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CA Chapter 15.2

Translator: Hua

Ren Shu was very satisfied: “The three of them are relatively stable. Xiao Lu is the protagonist, and he performed well, better than I expected.”


Qu Yanting had no objection, this scene needed the actors to create the scenario by themselves. Through physical details to show the initiative, Lu Wen grasped it well. With Lu Wen’s performance, it gave a pure and innocent feeling.


This innocent affection made Ye Xiaowu more sincere, and it gave the whole scene more of a youthful feeling of first love, which was a pleasant surprise.


The tension before shooting was gone. Lu Wen was going to prepare for the next one. Before leaving, he used his eyes to wash the shame of yesterday and gave Qu Yanting a sharp look.


Qu Yanting only cared about his back pain and didn’t notice it.


The staff came over to move the monitor, and Ren Shu picked up a cup of water: “It’s time to change places. The next scene will be in the teaching building.”


There were a lot of group performances in the teaching building, and Qu Yanting leaned back: “I won’t go there anymore.”


Ren Shu said: “Then you take a rest, all the actors are going to shoot, so you pick one of the three RVs at random. Look at how sleepy you are.”


Everyone moved to the teaching building, and after a scene was filmed, the atmosphere on the set was quite lively. Lu Wen and Ruan Feng’s lines for the next scene would be in local dialect.


Lu Wen curiously asked: “Is it Chongqing dialect?”


Ruan Feng said: “Sichuan dialect.”


Lu Wen suddenly realized: “Oh yes, the encyclopedia says you are from Sichuan.”


“I’m not a pure Sichuan local.” Ruan Feng said, “Actually, I am from the north. I went to Sichuan as a child and grew up in Sichuan.”


Ye Shan and Ye Xiaowu also moved to the south halfway. Thinking about the relationship between Ruan Feng and Qu Yanting, Lu Wen said: “Your experience is very similar to that of the male protagonist, and you have a great reputation. It is quite suitable to play the male lead.”


Ruan Feng was silent for a few seconds, and said very softly: “No, I’m not the same as him.”


Lu Wen didn’t hear him, he was wondering why Qu Yanting didn’t let Ruan Feng play the male number one.


After pondering for a long time, he thought, probably because he was more handsome than Ruan Feng.


Next, They will take some trivial campus shots. Ye Shan was an outcast in a third-rate high school, while Ye Xiaowu was an exotic flower in a key high school. He was mischievous, boisterous, enthusiastic and loyal. He had good friends in every class, which was completely opposite to Ye Shan’s situation.


Lu Wen had been shooting all afternoon, and he also had a night shot. For now he had a three hours break.


Lu Wen returned to the RV, and he went up to the small compartment. He couldn’t wait to take off his school uniform jacket, and pull off his shirt as he walked. When he walked to the deck in the middle, he was shirtless and was stunned suddenly.


There was a person nestled in the deck.


That person was actually Qu Yanting.


By the window of the car, Qu Yanting bowed slightly, put one elbow on the window sill, and clenched his fist to support his temple. He was sleeping, breathing very softly, like an office worker who took the last bus from a tired day.


Lu Wen was sluggish for a moment, retracted his hand from the waistband, picked up the shirt and put it on again. He felt cramped in his own RV, afraid to change clothes, couldn’t hum a song, and unconsciously lightened his movements.


He sat down across the table. The game console, half a glass of water, and lip balm were all left intact on the table. The curtains were still rolled, and the blankets were neatly folded.


Qu Yanting didn’t touch anything, only borrowed a place to rest.


Lu Wen moved his gaze around and finally cast his eyes on the uninvited guest on the opposite side.


From the time he met Qu Yanting, he felt as if he was riding a roller coaster, he felt like he was dying then he was alive again. Sometimes he felt half dead and half alive. It was too complicated to explain.


The light was not very bright, and Qu Yanting thought it was nighttime when he woke up.


He was a man, and it was not appropriate to go to the actress’s car. As for Ruan Feng, he wanted to avoid suspicion as much as possible so he took a rest in this car instead. When he woke up, there was a big living person on the opposite side, staring at him blankly.


Qu Yanting sat upright, cleared his throat in order to appear calm.


Lu Wen’s sensitive nerves reacted immediately, and said, “I don’t have many ng today.”


Qu Yanting said slowly, “Oh.”


Lu Wen added: “Director Ren said that I performed well and he was very satisfied.”


Qu Yanting finally reacted. Lu Wen seemed very nervous. He was probably stimulated by yesterday’s conversation.


Only under pressure can there be progress, not to mention that this was a person who would shine brightly with just a little push. He swallowed the sentence “I am also very satisfied”, and changed his words to: “It’s not particularly good, just average performance.”


Lu Wen was not convinced: “Are you biased against me?”


He did not respectfully call him “Teacher Qu”, nor did he use the honorific “you1Usually Lu Wen addressed QYT with 您(Nin), the polite and respectful form of the pronoun You. But now he used the casual You 你(Ni). ”. It was as if something shocking had been established.


But Qu Yanting didn’t care about the title, and replied: “The opposite sex attracts to each other. This scene is not difficult to perform. You are handsome, she is beautiful, there will be magnetic attraction.”


Lu Wen was confident: “I don’t have that kind of attraction to her.”


“You feel nothing? or do you just have a high standard?”


“Nothing means nothing.”


Qu Yanting’s face was indifferent: “Are you straight?”


Lu Wen almost jumped up, screaming at Qu Yanting in his heart, You think everyone is the same as you?!


He held his breath and replied covertly: “Of course I am straight, but I didn’t feel anything from the scene. I can’t feel the palpitation of love when I read the script.”


Qu Yanting asked: “You mean there is a problem with my writing?”


Lu Wen thought to himself, nonsense, you are gay, how can there be no problem when writing about the relationship between men and women?


It suddenly became really quiet in the car. Qu Yanting also became silent in Lu Wen’s acquiescence. He did not refute, nor did he press the other with his status as a screenwriter. He lowered his head and rubbed the edge of his sweater with his palm.


After a long while, his palms were hot: “Then tell me, what does the palpitation of love feel like?”


Lu Wen was stunned. He turned his face away, and said vaguely: “What’s there to say, you know it when you are in love… Besides, there are new feelings every time I talk about it… I can’t tell.”


Qu Yanting asked: “Have you talked about it many times?”


Lu Wen replied: “How can I tell, the number of my ex-girlfriends can circle the Jiefangbei three times.”


One lowered his head, the other turned his face away, and no one noticed each other’s unusualness. After a while, Qu Yanting said the first positive sentence since they became acquaintances: “You are pretty good.”


Lu Wen was riding a tiger2骑虎难下 [qí hǔ nán xià]: You can’t get off when riding on the back of a tiger. It is a metaphor, you face difficulty when doing something but the situation does not allow you to stop halfway. and found it hard to get off. His Adam apple was rolling, he felt very guilty. 

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  • 1
    Usually Lu Wen addressed QYT with 您(Nin), the polite and respectful form of the pronoun You. But now he used the casual You 你(Ni).
  • 2
    骑虎难下 [qí hǔ nán xià]: You can’t get off when riding on the back of a tiger. It is a metaphor, you face difficulty when doing something but the situation does not allow you to stop halfway.
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  1. Avatar anon says:

    i wonder if mc is bi/gay and never knew

    ty for the ch and hard work. :**

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