs, his back was both vigorous and reckless. Ren Shu said: “Okay, it’s no longer boring.”


Ye Xiaowu ran to the parallel bars, without saying a word, squatted in front of Qi Xiao.


Qi Xiao raised her head: “You scared me.”


Lin Jie was annoyed: “How come you are everywhere.”


Ye Xiaowu sat down on the lawn, crossed his legs, and said to Lin Jie: “it’s none of your business. Is the playground your home? I wonder how I can meet you every time I find Qixiao? I am particularly handsome, the handsome boy type. You are also particularly bright, light bulbs kind of bright.”


This string of lines was not choppy, and Lu Wen’s low pitch voice had a  dry and crisp effect.


Qu Yanting’s sleepiness has diminished a little. He remembered that when Lu Wen played Ye Xiaowu’s audition segment, the long lines were completed at one go. At the time, he thought this little actor had a good talent.


Ren Shu also felt the same way: “When Xiao Lu played Ye Xiaowu, he had a lively and flexible aura. His lines were not worse compared to professionals.”


“He never went through professional training in acting?” Qu Yanting asked.


 “No.” Ren Shu said, “It was some serious major. What did he learn? oh yes, international trade. Engage in trade business with that kind of moral character, he won’t notice it even if he sold himself off to a stranger1Uhh this paragraph was very confusing, at least for me lol. So Ren Shu was joking about Lu Wen’s college major. Lu Wen is not really smart but he studied international trade/commerce in college. Ren Shu was saying that Lu Wen would accidentally trade himself off. .”


Qu Yanting smiled and continued to watch the screen.


Ye Xiaowu said to Qi Xiao: “PE class is very hard, so you can just relax and watch me play basketball, ok?”


Qi Xiao: “I’m taking the exam soon, I want to review it as soon as possible.”


Ye Xiaowu said annoyedly: “Monthly tests, weekly tests, everyday tests, why are you always taking exams ah.”


Qi Xiao persuaded him: “You didn’t do well in the exam last time, stop playing.”


Lin Jie said: “Which time did he ever pass the exam? But optimistically, he is already the last one in his grade, and there is no more room for decline.”


Ye Xiaowu’s face flushed: “I did it on purpose, because it wasn’t the college entrance examination. Is it important to take the exam? Don’t forget, I was admitted to this key high school openly, and the ranking is higher than you.”


Lin Jie was so speechless that he put away the papers and left.


Ye Xiaowu nimbly moved next to Qi Xiao, very close, until the sleeve of the school uniform rubbed together. Qi Xiao ignored him, and he amused himself by touching the lawn until Qi Xiao finished reciting.


“It’s the last class, what do you want to eat at noon?”


“I don’t know, I’m tired of all the food in the cafeteria.”


Qi Xiao stood up and moved her limbs. Ye Xiaowu got up, grabbed the parallel bars and sat up. Qi Xiao jumped and looked up: “I want to sit, too.”


Ye Xiaowu jumped down and pounced at Qi Xiao, but he didn’t touch her. It was a feint and cute gesture.


He grinned, “I will help you.”


The scene was very concise, basically only lines, and there were only two words about Ye Xiaowu’s attitude towards Qixiao: take the initiative. In the performance, the director did not intervene, relying solely on the actor’s own design and performance.


Lu Wen’s series of actions were all active details. In the next scene, the script did not write how Ye Xiaowu helped Qi Xiao, but it was obvious that Ye Xiaowu and Qi Xiao would have physical contact.


The parallel bars were as high as the chest, holding and lifting up seems to be the only way. Ren Shu said: “I’m afraid it won’t work if they hug too close?”


Qu Yanting said: “I think it doesn’t matter but the broadcaster may think otherwise2They were talking about the censorship. .”


Ren Shu smiled and said, “Let’s see how Xiao Lu shoots. Ye Xiaowu has a sense of propriety in mind.”


In the frame at this time, Lu Wen did not reach out for a hug, nor approach Qi Xiao, but took a step back. He bent his legs and squatted down on one knee.


The one who took the initiative could easily lose control of the situation but he chose to be a gentleman.


Without the line from the script, Lu Wen patted his thigh and motioned to Xianqi to step on him. When Xianqi sat up on the parallel bar, he ignored the dust on his trouser legs, and just stood there. 


Qi Xiao asked: “Aren’t you coming up?”


Ye Xiaowu said: “In case you don’t sit still, I will watch over you.”


The camera was rolling, and Lu Wen’s eyes were bright as he raised his head. It was not a fawning look to please a girl, but the look of a child sharing a beloved toy. He also lightened his tone: “If you don’t like to eat food in the canteen. I will bring you lunch tomorrow. My mother’s boiled fish is very delicious.”


At this moment, Qu Yanting was distracted, remembering that Lu Wen reached out to stop him and asked him to drink millet porridge.


Ren Shu called to stop, this scene was successfully filmed.


Lu Wen’s true form was exposed. He hurriedly bent down and patted his trouser legs. As he patted, he walked to the director, and Qu Yanting’s silhouette appeared in his peripheral vision.


He stood up and waited a little nervously for the evaluation.

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  • 1
    Uhh this paragraph was very confusing, at least for me lol. So Ren Shu was joking about Lu Wen’s college major. Lu Wen is not really smart but he studied international trade/commerce in college. Ren Shu was saying that Lu Wen would accidentally trade himself off. 
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    They were talking about the censorship.
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  1. Avatar anon says:

    poor lu wen the tongue lashing left a shadow

    its amazing how oblivious yet smart at the same time (didnt notice weakness~ prying qs from qu yanting vs smart enough to think how to avoid his dads threats)

    anyway! ty for the ch and hard work. <3333

    1. Hua Hua says:

      Thanks for reading

  2. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    Is it possible that when the director was talking about Lu Wen’s “moral character” he meant that Lu Wen’s personality/EQ isn’t suited for international trade? Because that was my thought. Lu Wen is a walking social disaster when interacting with people from the same culture in his native tongue. The idea of him trying to navigate a situation where there’s even a small cultural barrier is horrifying.

    1. Hua Hua says:

      Yup haha he was implicitly trying to say that lw had poor EQ/IQ. In the raw he didn’t explicitly mentioned it, he just said IBM is a major that required serious learning ability.

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