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CA Chapter 14.2

Translator: Hua

Hearing this, Qu Yanting’s face appeared in front of Lu Wen’s eyes. Outside the window, Ruan Feng’s RV stopped steadily, side by side with his car, with the windows facing each other.


Suddenly, Sun Xiaojian said: “It is rumored that Ruan Feng’s gold master is a man.”


“…Wow.” Lu Wen pretended to be surprised, “So he is gay.”


Sun Xiaojian said: “It doesn’t matter if you are gay or not.”


Lu Wen said: “What do you mean?”


And just like this, Sun Xiaojian delivered a seminar to dispel Lu Wen’s doubt, the focus was on the hidden rules, money and resources. If the gold master was attracted to you, and you wanted to be supported, it didn’t matter what your orientation was.


Lu Wen could not understand: “Is it worth it?”


Anyway, the temptation is great.” Sun Xiaojian said, “Famous brands, luxury cars, and resources will be arranged for you. Filming, fashion, advertising, all kinds of great resources are available for you to choose anytime.”


This was so cool, Lu Wen couldn’t help blurting out: “What about Zeng Zhen’s movie?”


Sun Xiaojian didn’t understand Lu Wen’s implication: “That’s why Ruan Feng’s gold master was a great god. Ruan Feng has a lot of resources, and the focus is on him, especially the role he played in is tailor-made for him. Therefore, his popularity is very smooth and does not arouse public aversion.”


It looked like the gold master was even better than his own father, and Lu Wen went off the track: “Why no one wants to support me?”


Sun Xiaojian was speechless: “You are a rich second-generation, can’t you just find your own father?”


Lu Wen said coyly: “I already said it.”


“You can find a supporter too.” Sun Xiaojian explained to him, “Going to bed with the big boss, can you do it?”


Lu Wen’s heart was suddenly blown by a big storm and a scene subconsciously played in his head. Late at night, in the luxury suite, there was an anxious Ruan Feng, and Qu Yanting who just got out of the shower….Further down…. his lack of experience limited his imagination.


He promptly stopped his thought, grabbed the script, and got out of the car.


Lu Wen slipped to the southeast corner of the playground. The first scene would be filmed here, and the director’s monitor had been set up. He leaped on the parallel bars and lay on his back to recite his lines.


Not long after, Ruan Feng got out of the luxury RV after some sleep.


He was wearing the same school uniform as Lu Wen. He ran over with vigor, got between the parallel bars and said hello: “Good morning. Are you reciting the lines?”


Lu Wen causally replied: “Yeah.” Ruan Feng looked up at him, and said, “You have dark circles under your eyes today. You didn’t sleep well?”


 Wasn’t that because of you? Lu Wen laughed dryly: “I have some insomnia.”


Ruan Feng said: “I didn’t sleep well either.”


He had a pillow that he brought along wherever he went. Last night he didn’t bring it so he tossed and turned with the hotel pillow for a long time before falling asleep. Jumping onto the parallel bars, he muttered: “I fell asleep very late, and I was so tired of tossing around in bed.”


Lu Wen shuddered and almost fell off the bar.


He changed the subject: “Uh, do you want to rehearse the lines together?”


When Qu Yanting arrived on the set, he saw Lu Wen and Ruan Feng sitting on the parallel bars side by side, holding a script together. Maybe it was because of their temperament, although they looked earnest and serious, it gave the feeling of two bad grade scum pretending to study.


Ren Shu said in a loud voice: “I thought you were not coming today, just in time, let’s take a look at the angle of the camera.”


Lu Wen looked up and saw Qu Yanting walk next to Ren Shu. He didn’t style his hair today. He was wearing a loose sweater with thick smoky gray lines, making him look gentle.


With an empty space beside him, Ruan Feng jumped off the parallel bars.


Lu Wen suddenly understood that Qu Yanting was not here to watch the filming, but to see Ruan Feng. He didn’t move because he was severely humiliated yesterday. He didn’t want to have any contact with Qu Yanting.


As a result, the corner was so big that when the camera approached, people would naturally come over.


Ren Shu was debugging the camera: “Xiao Lu, look here.”


Lu Wen was a bit hesitant. He dawdled, looking at the lawn, looking at the Steadicam, looking at the focus button, and finally raised his eyes to look at the camera. Without paying attention, his gaze inadvertently passed by Qu Yanting’s eyes.


Those eyes were still bright, but they were also tired, the dark circles under them were as obvious as his dark circles. Suddenly, Qu Yanting looked over, neither scornful nor liking, and there was no emotion.


Lu Wen was uncomfortable, he grabbed the bar and used his fingernails to pick the paint on it.


When looking at the camera, he bent down slightly, Qu Yanting felt some pain and scrunched his eyebrows. Ren Shu was worried: “What’s the matter, you don’t seem to be in good spirits, are you uncomfortable?”


He didn’t sleep well, but he still had to come and watch the shooting. Qu Yanting looked at Ruan Feng when he answered, “I didn’t sleep well, my back hurts.”


Lu Wen took a deep breath, he understood, Qu Yanting’s eyes were complaining, and his voice was low. On the surface, he was answering Ren Shu, but he was actually flirting with Ruan Feng.


Ren Shu asked: “How come you have back pain?”


Qu Yanting said: “The bed is too soft, I have been sitting for too long.”


Lu Wen’s palms were sweating, one was tossing on the bed and couldn’t sleep while the other was suffering from backache…Wasn’t it because doing it for too long!


He looked at Qu Yanting, a great screenwriter, and investor. He had a gentle and reserved temperament like a winter plum in the twelfth lunar month. But in reality, he had a little fresh meat hidden behind his back and said flirt with him on the surface.


He couldn’t stand it anymore, so he jumped off the parallel bars and said, “I’m going to retouch my makeup!”


Ren Shu spit out: “It’s still not enough? Your face is red like a monkey’s butt.”


Lu Wen ran back to the RV, went straight to the refrigerator, and unscrewed a bottle of mineral water “tons, tons, tons” and drank half a bottle.


“What’s wrong with you?” Sun Xiaojian asked.


Lu Wen said: “The unspoken rules are too crazy!”


Sun Xiaojian said: “Do you think it is easy? The people you see in this industry could possibly be someone who went after a man’s butthole”


Lu Wen looked astonished, and it took a long time for him to find his words—


“Damn, the entertainment industry is really dirty.”

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