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CA Chapter 14.1

Translator: Hua

The alarm clock rang, and Qu Yanting slowly got up from the bed.


Qu Yanting was really tired. He was leaning against the headboard to change the script for the whole night, and his waist muscles were sore. He went to the bedroom next to his, the door was wide open, and the blanket on the bed was bulging.


The outside of window was filled with morning fog. Qu Yanting called out: “Get up.”


The person on the bed didn’t respond. Qu Yanting didn’t talk too much nonsense. He walked to the bed and directly kicked it.


There was a muffled hum under the blanket, and Ruan Feng rolled over and got up with a chicken nest on his head: “What time is it…”


It was just half past five, but he had to leave early to avoid being seen. Ruan Feng immediately became more sober. He sat up, put on his clothes, and made arrangements for himself: “I’ll go back first and have breakfast, then I’ll go to the crew. You should get some more sleep.”


Qu Yanting tried to hold back his yawning. He hadn’t seen Ruan Feng for a while so they chatted until late at night, and he also had to change the script. In total, he slept for only two hours. When Ruan Feng left, he intended to go back to sleep.


Putting on his hoodie, Ruan Feng asked, “Will you come to watch the shooting today?”


Qu Yanting refused: “I’ll pass.”

Ruan Feng was unhappy: “Why?”


Today they would be shooting a general scene and there were probably a lot of people on the set, so Qu Yanting didn’t want to go there.


Ruan Feng said: “You didn’t come to watch me shoot yesterday, and you refused me again today. Is the general scene not worth watching? Is it because the second male doesn’t have many important scenes, that’s why you don’t want to come? Besides, isn’t it all written by you?”


Qu Yanting got a headache: “Don’t be so noisy.


“Then why don’t you come to look at the protagonist’s scene, and look at me along the way, because I’m filming with Lu Wen today. It’s not easy for you to come here, how can you not look at me perform?”


Ruan Feng said: “I am your——”


“You are my ancestor.” Qu Yanting couldn’t help but surrender, “I got it. Hurry and go. It will be morning soon.”


Ruan Feng swallowed the last part of the sentence, and was delighted. After getting dressed, he simply washed his face, put on his mask and hat, and prepared to leave.


Qu Yanting warned him: “Be careful.”


“Hmm.” Ruan Feng said, “Don’t worry. My fan probably couldn’t even recognize me.”


Qu Yanting suddenly thought of something: “By the way, don’t let your fans hang around the set. If they interfere with the shooting, it will even affect you.”


Ruan Feng promised to deal with it and left the hotel quietly.


Qu Yanting straightened his waist, went to the bathroom to wash up, and found the socks left by Ruan Feng in the dirty clothes basket. He was not surprised or disgusted by it. He picked it up and scrubbed it clean.


As the sky brightened, Group A had begun to work. Today they changed the shooting location to a high school in Chongqing. The campus was very large and beautiful. Because it was the weekend, there was no students in the school.


In the drama, the younger brother Ye Xiaowu was played by Lu Wen, Qi Xiao played by Xian Qi, and Lin Jie played by Ruan Feng, all three of them were enrolled in this school, which was a key high school in the city.

An RV was parked in a corner of the playground. At the door, Sun Xiaojian was talking to the newly appointed assistant, explaining some precautions. The other party’s name was Li Dapeng. He had been an assistant of the crew for three or four years.


In the car, Lu Wen was eating breakfast.


He didn’t sleep for half of the night, and his mind was full of Qu Yanting and Ruan Feng. 


Seeing that scene at the entrance of the unit, he felt that the relationship between Qu Yanting and Ruan Feng was unusual. In the middle of the night last night, Ruan Feng sneaked into Qu Yanting’s room, which made him think of the rumors about Ruan Feng.


Ruan Feng, 26 years old, graduated from the Academy of Art. In the first year of his debut, he ran around to play small roles, in the second year he got a role of second male lead. After that, he was unstoppable.


Musical dramas, popular variety shows, mainstream evening shows, movies by veteran directors in Hong Kong, famous brand endorsements, good resources beyond the reach of others, were commonplace for Ruan Feng.


After he became popular, Ruan Feng’s background had drawn a lot of attention, but the media could only unearth very little content, so far there was no substantive information.


There was a lot of news, and all kinds of speculations till these days. However the conclusion that “Ran Feng is supported by someone” had been circulating inside and outside the circle. As for that gold master1Financial supporter or backer. Sugar daddy., they not only had the financial resources to spend, but also had connections with the media. Moreover, the identity of that gold master was also unknown.


In short, according to the rumors, it could be summed up that Ruan Feng came from an ordinary family but his resource was against the sky. His background became a mystery and the gold master behind him was not simple.


Lu Wen didn’t have much interest in Ruan Feng’s scandal, but how could he expect that this big gossip that everyone was curious about, the gold master behind Ruan Feng, would be discovered by him.


What shocked him the most was that the real identity of the gold master was actually Qu Yanting!


Qu Yanting turned out to be gay!


A behind-the-scenes screenwriter and a little fresh meat2Young, handsome man. in front of the stage. That’s right, with Qu Yanting’s wealth and connections, supporting someone was a piece of cake. He seldom had contact with others, wasn’t that precisely mysterious?


Lu Wen took a bite of the boiled egg. My goodness, two people who didn’t seem to be related to each other actually turned out to be in that kind of relationship. When he set out in the morning, the door of 6206 was closed tightly, and it felt so fucking ambiguous at a glance.


Perhaps, Qu Yanting came to the crew this time to see Ruan Feng.


Or maybe, Qu Yanting’s participation in the investment was also for Ruan Feng.


Lu Wen couldn’t help it. The more he thought about it, the more he suddenly remembered that Qu Yanting had humiliated him, saying that his salary was less than one-third of Ruan Feng’s. His self-esteem had been hit really hard at the time. He was so angry that he had to take a mouthful of yogurt. Who wanted to be compared with that little lover of yours who was fed with money!


Sun Xiaojian came up and was puzzled: “Why are you so pissed? Is it so unpalatable?”


Lu Wen gave a perfunctory answer. He was afraid that Sun Xiaojian didn’t have the door in his mouth, so he didn’t dare to share such a big gossip with him. He was holding back in panic and inadvertently glanced out the window. He saw an ultra-luxury large RV driving across the track field.


“Who was that?” he asked.


Sun Xiaojian said: “Xianqi’s RV is over there, who else could it be beside Ruan Feng.”


Lu Wen asked again: “What are the differences?”


Sun Xiaojian said: “It’s a private RV with personal assistants, bodyguards, and stylists.”


Lu Wen understood: “Oh.”


Sun Xiaojian was afraid that Lu Wen would feel inferior, he said: “He had always been ostentatious all these years, you know. Let’s not compare with him, anyway, you can’t afford it.”


Lu Wen got the implication, and couldn’t help asking: “About Ruan Feng…you know?”


Of course, it’s a default consent in this circle.” Sun Xiaojian said, “In fact, there are so many people who have gold masters that it is not worth discussing. But Ruan Feng’s gold master is so well hidden that’s why people are so curious, which great god is it?”

  • 1
    Financial supporter or backer. Sugar daddy.
  • 2
    Young, handsome man.
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